‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Luthor’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 luthor discussion Smallville Season 10 Luthor Spoilers Discussion

In tonight’s episode of Smallville, Tess Mercer stumbles upon a mysterious Kryptonian box that was in Lionel Luthor’s possession, Clark gets thrown into an alternate world — one where it was not the Kents who found Clark in the field as a child, but Lionel Luthor instead.

On top of this shocking Smallville twist, Clark now has to pretend to be Clark Luthor. With that comes the truth that Clark Luthor is a known murderer and is hated by Lois Lane and Oliver Queen (who are still a couple) — all while trying to figure out a way back home.

Back in Metropolis, Clark Luthor has replaced Clark Kent and all hell is sure to break loose as Clark’s friends have to deal with an evil version of their super-powered friend — one who is capable of murder and doesn’t plan on returning to his alternate world.


Tess (Cassidy Freeman) acquires a Kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor (John Glover). When Clark (Tom Welling) accidentally activates the box, he’s transported to a parallel universe where Lionel found Clark in the cornfields instead of the Kents. In this universe, Clark Luthor is a murderer and Lois (Erica Durance) is engaged to Oliver (Justin Hartley) and both of them hate Clark. Clark must be careful not to tip off Lionel that he’s not his son while trying to figure out how to get back to Earth where the monster Clark Luthor was transported in his place. Executive producer Kelly Souders directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Welcome back John Glover!!!

    What a freaking great episode! Sure it was a filler and sure it didn’t further the Darksied plot, but I don’t care!

    I’m so glad they didn’t make Lois think that bad Clark was the real Clark. They’ve gone that route way too many times in this show. They’ve finally started to stir things up :)

  2. LL is in this world now could be great

  3. first welcome back john glover. he was always a great character on the show and he will be great for 4 more episodes coming especially being the power hungry luthor again. he has always rivaled lex in this show as being the most devious. but lex should be even more so now thats what tess said this time around. good job tom welling on being ultraman. he was pretty evil and straight forward. every season has to have some filler because the universe is so expansive it really gives them the chance to bring in other characters. cant wait to see booster gold even tho he is like a d lister lol. next week is going to be very good i can tell. hawkman star girl canary and the league just great. the one thing that i am so waiting for this season, and with the effects so far should be good, is the apperance of darkseid. it seems as tho they are saving budget for a good ending the appearence of darkseid and clark flying and becoming superman. i hope they get and are just keeping it under wraps micheal rosenbaum will return in the last episode.

  4. This episode was just amazing. I really haven’t been impressed with this season, but this was by far the best episode.

  5. Great episode. Pumped for next week. Did anyone see Impulse in the preview?

    • I thought I saw Impulse yeah, which is cool because that was kept a secret and didn’t leak.
      Black Canary was there also, and she is meant to be in the 2 episodes after Icarus, so I’m wondering if some of that was from other episodes???

  6. When clark finally came back to his world at the end… and everything was on fire and stuff… Can we ever see clark vs queen/tess/lois? I think that would be cool… just me though…

    • That’s what I thought. And for them to get bad Clark on the ground so they could all surround him like that, it must’ve been an EPIC fight

      • I agree it must have been epic, but there was no way they could do it, they just don’t have the money. Looks like they spent the money on next weeks episode!
        I cannot wait for all the trouble Lionel is going to wreak’

        • I agree about the money thing. I thought they played it very well. Epic battle without showing it, NICE!

          • They haven’t put a foot wring this season, it’s been damn near perfect, if they keep cranking out episodes of this quality, this will be the best season yet.

            • No doubt… cool stuff ahead… Oliver gets attacked by a mob… the Justice League together again (when are they going to start calling it that, by the way), the death of hawkman… Chloe/Dr. Fate returns… Lionel preying on Martha Kent again… the Clois proposal… Darkseid, the return of Lex Luthor… they’re leaving it all on the field this year…

              • I think they are calling it the Justice League, the screens at watchtower have a JLA rotating screen saver.

                • How’d I miss that? The last thing I knew it was “a work in progress”

                  • I can’t remember which episode, it might have been Patriot, but it was definitely there.

          • I read alot of negative comments about this season, but this episode, homecoming and abandoned are three of the best ever in my humble opinion…

  7. Wow- now that was a great episode! It really was nice to see Lionel Luthor back, when clark was teleported back to earth 1, i heard Lionel in
    background & figured he somehow would go back with clark – the finale scene with lionel walking in earth 1 Metropolis was awesome! i know the upcoming episodes are going to be packed with alot for all smallville fans to really enjoy, oh yes i saw next weeks trailer & saw a red costumed person in it too “Impulse” must be one of the surprised they kept from us, i wonder if Aquaman is doing a cameo it in, that would really be great too, anyone see martian manhunter in that trailer?

    • Ah yes Gina… it looks like the gangs all here… too bad Hawkman has to buy the farm…

  8. A really terrific episode. Tom has matured into a fine actor. His playing of Ultraman showed great acting chops…I loved the way he looked at Tess when sitting down in her office at the Planet.
    Great to see Glover back…Smallville just gets better and better.

