Episode Spoilers

Episode 1: “Lazarus” (Airdate: September 24, 2010)

Plot (via Smallville Wiki): In the final season premiere of Smallville, Chloe continues to try and find Oliver, but when Oliver shows up, Chloe goes missing herself. Tess awakens to find herself resurrected and held captive in a Cadmus Labs laboratory. She discovers clones and a boy claiming the clones to be his brothers, and Lois continues to figure out hints and clues about Clark’s secret. Meanwhile, Clark surprisingly finds Jonathan at the farm, warning Clark that something “dark” is coming.

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Kent (John Schneider)
Dr. Emil Hamilton (Alessandro Juliani)
Granny Goodness (Nancy Amelia Bell)
Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack)

There will be a visit to the Justice Society’s Brownstone.
– Lois will find the Superman suit and will say the words “Superman.”
– A mysterious “skeleton key” will play a part in this episode.
Chloe will leave with Doctor Fate’s helmet and won’t return for awhile.
– Lois gets hung on a crucifix and Clark has to save her (image below).

Episode 2: “Shield” (Airdate: October 1, 2010)

Plot: TBA

Guest Stars:
Shiera Hall/Hawkgirl (Sahar Biniaz)
Carter Hall/Hawkman (Michael Shanks)
Plastique (Jessica Parker Kennedy)
Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Bradley Stryker)
Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt)

– Lois will be in the desert on assignment. Cat Grant will fill in as Clark’s temporary partner.
Cat Grant will hear Glorious Godfrey on the radio. He will be attempting to breed contempt against “ the hero menace.” (Glorious Godfrey has the power of the persuasion.)
– Glorious Godfrey may also appear in this episode.
– Deadshot will be after Clark and is posing as a man named “Liam.”
– Shiera Hall (Hawkgirl) will appear in a romantic flashback sequence where she’ll be wearing a 1800’s Chinese robe. The flashback will end with Shiera slapping Carter Hall.
– Carter Hall (Hawman) and Lois will meet up in the desert where Hall will help her better understand the recent changes that have happened to her.
– Oliver will be forced to make an important decision in this episode. The decision won’t be about quitting as Green Arrow, Chloe or to starting to drink again.
– Checkmate may be resurrected in this episode, which will be the beginning of the Suicide Squad.

Episode 3: “Supergirl” (Airdate: October 8, 2010)

Plot: TBA

Guest Stars:
Kara Kent (Laura Vandervoort)
Desaad (Steve Byers)
Gordon Godfrey (Michael Daingerfield)

– Kara is going to “shake up the world for all of our superheroes” which “sends them in a very different direction.”
– Kara will reveal to Clark what she discovered during her year gone.
– We will learn why Clark hasn’t been able to fully fly yet.
– Kara has input down the road in Clark’s transformation to Superman.
– Oliver and Kara finally meet.
By the end of the episode, Oliver’s life is going to change forever.
– Kara’s outfit will be a little more evolved than Clark’s. She’s less Kara and more Supergirl.
– Kara will become a very public figure after saving the world. She will finally take on her alter-ego, Linda Lee Danvers (image below).


Episode 4: “Homecoming” (Airdate: October 15, 2010) – The 200th episode

Plot: TBA

Guest Stars:
Brainiac/Brainiac 5 (James Marsters)
Greg Arkin (Chad E. Donella)

– This episode will feature the past, present and future.
– Lois and Clark will attend their High School Homecoming and Homecoming dance.
– Despite being part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Brainiac 5 will be a “slippery fish with a questionable moral compass.”
– There will be some intimate moments between Lois and Clark.
– There’s “one big event” that will occur in the last few minutes of the episode.
– Even though Chloe won’t be around, her presence at Smallville High will not be overlooked or forgotten.

Episode 5: “Isis” (Airdate: October 22, 2010)

Plot: TBA

Guest Stars:
Carter Hall/Hawkman (Michael Shanks)
Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt)
Unknown (Erica Cerra)

– Lois will be possessed by the Egyptian goddess Isis from a necklace she found in an earlier episode. This isn’t the DC character Isis, but there will be several nods to that character.
– This episode is described as “an inhibition story.”

Episode 6: “Harvest” (Airdate: October 29, 2010)

Plot: TBA

– Clark will not have his powers.
– Lois and Clark will be stuck in a “creepy ghost town.”
– Lois will find out more about Clark than she thought she knew.

Episode 7: “Ambush” (Airdate: November 5, 2010)

Plot: TBA

Guest Stars:
General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside)
Lucy Lane (Peyton List)

Michael Ironside is watching you – right now.

Miscellaneous Spoilers

– Chloe is rumored to become the new Doctor Fate.
Tess Mercer has a connection to Granny Goodness.
– When Chloe leaves, Oliver will think she’s dead and eventually join the Suicide Squad.

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