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smallville season 10 promo art Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight marks the beginning of the end for Smallville. After nine years of wonderful adventures, relentless foes and life-saving rescues, it all comes down to this. From the beginning, fans have been wondering when Clark will don the iconic outfit and become Superman. Now, as Smallville enters into its tenth and final season, that question has been answered.

Although, just because Clark is destined to become Superman that doesn’t mean that this inevitable outcome will happen soon. If fans of the series have learned anything from Smallville, it’s that they know how to drag out a storyline. So, while Clark may or may not become The Man of Steel in the season premiere, let’s just hope that his transformation comes sooner rather than later.

Ten years is a long time for any series, but especially for one on The CW. Throughout its run, many have mocked Smallville, many have given up on it, but many have also stuck with it. It is now, in the tenth and final season, where the nine-year series investment will pay off.


Preview (courtesy of The CW)

Lois (Erica Durance) finds Clark’s (Tom Welling) lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. However, Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) is desperate to find Oliver (Justin Hartley), so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan (Schneider) returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.



[NOTE: For my review, I am unable to discuss certain plot points. Particularly, anything that happens in the episode’s fourth act. If certain character or elements are not touched upon in my review (even though there are pictures), it’s for that reason.]

We pick up immediately where the season 9 finale left off, namely with Clark falling after being stabbed with blue Kryptonite. Like many have speculated, Lois is quick to respond to Clark’s ground collision. Unfortunately, not knowing the effects of blue Kryptonite on our favorite Kryptonian, Lois is more interested in caressing Clark’s lifeless body than removing the power-dampening projectile.

It’s a frustrating scene, no doubt, but one that serves to propel Clark into a dream-like world where Jor-El attempts to, once again, direct Clark towards his destiny. Although, like most encounters with Jor-El, a “loving” shove in the right direction doesn’t come without warning. Clark is also shown what his fate will be if he continues to play the role of the martyr – a fate that will soon be realized as a familiar bald-headed face from the past shows up, in addition to the promise from Jor-El that “evil is coming. “

SM1001b 5285b Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Like the aforementioned scene, the theme of the premiere is destiny – not only for Clark, but for all of the other characters as well. Chloe, Lois, Oliver and Tess all actively take steps in this episode to fulfill their destiny. While certain characters’ destinies are yet to be fully revealed, the fact that they start off their final season with such purpose means that (hopefully) there will be few superfluous, stalling episodes this season.

Alright, enough over-analyzing. Lex is back! Well, he’s somewhat back. Well, he’s in the episode.

While Lex Luthor is in the premiere, it’s not in the way that fans would like. Since Michael Rosenbaum chose not to return for the premiere, many assumed that the only way we’d see Lex is in shadows or with bright lights – something to hide the fact that it’s not Rosenbaum. To be fair, that does happen (at times), but you will see Lex, you’ll see his face, hear him talk and he’s actually a big part of the premiere.  Lex, more or less, serves as the catalyst for Clark’s decision to finally claim his destiny. That being said, I understand why Rosenbaum wouldn’t be interested in returning – for this episode, anyway.

SM1001b 5490b Smallville Season 10 Premiere Review & Discussion

Of course, not everything can be so serious. With that, we’ve got Lois reveling in her newfound knowledge. Although, after some digging, Lois also comes to the realization that she’s the last person to know Clark’s secret – something that she’s not particularly happy about. Fortunately, Lois doesn’t let that get to her and has no problem coercing Clark into using his powers as she looks for a “missing pen” underneath her desk. This, of course, follows Lois describing in detail how wonderful it was to kiss the red-blur-blue.

And then there’s the fourth act…

Even though I can’t talk about specific things, I can give you my general feeling on it – it’s great, wonderful, amazing. There are literally five or six scenes in the final moments of this episode that fans will truly love. Not only because it shows things that we’ve been waiting (and hoping) to see for some time, but also because it lays out specifically where they’re taking this series in its final season.

Final Thoughts

The season 10 premiere of Smallville is everything that a fan of the series could have hoped for. If the rest of the season is anywhere near as poignant, fans will be in for one amazing, final journey.


Smallville airs Friday’s @8pm, on The CW

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  1. I just got goosebumps

  2. i just want more Kara she deserves more then one episode shes clarks family shes a good charater to in my opion.