  9. That was probably the best episode of the season, it was one of the best episodes ever!!!
    Shows how much the show missed having the brilliant John Glover, and although the ending was predictable, it was bloody brilliant!! Great to see the real Lionel back!

    • Now I’m sorry I peaked at the previews….

      • Yup. I have seen the 20 second trail for “Icarus” but I’m not watching any previews or clips, it’s going to be a huge episode, I’m going into it blind.


    Seriously though, Supernatural > smallville

    Cas watches porn, makes out with a demon & then burns the King of Hell, Crowly to the ground! So much more entertaining than the continued rape of the Superman Legacy that is Kent’s creek 90210.

    • @deanwhinchestersays

      Piss off mate.

      • I agree. Smallville’s been WAY better than Supernatural this season

      • So are you Sam or Dean or both?

    • Dean I hate to see you like this… Supernatural is a fine show… this is of course a discussion of Smallville for people who watch Smallville… I would suggest you go to a Supernatural site… and if you don’t want to watch “the continued rape of the Superman Legacy” change the channel… its a free country… I think Smallville, is clever and for the most part true to the spirit of the Superman mythos…

    • supernatural is a good show but smallville is especially this season a better show. if you dont like what they do then dont watch its not hurting any of us who have always watched it. and the so called rape of the superman legacy is a terrible way to look at it. i for one really enjoy seeing other peoples interpretations of stories past cause i dont want to see the same thing over and over again about the same thing just by someone else. you should be looking at smallville as another universe like this episode showed there are in the dcu. clark ends up the same as superman but his road to get there is different from say the universal origin that is from the christopher reeve movies that everyone knows. i think that this actually works out great because he matures into the ultimate hero as oppossed to just becoming from jor-els training that he disappears into then comes out superman.

      • Smallville can be considered a 10 season long elseworlds story, it takes the same elements but puts it’s own very successful spin on them.

        It’s kept Superman in the public eye.

    • How sad…you have no life. We care…really.

  11. I hated Lionel’s character the first season, but from season two and on he was one of the best!

    PLEASE COMPLETE THE CIRCLE – Come Back To Metropolis, Kansas, Michael Rosenbaum, Michael Rosenbaum!

    • Lex you always hated… but I forgot how much Lionel used to just terrify… I think he’s actually the worse of the two… you got the impression that Lex really wanted to be good at heart… Lionel never did…

      • But in the end, Lionel kind of did the right thing by Clark in seasons 6-7.

        • That’s only because he became Jor-El’s vessile in season 5

          • I don’t think it was though, he genuinely cared about Clark I think, the problem was, a leopard can’t change it’s spots, as much as he wanted to change, he ultimately never could.

            • anyone else think lionel will end up controlled by darkseid?

              • Can Darkseid actually make him any worse then he was last week… I mean he was going to beat Clark to death with a belt… but to answer your question… yeah he’s ripe for it…

                • i think he would actually welcome it

        • Yeah he did… I just could never get my head around the “good Lionel”… I mean he went from being such a louse to Clark’s greatest proptector…

          • Oh yeah dint get me wrong, I’m happy this ‘evil’ Lionel is back! I’m interested to see how it ties into the arc story. And should be very cool to how Martha reacts!

    • i think that they are keeping it under wraps that michael rosenbaum will be back in the end. its one of the most anticipated events of the series. they are bringing in all the other kids that played lex thru the years as he continues to age at an accelerated rate i think in the end he will be back and have cured his aging.

      • Bingo!

      • Exactly. They would’ve announced that he WASN’T returning by now if that was the case

  12. Lionel died protecting Clarks secret.
    I would say he came pretty far from the man that he was .

  13. Did anyone else love the cheesy “Wouldn’t want to miss how it all turns out” by Lionel? Great episode. Did someone say they saw the Martian Manhunter in that preview?

    • I absolutely loved that line!!! It was a but cheesy I admit, but having the legend that is John Glover deliver it, made it awesome!
      Gave me chills.

    • There’s a guy in purple walking next to impulse and behind Canary… it could be him…

  14. I think that the reason that Lionel became good in seasons 6/7 was because he was the vessel of Jurel if you remember. Perhaps merely being a vessel of such a good force was enough to impact him in such a way as to turn from an evil and sinister man into a caring and positive person. Just a thought, but it really is the only possible one if you think about it.

    And as for Supernatural, I cant believe that I am agreeing with this but yes, Smallville has been MUCH better than Supernatural this season. This has been the weakest season of Supernatural to date. Castiel watching porn? Castiel kissing a demon? They are making a mockery of the show imo. Furthermore, how much longer are they going to drag this no soul bs on. I mean really, come on. The storyline is completely fragmented this year and really has no path. Aside from the grotesque kills and increase gore this season is one big load of crap. The show ended last season imo. This season does not count

    • I agree about Supernatural, it should have ended at season 5, this season has been a low point in the whole show. I’m only watching it because there is nothing on, but the show is a shadow of it’s former self.

      Smallville has excelled this season to new highs.

