‘Smallville’ Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)

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smallville season 11 comic Smallville Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)

When Clark took to the skies in the Smallville series finale, fans wondered whether or not the 10-year long journey would find some way of continuing. This week, DC Entertainment revealed that the adventures of Clark Kent (now Superman) will be continuing as a digital and printed comic book series.

The series, titled “Smallville Season 11,” will pick up six months after the events in the Smallville series finale, and will follow Clark Kent through his first year of being Superman. Joining Clark on his adventures will be Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan (now Queen), Lois Lane… and Lex Luthor.

Penned by longtime Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller, DC Entertainment intends on releasing the first chapter of “Smallville Season 11″ online beginning April 12, with a new chapter to follow each week. Additionally, a print version of the online series will be made available beginning May 16,

Here’s what Miller had to say about “Smallville Season 11:”

New allies abound!  New enemies afoot!  And old friends return where they’re least expected!  Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn’t be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark’s first year in the cape.

For those that didn’t notice the artwork from above, it appears that DC Entertainment made sure to secure the likeness of Tom Welling for the comic. And what about the rest of the Smallville gang? From the way that Miller is describing the “fantastic job” that the artists have done to capture “the look of the show and the players”, it certainly sounds like everyone’s likeness has been locked down – including Michael Rosenbaum.

While there certainly will be some grumblings from the Smallville fan base, it’s hard not to be excited about “Smallville Season 11.” In many ways, it can be said that Smallville could have successfully continued with a series based solely on Clark Kent as Superman.

Of course, barring the budgetary needs in order for that to happen, as well as the difficulties of continuing a show that has already been on the air for 10 years, the only place that Clark Kent’s story could continue would be in the form of a comic book.

… not to mention the fact that we’ll finally be able to see what Tom Welling would look like wearing the Superman suit – even if is through illustrations.

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You can check out illustrated Tom Welling in his full Superman glory below: (click for a larger version)

smallville season 11 cover 570x828 Smallville Season 11 To Premiere This April (In Comic Book Form)


Smallville Series 11 will premiere online on April 12

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Source: DC Comics

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  1. How come lois and clark are not married in the comic? I was really hoping that we would c rather their wedding of them as a couple! :(

    • Its between where he had just fought Darksied, yet they got married 6 years later. The comic is basically them 6 years before they get married. Sorry for disappointment.

  2. I don’t like this idea but, that’s my opinion. Seriously though, if there is going to be another season of Smallville, I think that it should be continued as a show and not as an online comic. It’s probably gonna be crap and ruin everything and I really enjoyed the show.

    • I so agree…its not fair to leave us hanging like this…didnt even know it was coming to a Finale….not gonna be that good I think we want the show!

      • Ya i say a show i want to see real faces real emotions not comics please please season 11 be a show

    • “Probably” gonna be crap? You clearly have never read any comics intended for adults ever, and as such has no right to comment.

  3. I think this could work really well, will be looking out for it.

  4. I think this will be really good shall be looking out for this.

  5. Just downloaded and read part one – absolutely terrible (and I’m a sold out Smallville fan!) – was hoping it would continue from the moment he turns towards the earth (Chloe reading to her kid) and take it from there.

    In the comic they are calling him Superman and skip past the bit he is revealed to the world.

    An opportunity to make up for a few gaps in the finale completely missed.

    Real shame.

  6. Given how poorly done & disappointing the 2 hour Smallville series finale was, (& how annoying after 10 years of viewing, we were treated to such a crap-fest as a wrap up to the series!), I’d rather see the last episode of Smallville completely re-done & made the way it should have been filmed to begin with after 10 damn years on television! Who needs ‘another’ ‘comic-book’ version?!

  7. Instead of a comic book or digital comic, I wish they would do a made for TV movie or even a 2 or 3 part mini-series that would stay true to the Smallville Series, and still show us Clark (Tom Welling) as Superman in the suite from six months after the series ended (like the comics), and take us right through to after Lois and Clark’s wedding and beyond by ven a year or two. Maybe Lois and Clark could even have a little Clark, with powers and all. My son and I both feel they ended the series just a little to quickly barely giving us a glimpse of Clark in the suite and it was gone! For us at least, the comics (whether in digital or print form) are just not going to do it for us. A Green Arrow spin-off television series using the same actor as on Smallville, or better yet, a Justice League Series using the Smallville actors playing their parts would all be something we would really like to see! HOW ABOUT IT PRODUCERS – WE WANT MORE???