  3. Wow he is really starting to show his age now. How old is he suppose to be in the show at this point? Cause he doesn’t look a day under 30.

    • Somewhat. Since I ageed 10 along with him, Tom looks very-very close to my age. I am 34. I look like I am 25.

      • aged.

    • Well hey, aliens age differently than humans. haha :D

  4. I just got the chills on the back of my neck I can not wait to see what happens I just started watching smallville about 2 months ago and fell in love with it and now its ending (the samething happened with star trek TNG)

    • This is no longer a show about Clark Kent, it’s about Superman now!

  5. Clark is meant to be 25.

    • Really Sam? Yikes he really doesn’t look 25. Wasn’t Tom like 24 in season 1 and Clark was suppose to be like 15? He’s always looked a little old for the age that he was suppose to be playing, but I was never certain on the age so I didn’t know it was that bad. I thought he was like 17 or 18 in season one I only watched it on and off. I was a huge comic fan so I tried to get in to the show, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t force my self to like it. So I never really knew exactly how old he was suppose to be playing.

  6. I got a question for all the smallville fans. I tried watching the show, but for me it was just awful. However, I’m curious to know have they ever really mentioned Batman? I know they can’t cast someone to play Bat’s and put him in the show due to the films, but has he at least gotten a mention?

    • No unfortunately not. I do have to say that the show is really good. That being said, you have to understand that if it were exactly like the comics, it would be way to cheesy and unrealistic. Smallville does a good job at making a good show about a great concept. It keeps the drama high so that it remains more than just a superhero show.

    • I am glad that “Smallville” has not mentioned Batman. I don’t know why…

      • Sadly, so am I. I mean, it’d make a great story line, but Batman seems too iconic, even for a show taking on Superman.

        • @ 8===D

          Don’t get me wrong–I love Batman (favorite character, in fact), but I would’ve felt insulted if they HAD hinted at Batman’s existence in this interpretation of the legend. Bruce doesn’t become Batman until AFTER he trains and returns to Gotham. Now, one way they COULD hint is to mention something about a Wayne Foundation charity ball or a Wayne Industries product revolutionizing the medical research arena or tech fields…an article in the “Daily Planet” or a flyer on a telephone pole. THAT would be logical…and could still happen (as you point out, Bruce and Clark’s association is iconic…almost as much as Clark’s red and blue fighting togs).

          • Nice name, 8===D :P

    • No Batman, but they have mentioned Gotham City.

      • …and yes, I forgot about that earlier mention too… :)

  7. Tom Welling was 22ish during season 1 and he was meant to be fifteen, but if memory serves, in Buffy, wasn’t the guy who played Xander in his thirties and playing a teenager?

    As for Batman, no he hasn’t been mentioned, but that was at Warners Bros request, the character of Bruce Wayne was intended to appear in season 6 but they weren’t allowed to do it, and they brought Oliver Queen/Green Arrow instead.

    They have mentioned Gotham several times though.

    Awesome news that Teri Hatcher is playing Lois’s mother too.

    • ohhh i think he got you there daniel lol

  8. Can’t wait. Sad that will end but gladthat it will in the right way

  9. If only Terri was as hot as she was in Lois and Clark still.

    Yea Nick B was older when he played Xander but he looked very very young. Even when he hit 30 he could of still pulled off an 18 year old. My problem with Tom was in season one he looked 19 maybe 20 at the youngest and he was supposed to play a 15 year old? Now he looks 30 abd playing 25? Yikes. If they at least look close I’m ok with it. Willow was suppose to be 16 but Alison was actually 30. Didn’t bother me because I didn’t know her age at first and she honestly looked like a teenager. I didn’t know Toms age at first and looked it up because he looked to old to be a High Schooler.

    On a similar but Seperate Not SMG looked 16 when she played 16 Buffy however she didn’t age well and every year she looked like she aged two. She actually looked like 40 last time I saw her. She was so hot back in the day but right around 05 lost it big time she got really Veiny and had the Sarah Jessica Parker look going on.

