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smallville season 10 abandoned 02 Smallville: Masquerade Spoilers Discussion

After weeks of diverting from this season’s main antagonist, Smallville is finally returning to the Darkseid storyline.

Desaad has made his way back to Metropolis, but this time he’s not alone. Without Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey, Desaad has rounded up a sizable gang of minions to do his bidding.

In this case, Desaad’s bidding is to kidnap Oliver and Chloe. Now that Chloe is the head of the Suicide Squad and Clark’s closet companion, she’s the perfect person to infect with the darkness. Of course, infecting Chloe isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

With Oliver and Chloe captured, Clark begins to focus his attention on creating and maintaining a secret identity. In other words, he’s that much closer to becoming Superman.

Bring it, Smallville!

‘Masquerade’ Episode Description:

Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) are mistaken for FBI agents investigating Desaad’s (guest star Steve Byers) recent string of murders and the pair are kidnapped by Desaad’s minions. Desaad tries to infect Chloe with the darkness. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) tells Clark (Tom Welling) he needs to be more careful with his identity and suggests a disguise. Tim Scanlan directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. “It’s my power; I’ll call it what I want”

    I love Smallville!!!

    Anyway, :O Oliver’s been “Omega”ed!

    • that was a great line, I really enjoyed this episode

      • I didn’t even know he had such an ability. Haha

        • It’s just his x-ray vision. He can control to what extent it goes. I mean, they’ve never showed it like that before, but thats what it is. :)

      • Another good line was when the guy said he was a hero and he grabbed his back and said “I’m sure I won’t feel like one in the morning” haHA

  2. uh oh Queen is in trouble

    and next is there version of the hangover, how you feel about that Vic?

    • Trouble is an understatement!

      Anybody else notice the made Darkseid’s eyes red in the “previously on” section? I’m glad they fixed it, ’cause he doesn’t have blue eyes. Haha

  3. This episode wasn’t as good as I would’ve hoped. I’m really getting sick of the Chloe/Oliver relationship. I hate that by the end of the main season, all four main characters and some of the guest stars have hooked up with each other. It’s disgusting. The only good parts of this episode were when Lois put the hoodie on Clarks red jacket, and towards the end when Clark came out with the glasses.

    Other than those scenes the rest of the episode was meh, to say the least. smh. Hopefully the next one would be better, though I’d be pretty upset if Chloe and Clark actually did get married and it wasn’t just some type of dream or alternate reality type of thing. Uggghhh…. I’m ready for the film to come out and straighten things out. I’m tired of this mediocre writing. It’s letting me down. =/

    • In this season, I don’t like the constant shift in tone, both within and between episodes. Some have felt light and happy-go-lucky, and then, such as the most recent episode, feel dark. There was virtually no transition between episodes.
      And now,there’s going to be a “Hangover” style episode. I agree there’s too much filler this season. Why are they wasting episodes when this is the last season?

  4. when your drunk as hell you do dumb things

    • Indeed…

  5. …Also, the part where Oliver scaled up the building was pretty cool

    • True, that was cool. I forgot about that one.

      • And Chloe and Oliver’s fight scene was kinda sweet!

        • It was ok. Chloe looked like a stereotypical girl in those fight scenes, especially the way she punched the guys bending her wrists after she punched them… -__- She needed a bit more practice but it was pretty cool.

          • Haha. Well I’ve never considered Chloe to be an expert fighter :) Lois is the one who I expect to deliver a proper blow to the face

            • lol. Good point. I just think it could have been directed a little bit better, that’s all. Can’t wait for the finale. That should make up for everything!

              • You have a good point. And I agree, the finale should be AMAZING!!!

    • the oliver and chloe plot reminded of date night lol

  6. Oo sht oliver got the darkness tatoo nott gooood

  7. So am I still going to get the “homage” defense? First they ripped off The Matrix, tonight it was Date Night and next week it’s going to be The Hangover. I wonder what it’ll be after that – maybe the Three Stooges.

    Are the writers drunk, high, lazy or all three this season?

    Having said that, although I thought it would be really difficult, they’re managing to make the transition to the glasses-wearing, geeky Clark Kent.


    • I figured someone would say “Date Night Rip-Off” haha. I actually thought they went away from that. I figured that would happen, but then they were all we know you’re not the Jones’, so I really didn’t think it was a “rip off”.

      Buuuuut next week IS going to be a Hangover “rip off” ;) But I still think it will be fun.

    • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Vic… and they are flattering every successful movie franchise of the last 20 years… lol…

    • Hey Vic, I didn’t hear any political shots from across the port bow this week… do you suppose they’re listening… or was I just not paying attention…

      • Tom,

        Nope. They gave it a rest last week.


  8. OK episode, liked the glasses scene and that Clark is the one who decided on his disguise. But the final scene was groan-inducing. Chloe and Oliver’s relationship is simply lame, particularly when you know that she’s going to be leaving after the next episode. Oliver’s corruption was kind of predictable, but still a nice story twist. Darkseid may just be salvageable yet.

  9. that was good……cant wait for the end

  10. Clark is the cover makes more sense, because real “Clark” should not need Glasses being Himself!.

  11. Another craptastic episode written by Bryan Q Miller.

  12. Good things in this episode micro vision joke, Lois wosh joke, clark glasses, Clark at the murder scene he reminded me of him actually being a journalist, him denying to the cop burt he was not hero. Chloe god!!! Why didn’t doomsday or zod kill her. She has no purpose anymore just taking of lois screen time.

    • Well next week is Chloe’s final episode so hang in there :P

      I wonder what kind of send off they’ll give her? Hopefully something a little more graceful than dying…

      • i agree she’s a good character who deserves to have a good send of……other than death

        • hey foopher, i just found callum blue is coming back as zod in one of the final 5 episodes :D did you know this?

          • I did, I did. Supergirl too! I was also hoping she’d return. I didn’t think the episode “supergirl” was a good enough send off. She’s way too sexy for a lacking last episode. Haha

            • lol thought that too supergirl was a good ep but could have been better

  13. I just wanna see the connor Kent episode that’s going to be a good one

    • i cant wait till this episode. march 4th. scion. superboy is introduced. i cant wait. i think that this season has been mostly good better than some other seasons that are up. darkseid lex and superman. gonna be great.

  14. I ejoyed the secret identity scenes,
    but the rest of the episode was so predictable that after Desaad got Cloe I took a shower and was done and back by the time Clark donned his Glasses!

  15. I liked it. I thought the jokes were good and I liked how Clark stepped into his secret identity.

    I didn’t like the date night rip off. Thought they could have managed a better story than a date night. Also I didn’t like how “cover up” Oliver is in public. Seems a bit over dramatic.

    And next weeks being a hangover/one tree hill rip off seems a bit silly. However, it is nice to see a bit of “chilled-ness” in the midst of all the darkness and stuff going on. So maybe it will be a nice light-hearted episode before things get crazy.

  16. Why is there so much hate against Chloe? Is it because she’s not from the comics? She’s not that bad a character, I think more the victim of cheesy lines.

      • Chloe’s kinda like Lana in season 8. They kept her in a couple more episodes so that it doesn’t seem that she just vanished… like Lex. But we’re gonna find out where he was all this time on May 13th :D

    • Yeah, it is a bit late – and he won’t spend much time doing the dual identity thing with the handful of episodes left.


      • That’s really the one thing I’m curious about what they’re going to do. Haha

  17. The VRA are Darkseid influenced sleeper agents.

    • You caught that too…? Haha

      • how do you know that? lol

  18. Great episode! The tone was a bit off though, Clark’s story was peppered with humour but everything else was very dark. And Desaad was taken down far too easily.
    But, there were so many brilliant lines in the episode, Clark finally wearing the glasses was one of the biggest moments the show has had.

    So, if next week is meant to be Chloe’s last episode does that mean she won’t be in the finale? I dont much like her character but she does deserve to be there at the end.

    Overall, very good episode, but I have one large complaint. Clark going to London and standing on Big Ben was fantastic, but the horrendous stereotypical snobby sounding English accents on the video clip was utterly absurd and borderline offensive.

    • Regarding the english accents, I agree. They were almost silly.

    • Ah, there you are…I was wondering how you weren’t the first (or at least the second) responder on this thread.


      I enjoyed the episode immensely, but, yes, the English accent did sound…overdone, to put it kindly.

      • I, too, was wondering where you were Doc. Haha. You’re normally a big Smallville talker :)

        • Yeah, I’ve been visiting family and I didn’t see the episode until last nIght, shame on me I know.

          • Oh, well that’s excusable :)

      • Yes, that was exactly my thoughts as well. I mean it was cool to see Clark going international but those accents were just ridiculous.

  19. it’s that blue chap. Honestly worst english accent ever.