Smallville Season 10: ‘Supergirl’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville kara Smallville Season 10: Supergirl Spoilers Discussion

Tonight, Kara (Laura Vandervoort) Clark’s elusive cousin from Krypton returns to Smallville, but this time she’s had a little wardrobe upgrade. After watching Kara bounce around in her tired, albeit color coordinated, outfit throughout season 7, fans finally got something in close proximity to the Supergirl costume we all know…  all while saving the world – with all of her Kryptonian powers.

Fortunately, long-legged alien life forms were not the only reason to watch. With Darkseid finally taking his first physical form and Desaad joining his elite, things are going to get a little hot around the collar for Mr. Clark Kent. Hopefully, hot enough around the collar that he’ll need to take refuge in a phone booth in order to change into something, well, cooler. Ah, but as we all know, something like that doesn’t have a chance of taking place until the near the conclusion of Smallville.

Preview (courtesy of The CW) – “Supergirl”

Clark is stunned when Kara returns to Earth and tells him Jor-El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it. Meanwhile, Lois confronts Gordon Godfrey, a shock jock radio who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the Green Arrow. However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


Smallville airs Friday’s @8pm, on The CW

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  1. I’m loving the episode as well as this season soo far.

  2. episode was awesome dam laura looks smokin in supergirl outfit

    • supergirl needs the emblem and a cape.

  3. Episode was ok I thought for one split second when he took off in the air that this would be it, that we would finally after 9 years see Clark fly. Well of course I was wrong I thought Kara was pretty cool in the episode, I mean she is really ‘supergirl’. Minus the outfit. I just hope we at least get to see him fight in the legendary costume for at least 2 or 3 episode but lol we all know that’s not going to happen. We all know that the ending episode will have Clark in the superman fit standing on top of a tall building then he will fly into the camera and boom! End of Smallville.

  4. @vlad

    Yeah, but I think Lois Lane in latex overshadowed Supergirl’s hotness. :)

    • rofl

    • I couldn’t believe that was in tonight’s episode, hahaha. CW getting pretty racy!

      • lol i know… was weird

      • Yeah, just another family-friendly episode. 8)

        So bloody unnecessary…


        • Oh get over it Vic. Don’t get your panties in a twist.

          • Ash Ali,

            How about YOU get over my comment, eh? I can comment on an aspect of the episode I found unnecessary if I feel so inclined.



            • wow… :X

            • Make me.

              • LMAO!

                No… you make ME! 8)


                • lol

          • @Ash Ali-Last time I checked, Screen Rant was essentially Vic’s “house”, and we were his invited guests; one does oneself no great favors by dictating to Vic what he can/can’t comment upon, and in what style he may/may not do so.

            If the ownership has changed, please alert Vic, as I’m sure he (like the rest of us) never got that memo.

            (*busily begins untwisting his Superman Underoos*)

          • plus its HIS site he’ll say whatever the bleep he wants to.

            • Anthony? I think I just finished saying exactly that, some 5 hours before you did…

      • It’s not surprising. CW is target at teens, so why not feature something they’re obsessed with at that age?

  5. episode was epic! lol

    cant wait til next week! :) the preview looked epic lol

  6. This is my first Smallville episode and I must say that the CGI in it was horrible.

    • lol why did you decide to suddenly start watching smallville in the middle of the season? not to mention….not watching the other 9 seasons lol

      • he’s a wanna-be?

      • Because theres so much talk about it being the last season and everything so I wanted to check a episode out since I never really got into it when it first came out.

    • That’s Smallville for ya. Haha. Sometimes it’s pretty good, but tonight was pretty off. Maybe they’re saving their budget for a big ending.

  7. The only thing I didn’t like was that even in the episode titled “SUPERGIRL” they can’t say it. Although I did get a chuckle from Lous going through names like “powergirl?” and “megagirl?”

    • “ubergirl” lol

  8. I was disappointed, I felt they injected politics in the script again like last week, but it could just me overreacting I just hope it stops. I have watched Smallville for nine seasons and really want to be able to enjoy the last season.

  9. season 10 is starting off really really weak Lazarus was ok, shield was boring, supergirl? godawful. Everytime Darksei- ahem, i mean “THE DARKNESS” (so gay, its up there with the “red-Blue-Blur” in the FAIL department.)appeared i was half-expecting Sam & Dean Winchester (from Supernatural) to bust in and kill it. Thats NOT Darkseid, its as if the writers want to reproduce another doomsday abomination.

    its like season 4, 5, 6, 7 all over again. What the hell? S9 was so good the best infact of the entire 10 year run, how can they do this to us?!?!its the FINAL season. go out on a high note.

  10. “Smallville” season 10 has started off kind of lack-luster. Majority of the shows on television seem rather boring. Storytelling has hit an all time low this year.

    So, where was this epic and heroic save, which The CW boasted about in the online previews? If she had not shown up, Clark would have easily caught the sign. I don’t get it?

