Smallville: Kristen Kreuk Not Returning; Michael Rosenbaum Still A Possibility

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 11th, 2011 at 1:04 pm,

smallville season 10 michael rosenbaum return Smallville: Kristen Kreuk Not Returning; Michael Rosenbaum Still A Possibility

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

As Smallville enters into the last half of its tenth and final season this month, fans of the series continue to wonder what former cast members from Smallville’s decade-long run will be returning to reprise their roles and help Clark fulfill his destiny of becoming Superman.

While Lana Lang has undoubtedly played a major part in Clark’s life, it has been officially announced that Kristen Kreuk will not be returning to the series in any form. Depending on what your feelings are regarding the character of Lana Lang, this announcement will prove to be either a positive or negative element of Smallville’s final season.

Even though it can be said that Lana’s continuous involvement in the numerous seasonal story-arcs considerably convoluted the already dragging storylines, one can’t deny that Lana received one of the worst character wrap-ups in the series history. The notion of a Kryptonite infection, while incredibly intriguing, was poorly executed and served no other purpose than to quickly write Lana off of the series.

In the same breath, one could say that Lana deserves a more complete resolution, but completely acknowledge the fact that her return would almost certainly derail this season’s almost perfect execution of storytelling. Fortunately, there is one character whose return would only help the series’ current seasonal progression. That character is, of course, Lex Luthor.

Despite the intent of Smallville producers to bring Michael Rosenbaum back to the series, there hasn’t been word of any movement, one way or the other. Even though the status of Rosenbaum possibly returning is officially still the same, Tom Welling and the rest of the Smallville producers have said that they’re “cautiously optimistic” that Rosenbaum will return as the tyrant Lex Luthor.

While “cautiously optimistic” is not even close to being a confirmation, this specific wording suggests that there may be some positive movement in bringing Rosenbaum back. Although, with Rosenbaum’s SyFy series Saved by Zeroes still in development and his reoccurring role on Christian Slater’s new Fox series Breaking In, scheduling may be tricky. That being said, I’m “cautiously optimistic” that they’ll be able to make this work.

smallville season 10 lex luthor Smallville: Kristen Kreuk Not Returning; Michael Rosenbaum Still A Possibility

Even if scheduling conflicts and salary negotiations may be at the heart of solidifying Rosenbaum’s return, Smallville producers don’t really have any choice but to get him back by any means necessary. Throughout Smallville’s final season, one of the main storylines has involved Lex Luthor. Although they haven’t yet secured Rosenbaum’s return, the showrunners have spent a lot of time hinting at Lex Luthor’s official return.

I guess we’ll just have to remain “cautiously optimistic” for now.


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  1. Lana had a good enough wrap up and bringing her back would be pointless. They already said their goodbyes. I think Lex will be back, It’s not Smallville without him.

  2. I agree it was a pretty weak send off for LL and wish they could’ve done it a bit better, but I don’t really see how they could bring her back in to have any interaction with Clark seeing as she’s oozing Kryptonite radiation and I think we would all agree that we’ve taken long enough to get to Clark/Lois we don’t need that monkey wrench thrown in.

    As for Lex, I’m not going to hold my breath but I do think this is more positive word than negative word that he might be making an appearance, and that would be FANTASTIC!

    • I think its only right to bring LEX back loved his character have really missed him. He is the part thats missing!!

  3. yeahhhh bring rosenbaum bak

  4. There is a God!!! “Michael Rosenbaum still a possibility” are the greatest words I’ve heard in weeks

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Lana. She was my fav character. but I dont want her back. Why? because I for one loved the way it ended. With the way Clana was written,there was no other way to break them up but to have them forced apart. They loved each other to much to ever want to walk away.

    Sure if made Lois look like second best, but so be it. I love how jealous and scared she is of Clana’s past.

    • :P

  6. Reminds me again why Kristin Kreuk would return to a show that most people no longer watch?

    • 3 million people watch… just saying

  7. Would love to see Lex back.I hat to be that guy but Rosenbaums new series is not “Three Inches” and is called “Saved by Zeroes”. Cant wait for both those series big James Marsters fan who is going to be in “Thre Inches”

    • And then I miss the e’s in Hate and Three Haha

    • ZTurk,

      Thanks for the note. You’re completely correct.

