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smallville season 10 promo art Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight marks the beginning of the end for Smallville. After nine years of wonderful adventures, relentless foes and life-saving rescues, it all comes down to this. From the beginning, fans have been wondering when Clark will don the iconic outfit and become Superman. Now, as Smallville enters into its tenth and final season, that question has been answered.

Although, just because Clark is destined to become Superman that doesn’t mean that this inevitable outcome will happen soon. If fans of the series have learned anything from Smallville, it’s that they know how to drag out a storyline. So, while Clark may or may not become The Man of Steel in the season premiere, let’s just hope that his transformation comes sooner rather than later.

Ten years is a long time for any series, but especially for one on The CW. Throughout its run, many have mocked Smallville, many have given up on it, but many have also stuck with it. It is now, in the tenth and final season, where the nine-year series investment will pay off.


Preview (courtesy of The CW)

Lois (Erica Durance) finds Clark’s (Tom Welling) lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. However, Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) is desperate to find Oliver (Justin Hartley), so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan (Schneider) returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.



[NOTE: For my review, I am unable to discuss certain plot points. Particularly, anything that happens in the episode’s fourth act. If certain character or elements are not touched upon in my review (even though there are pictures), it’s for that reason.]

We pick up immediately where the season 9 finale left off, namely with Clark falling after being stabbed with blue Kryptonite. Like many have speculated, Lois is quick to respond to Clark’s ground collision. Unfortunately, not knowing the effects of blue Kryptonite on our favorite Kryptonian, Lois is more interested in caressing Clark’s lifeless body than removing the power-dampening projectile.

It’s a frustrating scene, no doubt, but one that serves to propel Clark into a dream-like world where Jor-El attempts to, once again, direct Clark towards his destiny. Although, like most encounters with Jor-El, a “loving” shove in the right direction doesn’t come without warning. Clark is also shown what his fate will be if he continues to play the role of the martyr – a fate that will soon be realized as a familiar bald-headed face from the past shows up, in addition to the promise from Jor-El that “evil is coming. “

SM1001b 5285b Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Like the aforementioned scene, the theme of the premiere is destiny – not only for Clark, but for all of the other characters as well. Chloe, Lois, Oliver and Tess all actively take steps in this episode to fulfill their destiny. While certain characters’ destinies are yet to be fully revealed, the fact that they start off their final season with such purpose means that (hopefully) there will be few superfluous, stalling episodes this season.

Alright, enough over-analyzing. Lex is back! Well, he’s somewhat back. Well, he’s in the episode.

While Lex Luthor is in the premiere, it’s not in the way that fans would like. Since Michael Rosenbaum chose not to return for the premiere, many assumed that the only way we’d see Lex is in shadows or with bright lights – something to hide the fact that it’s not Rosenbaum. To be fair, that does happen (at times), but you will see Lex, you’ll see his face, hear him talk and he’s actually a big part of the premiere.  Lex, more or less, serves as the catalyst for Clark’s decision to finally claim his destiny. That being said, I understand why Rosenbaum wouldn’t be interested in returning – for this episode, anyway.

SM1001b 5490b Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Of course, not everything can be so serious. With that, we’ve got Lois reveling in her newfound knowledge. Although, after some digging, Lois also comes to the realization that she’s the last person to know Clark’s secret – something that she’s not particularly happy about. Fortunately, Lois doesn’t let that get to her and has no problem coercing Clark into using his powers as she looks for a “missing pen” underneath her desk. This, of course, follows Lois describing in detail how wonderful it was to kiss the red-blur-blue.

And then there’s the fourth act…

Even though I can’t talk about specific things, I can give you my general feeling on it – it’s great, wonderful, amazing. There are literally five or six scenes in the final moments of this episode that fans will truly love. Not only because it shows things that we’ve been waiting (and hoping) to see for some time, but also because it lays out specifically where they’re taking this series in its final season.

Final Thoughts

The season 10 premiere of Smallville is everything that a fan of the series could have hoped for. If the rest of the season is anywhere near as poignant, fans will be in for one amazing, final journey.


Smallville airs Friday’s @8pm, on The CW

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  1. If memory serves me correct on the Batman question I believe one episode of Smallville from a few years back Gotham was mentioned for a brief second but not the Batman or Bruce Wayne name was thrown out.

