‘Smallville’ Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)

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smallville season 11 comic Smallville Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)

When Clark took to the skies in the Smallville series finale, fans wondered whether or not the 10-year long journey would find some way of continuing. This week, DC Entertainment revealed that the adventures of Clark Kent (now Superman) will be continuing as a digital and printed comic book series.

The series, titled “Smallville Season 11,” will pick up six months after the events in the Smallville series finale, and will follow Clark Kent through his first year of being Superman. Joining Clark on his adventures will be Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan (now Queen), Lois Lane… and Lex Luthor.

Penned by longtime Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller, DC Entertainment intends on releasing the first chapter of “Smallville Season 11″ online beginning April 12, with a new chapter to follow each week. Additionally, a print version of the online series will be made available beginning May 16,

Here’s what Miller had to say about “Smallville Season 11:”

New allies abound!  New enemies afoot!  And old friends return where they’re least expected!  Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn’t be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark’s first year in the cape.

For those that didn’t notice the artwork from above, it appears that DC Entertainment made sure to secure the likeness of Tom Welling for the comic. And what about the rest of the Smallville gang? From the way that Miller is describing the “fantastic job” that the artists have done to capture “the look of the show and the players”, it certainly sounds like everyone’s likeness has been locked down – including Michael Rosenbaum.

While there certainly will be some grumblings from the Smallville fan base, it’s hard not to be excited about “Smallville Season 11.” In many ways, it can be said that Smallville could have successfully continued with a series based solely on Clark Kent as Superman.

Of course, barring the budgetary needs in order for that to happen, as well as the difficulties of continuing a show that has already been on the air for 10 years, the only place that Clark Kent’s story could continue would be in the form of a comic book.

… not to mention the fact that we’ll finally be able to see what Tom Welling would look like wearing the Superman suit – even if is through illustrations.

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You can check out illustrated Tom Welling in his full Superman glory below: (click for a larger version)

smallville season 11 cover 570x828 Smallville Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)

Smallville Series 11 will premiere online on April 12

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Source: DC Comics

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  1. Sounds like a good reason to get my online DC comics subscription started.

    • I think that they should continue Smallville with season 11 on the CW.

      • Who knows if the comic goes over good enough maybe there will be a Smallville spin off

  2. Well for long term fans this is probably great news but I loved the show till bout season 6 then it was only certain episodes I was interested in. Being a long term supes fan since I was 3 I loved this show but felt it dragged on. Clark should have been supes in season 6 at the latest. Not the blue and red blur till the finale. I will probably not be reading this but instead stick to donner films and the new Man Of Steel which looks to be a exceptionally telling of his story. The new 52 and earth one are great two. 😀

      • The man played a great roll been a superman fan 28 years and i am 32 i even named my first child Kal-El. So i think Welling was great and i think the man was almost identical to Christopher Reeve and would have been someone to look forward to playing the movie

        • Tom is a good actor. When he acts I feel how he’s feeling and that’s what a good actor should do, make people fell how they feel.

        • I too was disappointed that Tom wasn’t “Man of Steel”. Christopher Reeves practically endorsed him by appearing on Smallville; and introducing him to us as “Kal El”.

    • I have probably read the least amount of comics books but, I will definately being collecting these. Lois and Clark was my all time favorite show until Smallville came along. I have Mortal Kombat Vs. D.C. Universe. I am having a great time playing Superman. I don’t play against the other Superhero’s, cuz that is just not right. I am very excited!!!

  3. Ummm.. if he ended the show in the Returns suit… how come in the picture above… he has no red briefs on the suit?

    • It’s because of a long legal battle between the family of the man that created Superman and DC. The family got his suit (hence the new 52 costume and the above image).

  4. Picture looks bad,Welling never looked like superman plus he has vampire teeth.

  5. long time superman fan but i was never a smallville fan. i tried – just wasn’t for me. looks like i’ll be skipping this. good news for the fans, though.

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I might start reading comic books!!!!!!