  8. Come back “Lex” one last time plz!

  9. Lana should have been gone eight seasons ago. Hated the way her character was written. Ugh man. My least favorite character on the show.

    • *like

  10. Kristen can do better than crapville

    • Yeah, because she has done so much better since crapville. Her Chun-li movie was awesome. I don’t see how she didn’t win an Oscar. >:P

      • Oh yeah, I saw that movie, it made me want to hurt myself and/or others!

      • But her guest run on Chuck was met with positive reaction.

        I think Kristin can be pretty good with good material. She just needs those fun kinda roles.

  11. So disappointed to hear that Kristen won’t be back. It was a truly magical pairing between Tom Welling and her. Lana was one of my favorite things about “Smallville”, sadly Lois is my least favorite. I had really hoped that somehow Lana would return to Clark’s life.

  12. Lana is miles hotter than Lois

    • Aha… yeah yeah yeah…. 100% agree

  13. I can’t believe what I’m reading in a few of these posts!

    There are real Lana fans out there! Seriously??? You gotta be kidding! Either that or someone (KK) has a gun to your heads, demanding you say something nice about one of the worst and most annoying television characters of the past decade.

    • Maybe you should go around around the net some more.
      Kristin and the character have quite a few fans out there. They may not be as vocal as say the Lois and Chloe fans but they are out there. All 3 of the main ladies on the show have some pretty large fanbases

      After seeing how Chloe got some of the bad writing in season 8 and 9, its pretty obvious the Smallville writers were lazy and could have developed Lana more.

      I also think considering people liked Kristin’s short guest run on Chuck, there seems to be a general consensus that she play pretty likeable characters and she can be a pretty likeable character

  14. Well,considering the actual show ratings were much bigger when Lana was on,and Kruek being the most popular out of all SV actors,i`m going to say,Yes she has big fanbase

    • Most popular of all the Smallville actors??? Really??? I’d have thought that would have been Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum, Justin Hartley, John Glover or John Schneider.

      Anyone but Kristen Kreuk. She is a bad actress (pretty enough though) and Lana was a vapid and annoying character.

      • If you use google stats,Kreuk is proven to be the most searched on internet out of all smallville actors,if you goes by media spotlight,Kreuk also win.

      • I dont think she’s that bad of an actress and she has had some decent roles. For every Street Fighter and Smallville episode, there’s something like her guest run on Chuck or that film Partition (plays a muslim woman dealing with faith) and even the Season 6 episodes where she developed a great repertoire with Michael Rosenbaum (until the silly baby plot).

        Honestly? I think if had Kristin swap roles with the other females or they didnt have Lana so angst ridden and maybe let her have fun, I dont think we would have this large perception of her being a bad actress.

    • I don’t think the ratings were because of her… seeing that the show went from 7 million to 2.5 million viewers while she was on. OH! And now that she’s gone, the ratings have gone up to almost 3 million!

      • The show’s only gone up to 3 million twice in the past 2 years. For the season 9 premiere and for the Absolute Justice episode. In fact the show rarely dipped to 3 million when she was on. I dont really like to play the numbers game but you can make an argument either way.

        On the flip side, the show Chuck received a small boost when she was on and it kinda dipped after she left. A couple of Chuck fan boards theorized (Chuck vs the Podcast, Chuckgasmic) it was because the fans of Kristin left after she did. You can factor many things along the way but I think people would watch her anyway if the material is good, whilst Smallville has been on a for a while and not everyone keeps up with it like they used whether they liked Lana or not.

  15. Totally agree with DSB on this one. KK is a horrible actor. She is smoking hot though. Good God. Still, if she would just stand there and look pretty, she would be great. I don’t care what anybody says though, she is not nearly as hot as Erica Durance and Laura Vandervoort. They are better actress’s too.
    As far as Rosenbaum goes. I would love to see him back. He has done a wonderful job as Luthor. If they can’t get him back, I will take Spacey anyday. :)

    • I don’t even think she is as hot as Tess.

