‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Scion’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville scion spoilers discussion Smallville Season 10 Scion Spoilers Discussion

As Alexander Luthor (Lucas Grabeel) becomes the focus in this week’s episode, “Scion,” it’s going to take a battle to find out who decides the fate of this “special” Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) creation.

With Lois (Erica Durance), Clark (Tom Welling) and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) fighting for the side of good, Lionel (John Glover) appears to be outmatched. Of course, when it comes down to “family” (or obtaining absolute power), one can never underestimate the lengths that a Luthor will go to in order to come out on top.

Since the first introduction of the Lex Luthor clone, Alexander Luthor, in the Smallville season 10 premiere, fans have been wondering what secrets may be concealed within the human experiment. Following the revelation that needles cannot pierce his skin, Alexander Luthor’s destiny was all-but spelled out. Now we know that Alexander Luthor is Conner Kent – AKA Superboy!

‘Scion’ Episode Description

Lionel (John Glover) and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) are stunned by Tess’ latest present to them. Al Septian directed the episode written by Al Septian & Turi Meyer.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Tess is stuttering alot… Haha

  2. So, the ending with Lionel and Darkseid was pretty freaking cool! Who better to mark with evil than the most evil man in Metropolis!?!

    I’m not sure whether this is the last episode with Conner, but I hope it’s not. I think Clark will need as much help as he can get at this point.

    • yeah i hope connor shows up in more episodes his kool

  3. the ending was epic i love it.
    looka like we have to wait till the 4/15 for some answers. how about that promo?

    • I saw Jonathan Kent!!! Hitting Clark?

  4. i saw the legion ring!

    • I saw Lionel going :o

      • But whose funeral?

    • Awh man…

      … that sucks

    • Let me preface this by saying I have NOTHING against high school sports, let alone girls high school basketball, but that must be one hell of a team since I doubt the WNBA pulls in better ratings than Smallville.

      Good episode though, it’ll be worth the wait.

      • yeah i know it will be lol

  5. This episode is my favorite with Beacon being second out of the latest batch of episodes. It buries the Chloe arc big time. Clark and Conner have connected in many ways that Clark and Kara didn’t. I’m glad it’s not like the relationship in Young Justice. The Darkseid cliffhanger in the end shows that the season plot involving him is alive and well.

  6. The ending was epic! And the trailer for the next few episodes looked pretty sweet, Mr. Kent, legion, and the return of Lex! Its a shame we have to wait 6 weeks before we see some more smallville though! They should have given the show en extra couple of episodes.
    But the beginning of the end look amazing!
    Connor was pretty cool too, would like to see him come back for sure! This episode makes up for the last two being a bit silly :)

  7. why, after over 2 months of waiting, do we have to wait yet ANOTHER month??

    • March madness

  8. Really liked this episode. Bummer we have to wait until April 15th for “Kent”. UGH!

  9. Since this is the Tenth and Final season…can anyone say what has been the 10 best things this season for you guys…okay maybe 9…since Lana Lang might be the 10 lol

    • Ten best things for me.

      1. Clark seeing what he becomes with Brianica 5.
      2. Lionel Luther being back
      3. Clark wearing the glasses
      4. Jonathan giving Clark advice like the old times
      5. Clark vs Connor mirroring Jonathan and Clark from season 2 finale
      6. Oliver moving back to Star City (I love Ollie, but i’m glad to see him leave Metropolis so that Superman can be their hero).
      7. Hawk-man’s epic final batter/funeral
      8. Seeing Martha again
      9. Seeing the Justice League and Justice Society
      10. The, going to be epic, return of LEX LUTHOR

      i’m gonna through a number 11 for fun.
      11. The massively fake dolphins skipping in the water from the episode with Aqua-man and his wife. :D ha!

      Gonna miss smallville!

      • @ Luke

        Loved your list, but the hopeless Romantic in me would add:
        13. Lois telling Clark “Go get ‘em” and Clark restoring the ball to the top of the daily planet
        14. Lois and Clark dancing on air.
        15. Clark finally tells Lois his secret.
        16. Clark proposes amid white rose petals.
        17. Clark flies Lois around the daily planet (yeah I know it was in a virtual world, but hey I liked it anyway).
        18. Carter tells Lois about the ubermensch, and she first mouths the words “A Superman”
        19. Terri Hatcher. Nuff said.
        20. The General tells Clark about his test that proves Lois loves Clark.
        21. Lois goes to watchtower for the first time.
        22. Clark sees the testimonials, people stepping forward to defend him, after which Lois says “You’re an American Hero.”
        23. Martha Kent “You are the Light.”