  7. Who is Clark?

  8. I need to change my vote from yes to NO, since I just noticed the MAJOR break in continuity, considering Smallville-Clark’s Superman costume had the trunks and a normal belt, whereas this one doesn’t.
    This is botched, and it seems DC is screwing it up as badly as the Man Of Steel Superman’s costume is. They’re probably leading into it to promote the new movie, that will bomb badly, for the reason of costume itself (not to mention the same blasted villains all over again). This is LAME, DC… you suck, and that’s why everybody is going with the lesser of 2 evils with Marvel.

    • It’s becuase of a legal issue that the costume was changed, look it up.

    • Jim, I assure you that you do NOT speak for everyone. Also, as Quinn (with many others) states, a lot of the change has to do with ongoing legal issues. I happen to believe that DC wishes to take another crack at modernizing those elements of the mythos that can be, as well.

    • Honestly you can’t get mad over a change like that seeing how its the creators of Smallville’s interpretation of the legendary hero. I understand that you want to still to the classic superman but Smallville is a whole different perspective of the story. If the comic is as well written as the show was (which I have no doubt in my mind that it will), Superman’s fan base will grow dramatically.

      • stick*

    • I agree the way that dc does things is making them lose there fan base. I love superman always have always will but I hate the new suit and I feel the movie will be the same as the others.

  9. Can’t wait!!! I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and was kind of hoping for some kind of comic follow-up!!! I even like that the Smallville costume has been altered to fit in with DC’s directive for uniformality!!!

  10. Yesssss!!!! Smallville is my all time fav show definatly gonna buy the comics online!! Hope it lasts forever :))

  11. It irks me that the blub mentions Oliver Queen/Green Arrow before Lois Lane. The GA was only a supporting character and didn’t become a series regular until late into the series. DC is either trying really hard to promote another one of its (not-so-best-selling)heroes, or is stooping to pandering to the tiny but extremely noisy Chloe Sulllivan/Allison Mack fan base, just like the producers of Smallville often did. If the comic turns into another Chloe/Oliver-fest, like the latter half Season 10 of Smallville, I won’t be buying.

  12. Love how he is smashing through the Smallville title. Can not wait for this!!!

  13. Interesting idea but I really don’t know if the demographic is there. People who buy this would have to be fans of Smallville and also like reading comics. Just how are all those non-comicbook fans (probably the majority of those watching) going to know this is even out there?

  14. Didn’t Smallville end 8 years in the future showing where everyone ended up? So how’s this supposed to pick up on Clark’s first year of being superman?

    • It’s set before the flashforward, but after most of the finale.

      And it’s Smallville, they can change things that happened in the flashforward.

  15. I think it’s a great idea! Really good way to make up for the finale which most of which was forgivable but the “seven years later” and the fact that he wasn’t revealed to the world as Superman was a complete insult.

    The only bad thing about it (I can live with the new suit) is that it shouldn’t pick up six months later but actually pick up during the end of the finale so we could use the comic book to fill in the blanks: eg what happened to Darseid, how did Superman come into contact with the public? Who named him Superman, etc, etc.

    • Could be explained, still, really only one way to find out.

      • Pretty sure they will fill in the blanks with charater talk and flashbacks.

  16. Looks like I’ll be keeping up with Smallville come April 13. Great news.

  17. I appeal to those of you with any real imagination of a Superman project that truly has no limits to its visual applications. One that can stimulate the mind to embrace the visual wonders that can only be accomplished by today’s computerized magic. One that can duplicate a human being whose countenance can be indistinguishable from a real person. This wonderous ability we now possess. Does a true representation of Superman deserve any less?

  18. I’m looking forward to this after the crapfest the nu 52 has become. My only concerns are that DC will now screw up Smallville where before the producers did it all by themselves.(They made the last half of S10 about their own creation, Chloe Sullivan, instead of Clark becoming Superman.)

