‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Icarus’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville icarus lois clark proposal Smallville Season 10 Icarus Spoilers Discussion

Tonight on Smallville, the long-awaited – although previously revealed – engagement of Lois and Clark has finally arrived!

With ring in tow and a little help from Hawkman to deliver a shower of white rose petals, Clark Kent fell to one knee and proposed to his one true love, Lois Lane. Set in the streets of Metropolis, this superhero proposal took place next to a phone booth. In fact, it was the same phone booth where Lois first realized that Clark was, in fact, The Blur.

Of course, not everything is all “lovey-dovey.”

After the residents of Metropolis were taken over by Darkseid’s influence and after Colonel Slade kidnapped Lois Lane, Clark knew that he could not undertake this heroic endeavor on his own. With that, Clark asked for help from some of his superpowered friends. In this case, those friends included Green Arrow, Stargirl and Hawkman.

With Darkseid growing more powerful with each passing episode, the creation of the Darkseid Elite and the introduction of Colonel Slade (and his semi-transformation into Deathstroke), the malevolent forces have certainly reached their peak in this week’s episode. Unfortunately for Clark, this is only the beginning, as this hero has yet to be tested from the Apokolipian.

As the battle between Clark and Darkseid grows nearer, everyone is waiting to see Clark Kent take the final steps toward fulfilling his destiny for his battle against Prince Uxa. Even though that triumphant transformation isn’t likely to happen to until later on in season 10’s final 12 episodes, the producers are making sure that this heroic journey is as action-packed as ever.

Here’s hoping it stays that way!


The VRA is in full effect and things take an unfortunate turn of events after the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) tries to stop a mugging but is attacked by citizens for being a super hero.  Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that the civilians who attacked Oliver were all marked with a darkness tattoo.  Carter Hall (guest star Michael Shanks) and Star Girl (guest star Britt Irvin) return to help Clark deal with Slade’s (guest star Michael Hogan) re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois (Erica Durance).

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Sweet episode. It had a very ominous feel to it. I was surprised they had the engagement at the begining.

    • This is what Smallville is supposed to be… this one had it all… romance… drama… tension… great opticals… a great fight… fear… sorrow…. curiosisty (the white pyramid)… this is great TV…

  2. Man… Hawkman went out in a blaze of glory! Great way to go out though.

  3. Uggh Impulse, Cyborg, and AM were extras.

    • Better than nothing…

    • They’re saving money so they can give us the big sendoff at the end of the season…

  4. This has gotten really good lately, sad to see it go.

    • The Deathstroke/Hawkman fight was really good, and like how the got this name in there so yea good times.

  5. that was an awesome episode :)

  6. Another great episode. I now realize why they gave all the heroes hoods. So they can have them appear even when the actor isn’t there. Good tool.

    I don’t know what the heck happened at the end. What was that big white pyramid? Why’d it knock them all out?

    I liked Slade’s line about “Death’s stroke”. Once again nice tool.

    Farewell Hawkman… until you return…

    Too bad we have to wait til 1-25-11 for another episode. Here’s to the return if Chloe, Lionel, and Lucas Grabeel revising his role as young Lex!

      • Smallville’s at 8 and Fringe is at 9… right?

        • for me its 7 and 8 but yeah lol

          • Well you know get what I meant. Haha

              • Fuh-rizzle!

                Do kids still say that…?

                  • Oh… Ok

                    • my kids (at school – I’m a teacher) still say that. :)

                    • Alright!!!

  7. Hey, what was with that white pyramid at the end? Did in imbue our heros with the mythic ‘Light’ to fight the Darkness that Hawkman was talking about?? Sad to see him go…

  8. Wooah! Anybody else catch the VRA troops uniforms as Nazi signifiers?

    • yh i saw that lol

    • Unmistakable… and I think Lois referred to them as “goosestepping stormtroopers”… if you need a bad guy nobody better to model them after then the third reich…

  9. How come Impulse, Zatana and Martian Manhunter had to be extras? Shame. Was hoping to see them again before the show ended.