    • i still say Kristy Swanson was the better Buffy(dont kill me daniel lol)

  10. Gotta disagree Josh I found it to be way more cheesy than the comics.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not at all a purist I don’t car if they change things that’s not what I hate. I just find the writing to be bad and same with the acting especially Welling. Season 1-3 I watched off and on and while I didn’t like the show I found it watchable however to me it seemed to get worse every year and since Lex left it just hit Rock Bottom he was the best actor on the show and was the only reason to tune in other than the James Marsters season.

    I think the way they handled Doomsday was the worst and bringing in the other heroes at all and especially when they did it was a huge mistake. I usually watch a few episodes from each season when something catches my eye usually only three or four. I’ve only skipped one full season and last year I only watched half an episode this year I’ll only click it on if we get a shot of him flying in the suit. Other than that I won’t bother.

    Anyway this is a thread for smallville fans and I don’t want to come in here and bash what you guys love. I just wanted to ask the age and Batman questions.

    • im actually gonna watch Smallville this season, i just wanna see him in the suit FINALLY

      • Final scene in the series.

        • Probably. But lets all hope not.

          • Actually, I hope they do wait till the very end for that. The shows supposed to be about his transformation into Superman so I think that should come right at the very end, plus, it’d make an awesome final scene.

            • I can see them redoing that scene with Christopher Reeve flying out of the Fortress of Solitude as the final scene :)

      • Im excited about this season, it’s finally gonna happen. My only irritation is that they used the suit from the returns movie. i didnt like the design of the “S” and was hoping they’d make a better lookin suit. I would like to see maybe just a slightly updated version of the Chris Reeve suit..

    • Clark flew in this episode… not joking.

      I mean it wasn’t obvious soaring, but yeah. He totally flew.

      • he even said i think i was flying :)

  11. Wow Anthony Kristy Swanson was the reason I didn’t get in to Buffy until season 3 it had such a stigma to me because the movie was so awful lol and for me she was the worst part. The best was PeeWee Hermon lol.

    • yes!!!!! and Rutger Hauer :) i still thought she was a hoot though. totaly played up the valley girl to the hilt

  12. Smallville the Motion Picture coming to theaters near you Summer 2014.

    I will put money on this.

    • I’m suspecting something to those effects. Or at least a TV movie in a couple of years, just to juice fans a moment more.

  13. Rutger Hauer was in Smallville!

    • he was? damn, now i gotta find that episode lol

  14. It’s the opening 2 parter of season 3, Phoenix is the episode title I believe. He’s in both episodes, plays a crime lord called Morgan Edge, he was great in it.

    • i’ll look that up sam, thanks :)

  15. Hi. Just passing through. still watching tonight’s episode. Did that kid just say Alexander? As in Lex? As in Luthor? Excuse me while I bleed from the ears.

    • Excuse the crazy one while he bleeds from the nose.

  16. The first episode was AWESOME. This season is going to be fantastic!!

    • It’s off to a great start.

      • Yeah thats awesome, even more proof that he would do the movie justice.

  17. Just watching the premiere now.

    *SPOILERS* for those who’ve not watched yet.

    I enjoyed this premiere more than most of those offered by my favorite shows this season. I’d have been impressed if the writers/show runners went the gutsy route and left Tess scarred. But, I’ll give them points for Lois on the crux and Nosferatu Lex. That dude was creepy.

    Overall, I thought this gave a tip of the hat to the first Superman movie in the way the citizens of Metropolis cheered for him & the scenes at the fortress of solitude.

    Didn’t care for Chloe and Dr. Fate’s helmet. I’m not a Chloe fan, though.

    Awesome to see Papa Kent one more time. (He’s aged much better than Mama K.)

  18. I gotta say Daniel F, it’s a shame you stopped watching; cause that premiere was pretty much AWESOME!

    What a great start to end it. Lex was back (kind of. I still haven’t given up on Michael), and Darkseid looks cooooooooool!!! I just wonder, what happened to Granny Goodness?

    • So that really was Granny Goodness that revived Tess last season? That’s the only person I could think of who fit the slight introduction we had to her.

      • Yeppers. The producers confirmed that it was. It was supposed to be the “big hint” as to who the villian is this season (Darkseid)

        • It was a nice touch. Any ideas on who was holding Ollie hostage? Or the villain for next week?