    And they’ll try to use the comic to brace up the sorry looking MoS. What’s that smell?

    • What in the name of heaven do “nu 52″ and “MoS” mean? I am so tired of people using abbreviations and expecting that the entire world should know what they mean. Try writing in real English for a change!

      • “New 52″ refers to the “reboot” of the DC comic book universe which resulted from the crossover event “FlashPoint”. It was basically supposed to jumpstart the comics and modernize many concepts and characters in the DC Universe, ideally making the whole thing more cohesive and sensible. So far, it’s been fairly successful, for the most part. Also, I happen to disagree with malft…I think the “New 52″ is anything but a crapfest.

        As for “MoS”…THAT is simply the abbreviation for “Man of Steel”, the new “reboot” Superman film coming out in 2013.

  19. I can see it now: Numerous close up shots of Clark whining followed by a frame of Superman drawn really small off in the distance. Hey, maybe that’s why they really called it “Small”ville. A small ammount of anything good!

  20. Now we can find out what happens with Lex Luthor? Will he regain his memory with his years with Clark?

  21. Absolutely looking forward to this!!!!!! It looks amazing. Just wish they could release the print version earlier.

  22. Nolan/Synder can make thier stinker of a movie we are getting the real Superman once again, Maybe if the comic book is a hit we’ll get a new series, even t.v. movie or after Nolan’s movie gets bad reviews a big screen movie.

  23. I am looking forward to this just as much as I’m looking forward to Man of Steel. Zack Snyder is one of my favourite directors. Why all the hate people? It’s a reboot. They can do what they like within reason. Can’t wait for season 11. With CK in the suit and then Lex being awesome it’ll just be amazing. Mark my words.

  24. I think turning season 11 of Smallville in to comic form is a great idea. I never really read comics as a child but I’m still a big fan of this idea. I think the producers of Smallville had a great plan in mind for this series and I hope the comic is as big as the show. The show served its purpose of telling the tale of young Clark Kent, its only right to return Superman to its origins of wowing fans with every flip of the page. This will truly test the loyalty of the fans.

    If they do make a Green Arrow show, I think it should have the same characters as Smallville…it will only ensure the success of the franchise as a whole.

  25. As a long time Smallville fan since season 1, owning the entire series on DVD and still re-watching the show from beginning to end and each time is like the first time watching it. I think this is a great idea. In a perfect world Smallville fans would hope this peek enough interest to possibly bring the show back of some sorts. But in reality the actors are not getting any younger. Each year that passes put’s more time against them doing it. I believe Welling is in his mid 30’s now and Rosem-bum!!! And I do mean Bum!!! Is like 40 now. And the only reason why I say he is a bum is because he acted like he was doing us a favor by returning for the finale and his attitude was bigger than the show… Would 60 more episodes really have killed him to stay on the show…Smallville clearly suffered without his presence although have to admit Tess Mercer was very easy on the eyes to watch and I think most men would agree with me on that…Of course don’t get me started on the over Hype Doomsday season…I get that the whole Superman and Doomsday happens much,much later and this was Smallville way creating fan interest…But man!!! they could of given us a little more of a fight scene and not just two punches with a super leap…The Zod season was alright with some good moments including the JSA episode… But more than likely if the show was even remotely consider to be brought back. You can guarantee Rosen-bum!!! won’t do the show. I think everyone else would be on board …I would also say they would need to show more air time of Cyborg,Flash,Canary, Aquaman and Supergirl…What would be nice is if they did a couple made for T.V. movies…That might get Rosenbum to consider it since it’s basically a two hour special and not a full season…But again unless your a Smallville fan checking the web for updates how are they going to market the new season survival??? I don’t follow Comic-con and I know personally other Smallville fans had no clue that this was even going on…They would seriously have to vamp up the marketing strategy to make this work and for it to even be consider put back on air in some form…Or for the comic to be a success…

  26. i lone Clark and Chloe together Clark and Chloe should get together in season 11

  27. please make season 11