‘Smallville’ Supergirl Preview – Pics, Clips & Spoilers

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smallville kara Smallville Supergirl Preview   Pics, Clips & Spoilers

After Kara left Smallville to seek out the lost city of Kandor (one of Krypton’s largest cities) in the eighth season of Smallville, fans have been anxiously awaiting her return. Following battles with some of Clark’s most formidable foes – Doomsday and General Zod – his elusive Kryptonian cousin finally makes her way to Metropolis.

In season nine, Zod revealed that Kandor was, in fact, destroyed and that his very existence comes from the fact that he was scanned and gave a blood sample before its destruction, only to be resurrected by Jor-El’s Orb on Earth. Fortunately, this Kandor is not the same iteration of the fantastical city that Kara is searching for. Kandor was eventually rebuilt from its initial destruction and rumors coming from The Phantom Zone spoke of the great city of Krypton surviving the planet’s decimation.

Of course, the past is the past and with Smallvile in its final season, it’s time to live in the now. The season 10 premiere gave fans a glimpse of one of DC’s most powerful characters, Darkseid. With Glorious Godfrey already shaking things up on the radio, it was only a matter of time before other members of Darkseid’s Elite begin to appear. Thankfully, it appears that this is that episode.

Many fans have been wondering whether or not Kara will return in full Supergirl glory. While it appears that there are some elements missing from her iconic costume, it’s pretty close. As you can see from the header image, Laura Vandervoort easily pulls off the Supergirl look and the costume department once again creates another amazing superhero costume.

Since “Supergirl” does not air until this Friday, take a look at some clips, pics, spoilers and interviews from this week’s episode.


Plot (courtesy of The CW)

Clark is stunned when Kara returns to Earth and tells him Jor-El  sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it. Meanwhile, Lois confronts Gordon Godfrey, a shock jock radio who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the Green Arrow. However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue.

Guest Stars:

Kara Kent/Linda Danver/Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort)
Desaad (Steve Byers)
Gordon Godfrey/Darkseid (Michael Daingerfield)



  • Darkseid takes a physical form.
  • Kara is going to “shake up the world for all of our superheroes” which “sends them in a very different direction.”
  • Kara will reveal to Clark what she discovered during her year gone.
  • We will learn why Clark hasn’t been able to fully fly yet.
  • Kara has input down the road in Clark’s transformation to Superman.
  • Oliver and Kara finally meet.
  • By the end of the episode, Oliver’s life is going to change forever.
  • Kara’s outfit will be a little more evolved than Clark’s. She’s less Kara and more Supergirl.
  • Kara will become a very public figure after saving the world. She will finally take on her alter-ego, Linda Lee Danvers (images below).



“Supergirl” Promo


Lois Lane vs. Gordon Godfrey


Lois & Kara Talk About Clark’s Powers


Laura Vandervoort “Supergirl” Interview

Episodic Pics

Even though I mentioned it previously, I still can’t believe how well they’re able to pull off the Supergirl costume. If anything, this has me more excited to see Clark finally don his infamous red and blue wardrobe.

Fingers crossed.


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm on The CW

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    • yes she is GK333…i bet Sam will be foaming at the mouth on this thread lol.

      • I spent ages staring at the picture of Kara, and after about 30 mins I realised what looked strange; there’s no cape! Smallville needs more capes!!!

        • True That!!. Clark seems to have the only cape in the world and won’t wear it.

    • yeahh i love laura =))

  1. There’s so many pretty people! AAAAHHHH!!!!!

    • super-cheerleader.

      • don`t get me wrong i think she is very good looking but as a comic book fan i think the costume needs improvment.

        • TV shows need to not be afraid to show a superhero in the proper outfit. At least Smallville gets close, others won’t even try and I am sick to death of Black Trenchcoat = Superhero. I guess they are afraid the superhero would look geeky in the outfits that made them famous, but they need to look at the fanbase and understand that the Geek will inherit the earth.

  2. I want to run away with Laura Vandervoort!!!

    • she’s mine!

  3. She is a simply stunning woman…

    As for the show itself…. I am sooo looking forward to Clark suiting up and flying. I just pray it isn’t all done in the last 2 minutes of the last episode. All under veil of shadow and tricky camera angles. I really want to see how Tom Welling looks in that suit. without knowing for sure whether he can pull it off or not, He is still my choice to play Superman on the big screen.

    I know the rule “no flights, no tights”. But that rule should be obsolete now. That’s like telling your 6 year old he can’t play in the street. And that’s fine, he shouldn’t. but guess what…. He’s 16 now. He can go in the street if he wants. He has outgrown that rule.

  4. her costume is like something from the clearance rack in the Target “girl’s” section

  5. I am foaming at the mouth indeed.

    She is stunning. I don’t usually go for blondes, but that right there, is a perfect vision of the female form.

    I know what the big thing that changes Oliver’s life is, but I’m not sure if it’s not too big a spoiler.

    • Kinda makes me wonder if they are going to follow the comics and he loses all his money. Kinda turn him into a Robin Hood character. The Green Arrow from the comics started out as a Batman ripoff, I think they brought the Green Arrow into Smallville because they couldn’t have Batman.

      • There will be an ” I am Green Arrow” press conference very soon.

        And Oliver migth just be joing the Suicide Squad, although thats just a rumour.

  6. Did all the females go to the same doctor to get their noses done? Saw her on V she was ok there and ok here.

    Although I did enjoy the Darkseid shot I would have liked to see Gilbert Godfrey as Gordon Godfrey. I envisioned him (and he appeared to be portrayed) as a small annoying man.. something akin to the stereotyped used car salesman. I think he even wore a plaid suit at one point.