  2. I agree with you to a point Scruggs. Season 8 was rather disappointing not all of it but for the most part it wasn’t that great and for the first time ever a episode pissed me off when they killed off Jimmy. I loved season 9 however. I thought it was the best season in some time and I espeically enjoyed watching the season finale several times. It was great getting to see the costume in Clark’s eyes and then the fight scene at the end just gives me goosebumps time and time again. I’m really excited to see how they are going to wrap all of this up in season 10

    • Whats the name of the song near the end of episode 1 of season 10?

      • I believe the one you are talking about is called One More Day by Vast.

  3. Hmmm…interesting points…but I don’t see Welling getting into that suit unless, by a small miracle, they are greenlit to a season 11? He did say recently he’d be open to a Season 11 if the Fans pushed the network for more.
    I believe they’ll hold out on the ‘no flights, no tights’ even if it crosses into grey areas… I’m still not convinced that he ‘flew’(his long leaps have historically been confused or mislabeled as flying) so I’m in no way convinced Tom will get into that blue and red suit….time will tell.

  4. Anthony Ocasio,

    You make some good observations.

    My only issue with this season is:
    (1) Clark will only wear his blue and red suit in the last scene-in the last episode of the series finale. Personally, I don’t think he will wear it up until the last few seconds in the final episode.

    (2) The end of this specific episode felt tacked on, so that viewers would not scream bloody murder. Within the last five seconds of the film, the reveal of ‘you know what’ in ice ticked me off. It looked like a last second thought in production. They should have kept some suspense for a few episodes.

    (3) Too many commercials. Way too many commercials. Since I watch tv on dvd, without them, I might be over reacting. Commercials were awkwardly placed; thus, preventing me from getting a full experience.

    Outside of those few flaws, I do like house this season is feeling.

    • Not house… ‘How’.

      Sorry folks.

    • Yes way too many commercials. I was so disappointed with it only being only 30 mins of the show. Less commercials please.

  5. Ok…. Finally watched it, loved every second. And, it’s nice to see Clark get more screen time than everyone else for a change, the past season was great but they seemed to forget who their lead character was.

    Uber excited to see how everything turns out, with Lionel, jonathan, Brainiac, Kara, all of the Lane family.

    Also, there are rumours about Tess, she might just be Lex’s sister!

  6. I know I’m probably going to piss some people off, but I was extremely disappointed in the season 10 premier. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of the show, but considering how epic the season finally was, I was expecting a lot more. First of all, there were no major surprises that I could tell. Yeah it’ll be awesome seeing how they play the Darkseid angle, but him made of smoke. Really!!? I just can’t see Darkseid troubling himself doing recon. Lol. There were more plot holes than I have time to write about, but (spoiler alert) I’ll outline the major ones. The very first scene illustrates my point perfectly. When in contact with blue kryptonite, Krytonians lose all traces of their powers. Yet somehow Clark survives a fall that would kill any human. After Lois removes the dagger from his chest, she leaves before he’s totally conscious. Once again displaying the stubborn refusal by the writers to show character confrontations about Clark’s dual identity. Shirley as soon as he kissed her in the finally he knew that she knew his identity. It is hinted that that’s what their conversation would be about later in the barn, but I was still upset by the tired formula. I’m also wandering why with no explaination whatsoever Pa Kent suddenly appears. There are many many more thing that had me saying that makes no sense. Overall it was a disjointed storyline that had Clark chasing his tail and me asking how could this be the season premier of the final season of this great show.

    • Clark didn’t survive. He died (or had a “near death experience” as he called it) and was brought back by an unknown force (Jor-El said it wasn’t his decision to resurrect Clark).

    • Did you catch a major plot mess up?

      During season nine’s finale, Oliver was stuck in an air conditioning system, attacked by unknowns, and then he showed up to help Cloe.

      During season ten’s opener, they said Oliver never made it back. After being attacked in the air conditioning system, he was interrogated by some sort of black-ops program. He never made it back.


      • I watched the season 9 finale again,I don’t see ollie show up again ever, what are you talking about?

      • @Marcus

        Oliver did NOT reappear at the end of the Season 9 finale…What are YOU talking about???

        • Hmm… I wonder if something has been edited out, or maybe I may have made a mistake. I could have sworn Oliver shows up in the Watchtower after escaping the vent duct.