  8. Maybe they can do in the comic what they couldn’t on the show. That is have Wonder Woman and Batman do geust shots. Along with anyone else they can think of.

    • Batman did appear in issue 5.

  9. it is start in tv it must be end on tv.how many years I’ve been follow this series after a while at the end you follow in a comic book. I think this is rediculous.

  10. the actors will not return for a season 11 because they are done after 10 years which is a very long time, as much as i love the show i did think that season 10 should be the last one, so the only way for there to be a season 11 is to make it into a comic book series, i feel that it is capturing the feel of the show, and it makes references to past episodes. since it’s a comic book i hope they do bring back Lana Lang and Pete Ross in the comics

  11. This comic book series is terrible. Really miss Smallville a lot. They should do a superman series like the Adventures of Lois and Clark with Dean Cain did. And continue on with Tom Welling and Erica Durance.

  12. i love smallville it is by far the best tv show to ever of been released i love every single character too what smallville has come to the watchtower lex comming back chloe and oliver there are twists around every corner and when all of this ended i think its fair to say i wasnt the only one sad and to know that there is being an eleventh season excites me but what i dont understand is why we cannot see clark lois chloe olivers and lexs journey like all the other seasons with a camera it would be awesome and just a wish that maybe you could grant i love tess mercer and when she died a piece of me did to could you bring her back somehow i honestly cant wait to see how this turns out (:

  13. How/where can I get Season 11 ??

    • if you want it, go to Comixology.com and buy it there, each chapter for 99 cents, and read it there, otherwise look it up in your yellowpages or whatever and contact your nearby Comic store

  14. I’m a huge fan of smallville I’m glad their making a season 11 but I think it would be better with actual acting not drawings. This way may be good too.

  15. I would’ve really loved to watch this movie rather than read it.. Do this better for us guyz….

  16. I fell in love with the show from day 1 and cant belive what the newtork wants to do for season 11 what a shame bring back the show please

  17. i think the smallville should be back in tv” not in comic is not going to have the same afect on peaple as it did it all about the actor it not the same to see it in a comic book ???????

  18. for that i rather read superman comic the smallville it make no sence

  19. we are waiting Smallvile Season 11 TV show …..

  20. oh no, how i wish it is a movie not some comic.i am going to protest i want smallville season 11 on film.

  21. Hope they at least make the intro cross fade from the tv series superman to the digital superman so we can better project the transformation ourself!

  22. No point in doing this. Season 10 raced to a finish & got several things wrong. I’m still a fan of the show & have all 10 seasons on DVD, but I also have a number of complaints as well. I’m not going into those! You have to keep in mind that Smallville was meant to give a back-story to the Superman character, which like all back-stories have to come to an end! You have actors/actresses who usually will have had their fill of playing the same character and want to move on to other things. As is Superman has been done/re-done in comic form & on television more than enough to make it redundant to stretch this series out in this way!

  23. All I know is that I miss Smallville. I can’t help it. I became a diehard fan late; but was completely captured aftery first show. I don’t read comic books. Just not me. I long for a follow up movie with Tom Wellimg and the rest of the original actors. Maybe some like the Walton’s did, after their season ended. So sad….

  24. I’m a huge fan of smallville (despite its many flaws) – would have loved to see a movie version of him as Superman. But it is 100% right for the Man of Steel team NOT to use Tom Welling in that particular expression of Superman. The only way it would work would be to create a Smallville-spin off movie so you’d need Lex, Lois, etc to be part of that – highly unlikely.

    Anne – you said “I don’t read comic books. Just not me.” but have a go at the Smallville one’s they are actually pretty good. Without giving away spoilers there are some great continuations of the stories in Smallville and also you get to see Superman (blur :o)) team up with superheroes that just couldn’t squeeze into the show.

  25. I am a huge fan of Smallville, I have purchased all 10 seasons and have watched them many times. I have wanted the show to continue where it left off, but to my surprise it went to comic book. Not the same as the show! I love almost all of the super hero’s, more so in the real movies then in the comic books. Just keep making the movies and I will buy them.

  26. Am so disappointed that the show didn’t continue as a movie not just a comic book,miller people would be happy if the show continue as a movie not some comic book so try and as soon as making it a movie

  27. I am biggest fan in the would be course tommy willing in SMAllvilla call him in the show calk kent good Acting I love so much very good fighting