        You will note there’s no Ollie or Chloe moments or any involving Tess. The show’s about Superman and Lois Lane. That’s what I want to see.

        • Oh, and Clark telling the mirror Lois that he can’t live in a world in which she doesn’t love him.

          • WoW, romantic much? :-) nice list though.

  10. After last weeks clunker, that was EPIC! I hope we see Connor again before the end. John Glover is awesome, he just raises any episode he is in.
    And Darkseid looked amazing! That final scene was so frickin cool!

    • Amen DrSam. This one was as good as last week’s was bad.

      • But we have to wait a while month! And then, 5 weeks after that, it’s all over. :(

        • Yea why the freaking wait AGAIN?? they just came off of a big BIG holiday break..I don’t get it, freaking lazy ass Americans.

          • And they have filmed all but the first part of the finale, I don’t get the need to drag it out until the middle of May!
            They should just finish the show, and then do an online vote, and show the 10 best episodes with intros by the actors. That would at least fill the schedule.

          • Hey anthony….i understand you’re frustration, but your bash at america is a bit out of line. its just a tv show. a tv show that if not for america you wouldn’t be enjoying at this very moment. so please chill. and for the record, i’m not an american tooting my horn, I don’t even live there.

  11. Great episode, it was great how they handled Conner and left it was a great lead

  12. Not the original Superboy from the 60s.
    But the retconned or current version is indeed Connor Kent.
    He died and came back ,Right?
    Its been awhile.

  13. Got a question for all of you, in the comics, is superboy a hybrid of superman and lex luthor?

    and if i was lionel, right at the end of this episode, ild be wishing that i didnt say ANYTHING to bring lex back, then again, what would they think of doing to the man of steel?

    • In the current comics, Superboy is indeed a clone made from the DNA of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, he goes to Smallville High and lives with Martha on the Kent farm.
      The costume is pretty much the same too.
      In fact Smallville’s Connor Kent is one of closest characters to the comic they have ever done.

      • Interesting… I had a feeling that these guys werent just making it up… Good thing they stayed true to the comic not like previous characters (Doomsday)…

        • even though they diverted from the doomsday story, with how it ended they set it up so that he can come back and “kill” superman. Which I thought was really cool. :)

    • I agree with you RH. Of course they have a little advantage in that they’re using an iconic American Hero and not creating their heroes from scratch. Still, I think Smallville will have staying power. I was never crazy about Heroes. When this show was at its best it was great. Apocalypse, Bride, Legion, Absolute Justice. I am going to miss it when its over. I’d love to think they’d come back to do some movies, but thats also what I thought about Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and that never happenned and is never going to happen. At least they have this season to wrap it up with a nice bow. The finale should be awesome with Lex and kara and Zod. Are they bringing back Doomsday does anybody know?

  14. Nice to see people list what they’ve liked about this season and not harp on what didn’t. It seems to me that Brian and Kelly have watched their budget this season so the finale will be able to deliver the effects we all want. Plus special effects always look inferior as time goes on, it’s the character development that sustains a show and for me thats what Smallville does best.

    • Exactly. Since it’s the last episode ever, they can use up all the money they have!!!

  15. i thought this episode was excellent. the closest to any comic story for any character they have used in the past. i would like to see some more of conner kent on the farm or helping clark. and as always john glover is such a highlight of this show. and that ending when darkseid shows up when lionel says “i would do anything to have my son back” with his red eyes too. they messed that up in the first episode with his blue eyes. incredible cliffhanger. i cant wait for the ending of the darkseid stroy line. it will be epic. they have shown that they can do things right so lets go out the best possible.

  16. The only thing I didn’t like was that the writers have avoided putting Clark in the glasses for 2 weeks now…

    • I have to agree with you on that Foopher.