          I will need to watch it again.

          • Yeah ya do

    • Every point you just made was complete crap. The fall killed him. Lois is conflicted about letting Clark know she knows, hence, she ran away. She was going to tell him in the barn, but Lex took her. Johnathan Kent was a vision, he wasn’t really there. It made sense. Sorry.

      Ok, I’m calm now. lol

    • OMG! I thought I was the only person who caught all those pot holes in season ten episode one. I was EXTERNELY disappointed in Smallville. After Clark saved those people from that giant ball (wasn’t surprised nothing new) AT NIGHT. The immediately showed him RUNNING HOME in the DAYTIME. Really??? Come on Smallville. Seems like they’re compressing everything in each episode…smh

      • The sun had just come up. It was early in the morning.

        Try paying attention before saying there’s plot holes.


      After Lois removes the dagger from his chest, she leaves before he’s totally conscious. — SHE LEFT HIM BECAUSE SHE SAW SOMETHING IS CHANGING HIM,GETTING BACK, AND CLARK WORE THE S SYMBOL, SHE KNOWS THAT CLARK WILL NOT LIKE IT WHEN SHE SEES HIM.

  7. I missed the premiere yesterday and would like to watch it before next Friday’s new episode. Is thier a website were I can watch this episode? Anyone!!!! The CW only has Season 9 on it.

    • check out sidereel .com

      • Thanks.

  8. Very confusing….I wasn’t sure if it was the premiere or the wrap of the series. It really could have been either with a tease for some made for big screen conclusion in the future. It was interesting, but perhaps the strangest premiere yet

  9. now i know why i stopped watching smallville, and then gave up on trying to come back to it – extensive/garbage/pointless dialogue.
    the only thing i liked out of the whole episode was the end 1min (after the dialogue with old man kent).the whole episode was boring, i hope it picks up in intensity when the darkness fully reveals itself or should i say himself ;)

  10. Smallville has had an awesome premiere every season since the beginning! Too bad this was the last one :(

  11. I loved it. I was glad Lex was the bad guy, this version seemed like a perfect mix of the Lex from the earlier seasons and the lex we see in comics and movies.
    Jor-el correcting Clark was perfect, I especially enjoyed the rocking of the fortress to get clark to shut up.
    The scene I most looked forward to was nice as well, clark talking to Johnathon. Still I didn’t experience the wise guidance you got from living Johnathon. Dead Johnathon mad alot of excuses for clark nad that let me down. Still I love that they let it be, no reasoning of why he was talking to his dead dad, it was just a scene that was needed that didn’t have to be explained off.
    I wish the rest of the season had the elements this premiere did. By the way, did anyone else get chills from Welling’s voice introducing “The Finale Season of Smallville” in the opening?

    • I did find Tom Welling introducing the final season in the opening very exciting. I noticed that right away. It was a great episode from the very beginning to the very end. I’m definitely excited for the rest of the season! =D

  12. Don’t people usually suffer a little damage when they fall off a multi-story buildings.

    • samson89,

      I had the same thought. Didn’t the blue kryptonite “de-power” Clark?


      • obviously, Blue-K makes Clark into a normal human being, but as I understood it, he really did die. So the fall of the building was fatal.
        And something brought him back, although if it wasnt Jor-El…then who?

        • That is basic Superman for you. He was dead until Lois saved his life and pulled the knife out. Does Superman ever really die? Not yet. They are kinda using the Dracula theory. Vamps can lie dormant for ages in the ground. They need nothing except blood. How many movies and shows have we seen where some Vamp comes back to life with just a drop of blood. Same with Superman. I would say the smartest thing any body could do to Superman in terms of killing him would be to shank him with some Kryptonite and then bury his butt about a half mile in the ground. One ray of sunlight and no Kryptonite. He is back in business.

          • superman gets his power from the yellow sun…when he fell it was already morning. and besides falling from a multistory building should kill a human…but he is not human.

        • I am guessing that it was The Spirit (or another supernatural DC entity) that actually brought back Clark from death/the edge of death (all the green glowy/smokey bits are what made me think that) and fully restored him as well. I could see the Spirit trying to get Clark back on track while making it look like Jor El did it. Especially if Darksied is coming to town!
          Pretty sure a crystal in an ice cave in the arctic doesn’t have THAT much power.

