‘Smallville’ Season 10 Photos Resurrect Jonathan Kent

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smallville season 10 Smallville Season 10 Photos Resurrect Jonathan Kent

Today, The CW released nine photos for the premiere episode of Smallville season 10 titled “Lazarus.” While not particularly revealing, the photos do show the triumphant return of John Schneider as Jonathan Kent.

The photos are proof of a scene that was teased at Comic-Con, in which Jonathan proclaims that Clark will become “the greatest superhero the world will never know” – while warning him that something “dark” is coming.

Hopefully, as The CW PR machine kicks into gear, these won’t be the only photos released from the Smallville season 10 premiere. With less than a month before the episode is set to air, I’m hoping we’ll get a glimpse at a few other exciting events that are set to take place. Particularly, Tess Mercer waking up in the Cadmus Labs, surrounded by the clones of Lex Luthor, or a good look at the Superman suit.

Since all of the images are similar, I’m guessing that what we see in the photos represents pretty much the entire scene between Jonathan and Clark in the premiere (Jonathan will appear in several more episodes this season).

Of course, the real question is… How exactly are they going to explain Jonathan’s return? Is it a dream/memory? Has Jonathan returned as some kind of fence-fixing ghost? Or, is there some type of Kryptonian technological-tricky going on?

I suppose we’ll have to wait until the premiere to find out that answer.

You can check out the photo gallery from the Smallville season 10 premiere below.

Putting aside the fence-fixing photos of Jonathan and Clark, I’m most intrigued by the final image – with Clark reading a letter from the mailbox. While there’s little doubt that the United States Postal Service is exciting, in the previous 9 years of Smallville being on the air, they haven’t done many “Clark reading mail” scenes. So, it has to be something important, right?

If you can’t get enough Smallville, keep an eye on Screen Rant for our upcoming “Complete Guide To Smallville Season 10: What We Know.”

The tenth, and final, season of Smallville premieres September 24, @8pm on The CW


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  1. Ah, Mr. Schneider actually got what he wanted!

    I was at a panel of his last year, and he had talked about how he would like to come back to Smallville either as a ghost or in a time travel way. Seems like it actually happened. :) I stopped watching when he left, so maybe I’ll watch this one.

    • Either way it’s a farfetched idea.

      • nothing is farfetched in Smallville

        • So, coming back as a ghost or time travel is far fetched but a story about an alien child who will eventually become the world’s greatest hero happens every day?

      • And the concept of a twentysomething young fellow zipping around Metropolis/Smallville with a big “S” on his chest, using his x-ray vision for the benefit of others (whereas your AVERAGE twentysomething young fellow would be using it to get a free peep-show), and mooning over Lana Lang when he’s had 2 hot women interested in him (Lois & Chloe) is NOT farfetched?

  2. My guess is that it’s somehow Krytonian technology that brings Jonathan Kent back. I personally wish they had never killed off the character in the series. It worked in the Superman movie, but in a weekly show I think it would have been better to have Jonathan alive. Anyhoo, I am just excited to be getting one final season of Smallville!!

  3. Welling does not look happy in those pics, so either he’s being consoled or he doesn’t trust his “father”…hmmmm.

    You know what, who cares lol..just fly already!!

  4. “While there’s little doubt that the United States Postal Service is exciting”

    please keep up the good work! lol

  5. I’m dubious about Senior Kent’s return, during the early seasons of the show I found his character to be hippocritical and restricting. Constantly badgering Clark and then hiding secrets that could effect or imperil him. On top of which his death was a monumental moment in shaping the hero Clark would become, the pain of loss, the lack of his guiding figure forced Clark to step up. In all I think Senior Kent’s return, even just briefly, is going to annoy the hell out of me… just like the season nine finale when they copped out and just showed the Justice Society on the screens and not in an epic battle against the Kryptonians.

    • Hippocritical? Hypocritical. Schneider was an integral part of the show. Killing him and Lana-Lex is where the show jumped the shark. It’s not been on the same level of quality since.