    • I’m curious how Darkseid is going to look in the flesh, because despite some issues, Doomsday looked pretty effective.
      I was wondering if he would actually be a flesh and blood character but I’ve just read that he will definitely will be, and possibly sooner than we think.

      • Based on the clip he “looks” like the Darkseid I know. (I have yet to watch a full episode of smallville.)

        Frm what I saw of Doomsday it look decent for TV. Was there ever a full picture in good lighting for Doomsday?

        I would assume they would want to portray Darkseid in that same manner. Very dark/shadowy and ominous. Some of Darkseids better times was manipulating people and not really taking an active role unless he had to.

        I also hear Granny will be in the show… To bad Ed cant play her. :D

        • The only time you ever see Doomsday fully was in the final episode of season 8.
          I wasnt expecting to see Darkseid in his full form until the last few episodes to be honest, Smallville has never done anything like him before, all their aliens have been human looking or have never spoken. Darkseid is completely alien, he’s huge, and he talks a lot. I hope they can do it justice.

          But he wont be the main villain till the end, we have all the minions, Granny Goodness, Godfrey, Desaad, and the furies to deal with first.

          And not forgetting Lex of course. :)

    • I was thinking about that very scene when I mentioned capes!!! But Kara’s costume would look even better with a cape. And if possible, a shorter skirt…

    • Dammit, GK, you beat me to it! :-P


      • I was thinking the same thing. I love that movie.

    • I’d never seen that Incredibles trailer – cheers for that, greenknight – love it!

  7. The first thing I have to say is DAMN!!!! Other than that, did anybody else notice how much she looks like Diana Prince in the shots were she is undercover? (Quit thinking about her under your covers Dr Sam. We need to stay focused) Seriously, she totally looks like she is going to spin into the Wonder Woman outfit any second. I can’t really say that would be all that bad either. She would look good in a potato sack.

    I am not sure how well they are going to handle Darkseid. So far I am not all that confident. The only sign of him has been him coming out of the Phantom Zone. That sent up all kinds of red flags off the bat. Why is he in the Phantom Zone? What we should have seen is a Boom Tube open and all you see is his silhouette and a pair of blazing red eyes. That kind of got me too. I had to rewatch that scene to see if that was supposed to truly be Darkseid because his eyes were blue. As I have stated before, Smallville’s bread and butter is their build up. Doomsday looked awesome but the fight was too quick and too boring. I wanted to see Doomsday at least knock Clark into the next county. In the comics he kicks him from area code to area code. Braniac was the same way. All season he chased Braniac and we waited to the season finale to release Zod but oh wait. We don’t get Zod for 2 more seasons. Zod is supposed to be one of his biggest foes and not only did we have to wait 2 more seasons for him to show up, but then another full season for a 2 min fight scene that was only mildly impressive. Now we have Darkseid looming over us and a whole season to wait for him to show up for 5 min’s in the last episode. That will probably be the 5 min’s the Man of Steel shows up too. Once again I see a whole season build up to one great big titanic punch and then Darkseid sent away in a Boom tube or even worse, locked in the Phantom Zone.
    I realize that they are on a tight budget because it is a TV series but I just think they could do more.

    • I actually think they do very well with the budget they have, and to describe it as tiny is an understatement, they have nothing compared to what Heroes or Lost or 24 had, shows that had a million an episode to play with. Smallville has a fraction of that.

      However I do also agree with you, the problem they have is this, they dream big and want to do great things but just dont have the budget to do what they imagine.
      I think thats why the held off doing Darkseid for such a long time, he is going to be a flesh and blood character, it wont be CGI because they simply cant afford it, so its going to be a practical effect. Which is good in a way.

      I also heard both Doomsday and Bizarro are making a return appearance, and we get to meet Clark from the future next week!

  8. Kara’s make up does remind me of Wonder Woman… But she has a different career as Linda Danvers. I dont know what’s Linda’s occupation going to be ?

  9. You know, this is why Tom Welling should be cast as Superman in the Superman Reboot. That way, they can try to have another crack at makin another Supergirl solo film remake with Laura Vandervoort in the title role.

    • Damn straight! Imagine the team up possibilities!

      • can we not get into that debate lol…let Welling make his OWN Supes film, Nolan doesnt want, or need to make a Smallville-ish Supes film. :)


        i hope we can still be SR buddies Sam lol.

        • I know most of you don’t want Welling, its just a pipe dream.
          So yes, of course we can still be SR buddies. :)

  10. Listen i just wanted to say that i love smallville, and I do believe Welling is the man for the Superman movie. Who is more experianced at the role than him. Case and point. I would like to also say i,m with a lot of the fans about there concerns for clark putting on the tights in the final scene or final few moments. With that, I think it would be a disapointment. Also, about the action in the show. I know they have a lower budget than most. However, since all these villians are portrayed as flesh and blood for the most part. How much does it really cost for some dam fist a cuffs. I’d be happy to just see some more of that at this point. I mean this is supposed to be superman, and after a nine year investment I want some more action/adventure please!

    • Because lengthy choreographed fight scenes take a long time to film and time is money on tv productions.

      i’m fairly certain Clark and Zod knocked ten bells out of each in the season 9 finale, and Superman has never been about fighting! He’s a pacifist who only uses violence when he has to.

  11. Basically, just watched the interview clip with the delectable Laura, and she has confirmed that she’s going to teach Clark how to fly. Ace.

    • By the way Dr. sam, love the name, huge fam Of Quantum Leap. I heard they were making a movie. Whoo hoo!… finally. I do understand what your saying. Yes Superman isn’t about violence. However, there are certain times when he has to take out the trash so to speak. And also i do understand that lenghty fight scenes cost some cash. But i’m not always looking for a huge battle, but some more action would be nice. You have to agree on some level at least.