          • To be fair, the crystals have a hell of a lot of power, they have resurected clark before, when he has no powers and gets shot, Jor-El brought him back then. Plus it can turn back time, and hold every piece of knolwedge from a dead civilisation, and keeps the conciousness of a dead man, so the Fortress really does have THAT much power.

            But soemthing else brought Clark back, Darkseid probably, or whatever saved Tess.

            • I wanna know who those ppl were that took Oliver as they were not kandorians??

              Superman can die but he is still superman. If he had a near death experience by falling off the tower with the blue krptonyte dagger, when lois pulled the dagger out he healed again.

              I enjoyed it I hope this season they dont beat around the bush and make it a speedy rollercoaster of a ride as smallville deservse a good send off!!

              • Maybe they were Granny Goodness’s Female Furies or Parademons. Just thinkin since Darkseid and his minions are the main baddies this season, his minions would have the power to shake Oliver up in there. Then again could be a long shot that it could be any of them.

                • Pretty sure the guys that got Oliver were US soldiers of some kind. If you freeze frame the photage you can see the butt stock of a m4/m16 with an American Flag sticker on it about to cave in Oliver’s face!

                  • I’m just wondering how Granny Goodness is connected to Lex. She brought Tess to Cadmus Labs, but why?

                  • Maybe it was the IRS, come to check on some of Oliver Queen’s rather unusual purchases?

                    • LOL

  13. I would love to see Tom Welling play Superman in the movies but I don’t think it will ever happen. HUGE bummer as I feel that Chris Reeves sort of passed the torch on to him. Not that that means anything to the masses but for me it did.

    Not sure how others feel but I’m not feeling the “love” connection between Clark and Lois from Clark’s POV. It’s not like how he mooned over Lana for 7/8 seasons. Maybe it’s a grown-up love or just plain different, but at any rate I just don’t feel/see that spark.

    • I was happy about the season opener, but at the same time dissapointed as well. I mean I want more chemistry between Lois and Clark! He had all the passion with Lana and we all know that they were never meant to be together so why the heck havent Lois and Clark got to have the intensity like Lana and Clark?! That is very messed up! I think they played out the whole Lana and Clark thing for way too long! Now I want more Lois and Clark! Like Doctor Fate said they are destined for each other so show that they are!!!

      • I like they’re not having Lois & Clark so close to be in a relationship. We all know they’re destined to be together for sure and get married. Im just curious how or if they’re gonna tackle the fact Lois won’t know who Superman really is by having Lois get amnesia or somthing that she forgets that Clark is The Blur etc. I didn’t mind how long they kept Lana & Clark together because we all know they’re not destined to be together and when Lois showed up in Season 4, i figured she just be in a few episodes, not throughout most of the series.

  14. Upon a second viewing I found the while episode a bit odd, the structure was peculiar, it felt like several episodes spliced into one.

    And I did not like the new opening credits, they wanted to show stuff from earlier seasons and how everything had changed, but frankly I could have edited together a better sequence. It looked poor compared to the quality of everything else.

    • Except for Seasons 2 & 3 which were the same, each season after shown scenes from episodes of previous seasons including the pleasant.

      • Yeah I know, but it was the shoddy way they edited it together, looked like a pimply ass teenager did it in his basement.

    • i didnt like the whole “old Lex” fiasco.

  15. and was it me, or did Terrence Stamp not sound like Terrence Stamp, to me he sounded different.

    • Yes, I thought that too, he still sounded like Stamp, but they had taken all the echo that Jor-El’s voice usually had.

    • I thought that at first too

  16. I agree with DrSam about the opening credits. They just seemed lazily put together. They only showed past season footage from season 1. They could have showed lots of other stuff (like Clark flying in season 4)

  17. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN that episode was aaaaaaaaaaaawesome

    i just watched it – and man, you have to hate jor-el for the talking he does, it’s like he awakens the evil in clark. for a moment i wasn’t even sure if it’s not a trap from a villain.

    • Brainiac took over the fortress in season 8. He’s gonna be back for the 200th episode. Something to ponder on anyway.

      • Its good Brainiac 5 though, he takes Clark on A Christmas Carol esque trip into past present and future.