    Great episode. Hawkman and Deathstroke fight was fantastic. The proposal was wonderful.
    And WTF was the pyramid??? And how did it knock out Clark???

    • The pyramid must have been magic.
      Great episode.

    • I agree.. terrific episode… but Sam, if they need to cut some corners and save money by using extras to do non-speaking walk-on parts, so they blow the budget in an explosive climactic send-off later… its okay with me… give me the bells and whistles later, and I’ll pretend that it was John and Bart and Zatanna…

  10. Another great thing to come our of this episode; Cat Grant has rethought her annoying ways :) Although I was looking forward to a smackdown between her and Lois. Oh well.

    Black Canary came back. And she’ll be back again. That’s good right? I wonder if they’ll hint at a romance between her and Oliver…

    • I think Oliver is destined to end up with the red-head…

  11. How did Hawkman die if i may ask?

    • You didn’t watch?

      • @ Anthony

        Nope. Ran outta vhs tapes to record it on. Work nightshift so im usually asleep when its on so i have to record it. I tried to get up, but hit snooze on my alarm clock,lol.

          • @ Tom

            Thanks! I’ll watch it later when i got some free time.

              • @ Anthony

                What do you mean by that?

                • I mean this: I cant believe there is still someone that uses a VCR to record shows these days.

                  • @ Anthony

                    Oh lol. Well reason i still have one is because i still have several rare VHS tapes that havn’t been made on dvd, so i made copies for myself. One is the unrated version of Nightmare on Elm Street 5 because i read the oringal print somehow was destroyed & will never be released on dvd. Once the vhs’s are gone, they’re gone. Plus i program to record multiple shows if im outta town. One show im trying to record now is seasons 7-13? of King Of The Hill since Fox doesn’t want to release them on boxsets. Thats all.

  12. Was there a new writer on this episode? While it kind of fell into its old “semi-cheese” style towards the end, the first half was very strong for a Smallville episode.


    • I noticed the same thing Vic… it was really well paced, and the tension mounted even though it was just a series of interviews… thats a neat trick to pull off… have to check on the writing thing…

    • @Vic

      I can’t tell if that was a critism dressed up as a compliment, or vice versa?

      • DSM,

        It was what it was – my opinion of the episode overall.


        • They have to do some sort of dialougue… to their crdit they try to make it more clever than “hi, hello, how are you lets advance the plot” sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and it doesn’t always work for everyone… but hey Babe Ruth didn’t hit a home run everytime either…

          • Tom,

            Oh, come on now. :)

            I find that it almost seems like the writers go out of their way to insert cornball dialog. It’s dropped off since Chloe’s been gone though – they used to love giving her goofy one liners for some reason.


            • Vic you caught me… lol… I hate to admit it, nut I kind of like the corny one liners… alright so I’m not exactly the avatar of good taste… lol…

  13. Something I’ve noticed with Smallville is that the first 10 or so episodes seem like fillers and they just sort of play with stories. Then after the mid-season break they really start to engage the story. So if you’re worried that the Darksied story isn’t happening very fast, relax. It’ll all pick up in January :)

    • You tell ‘em Foo… and folks if Homecoming, Abandoned, Luthor and Icarus are just filler… I can’t imagine what they’ll come up with when they really start to rev this thing up… and Ambush and patriot were’t bad at all either… there is some serious mind bending stuff on its way in 2011…

  14. I still think they should have cast a better guy to play Deathstroke, the guy had the old man-crackily, whiney tone if you ask me.

  15. damn i think this was the best episode of smallville so far so sad to see hawkman die tho and what happened in the end? there was a glowin light and every1 just fell to the ground

  16. i have been wondering the same thing since i watched. what did clark actually do to deathstroke with his fathers crystal, portal or what? and the pyramid of light, good energy or maybe black adam magic or something they were in egypt? even tho thats where hawkman and girl are from.

    • Clark sent Deathstroke to the Phantom Zone.

