‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Luthor’ Preview: Lionel Is Back, Clark Is A Murderer!

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smallville lionel luthor Smallville Season 10 Luthor Preview: Lionel Is Back, Clark Is A Murderer!

Last week on Smallville, not only did we witness Colonel Slade Wilson become Deathstroke, but Lois Lane is now even closer to Clark’s extracurricular activities as the Blur ever since she has been welcomed into Watchtower. The only way to top that surprising turn of events would be to bring back one of the Luthors.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what they’re going to do!

When it was previously announced that John Glover would be reprising his role as Lionel Luthor, the only things fans wanted to know was when and how. Considering Lionel Luthor was killed at the hands of Lex, nobody could figure out how they would bring the iconic Luthor (and Jor-El’s vessel) back from the grave.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone knew that they’d find a way to bring Lionel back, but nobody knew what that specific means might be. After the season 10 premiere and the introduction of Lex clones, the notion that there could possibly be some Lionel clones out there wouldn’t exactly be off base, but it would most certainty be out of character for the stoic figure.

With the release of this week’s episode description, we find out both how and why Lionel Luthor is returning. In typical Smallville fashion, it involves a mysterious Kryptonian artifact – only this time, the artifact transports Clark into an alternate universe where it was Lionel that rescued Clark from the field when he was a child, not Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Of course, a simple switch must always have a complicated result. In this instance, Clark is no longer the nice guy farm boy that everyone has grown to love. Instead, his bizarre adoption leads to Clark Luthor becoming a murderer. And, as Clark Kent has taken the place of Clark Luthor in this alternate universe, Clark Luthor has replaced Clark Kent in the real world.

As much of this episode surrounds Lionel Luthor and this mysterious Kryptonian article, it appears that this will put the ongoing Darkseid storyline on hold. While I’m sure this episode is going to be amazing (how can it not with John Glover), I’m never a fan of filler storylines that delay the main seasonal arch.

Although, I also said the same thing about “Isis” and then we saw what romantic revelation came from that.


Tess (Cassidy Freeman) acquires a Kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor (John Glover). When Clark (Tom Welling) accidentally activates the box, he’s transported to a parallel universe where Lionel found Clark in the cornfields instead of the Kents. In this universe, Clark Luthor is a murderer and Lois (Erica Durance) is engaged to Oliver (Justin Hartley) and both of them hate Clark. Clark must be careful not to tip off Lionel that he’s not his son while trying to figure out how to get back to Earth where the monster Clark Luthor was transported in his place. Executive producer Kelly Souders directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

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  1. Oh for crying out loud just get Lex back on the show. Is Rosenbaum coming back or what? If not sign on someone else and be done with it

    • hey tasouli…i did find about lex but in Fact, there say it will be surpirse.

      • Okay, so what did you find out about Lex?

  2. I’ll take issue with the word filler bring used.

    Just because it doesn’t directly progress the arc plot it’s automatically filler? That sound derogatory to me.

    This episode features the return of Lionel Luthor!!! One of the best characters the show has ever had! This could be a season highlight!
    And as Lionel will be back for 3 more episodes, this could potentially be a very important episode because this might be how Lionel returns for those episodes.

    If an episode like this is considered filler, them 90% of every season of Lost must also have been filler!

    • I would have to disagree in some ways. At this point they have to stay on track. This is the final season. You started a storyline that is very time critical. They Darkseid story line should be done right. If you are going to do that then you need to stay on track with it. Why add stuff that doesn’t need to be done? I agree that John Glover is great and I loved him in this series. There are better ways to bring him back into the fold. This just seems like something that we don’t need.

      • They have another 12 episodes to go though, the show isnt designed to do arc plot every single weak, its not structured that way.

        I was baffled as to how they were going to bring back Lionel at all, I can’t think of any better way to do it, I can only presume that the Lionel from this parallel universe that is in 3 more episodes.
        It is kind of a shame though, because I liked that Lionel came good in the end, and doing this will just make him a villain again.

        Or maybe it won’t be parallel Lionel but simply a ghost like Johnathan was in “Lazurus”. Speaking of which, when will Johnathan be back, he was scheduled for at least one more appearance, maybe he’ll be in the episode with Martha.

        • Glover would have been better coming back in dream sequence or past reports. Maybe him already knowing about the darkness. At least then we get to see him and we don’t get an episode that is not pushing towards the final goal.

    • You tell them. Any actor who in the past has played the devil convincingly has great acting chops… I just love it anytime he’s on screen…

      Here’s my guess how they keep him around for three more episodes… when Clark comes back from the parallel universe, alternate Lionel finds some way to hitch a ride…. the only other way (other than a clone which I think would not work) is if alternate Clark uses the Legion Ring to go back and save him… that’s a bit of a stretch, and we’d really have a bad lionel back anyway wouldn’t we?