    Also, if Supergirl’s outfit represents the future, I think they are wasting their time finishing this season. It was horrible.

    I thought Darkseid was a flesh and blood alien? What is all this smoke and human possession about?

  11. Well I’m lovin’ the show.
    I thought Michael Daingerfield was superb…his dialogue with Clark was done with a deliciously decadent deadpan delivery (Haha, I love letting loose little lines of alliteration).
    Plus, Erica and Laura are just sooooo hot! (Pulls collar away from neck with 1 finger, perspires and exhales).
    What a liberal show this is. The opening with Gordon railing against illegals. Conservatives = very bad men kids. ROFL
    I’m a liberal and even I’m sick to death of illegals in my country (UK).
    Aaaanyway, Glorious Gordon, DeSaad, Darkseid,the Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Hawkman, Green Arrow…I mean, what a show!!
    Oh yeah, Clark falling…seen that a mile off.

    • I noticed the liberal versus conservative remarks myself. I was turned off by the use of politics in this episode. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Marcus, Highlander,

        Yeah, I noticed that, too. This is the second episode in a row where the writers have taken jabs at conservatives and have been political in a less than subtle way (well, they ARE Smallville writers, so I guess subtlety is beyond them, heh).

        If it happens again I won’t consider it coincidence.


        • I think you’re just seeing what you want to see Vic, this is Smallville, there’s zero political agenda at all.
          You’re over reacting a little bit, as with the fetish club part, in the UK Smallville is only shown uncut after 9pm. The DVDs have come with a 15 rating since season 1, I didn’t think it was inappropriate at all. They wanted to show there is a seedy underbelly to metropolis.

          • i dont think he is….most shows these days have a liberal bias and dont mind showing it.

            • What exactly is it that you are both seeing a liberal bias? Because I have no political leanings, and I just don’t see it..,,

              • the guy at the beginning complaining about illegal immigrants was a conservative stereotype……pretty much the only thing they havent done is bash fox news

                • Yes but it wasnt put in there to be deliberately political, it was there to serve the plot. If anything using storylines such as this is a big step up for Smallville, there are people throughout history that have acted much as Godfrey did, and such as Cat did the week before. They’re not exactly tackling real world probelms on the show but they are trying to create a more realistic world for Clark and Co. to inhabit.
                  Anything relating to aliens on this planet is always going to be compared to immigration, in fact, I’ve heard said many times, that Superman is the greatest immigrant of all.

                  I think anyone taking offense or thinking Smallville is trying to push an agenda, is seeing things that simply don’t exist except in a slightly paranoid mind.

                  • DSM,

                    And why is it that if we recognize a trend WE are “trying to push an agenda” but the writers of the show can’t POSSIBLY be guilty of that, hmm? 8)

                    When you’re on the receiving end of it often enough, you come to recognize it very easily.


                    • I didnt say you guys were “trying to push an agenda” at all, and I have seen other shows do such things in the past.
                      But I really dont think that is the case here at all. Do you think the writers sat down during the summer and said ” Right folks, this is gonna be our last season, so let’s come up with a story line that means we can push our political leanings on the viewers”?
                      The show is fuelled by the story and plot, that it happens to be a neccessity to be done the way it was, how else would have had them do the whole ‘anti-heroes’ slant which they are doing this season?

                      Maybe its that I frankly just don’t understand what it is that is bothering you, I cant quite get my head around it….

                    • DSM,

                      And I quote:

                      I think anyone taking offense or thinking Smallville is trying to push an agenda

                      No, I don’t think they explicitly did what you’re saying, but I *do* think that they have a bias and they think it’s funny to sneak it in there. I’ve watched the show since day one and haven’t really ever seen this before, so I do find it odd.



                    • That was bad grammar on my part, i meant thinking THAT Smallville is trying to push an agenda, it was the show I was refering to, not you guys.

                    • DSM,

                      Ah, OK. :)

                      Again, like I said – been watching the show forever and never noticed anything like this before. It’s definitely odd. I’m hoping you’re right and it’s just coincidence.


                    • i think if they start bashing fox news or mention glenn beck, bill o’reilly, or anyone like them in a negative way i wont consider it coincidental anymore.

                      and i cant reply to your comments below for some reason.

                    • i mean your last few comments above, sorry

                    • ben,

                      Comment threading only goes 10 levels deep here.


    • me too…the minute clark got up there i was like he’s gonna fall

  12. After looking slightly ahead, I don’t see any episodes that are interesting.

    • booster gold, blue beetle, braniac from the future..

    • The next one doesn’t strike you as interesting? Have you not read the discription?

    • you dont think clark seeing his future next ep is interesting?

  13. Elusive, not illusive.

    • Darren K…When in Vic’s house, one should not play Spelling Cop with The Lord of the Manor.

      FWIW, I noticed it as well…why I said nothing is explained in my first sentence.

      • danlister,

        I have no problem with people pointing out spelling errors, as long as they’re rational about it.