  6. Im glad. I like his character and I think he adds a lot to the show.

  7. Lois knows that Clark is the blur cuz in the premier she finds the superman suit in the barn.

  8. It’s probably going to start with Clark having a near death experience (similar to Sam in Transformers 2). He did get stabbed and fell off a building remember…?

    • That is a possiblity. You never know with a show like Smallville. With it being the final season, I expect many surprises and shocks.

    • That’s quite possible, since in the Death of Superman comic, he meets Jonathan while he is near death and Jonathan warns him he is going to be tricked by the hordes of hell to follow them.

  9. I agree Gary.
    Sorry,I just couldnt resist talking to myself!

    • That is either a sign of mental instability or a desire to become a ventriloquist…

  10. Wow some Smallville news! Considering all the huge revelations concerning this season, I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of coverage considering what a landmark this really is.

    Smallville is often mocked, it will be the longest running sci fi show, 218 episodes I believe.

    Not just johnathan, but Lionel is back for two episodes, Kara as supergirl! James Masters as Brainiac 5. Michael Shanks back for at least two episodes. Oh yeah and Clark can fly!!!!!!!

    • they’ll wait till the last episode for that sam:(

      • Uh no, on the trailer he catches the Daily Planet globe in mid air and flys it back to the roof.

        • Could it be he was just jumping back to the top? He’s already made several jumps like that in the series.

          • Ah yes, but he leaps upwards and continues going with the globe, that suggest defying gravity, it looks like he’s flying anyway.

      • Yeah. the show makers have said that he will be flying. I guess they finally decided to listen to their fans :)

    • “Smallville is often mocked, it will be the longest running sci fi show, 218 episodes I believe.”
      Smallville premiered on October 16, 2001, running constantly since then; but as for longest-running Sci-Fi Show? Not E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-EVEN close…

      Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious and eccentric humanoid alien known as the Doctor who travels through time and space in his spacecraft, the TARDIS (an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s British police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, faces a variety of foes, saves civilizations, defeats alien, human and technological enemies of sorts, helping others and righting wrongs, as well as improving the way people, aliens and robots choose to live their lives.

      Doctor Who is listed in The Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, and the program originally ran from 1963 to 1989. After an unsuccessful attempt to revive regular production with a backdoor pilot in the form of a 1996 television film, the program was relaunched in 2005, produced in-house by BBC Wales in Cardiff…all told, 31 years of new productions (26 years, from ’63-’89 + ’05-present).

      Personally, IMHO Clark Kent has some catching up to do…

      • Right, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, I’m from the UK, I know all about it. However the argument that Doctor Who is the longest running show doesnt hold up for one reason.

        It was off the air for for over a decade!

        And by the by, I actually meant American show, because most people on here don’t know about Doctor Who.

        So I will rephrase, Smallville is the longest running US sci fi show as it will pass Stargate this season.

        • Actually, if you’ll note, I did not say “the longest CONTINUOUSLY RUNNING sci fi show”, I stated that “Doctor Who is listed in The Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, and the program originally ran from 1963 to 1989. After an unsuccessful attempt to revive regular production with a backdoor pilot in the form of a 1996 television film, the program was relaunched in 2005, produced in-house by BBC Wales in Cardiff…all told, 31 years of new productions (26 years, from ’63-’89 + ’05-present).”; that’s not counting the radio plays that started in 1999, by Big Finish Productions, under licence from the BBC.

          They began a range of audio plays on compact disc, with one released every month starring one of the surviving actors to play the Doctor, namely the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors, often joined in the audio plays by companions from the television series and new companions created for the audio range. Stories in the ongoing Eighth Doctor series were originally released in “seasons” of between four to six consecutive releases, but this pattern ceased after Doctor Who returned to television in 2005.

          So, if we count the audio episodes, we still have the aforementioned gap, but still, even without the audios, it IS the longest-running sci-fi show in TV history (again, 26 years, from ’63-’89).

          • Yeah I know all that. I’m a follower of the eighth doctor audio plays. have been for years.

        • Dr. Who? Is that a partner of yours doc? :) Sorry, some bad jokes are to easy to pass up.

