Smallville: Supergirl & Zod Returning For Final Episodes

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smallville season 10 supergirl zod Smallville: Supergirl & Zod Returning For Final Episodes

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

The final season of Smallville just keeps getting better and if this wonderful character revisit is a sign, it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Laura Vandervoort and Callum Blue will be reprising their roles as Kara Zor-El and Major Zod, respectively.

While both characters have had seemingly independent story-arcs in the past, the final five episodes of Smallville season 10 will see these two fan favorites return and finally cross paths. Unfortunately, no information has been revealed as to what would bring these two characters back to Metropolis.

Considering Zod was transported to another world in the season 9 finale, one has to assume that he has finally found a way back, or perhaps Darkseid lets him out. As for Kara, she’s been hiding out as Linda Lee Danvers since episode 3 of this season, so a simple visit to Kansas isn’t that hard to write-in for Clark’s superhero cousin.

Both characters will be returning for Smallville’s final episodes and they will both be appearing in one out of the five final episodes. Hopefully their return will fall within the same episode, but it’s highly unlikely considering the need to provide each character with a fulfilling storyline.

Of course, even though Supergirl and Zod are wonderful additions to Smallville season 10, fans are still waiting on to hear that Michael Rosenbaum will be returning as Lex Luthor. Unfortunately, Rosenbaum recently came out and stated that he hasn’t talked to Smallville producers in a very long time and that all optimistic speculation on behalf of the series producers is without basis.

laura vandervoot Smallville: Supergirl & Zod Returning For Final Episodes

Perhaps the return of Supergirl and Zod in Smallville’s final episodes is a sign that Rosenbaum probably isn’t returning, or maybe it’s a sign that Smallville producers are doing everything within their power to make the farewell episode of Smallville as great as possible.

If it’s the latter, they need to get Rosenbaum quickly signed on, before it’s too late


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  1. Come on Rosenbaum!!! He was such a great Lex and, if they have to finish the series without him, it’ll just feel incomplete. Do it for the fans, Michael! It’s not like he has that much else going on.

    (oh, and while we’re at it, let’s get Clark in the suit!)

  2. Yay!!! Laura Vandervoort is so freaking sexy! I wanna run away to a far away island with her and share an orange or something :)

    • Oh and Callum Blue was a pretty good Zod

    • I tend not to like blondes, but Vandervoort in the Supergirl get-up is damn hot, I tell you what! :)

  3. you are wrong zod is not coming for 5 all we herd is mabey 1 get the facts right.

    • They just said the story would last 5 episodes. Keep your pants on…

    • You are correct, I was mistaken. Thanks for the note…

  4. Any chance Rosenbaum and the producers may be trying to throw a curveball and surprise all the fans with a final appearance?

    • I’ve considered this… and that would be awesome. I hope you’re right. I can’t imagine Rosenbaum being so opposed to returning for a final appearance.

  5. They are talking a 2 hour finale.

    Anyone else think they might have Darkseid corrupt Supergirl like he does in the comics, Clark and Kara having a proper smackdown, with Clark forced to take flight to stop her?

  6. Callum Blue did a good job portraying Zod during Season 9, especially once we hit the more menacing side of the General. I can’t wait to see what happens with his return; my guess is he’ll be going after Lois first, since he knows Clark loves her.
    While I enjoy Laura as Kara, I find her much more intriguing in V. While the finished story arc for Supergirl is sure to be good, I wish they had included the character earlier in the series (kind of like Lois). I would’ve preferred seeing a really good story arc, not what they gave her. It was meant to be really good, that’s obvious, but their portrayal of Kara made me iffy.
    She’s much better in the past couple seasons since the new producers took over, so hopefully her wrap-up for the story arc will be great. I can believe that they would have a two-hour finale with Kara being corrupted by Darkseid, so Clark has to take flight to stop not only her, but also Darkseid himself. They did make it clear that Darkseid will manifest in a physical form in the finale as himself, rather than through Godfrey or Granny or Desaad.
    As for Rosenbaum returning as Lex, I have to hope that they are doing this whole ‘feinting’ idea, making us all think he won’t be coming back when, in actuality, its already been agreed upon. For most fans, I think a new confrontation between Clark and Lex with those actors is a must. Otherwise I don’t see the finale as being the FINAL episode/show of the two. (Maybe a TV movie?)
    I’m personally wondering how everyone’s gonna deal with the return of Season 1 Lionel and his actions. Not to mention, one of the peviews shows him talking with Lucas Gabriel, the young Lex from ‘Reunion’.

  7. Perhaps the planet Clark sent the Kandorians to was in fact….Apokolips!

  8. Nice job bringing Zod back! Personally I think that the is a villain worthy of being the finale (final episode). I am becoming increasingly skeptical about Rosenbaum’s return, but Zod retuning would alleviate SOME of the dissapointment.
    Kara becoming possessed by darkseid is also a very interesting route to take, but havaing Kara in the final episode will take away from what the final episode is supposed to be about….SUPERMAN

  9. Could be, because Darksied came out of the same thing that Zod was taken away with. Actually it doesn’t make sense to have it any other way. I mean, how would Darksied have come out if it wasn’t linked to Apokolips?

    • That was supposed to be a reply to DrSamBeckett

    • Exactly! Makes perfect sense when you think about it. i still hope they have all the Darkseid stuff wrapped up before the finale, and let the finale be about Superman and Lex Luthor.
      I’m starting to think we might never actually see Clark in the suit, I’d hate that but I think its a possibility nonetheless, can you really picture seeing Tom Welling in that suit now, walking around or fighting? It just seems so unlikely…

      • I know! As much as I want to see him in the suit and have an entire episode with him as Superman, the show’s about him BEFORE he’s Superman. So I don’t know what they’re going to do.

        Although, since the suit is in the Fortress, I think it would be cool if defeating Darksied was the final test the Jor-El had for him and his getting the suit was the final moment. Give it to him, have him fly out (much like the first Christopher Reeve movie), and then fly away.

  10. Okay, now they have me completely confused… which is a good thing because who wants a show to be predictable… they have 11 episodes left, the next couple appear to be about Chloe, and the one after that is being billed as a “fun” episode where the bad guy is Amos fortune… so with eight left they’re going to deal with Lionel Luthor, Supergirl, Zod, Lex–in some form, the suicide squad, the VRA, Darkside and his minions and finish up Chloe… do they have enough time to develop all those stories? I can’t wait… I just have no idea how they’re going to do it…

  11. I would marry Laura Vandervoort!

    • Not before me!

      • me first =)

  12. I wouldn’t mind a surprise return by Rosenbaum.


    • I just don’t get why Rosenbaum would be so against it… just cos he has to shave his head… I saw a video online where he was at a freaking Smallville convention recently, so its not like he hates the show… it has to be a set up to unveil him as a big surprise…

  13. I think clark will visit apocalypse by flying to it and hel meet zod there , because what if the kandorians were sent there ?! Hel fight darkseid there with supergirl, n lex would be waiting in Metropolis for him !

  14. I’m just afraid they will wait until the last 5minutes of the finale to put Clark in the suit. I don’t want to be teased like that. I’d rather see him in the suit, fighting for at least the last 30minutes of the finale so i can savor the moment.

  15. Emagnus….that would be a cop-out if they put welling in the suit for only a few seconds…especially with all the posters with “destiny is now” caption……I hope they put him in the suit for atleast half the 2 hour finale….

  16. Smallville is a terrible show. The people who watch it should develop better taste.

  17. Joe…you should go do something with yourself in the privacy of your home….I hate it when people criticize something they don’t know anyting about