      • They teased at the glasses last season, and now that he has decided to wear them as a disguise, he hasn’t been out in public to use them

    • Amen to the special features! Those would all be awesome

  17. I am hoping for at least four commentaries for the episodes Lazarus, Homecoming, Luthor, Fortune, and thats just a few that sound good. Outtakes for seasons 4-10, behind the scenes features on a few episodes. I hope there are more special features than normal, the features are always well done, but since this is the last season they really need to give us more.

  18. Since no one has said it yet i like the reference to Batman and Wonder Woman.

    • You’re a week late… ;)

      There’s oodles of that in the “Fortune” discussion

  19. Are you guys kidding me.. This has been a mediocre season at best. Fourtune was terrible and was another wasted episode in a long line of wasted episodes. I mean they just don’t get to the point. There dragging this out when they don’t have to. He gets his glasses but doesn’t wear them. There’s five episodes left, we’ve seen darkseid 3 times i think. He still hasn’t flown yet.(virtual world doesn’t count) I mean don’t you think enoughs enough already. Hello, we’ve been watching over 9 years now. It’s time for him to make that transition already.(i mean come on only 5 eps left, lets go already) But no they’ll probably chince out, an after 10 yrs of watching well get him as superman for the final scene. To me that would be the biggest rip off on TV ever. Especially after a 10 year investment. He should have become superman maybe at the latest after the 5th season. To me its like these are just recycled scripts over and over again. With no progression towards clark becoming superman. Sorry this is just my opinion and how i feel. I thought they could have done a way better job this year.

    • Clark has been Superman since season 8, people get too hung up on the costume, just because he isn’t wearing a cape doesn’t mean he isn’t Superman.

      • i know right. its not the suit that makes the man. its his actions that make him who he is. and in the comics his history is that he was a mysterious stranger helping people from little things like muggings to stopping floods. nobody knows who he is until he reveals himself as superman. i like in smallville were people know he is there as the blur with the shield and it gives them hope of a brighter future until he is able to embrace his full kryptonian hereitage. and he is about 25 in the show(even though tom is 34 and is starting to look it lol) and thats when he created superman identity.

      • Sam,this is one of the rare times I am inclined to disagree with you. Until he Flys up up and away, the Blur to Supes transformation isn’t quite complete. And by Flying I mean control his air movements, speed that sort of thing, this little hovering that I have been seeing him do just don’t cut it as flying IMO. Feel free to rip me a new one DSB, but I gotta stand on this firm. This season so far hasn’t givin me too much hope that Clark will actually fly before the series finale :(

    • All right Jrod, some of your criticisms are valid. I’d be the first to say Fortune was a mess. And they’ve been ridiculously inconsistent with the glasses, and yes they’ve punted all the Darkseid stuff to the end and probably don’t have the time left to do it justice. And I’ll admit that the recent borrowing of ideas, the Matrix, Date Night, The Hangover, didn’t work and waste time. I’ll give you all that.

      But this is at least the 5th incarnation of Superman. And the idea this time was to do something different, to do the JOURNEY to becoming Superman. That was the whole concept. Once he necomes Superman, the show’s over. Now, I know everyone wants to see him don the tights and fly around, but that would be a different show. And I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it, they could call it “Metropolis”. But it wouldn’t be this show.

      But when this show’s good it is SOOOOO enjoyable. Homecoming, Icarus, Luthor, Salvation. Dam those were good. And even in some of the not so great installments, there are some great moments. Isis was nothing to write home about, but everyone would agree the last five minutes were priceless.

      So, Smallville fans tune in every week looking for those great moments and hoping that this week they’ll hit a home run. Its called hope.

      • totally agree with you Tom! I am all about the journey, I would actually be happy if he doesn’t wear the Superman suite until the very last moment or something! :) That what its all about.

    • No we’re not kidding. This season has rocked ;)

  20. Another Luthorville episode. This season blows!

    • As Tom Welling has said, “You can’t have Superman without Lex Luthor.” You can’t have a great hero without a great nemesis. And for generations Lex Luthor has been Superman’s greatest opponent. and its especially so with this show. The writers created Lionel as a counter balance to the Kents, his dark influence against the Kent’s good influence. This show is of course about the journey to be Superman, the ultimate hero, but it has also been about the journey to be Lex Luthor, the ultimate antihero. Sorry Maddie, its got to be there.

    • Uhm… No

      • Good one Foopher. made me chuckle.

        • I just figured I’d show my disagreement without being too mean. Haha