Smallville Season 10: ‘Isis’ Clips & Photos Show Lois Sacrificing Clark – Literally

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smallville season 10 isis photos 07 Smallville Season 10: Isis Clips & Photos Show Lois Sacrificing Clark   Literally

Following last week’s 200th episode of Smallville, fans are chomping at the bit to find out what’s in store for the soon-to-be superhero. In a change of pace, Lois becomes Clark’s newest antagonist as the ancient necklace she found while in Egypt transforms Lois into Isis, complete with superpowers and the thirst for a sacrificial lamb, or this case, sacrificial Kryptonian.

Make no mistake, while the DC universe contains a character by the name of Isis, this is not who Lois will be turning into. The Isis that will be taking over Lois is the Egyptian goddess, who happens to be the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility. Before anyone makes remarks about Lois and Clark possibly taking the paternal route, remember that Kevin Smith has already debunked that possible occurrence in Mallrats. Smallville has also previously touched upon that issue.

While every episode since the season 10 premiere has been moving things along, this appears to be the first stand-alone episode of the season that doesn’t really do much to progress the overall story arc of the final season. I’m sure that this may disappoint some avid fans, but with Green Arrow back in full costume, Lois with superpowers and Cat Grant returning to prove to everyone that Lois is the Blur, this sounds like it’s going to be terrific episode.

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

Lois (Erica Durance) decides to tell Clark (Tom Welling) she knows he’s The Blur, but she accidentally activates an ancient artifact that transforms her into the Goddess Isis, complete with superpowers of her own.  Oliver (Justin Hartley) and Clark reluctantly decide to ask Tess (Cassidy Freeman) for help with Lois.  Meanwhile, after Cat Grant (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) witnesses Lois as Isis using her superpowers, she decides Lois is the Blur and sets out to prove it.

“Isis”  Preview

“Isis” Clip

Oliver shows Clark the perks of revealing his secret identity. Breakfast cereal, anyone?

“Isis” Photo Gallery

Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Cat Grant will be back?



    • I agree with you Vic

    • eye cant stand her

  2. they should have skimpied up her outfit a little

  3. Sorry the plot doesn’t have anything to do with the story arc?

    Clark tells Lois his secret, he actually tells her! Granted she already knows. But, considering the main story arc is Clark becoming Superman, I’d say this could be a pretty important episode.

    • Alright, Mr. Angry Pants…. Perhaps you should reread some things.

      You’re missing the big “BUT” mixed in with all of the intent. Sure, Clark wants to tell Lois and Lois wants to tell Clark BUT… she gets turned into an ancient goddess.

      • lol. ruh ohhh you’re gonna light a fire up under DSB

      • Fairly, one hundred million percent certain he does actually tell her, cue a very funny scene as she already knows.

    • i’ll still watch it regardless. hopefully its one step closer to wearing the suit.

  4. i hate smallville !!!

    • then dont watch…simple

    • @Joe

      Then don’t post on a thread where people who do like (love) the show.

      Take your hate and shove it in the Phantom Zone!

      • Haha… Now that’s a statement that I can get behind. 😉

        • (giggity) I’m still curious of the kryptonite ropes. I can’t wait. I LOVE Smallville

          • Smallville sure is way better then any reality show thats for sure
            and I will always stay behind Smallville.

            • I’d like to stay behind Erica. 😉

    • I love Smallville!!

  5. I can’t wait for Friday’s episode,but will comment more after I see it.

    I usually report on Trek BBS as Buck Rogers since we’ve got quite a Smallville following there I won’t repeat myself just a different take after seeing the episode.

    Stay tuned


    Christiaan Schildt

  6. Dagnammit!!!! I thought the magical night that lois mentioned in the future when Clark finally revealed his powers to her was gonna be the end of the last episode. It was set up so perfectly. I really hope they don’t drag out the whole “she knows, but he doesn’t know she knows” thing for much longer, it was annoying enough when Chloe pulled that stunt fir almost a whole season.

    • Garythebra,

      Yup, I agree with you there – they set up the moment for the reveal perfectly and then decided to let it drag on.


      • In all fairness they only drag it out for one episode.

        • Has that been confirmed DrSamBeckett?? I still think they missed the perfect opportunity to do it at the end of last weeks ep. I mean, Lois & Clark musta been pretty caught up in the moment to not to notice they were floating in the air.

            • Not that I wanna contradict you DrSamBeckett, but from the description of the ‘Harvest’ episode I get the impression that lois gets angry after Clark comes clean about the fact he’s been diverting her attention from a story about vigilantes to try & protect her rather than him coming clean about his abilities. Plus if she responded angrily about it that would contradict what she told him in the future when she said it was a perfect moment when he finally trusted her with his secret.
              Although I do agree with you that he will probably tell her sooner rather than later, at least I hope he does.

              • I suppose it could be interpreted that way. Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see on Friday!

  7. I love Smallville!!

  8. They were floating at the end of Homecoming though. Unless Clark didn’t even notice…

  9. Ehh Lois has to stop playing all these characters. It is kinda ridiculous.

    • She’s sexy though. So it’s ok :)

      • You see her anyways as Lois, yeah ok she is pretty hot and all but there are other girls out there. lol

        • But it makes it more fun if Lois is beating up Clark :)

  10. Anthony, can we get some coverage for Supernatural sometime here too thanks!!

    • I’ve got some things in the pipeline for you.

      • sweet thanks man!