  15. I like supernatural too & watch it often, but Smallville has
    always been my favorite show since it first came on TV, I know
    the following episode “Collateral” mentioned of JLA & JSA heroes
    as well, black canary with other heroes too & the return of chloe, this must be the second part of the “Icarus” episode.

  16. Freaking DirecTV had a problem with The CW last night and the episode didn’t record.

    Is there a legit place online to view episodes?



    • Not that I’m aware of, but you must watch it Vic, it’s one of the best episodes ever.

      • And “Luther” is available right now… actually its available at 12:00 midnight on Friday…

    • cwtv.com

  17. You can watch current Smallville episodes for FREE at the CWTV.com,
    “Luthor won’t be online there til tuesday but, right now they have “Patriot” & “Abondaned” i believe to watch online, you can also
    watch all other CW shows there too, they also show the Smallville newest trailers there & when your on the video view page there is tumbnails of
    other smallville things of interests to watch like short interviews with smallville cast memebers & the producers, also behind the scenes tour of “Smallville” & Smallville at comic-con interviews, i really loved “The tour of Smallville” with Cassidy Freeman it shows
    all the current indoor Studio Stages where most the filming is done including behind the lot outside “Metropolis” main street scene with
    Daily Planet entrance, street cafe & “Smallville” town scenes with “The Talon” so Smallville fans check it out!

    • Thanks, Gina.


      • they have 3 or 4 30 second ads not the commercials you see during the show……its worth it if you wanna watch it legit…..but thats just me lol

        • They just entice you with some free video… they cut you off as soon as your time is up… then you have to show them the green… it appears to be legit… at least the FCC hasn’t called me up…

          • lol yeah

  18. I heard that the “Luthor” episode had high ratings, i’m not
    surprised, i know i can’t wait for next friday already for “Icarus”.
    I believe this is the last episode of the year till Janurary.

  19. awesome episode john glover is bak for 3 more episodes =)

  20. I might check that site out, i’ve been on others where you have to
    play some long hard video games first or answer some trick questions that keep you from watching the episodes right away,then you have to download one of there media players to view any show from their website, sometimes
    messing up or changing all your internet search settings, it gets very
    fustrating to change everything back, i even got a few unknown infections
    & virius that totally messed up my internet connection.

    • For $13.00 a month you can watch any Smallville ever done including the most recent one… I didn’t get into the show until late this summer… that’s how I caught up…

  21. Anybody else notice Clark proposing in the trailer for next week?

    • Yes he pops the question next week… next to their phone booth…

      • They get engaged but not married, the producers have said it’s very unlikely they will have time to actually show a wedding.
        Also, the next time we see the Lex clone he has hair, which means Michael Rosenbaum doesn’t have to shave his head!

        • Can it really be Lex Luthor if he isn’t bald… let Rosenbaum where a bald wig…

          • Lex wasn’t bald in The New Adventures Of Superman.

            • In the comics he lost his hair from over exposure to kryptonite. So they could let him have hair. Anyway, I’m glad that they got Lucas Grabeel back to play this slightly older Lex. It leads me to believe even more that they got Michael to say yes

              • If he’s coming back, we won’t know until the trailer for the final episode, they’ll keep it a secret until the last possible moment.

                • My thoughts exactly… 😉

  22. Hey so did CK not care that oliver was about to kill ultraman? He told him to turn the kryptonite thingy back on as soon as he left. Double standards if it isn’t his ollie doing the killing?

    • I doubt he really cared since it was an alternate reality.

      Smallville really got it’s Fringe on this week :) haha

      • Tsk tsk, CK.

        Awesome episode though

  23. This episode was great
    so happy John Glover is back!
    I would really like to see them do The Ultraman character again, Tom Welling did a real good job acting like him.
    Next week should be great and after the break i bet it will be like last years absoulute justice

  24. Maybe this was wishful thinking but I thought I saw Clark actually fly, not just float, in the images for next Friday. I also thought I saw him in the iconic outfit but everyone here says that was Impulse. Oh well.

    And the Supernatural thingy; I do enjoy Supernatural but it is just a shadow of its former self. They should just make this the last season (heck, last season should have been the last season :-) ).

    • I’ve been saying for an age now that Supernatural should have ended last season, if you cut the bit with Sam standing in the street, its a fantastic closure point. But no! They had to go on milking it!

      Maybe Clark does fly, who knows? He flew with Lois in the barn, if he propeses and she says yes, maybe that’ll give him the confidence to actually take flight?

    • There’s a ten second promo on you tube showing Clark (Tom Welling) in the suit and flying from earth’s atmosphere to the down below… it lloks authentic but its possible some fan created it… although it would be pretty tricky to put Welling’s head on say Christopher Reeve… but its quick, you only see him for a second…

      • Can you put up a link mate?

          • I’ll check thatout when I get home, the computers at work block youtube.

          • It’s fan made, those shots are from Superman Returns.

            • Yeah, I thought that was a little over the top and premature… oh well…

              • You had my hopes up there… :( But yeah, that’s Tom’s head on CGI Brandon Routh’s body

  25. Finally watched this online – pretty good episode.


  26. im mad tht they didnt show th fight between ultraman green arrow tess and lois