          • The villian next week is Deadshot, of the Suiside Squad.

            As for who took Oliver, I haven’t the slightest. But now he has Chloe!

            • *suicide

              I swear I know how to spell…

            • Ah, ok. I saw the preview & got reminded of Karl Urban in Priest for some reason.

              • Haha. I thought the promo was kind of… lacking in any plot details, but then again I’d rather have that than one that completely misleads me (like in saeson 8. the promo for TURBULANCE said “get ready for emergency flight”, making me think Clark would fly. WRONG!)

                Can’t wait for episode 2!!!

                  • eh?

    • I am just nit picking but Darkseids eyes are red. Just sayin. Other than that, it was a decent start. I really hope they don’t wait until the last to dawn the suit. I would like to see him get some time in it. Hopefully that will start to sway the Nolan Mafia to start looking his way.

  19. Lex pulled the “you can save this or this” move, saying that Clark wasn’t “fast enough to save them both”. Anybody remember that scene in Superman: The Movie? My geek alarm was going off the scales at that part.

    • Yeah, that was definitely another nod to the first Supes film.

    • Too bad they replaced Emilie Ullerup. She made a good Cat Grant & provided some tension for Lois. Keri Lynn Pratt is cute, don’t get me wrong.

      • haha. I was a little dumbfounded when I heard they recast Cat Grant, but they kind of have that same look… enough to replace a one episode role.

        • Well, we know who he ends up with in the end, it’s just fun getting there. I’m sure Keri will handle the part well.

      • Hey, I’m not the one who said you and Daniel looked alike. lol :D

  20. What an amazing way to start off the season. I loved it!

  21. I am really excited for this season. I am actually working withe Christopher Nolan on Batman 3. We are in pre-production. Lately I have been hearing his ideas for the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” scheduled for a 2012 release, and I have to say it sounds like it will be done right, much like the Batman series. Also I really hope the they get Darkseid right throughout the show. I have this general idea on how Darkseid’s character should be. Much like the one on Superman The Animated Series for the 90′s. Anyone else agree????

    • I liked Darkseid on Superman: TAS. Michael Ironside was perfect as the voice as Darkseid and i wouldn’t mind if Ironside voiced Darkseid on Smallville if he appears on screen.

      • We only got a glimpse of Darkseid in the premiere, but it was enough to make me uber excited!!!

  22. Am I the only one who noticed the Batman crest on the spears of the little toy knights little Alexander was playing with in the mansion? The opening shot of that scene clearly shows one Bat-crest while the others resemble ordinary axes. Or was I just blind?

    • yeah they have been doing stuff like that since season 7. one day they even refer to metropolis as Gotham City

      • I don’t think that they’ll call Metropolis, Gotham City. Seeing that they’re 2 different cities?

  23. i finally got to see lex and they show me an old man and a kid i personally prefer Michael Rosenbaum to be lex im 25 his the only image of lex a know

  24. Loved the episode and can’t wait for the rest of the final season to unfold.

  25. Tom and his partners have always agreed to “no flights, no tights.” My feeling is that the ‘suit’ will stay hanging in the ice closet through all episodes until the last episode where I suspect Clark will pick it up and hold it, playing it up to camera.
    It was obvious in the Season opener with the quick cut to the taxi roof that Clark didn’t fly, but leaps off the hood of the taxi to catch the falling globe. “Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”…again, the execs will remain true to their words and at the same time to the original.
    Just my thoughts.

    • I think they’ve thrown that “rule” out the window for this season (hopefully)

      • Also, well Clark grabed the globe, you’ll notice it stops for a second before accending. HE FLEW! Brian Peterson (or whatever his name is) said so at comic con.

    • When they came up with the no flights rule I’m sure they never dreamed the show would last 10 years. Clark should have been flying two or three seasons ago.


      • Probably. haha.

      • No doubt. If there is one thing that has annoyed me from the start it is the build up to nothing. Like Doomsday. They spent a whole season and a great actor for absolutely jack squat.

    • you are kinda right but it was for the lack of lex luthor

  26. I really wish this show was on demand I don’t get the CW and I cant download it thanks to the lovely DMCA so now I’ll just have to wait till the blue ray