      How cool would it be if they got Spacey in somehow? There are still rumours that Brandon Routh might be appearing and that Dean cain could be returning to the role of Vandall Savage. But they only have 11 episodes left, and a lot to do!

      • I dunno, I would say that KK and Tess would run a pretty even race. I wouldn’t kick them out of my bed.
        I would love to see Routh and Cain come back for cameo’s. Can we have another season please?

      • She looks like a chipmunch…

    • Did you see her on Chuck last year? I’m just wondering

      That was really the first decently written project and there was a fairly large positive reaction to her episodes. People like Alan Sepinwall, The LA times. IGN, AV Club, TWoP, Michael Auseilo and some fairly prominent tv review sites gave her the thumbs up and said she was much better as Hannah than Lana.

      The thing is, Smallville is a show where you’re only good if the writers give you good material. Chloe was loved by everyone but when she got crappy material and there was a tiresome love triangle storyline she recieved a similarly large backlash as Lana

      And look at Erica Durance: Great as Lois, but pretty horrid in her other roles (Butterfly Effect 2, Stranded, I Me Wed)

      This is why a there are some people that give her a break for Lana and Street Fighter. I think bad material can hurt any actor and she just needed better roles where she wasnt the damsel in distress.

  16. The fact that Lana isn’t coming back is the best Smallville news I’ve heard in a long time. In my opinion she should have been gone after Season 1 or 2, by far the most annoying character on the show, she ruined every scene she was in for me.
    The fact that there’s still hope for Rosenbaum’s return though? Fantastic!

  17. Uh Smallville fans, direct your attention here…

    This isnt the first time this rumour has been around. I have very mixed feelings if it’s true.

    • Nope, this isn’t the first time that another season of Smallvile has been brought up. Unfortunately, like before, there’s nothing to the rumors.

      The series that they’re talking about in this “blind item” is Weeds.

  18. Personally, I think Lana must come back because she was such an integral part of the show ofr like the first 7 years and not bringing her back to give us some resolution is well just not right. It’s like I said they should have just killed her off in season 6,7, or 8 and wrapped up that storyline. Lois was already in the picture and it could have fueled Clark and added to his “darkness”. Nevertheless I think that we need to at least find out something significant about her and have her presenence on the show in some form; perhaps her writing Clark a letter telling him something alongthe lines that she is proud of the hero that he has become and that she is happy for him and Lois and that she has found her place in the world without him- I think that would suffice (COPYWRIGHT ON IDEA SMALLVILLE WRITERS!!!)

    As for Lex, there is absolutely, positively NO WAY that this show can end without him, and frankly without Michael Rosenbaum. I think the studio and Michael both need to man up and come to some sort of an agreement for at least one episode (series finale most likely). No way this show can end without Lex and at this point everyone is waiting for ROsenbaum to return and anything less will just put HUGE damper on the finale and the way the show ended as a whole. If the studio is going for something epic, get Rosembaum back, find a way, get it done. If he doesnt come I am pretty sure that he will have a HUGE entourage of haters and many people will boycott anything that he is in. Personally I think he has no choice. Will he be in more than 1 episode? Probably not…

    • The whole Lana writing Clark a letter is a good idea, I like that.

      I always pictured the final episode with something like Superman flying high over Metropolis, maybe Lana sitting outside a cafe and looking up and smiling, thats all it would need.

      As for Lex, I cannot wait for the reveal of MR back in the role, he can mock Clark’s suit, I always thought he would kill Tess when he returns too.

      • Someone on our Facebook page mentioned how Lana should show up as one of the “Save us, Superman” videos that Clark is shown to let him know that the world believes in him.

        Since she can’t get near him, she’ll still be able to give him support.

        I think that sounds like a great idea.

  19. Also I wanted to add (I know that this is COMPLETLY unrelated to the article) but I always thought that Lana was MUCH better looking and a better match for Clark on the show as far as chemistry went. I think that screenrant should poll this. Guys?

    • Haha… I’m not sure Vic will go for a “Hot or Not” poll with Lana and Lois.

    • I think Lois would win…enormously.

      • Yes!