          • We may have crossed aths in the space time continuum

      • I’m sorry, danlister was it, uhm… It will eb the longest running Sci-Fi television show. It will beat the current record holder, Stargate SG-1, by 2 episodes.

  11. This is Superman Twilight people.

    • LOL 790.

    • Hardly an intelligent comment. Smallville has been on since 2001 long before sparkly vampires were on our screen.

      Smallville has shown more of the DC universe than any other show or film, its a different spin on the Superman myth, unlike Twilight which is about teenagers, the characters in Smallville are in their twenties and thirties.

      • There was a Vampire episode in season 5 tough, THIRST. Haha

        • I like to think that episode never actually happened. The main character in Thirst was called Buffy Gellar. A shameful blot in Smallville’s history

  12. Lol, I love how Beckett has a prob with me.

    Dude what year in High School was Clark in when Smackville began?

    • ive watched a handful of episodes over the years i’ll admit. its just ehh. i’ll say this too, Chloes departure is LONG overdue

      • On that Anthony we can agree, they have been struggling to find something for Chloe to do in the show for the past five years. She was always a Lois substitute, and when they brought Lois in they should have killed off Chloe

    • I dont have a problem with you dude, just that I love this show a hell of a lot.

      And Clark was fifteen in season 1.

      • Im not dissing the show in any way seeing how it has always been my favaorite show and I would be considered obsessed judging from the props and figures and yes even clothing, from the show on my wall, but i find it funny how Tom was playing a 15 year old when he was around 24 lol

  13. Yeah fifteen Beckett,,, that’s 15 in tween years.
    When I was growing up (70′s) Superman was a friggen man. He wasn’t some geeky high school kid trying to figure out his super puberty, while fending off super tween villians that were also barely legal. No!!!

    I’m a fan of SuperMan, not Smallman,,,!!!

    He was 15. Yeah no kidding.

    • Maybe thats because this is different version of the origin story.

      Now Clark is 25, working at the Daily Planet, in a relationship with Lois Lane and wear a costume, goes out and saves people. He’s in the Justice League.

      He’s defeated Doomsday, Brainiac, General Zod.

      What about that isnt Superman?

    • i know where you’re coming from 790 brb, i think i offended someone on another thread :)

  14. I’d be willing to bet the house that his return is linked in some way to Cadmus, if its the “think tank” type of wierd science compound that existed early on in the comics…just spitballing here…I know it all sounds really nearfetched…lol

  15. Point I’m trying to make Beckett is that from my perspective these Superhero tween marketed shows like Smallville, Angel, Buffy, are directly responsable for films like Twilight, StarTrek, Glee, and High School Musical.

    Its not a huge leap to see how these shows all contribute to this tween wave of cinema we are currently under.

    Deny it all you want. 8-)

    • It’s not a matter of denying anything. I dont think of Buffy, Angel and Smallville as tween, mainly because when they were on I Was a teenager and they were an important part of me growing up, certainly Smallville was.

      If you want to blame these shows for the current wave of crap at the cinema fine, go ahead, but you can hardly blame tv shows from 10-15 years ago for the current generations rubbish tv and film!

      • Completely agree

  16. Its definitley a unique situation Beckett. However you can’t deny that shows like Buffy and Smallville have influenced tv and cinema.

    And from where I’m standing its toward a tween demo. Look at X-Men and even Kick Ass,,,

    • They probably have influenced it to a degree by being very popular, which is no fault of the shows themselves.

      Look, I have no real desire to get into an argument with you because I often agree with a lot of stuff you say, if you don’t like Smallville thats fine, eveyone is entitled to their own opinons.

      But to me, it’s a show I have grown up watching, I never thought it would still be on today. It means a lot to me. And I think it’s closer to the Superman you rememeber than you might think.