        • Can’t wait

  18. I’m just wondering who always rebuild the fortress.
    Zod destroyed the console in season 9 to make sure Jor-El will never be able to speak with his son. Now suddenly the console is repared and everything is working again.

    How ever, Jor-El is right about punishing Clark.

    • @Kal-el

      In the comics, the Fortress is able to self-maintain and self-repair…maybe, it’s an unpublicized feature of the tv version as well…?

  19. I think that when clark’s dad came to visit him, it was really jor-el in the form of his dad. Because in the fortress his dad said that he will not me the hero and the his adopted dad came and knew that jor-el said that something evil was coming.
    Anybody else think so too?

  20. After the new writers and producers took over, almost every episode feels like a Mtv music video. Instead of being a music montage, “Smallville” has turned into a high speed – lets cram as much as possible into 45 minutes montage. Once your mind finally makes out some of the story, you are launched into 5 second spats of story separated by ten minutes of commercials. Its is similar to having Attention Deficit Disorder. “Absolute Justice” was a prime example of what happened in this episode. All I remember from that episode was the commercial breaks, which overshadowed any story progress they had gained. I walked away thinking, “What the hell was that?”

  21. Not bad… could have been better… I’d still love to see how it goes, especially with Chloe and Oliver and I also wanna see what happens to the Red Queen. T’would be GREAT to see the end moments of this season.

  22. To all those complaining about ads, there are a necessary evil of television, you can either wait for the DVD or just record the show and zip past the ads, those are your choices.

    Or, if you like, just keep whining about it.

    • LOL DSB, commercials dont bother me…if they arent OVERLY repeated, much like the trailer for Wallstreet 2…which seeed to be on mostly every commercial rotation during the breaks. im halfway kidding. but W2 dd seem to be on a big commercial rotation here in the states.

      • You noticed that too? lol

    • I just don’t remember commercial brakes being shown after only five minutes of story.

  23. this was awesome

  24. I read somewhere back in 2005, people behind Smallville thought of having Bruce Wayne appear in a episode. Etheir as rival of Luthorcorp or have Bruce about to do business with Lex in the episode till Clark convinces him otherwise due Lex wanting him and Bruce to be parters in some project which of-course later Bruce disaproves of and hints Bruce later travels to begin his training to become Batman. But since Nolan rebooted Batman film series with Batman Begins and knowing Nolan wanted to cover Batman’s origins more, plans for Bruce Wayne fell through. As we know, People behind Smallville decided to use another rich hero to replace Batman, Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow. Even in the first episode shows Lionel Luthor read a issue of the Daily Planet w/ a front page story about Oliver’s parent’s tragic deaths.

  25. so why didn’t clark use his super breath to put out the fire in the field. instead he ran around in circles super fast to suck all of the oxygen out of the air. doesn’t that seem a bit more complicated than just blowing it out?

    • Yeah, I thought the exact same thing, especially as he was in a hurry!

    • @AK-49

      You’re right LOGICALLY, of course…but this is one of those details I’ve learned to let pass. Logically, after all, Clark and his friends should’ve died (and stayed such) fifty times over, but then, we wouldn’t be able to have this discussion now :) Don’t get me wrong–I would love to have explanations for a great many things (in the show AND comics), but I figure a “motivational deus ex machina” is sometimes better than a stoppage of the show’s momentum…SOMETIMES.

    • He didn’t want to blow Lois away

      • Or he was fighting the urge to blow her clothes off?

        After all, how much super-breath would it take to blow that skimpy top off her?

        • But she might get cold. He freezes stuff with that breath you know :)

          Ok now I’m getting dirty.

          • (*Hands foopher the Old Spice bodywash, so foopher can do CGI-tricky TV commercials*)

    • he did use his breath while running around…you didn’t see it? hehehe.

  26. OOh no, it’s amazing smallville cast.Am ever happy about all season but the death of jimmy really put things in a prospective way ,seeing clark and lois together makes chole sad.Season 9 i presume is the sweetest of all meamwhile wandering how season 10 will be like whether clark will fly or not.i want this season to be tough for clark to commander and general ZOD. Seen the delima of choice of human.Keep cool, theirs a lot more but to extinguish here by love you all

    • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. Dead thread? :(

  28. I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It doesn’t have to

  29. It’s been ten years, already?

    Okay, I did the math. I accept that it’s been ten years already…