  11. Ok. Now I can see what Vic was talking about. Oliver’s “coming out” haha

  12. Anyway, as for the story, they’re expanding more on that young Lex. I’m guessing they’ll end up having him being the “real” Lex. Then again Smallville has turned things around in the past that no one saw coming…

  13. I thought Lois was PUREEEEEEEEEEEEE??
    Seems she is purer than Clark.That is what the writers are insinuating in Epi 3 of S10..
    She wasn’t too pure to be Faora and stab Davis Bloom in the chest killing his human side Back in S8.But she is too pure, to be possessed by Darksied?
    And oh wait..She isn’t too pure too be ISIS?
    What a crock of Doggy crap is this?
    I think the writers of Smallville have no idea what they are doing….
    And Lois is a utter and total waste to this show..She comes off as a fake and a flake..
    No wonder people keep hoping Chloe assumes the mantle of the real and true LLane..She has lived up the iconic name since S1…It is about time she comes back. and rescues the series from going out as a total Failure!

    • Darkseid and (phantom form) Faora are two different entities…

  14. I just hope Lois becoming Isis…. and her subsequent reversal back to a mortal… doesn’t cause a case of Smallville’s most contagious disease – Amnesia.

    If she forgets Clark is the Blur* I will be thoroughly annoyed.

    *Anyone else waiting for the day when we can quit calling him “The Blur” and start calling him Superman? lol

    • Agreed. You’d think that with the amount of times Lois’ had amnesia she’d had some kind of brain damage……..

      Whoever came up with “The Blur” as an alternative to Superman is dumbass.

  15. Erica Durance is hot!!!!

  16. Trust me people Lois doesn’t forget that she knows Clark is the Blur! He tells her the truth. She definitely still remembers in Harvest which is next weeks Hallowe’en themed episode, because Clark loses his powers.

  17. I watch this show purely because it is about Superman. I have seen every episode. For the past 5 seasons I have been waiting for him to fly and put on the propper Superman outfit.

    Can anyone tell me what this show has got to do with the Superman universe? cos I’m puzzled. I used to read the comics, I’ve seen all the movies (even Superman IV) and am totally puzzled as to where they get thier storylines. I know they pinch characters from the universe now and again, but put them in lame storylines, that sees Louis through a blurry lense (pathetic).

    If I met Sant Claus this Christmas when he comes down my chimney, I would ask for 1 wish….. PLEASE MR CLAUS CAN YOU GET ME SOME DECENT WRITERS, ACTORS AND PRODUCERS INVOLVED IN THE SMALLVILLE SHOW?

    I am on the other hand a realist, and know that this will never happen. So, lets just make the most of this horrible liitle show until the end of season 10, as I unfortunatey will be watching as I feel committed to watching a lame dog die.

    • Ok, well, you’ve just called my favourite tv programme “this horrible little show” so I was inclined not to offer any form of response but I will anyway.
      Where does Smallville fit into the Superman Universe, well, technically it doesnt but then again neither do any of the five films.
      Smallville exists within its own continuity, that is the reason why things are slightly different to some of the comics. As to where they get their stories?
      Well, the writers, the people who write the show, they make them up.They draw inspiration from the comics and films, using characters and situations, to construct original ideas and plots that fit a weekly show. They pay homage to the Reeve movies quite often, and there are dozens of injokes and references only a true Superman fan would get.

      • It used to be one of my favourite shows. I just don’t like the direction the show has gone in. The stories lost all their edge once Clarks mum and dad left the show (roughly about the same time that Micheal Rosenbaum left the show).
        Is their really a need for all the Clark Louis scenes. They are shot through a blurry lense… what is that? to make it more romantic and don’t get me started on the dialogue.
        It seems that the show has run out of steam (or budget), as they don’t have a good enough plot to run with, so they have to fill the series with Clark & Louis scenes (which go on for far to long in my opinion).
        C’mon you must (at least) see my point on that, even if we don’t agree on the acting.
        The show (if it was to continue) needs a fresh approach, maybe set the story a few years on where Clark has lost someone (killed by an enemy), and the affect it has on him, personality wise and what actions he mite take (if any) to get revenge. That would be a good story, not this crap that they churn up every week. Who the f##k wants to see this silly little teeny bopper playtime acting, it belongs on Sesame Street not a major character in the DC universe’s universe. It’s way to glossed, I mean it mite as well be called Smallville CSI Miami (everyone would need sunglasses (Iknow)).
        The show never started out like this, at first, you could BELIEVE that maybe this could… could be semi believable and that his could be the back story to Superman. But the way the stories gone…. it’s just gone all Dean Canes Superman Tv Show, that show was all well and good, but these days people demand a bit more realism. Ok, a flying man who can stop bullets is hardly realistic, but even so, they should at least try…. and try is not (in my opinion) not what they are doing.
        Their is plenty of good writers around, why not give them a try. Everyone needs a break now and then, and if the sho writers are not performing, bring em in, it can’t hurt (look at the state of the show).

        I appreciate I will have Tom Welling/Smallville FANBOYS replying to this, all I say is, read my comments and really think about how the show has turned out before you reply. Thanks.

        • I didn’t realize there was even someone named Louis on the show :)

          Oh wait, you meant LOIS

          • Yeah I was going to mention that too… Seemed funnier to let it go though :)

            • yeah, i saw that too, at first i thought he was talking about an invisible friend of Clarks lol.

              • Yeah isn’t Louis Clark’s pen pal? :)

                • lol

  18. Lois’s character seems to be derived from a long forgotten saturday morning live action version of DC’s Egyptian Superhero Goddess that ran for one or two seasons around 1975 or 1976 (along with a live action take of Captain Marvel called “Shazam”). Great retro nod from the Smallville writer’s. Just another reason why this show has been so great for ten seasons. What a great ride its been, too!

    • Hey look! Someone actually got it. Good form (I swear that was not sarasm. It was sincere)

  19. This was not my favorite episode, since it seemed kind of like something we’d see in Stargate SG-1 (except without Michael Shanks). So since Lex is aging rapidly, that must be how he shows up in the series later on…