  3. ha…you said Filler….just kidding.

  4. No one has mentioned Clark wearing the Ultraman symbol on his t-shirt instead of the \S/? That’s Earth 3 stuff there & ties into all kinds of dc comics story arcs, the various “Crisis” tales, etc. This is very very cool, in my book. More & more “canon” all the time, even here in Smallville world.

    • I was just about to mention the Ultraman t-shirt cause no one mentioned it glad I’m not the only one hahah.

      But hopefully they call him Ultraman in this rather than the blur or something more parallel. :D

  5. This episode will either ROCK or suck… lol

    So awesome to have Lionel Luthor back! I remember reading a while ago that he said even if he was asked he wouldn’t return. I’m glad he changed his mind :)

    As for it being a “filler”, well yeah. But who cares?!? John Glover is back on Smallville. I’m sure they’ll do something to continue the main plot, even if it’s small.

    My guess; Clark killed Lex in this universe.

    … also, nice Ultraman symbol…

  6. Hmmm. Well if I have 2 posts that pretty much say the same thing it’s cause for some reason my comments aren’t showing up after I push “submit comment” :( and I typed it again

    • I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was too long or something. I don’t feel like typing it all again…

      • I’d like to read it though.

        • I just tried again and it didn’t work. I’ll try again at home. My work computer sucks!

          I hate when my computer restricts me from voicing my opinions. haha

      • foopher,

        I fetched your comment out of the spam filter. It seems to be a bit overzealous today. :)


        • My apologies. I didn’t mean for it to be. I’m just real excited about John Glover’s return. You can delete all my rambles if you wish ;)

          • Haha… I think he’s referring to the spam filter, not your comment.

            • Oh. haha ok ;)

  7. So apparently I can type anything, BUT what I want to say…

    I am at a loss for words… literally

    • Well apparently not… If someone could delete all but one of those that would be fantastic

      • Thank you

  8. Yes, it sure is nice to see Lionel Lutor back, i bet this
    will all lead up to Rosenbaum’s surprise return late in the season!

    • I doubt he’s coming back really

      • Bet he does. Clark will defeat Darkseid in episode 21, at the end we will see Lex, and episode 22 entitled “Superman” will be about Clark and Lex. :)

        • Since he is unwilling to shave his head (not that I can blame him), he’ll be in a bald cap. Final frame of the final episode, Clark will be in the Superman costume and lex will walk into frame… “Hello Clark” (dramatic music. end of Smallville)

          haha just kidding. Clark’s not even going to put the suit on. He’ll be in the fortress looking at the suit and Jor-El will say “Are you sure you’re ready Kal-El?” and Clark will say “Yes” (Black) :)

          • He’ll wear the suit, and he’ll fly. Trust me on that. They’ve had Welling fitted for the suit already, he’s said so in an interview, if we don’t see Superman in the last episode then the entire show has been a ten year waste of time.
            And the producers finally seem to get that. There is no embargo on flights and tights anymore, Smallville’s time is up, they can do what they like now.

            • Haha. Well I hope so.

              • If we don’t see him in the suit I’ll burn all my boxsets and hunt down the writers.
                Well, maybe I won’t burn my boxsets :)

                • Haha. Don’t do it!!! But I’m all for hunting down the writers :) If Tom’s been fitted than I’m sure we’ll see him in the suit, if only for a glimpse…

                  • I actually had a weird thought, what if they wrap up the Darkseid storyline completely in episode 21, Clark and Lois get married and at the end we see Clark as Superman.
                    Have episode 22 set during the same time period as the flashforward of 2013 that Clark sees in season 9 finale ” Salvation “.

                    Just a thought.

                    • That would be… EPIC!!!

                      Do you think the episode title will be “SUPERMAN”? I’ve joked with a couple people that it would be called “FINALE” (The pilot episode was titled “PILOT”) haha

                    • They almost have to do something like that… I mean they don’t need a cliffhanger like in years past… it would make sense that the Darkseid finale would need a whole episode and then one episode to tie up all the loose ends…

                      Too bad they have to kill off Hawkman… I liked him and the mutual insult fest he Oliver engage in…

                    • How’s this for EPIC……I agree with the idea of having a whole episode with Clark as superman in the suit….but just a thought. I went and watched the Doomsday finale fight and I am still uncertain that he is gone. I think he is underground and what if the Darkseid “smoke” takes on Doomsday and then Superman has to fight him in the finale and banish him into space….? I think Clark/superman should win but get the crap beat out of him. Lois should go to the barn and only find his suit and a letter. Clark decides to go on a self-discovery journey to West Africa…..a perfect set-up for him to play superman in the reboot…..