  17. Its not your fault Beckett its the studios targetng the younger crowds.

    It does tend to hurt the overall Superhero genre but at this point I’m over it. 8-)

  18. chloe is going to die in a few episodes, clark will fly, clois will definitly continue stronger this season…and superman’s ultimate opponent will be brainiac 5 and lex luthor…oliver will lose chloe..but will finally marry black canary. jimmy’s litttle brother will become louis’ cameraman,the other olsen obviously. and finally superman saves the day….end of story…season 10 in a flash

    • Actually Chloe doesnt die at all, her character is in 5 episodes, but they have already said her story has a nice conclusion so she won’t be dying.

      • i really hope they rewrite her so that she meets her demise

      • wikipedia says differently……i wish you were right though

  19. That letter he’s reading, I think it’s his high-school transcripts…
    With all the crap that was going on in Smallville, and him running around acting the hero and all, he failed French 101, they never realized, he doesn’t actually HAVE a high-school diploma, he has to go back to summer-school for season 11.

  20. I wonder if the last episode will be set in the 2013 flash forward seen in the season 9 finale? Is certainly possible.

  21. this is only a guess but i wanna say because of a lazarus pit, Jonathan Kent could come back. the pits are DC. as for something “Dark” coming. i want to say Darkseid. it would make sense since hes one of DC greatest villians.

    • It is Darkseid, thats confirmed. I too wondered about the Lazurus pits, especially as Lionel is coming back too, it seems more likely that Clark sees Jonathan while unconcsious after being stabbed by Zod. But then again, Jonathan is back for three episodes so who knows.

      Maybe its Blackest Night!

      • To my knowledge the Lazarus pits didn’t bring people back to life. They just extended life. Of course Ra’s Al Ghul was brought back a few times but he had just died when they put him in. Then again, I haven’t read EVERY Batman comic ever so I may be wrong. I think the Lazarus part is going to probably refer to Clark being on the edge of death and returning. Kryptonsite mentioned that in one episode they had a Lazarus serum that brought people back within 12 hrs of dying. If I remember correctly though, it was made from meteor rock so that wouldn’t be much good for Clark huh?

  22. The final season of Smallville. So does that mean they are going to start casting for Metropolis now? I could dig it. I have been a fan of this series since it first started and I haven’t missed an episode. Some of it has been really awesome. Some… not so much. Doc and 790 have been having a pretty interesting tennis match going and this is my view.

    790- I don’t think Smallville, Buffy, Angel, really have a lot to do with the overly homo shows that have come out recently. That was just Twilight. Once the networks figured out they could market it to 12 yr old girls, it was all over. Buffy picked up some chicks back in the day but most of them were just drooling over Sarah the same as the Doc and myself. I do agree with you in saying that SOME things they have done in the series have sucked. As a whole, it hasn’t been that bad. You said that you are a fan of Superman not Smallman. If that is the case then don’t watch SMALLVILLE. Watch Lois and Clark.

    Doc- I am with you, this series has been awesome. I have enjoyed a lot of the things they have done. What I haven’t enjoyed is them pushing through some of the Villains they have. Mainly just the big ones like Doomsday and Braniac. I think they should have stuck to the more normal ones like Metallo, Parasite, and Zod. Zod would have been a good main villain for quite a few seasons. It was really cool to see Doomsday but it was pushed and for the man who actually killed Superman, they really made him look like a punk. Now they are wanting to put Darkseid in the last season? I don’t think they could really do justice to that story in one season. They should have started on that 2 seasons ago by putting in people like Kalabak and Granny Goodness. They did really well with the villains they have done. They have looked good and the story’s were pretty good but I am still extremely disgusted that they did a horrible job with my favorite villain Mr. Mxyzptlk. That was the worst episode out of the whole series and it sucks because he was my favorite. The JLA stuff they have done has been really cool. I would still like to see them bring in the big 3 though. I was really hoping to see them put in Batman and Wonder Woman but I am extremely surprised they haven’t done Green Lantern. There is always home that they will throw one of them in this season. I don’t know about you but I am going to be really pissed if they don’t cast Tom Welling as Superman in the next movie. They are working on casting a new one when they have one pre-made sitting in their laps. What is he going to do after this series anyway. They have already ruined him and as soon as the suit goes on there is no turning back. You are type cast as Superman.