        Darren, thanks.


  14. but still no batman or wonder woman…but they want to have a wonder woman tv show..

  15. Lois Lane in that “bondage” scene? HOT! all tied up and wearing that? HOT! Super girl… eat your heart out…

    • right there with ya Brandon


    • LOL….me thinks u just need to calm and chill just a bit roguex lol :)

  17. Either way RogueX she was four alarm hot. So was Supergirl in this episode. I am not a fan of making Darkseid a ghost. He needs to be coming out of a boomtube with Kalabak or Granny Goodness. He needs to take down all the minions before Superman gets B-Slapped and put in his place by Darkseid. I did like they way they started putting his voice in. It sounds real good but the ghost angle is just a gyp.

  18. Whatever progress Clark had made in the first two episodes was clearly halted in this episode. The minute Kara returned, it had a negative and detractive impact on him throughout the episode. While Clark was happy that Lois returned, their reunion was lackluster. Clark didn’t seem happy that Kara returned and was using her powers in public. Both Kara and Oliver came out in public for the wrong reasons – Oliver is doing this to get Chloe to return while Kara is doing a follow-up photo shoot. Clark didn’t ask Kara for help as she did this on her own accord. Out of the first three episodes, this episode is among the lowest point of the season already.

  19. It wasn’t the most impressive episode, to say the least. I could do without the political overtones the writers have been shoving into the stories this season – it’s the CW not CNN. Also, the villain looked like a Supernatural reject and the Ollie admission was a rip-off of Iron Man (but less cool). The bondage scene was a bit racy for the 7 o’clock hour, I thought, and paled in comparison to some of Lois’ other predicaments/disguises.

    In spite of the griping, it was fun to see Supergirl as it represented the nostalgia of the series and nudged Clark closer towards becoming Superman.

  20. Smallville is an awesome show and it seems to borrow bit’s of the mythos form the golden age, and the siver age, and the mordern age all of which are very distinct from one-another. They have also done some elseworld style stuff on this show. All of this seems to make the show it’s very own thing, very seperate from any other media depiction of the DC characters ever.
    Am i the only one who’s kind of hoping for a “kingdom come” approach to the wonder woman story? Lois gaining the powers of and title of WonderWoman and fighting by Clarks side as his equal. Even better in a nummy super outfit!

  21. i agree with dpl. this is a great show. i have been watching fromthe begining and i love. every once in a while there are some issues with the show. like the fight against doomsday should have surpassed the fight in the 3rd season between clark and johnathon but it was totally weak and they put to much focus on the clark is dead part but i understand why they did it. and dakseid being this mist is really weighing but i have high hopes they will be able to bring it all together. this show pulls mythos from all ages of the comics and im sure alot people miss it. but they have come a very long way with this show and i cant wait each week to see where they are going to take it. i am really looking forward to next weeks episode. i really hope that they take off with his destiny for the rest of the season. he does need to build up to it with the final stages this season. but it cant just happen at the end. he needs to overcome his fears of the future and “homecoming” seems like the episode were he can leave the past behind and embrace the future instead of fearing what he may become then darkseid will have no choice but send all he has at clark and his friends if he wants earth. sending granny and his minions before he must face off with clark himself for the big showdown. i thought this episode was good. the show has always been up and down and i feel this season has little room for filler episodes and will not dissapoint. heres to you smallville writers and producers keep up the good work. not everyone is going to like it you cant please everyone. and most who dont have pretty week reasons because everybody expects more and they cant take it for face value and what is there. there is alot in ten seasons and i cant wait to see what you have in store for us.

  22. Yipe, Kara has came back to the city of Metropolis as “The Maiden of Might” written down in the Daily Planet Newspaper. That is so brilliantly spectacular. At the end, she is in disguise as Linda Lee Danvers with a brunette wig and glasses.

  23. I think the whole political mumbo jumbo or whatever is just them trying to add more conflict than them actually trying to… what was it “push an agenda”?.

    I didn’t think the episode was anythig special. Definitely not the return of Kara I was hoping for. I still enjoyed it, but I was hoping since this is the last season every episode would just keep topping the previous one. Oh well. No one’s perfect :D

    • I agree, its just to drive the storyline along, but some people look for conspiracy where there isnt any.

      I was a bit disappointed by the episode too, it was good and all, I suppose after Shield this one was bound to pale in comparrison because we expected so much from it.
      This weeks episode looks amazing though, can’t wait to see future Clark and Lois again, Clark in his glasses i presume, and Superman flying past the window looked really cool.

      • For real. The images I saw on kryptonsite looked real good. They showed Clark in glasses, Clark and Lois having an office NOT in the basement, and Brainiac!!!

  24. I know i am a little late on this thread and everyone is passed by this but did anyone notice the Toyman reference?
    Godfrey said “I had a man who toyed with him” or something like that
    but when he said toyed im sure it was about Toyman himself