                  • Can’t reply to your other comment, but I’m fairly certain the last episode will be called “Superman”

                    • Haha. I’m sure it will be :)

  9. Just noticed the “ultraman” symbol. I remember reading in my DC comics catalog/book about the parallel universe with ultraman. If I am not mistaken….which I probably am….in this parallel universe Lois had powers..and as we have been reading in the spoilers…Clark/ultraman is a bad apple…

  10. “I’m never a fan of filler storylines that delay the main seasonal arch.”

    Any time a filler episode is about Bad Clark or Alternate Universes there is NOTHING wrong with them, as I’m sure you’ll rediscover soon.

    • Red Kryptonite Clark episodes are amongst my favourites. In fact, there is also that really cool season 7 episode when Jor-El shows Clark a reality when he hadnt existed, when Lex was president and Kara was evil.

      • That was a good one. Tom directed that one. It was a very good Lex episode

        • It was one of the last Lex episodes I think.

          • Yes… :( There were 2 (or 3. I’ll have to check)more after it

            • there were two more after “Apocalypse”, “Quest” and “Arctic”. I think…

              • I believe you’re right. I know APOCALYPSE was the 150th episode though. Yes, you’re right.

                • Season 7 started brilliantly with “Bizarro” and then went completely downhill until “Apocalypse”.

                  I always season 4,6,7 are basically write offs. I’ve rewatched the entire show (well, just started season 8 last night), and season 4 was a real trial to watch again.

                  • Not gonna lie, season 4 was pretty bad. With the exception of the premiere and the finale, which were both really cool. Season 7 did start really great. I liked them adding Supergirl and I loved how they ended Lex’s journey to the dark side.

                    For me, it was Lana who ruined season 6. She atarted as the cute girl from school who needed to be saved. She turned into a crazy lady who you just wanted to punch ever time something came out of her mouth. I do think they need to bring her back though. They need to give her a better wrap. (I think she should drink that Blue Kryptonite water and be cured or something. You know, something that would just take one episode and then get her the heck off the show ;) )

                    • It was the whole Lex/Lana aspect of season 6, she knew what Lex was like and still she married him. To protect Clark? Hmmm. Never worker story wise for me.

                      I hope she doesn’t come back, unless it’s a small cameo in the final episode, Superman zooming over metropolis, and Lana looks up and sees him. That would be nice.

                    • I think they have to bring her back one more time… if only to prove that Clark is over her (finally!) and that he didn’t choose Lois by default but because she’s the one…

  11. Lucas Grabeel is returning as Lex! I’m so glad since he played Lex in REUINION in season 6. I don’t know what episode though…

    • I know I spelled REUNION wrong…

      Also, there are many other guests coming in later episodes…


      John Glover will be in another episode…

      • John Glover is going to be in 3 more episodes.

        As for the Lex news, I presume that means the Alexander clone is getting older, eventually becoming….. Michael Rosenbaum!

        • wait wa 3 more episodes? and i hope rosenbaum returns

        • That’s what I’m thinking :) They and said they were trying as hard as they could to get him back, and I think they’d have announced by now if he wasn’t returning… Here’s to hoping

          • Of course if they were keeping it ll under wraps, and sprung it on everyone just prior to the finale, the ratings would go through the roof…

  12. I can see him (Rosenbaum) returning at the end of the season when Clark Kent wears the superman costume for the first time & take flight to the skies in a 2-hour movie final!

    • The producers have said the finale might be a two hour special like Absolute Justice.

    • That would be so cool Gina… nice thought…

  13. That would be a great way to end the series & maybe they
    will seriously consider starting a new series “Metropolis”
    using the current Smallville cast & adding 3 new characters,
    I can really see this going for a few seasons, giving us fans
    something to watch on TV yet!

    • Another nice thought… I’m in….

  14. I just thought this, if they really make the final episode 2 hours, which is really great, then does this mean there will be only 21 episodes
    instead of 22? I hope not, this will make the final season end much faster than we really want.

    • I think they have plenty of time… and the last show… well, it almost has to be TV movie length to do the whole thing justice… besides it will probably get the biggest ratings they’ve ever had… at least until the Metropolis premiere…

  15. I like that so much hope it comes true

  16. This is all a waste of time to stall the ending for Clark to turn into Superman! It’s a waste of time and film. How much longer to ya get to the real story. We are getting nowhere so far. Why did we need a season 10 in the first place?