    • From what I understand, Welling wants out of SuperHeroing so bad, he can taste it like a piece of choice prime rib…haven’t heard anything concrete about a Metropolis TV series, but my money’s on Welling using the red cape as a parachute and going all D.B. Cooper out of Smallville Air Express (or, for a more recent reference, think Steven Slater of Jet Blue Airlines).

      With Laura Vandervoort committed to “V”, this rules her out as continuing the franchise as Supergirl/Kara…so if there’s to be a Metropolis TV Series, either they’ll have to recast…wave a couple of ocean liners full of cash under Welling’s nose…or just give up, as it will seriously affect the likelihood of a Superman film coming to pass before they lose rights to the character completely.

  23. This thing about Welling wanting out doesn’t ring true to me, he could have left after season 7 when his contract expired. He extended it for a year every time after that.

    To a generation he is Clark Kent, and the moment he puts the suit on (which he has already confirmed will happen) he will be Superman too.

    He may be worried about being typecast, but what has he tried to do to show himself in other stuff? Not much

    And if I were an actor, being typecast as the greatest superhero the world has ever known, arguably one of the recognisable icons in modern literature, that would be just fine with me.

    • DrSamBeckett,

      I would say that George Reeves would have disagreed with you.


      • ouch lol

        • No doubt Vic. That hurt. :)

  24. People always cite Welling’s age, I’m fairly certain some of the cast of Buffy were playing teenagers in their thirties.

    And yeah George Reeves may not have agreed with what I said. And on that, how great was Hollywoodland? Affleck’s finest hour.

    • thats one of affecks films that i can handle, great movie

  25. @GreaterTater, I’m only a fan of Superman for the sake of making my point. I wouldn’t give Lois and Clark, the time of day.

    • LOL

    • Yeah, it was pretty bad. I don’t remember too much about it. It was many moons ago.

  26. I’m with Sam on this one. I love Smallville, and except for a couple of weaker episodes, it has been great viewing. I was REALLY glad when Lana was removed from the show as that storyline was played out too long. Would love to see Erica Durance cast as Lois Lane in the new film as I think she has been the best Lois in any screen adaptation.

    790, the whole POINT of Smallville was to show Clark growing up and becoming the man that would eventually be Superman. It wasn’t meant to be Superman at home on the farm. I think it has done that wonderfully and Welling has done a fantastic job as Clark. The casting through the years has been fantastic (especially Michael Rosenbaum as Lex) and I am looking forward to an exciting final season. Yes, it does have a soap opera feel to it, but what dramas with continuing storylines don’t?? Leaving out the human element of Clark would be eliminating a big part of who Superman is.

  27. If they bring Lana back in season 10 (there are rumours, Welling wants it and he’s a producer) I will be extremely pissed off. Getting her off the show was the moment Smallville really grew up.

    Hell, I would never claim this show is perfect because it’s not. But no tv show is. I’d go as far as to say seasons 4,6,7 could be written off entirely. But seasons 1-3, 8-10, were brilliant. I loved being able to watch a show for 10 years and see the changes in the characters and story telling.

  28. I’ve read recently online that Welling said it’s hard to believe that
    the show is entering it’s 10th season & that he doesn’t really want to
    see the series come too an end, that he could see the show run for another 10 years, he even joked about possibly a 11th season pending on
    what fans want, even was asked if he would be interested in being the next “Superman” on the big screen he said he would be interested, also heard that he is suppose to make a small cameo appearance as “clark kent” himself in The Green Lantern movie. so maybe DC is planning something
    in the future for “Tom Welling” once the smallville series is over.

    • man i hope that cameo is just a bad rumor

      • As does any SANE person, anthony…

  29. This Smallville show should have had this kind of thills and story lines very early on. We need to catch up to make Clark Superman. The last season will sell more DVD’s then any other Smallville shows on this subject. The C.W. can bank on Tom Welling to play Superman in the movies (he holds the record as the longest Superman series and sci-fi show) ever!!! Wake up Warner and smell the coffee get Tom Welling to play Superman in the movies! Be a real Superman Tom and fight to play him in the movies for your great acting and fans.