        • Lois is old for clark. She looks like his mom. And with all the botox and fake boobies

  20. noo i need lana back i cant stand clois its boring all he does is save her clarks a little b***h now bring on lex :]

    • And he didn’t do the same with Lana??? I mean REALLY!?!?!?!

      • Watch Smallville from the begining and play the Smallville drinking game! Have a shot every time there is either;

        A car accident (the first 5 season there are about a hundred!)

        Every time a female character is knocked unconcious (every episode?)

        Whenever Clark uses his powers but it happens off screen

        If an episode ends with a dramatic/romatic fade out from Clark’s barn.

        That’s a good way to get drunk!

      • So then you agree Clark is the problem not the girls then lol

  21. Kreuk>Smallville

  22. Well for all the (I can’t believe there’s even such a thing) Lana fans out there, she’s not coming back so haHA!

    • I don`t need Lana to come back because i`m no longer watch smallville and don`t plan to.KK better focus on other thing.
      Smallville is a crapfest now.

      • crapfest? How would you know, you dont watch. Season 10 is the best season in a very long time. Give it a shot.

    • Why so such a hater Foopher? Youall over the comments section more than me lol

      Dont you think she could have been fine with better material? Surely Chloe’s backlash in season 8 and Kristin’s postive response on Chuck showed it wasnt her fault but the writers.

      I’ll say this as well: Why not at least resolve the angst of Clark and Lana like how they did in the comics? The whole kyrptonite suit gave her Clark’s powers without weakness which was strange. It almost defeats the purpose of Supemran finally arriving on the show lol

  23. i swear i’m gonna cry if Kristin does not come back.

  24. wow Lana Lang has so many fans out there…Ratings will go skyrocketed if she comes back

    • I miss clana and if she comes back I think I would start watching smallville again since she left I stopped watching it & it use to bent favourite I love Clark and clana but since it’s jus Clarke &? Lois it boring

  25. i miss seeing KRISTIN KREUK on tv.but i respect her decision if she doesnt come back to smallville, anyway i have stopped watching the series the moment she and Rosenbaum left the show.
    i hope Kreuk and Rosenbaum get new shows and movies and be sucessful

  26. Yeah… Thumbs up for Lana not coming back! She’s that ex that always messes things up when she comes around. I hate that ex.

    • Sounds like you got some ex-girl issues Danny

      With the right material, Lana/Kristin is pretty decent

      Again I highly recommend watching her on Chuck when she had her guest run, much more likeable on that even though I think they could have given her more material.

  27. I love Lana Lang, and was very sorry to see her leave. However, in the tradition of the Superman story, I guess it made sense for her to go. I don’t enjoy the show nearly as much now with both Lana and Lex gone. Guess I’ll just watch (and re-watch) all the earlier seasons!

  28. The only thing I can say is that it has been a good series. I loved the first 7 seasons. I have watched the first season about 3 times. I would really like it a lot if Lex would return this season. It almost seems impossible for the show to end without the return on Lex. They hinted at it in the episode where Clark got the outfit from his mother. But, from the way the show has taken so many turns in the past 3 seasons I wouldn’t be surprised if Lex doesn’t make it back. In my opinion, when Lex left the show the series pretty much flopped. Now if Lex comes back it would be great, but if not I’m not really surprised.

    What I can’t understand is how he wouldn’t return. From the beginning episode of season 1 until Lex left, the show was pretty much about the evolution of the relationship between Lex and Clark. The cave wall paintings, the glimpses of the future where Lex is president, etc. That’s what the show needs, and that is what I want to see. I want to see what the show promised from the beginning. But now the show is so far from the path it was heading down in the beginning I doubt I get to see it. But, if the show does reach that climax where Lex is president and Clark FINALLY becomes Superman, it will be great.

  29. I was a huge Lana fan but I agree it wouldn’t make much sense. Am I the only one who isn’t feeling the whole Clark/Lois love storyline in the series? For some reason it annoys the hell out me and has nothing to do with superman becoming superman.

    As for Michael shame on him for not wanting to come back for atleast the finale! its not like he is so busy filming sorority boys 2.