      • Good thing Chloe wasn’t there to stop him. But it got me thinking, remember when clark was going to send davis to the Phantom Zone? He had to use the cyrstal in the Fortress to send him there, but now he has his Superman symbol thing to do it? I remember he had it in season 6 to return the zoners, but what happened to it? Why’d he have to get davis to the Fortress instead of using it? Did he lose it but found it sometime between then and now? Maybe Jor-El gave him a new one while he was training in season 9. Yeah, I’ll go with that. :)

        Haha. Oh Smallville, I love you!

  17. the reaper can swing his scikle at me but i’m beyound death’s stroke now. i love that line.

  18. I loved every minute of this episode, was surprised they
    used extras to fill in for the JLA heroes cameos, but it does
    make sense, I read that next episode “Collateral” will have
    some heroes as well, so far we know that the Black Canary will
    be in it, anyone know what other heroes will be appearing? Stargirl

    • Gina, so nice of you to drop by… star girl maybe… but I think Chloe Sullivan/Dr. Fate is coming back in one of the next two episodes… that should be cool… and of course later this year they have Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle… by the same guy who wrote Legion and Absolute Justice… those Friday nights are booked for me…

  19. The pyramid at the end is a magical device that erases the memories of the burial party as to the location of the tomb. It also sends them to awaken in there own beds, to avoid the, “walk of shame.”

    • Okay great… if its true… but how do you know that… there wasn’t any foreshadowing in prior episodes… it just shows up… how do you know? Enquiring minds want to know…

  20. Not a great mid-season point as this was Lois-centric. The first half of the season was building up to the proposal between Clark and Lois. Icarus referred to Hawkman making the final sacrifice to save Lois. The cliffhanger in the end was out of nowhere and it was odd that Lois was the only one who saw the white pyramid coming out while everyone else didn’t. Clark had his moments besides the proposal such as shutting down Watchtower, saving Dr. Hamilton and Tess from VRA soldiers, and sending Slade to the Phantom Zone. It was also odd that Dr. Hamilton and Tess were not at Hawkman’s funeral since they’re part of the team.

    • Here’s one out of left field… if you look at the most wanted poster that Lois looks at… everyone’s there with one glaring exception… cyborg is missing…. maybe something out of that, or just Smallville forgot about him…

  21. Hope we get to see Hawkman again (reborn) before the series is over,
    it be nice to see Hawkgirl with him this time too.

  22. this episode was the best this season so far!
    I loved the battle between Hawkman and Death Stroke! the CGI was amazing
    When they return in january I think it will be epic
    as long as they try to get most of the Justice League
    like Impulse, Cyborg, Aquaman and the ones we saw in this episode
    I think Hawkman will return, or at least he should with Hawkgirl
    I would hate it if he is now gone forever.

  23. I agree completely with you about this episode & having
    some JLA heroes appearing soon, this is the last season might
    as well give us fans alot of superhero action! if they have to use those extras again here & there, thats fine with me too, as long as we can see some “Impulse” super speed action on screen saving some people, heard chloe’s return will have a special surprise maybe as “Dr. Fate”, that would really be cool! Hawkman’s return can even be a short cameo in the final episode with Hawkgirl seeing Clark Kent as “Superman” that would be good enough for me.

    • Yeah. Since Chloe put on Dr. Fate’s helmet, I thought she’d end up being Nurse Fate :)

      • Yeah I would like that idea if she was Dr. Fate
        if not
        they MUST bring in Dr. Fate becasue that costume was epic!

        • Yeah it was!!!

  24. People complained about how bad Hawkman’s wings were last year, but they were amazingly good in this episode! Some of the best cgi the show has had, when they unfurl around him, very cool!

    • I agree. I don’t know if people realizes that they don’t CGI his wings when he in a room. They have two really big wings made of goose feathers (season 9 DVD bonus features). They’ve got puppetiers moving them. That’s why he sucked them in when he fought Slade.

      However, when they were one fire, yes, that was CGI ;)

      haha. Anyway, I agree the CGI in this episode was better than most.

      • I thought they looked cool both times to me.

        • I thought his wings were some of the best costume/props in the show

    • DSM,

      Totally agree on the wing thing. :-P


  25. I don’t mean to be a downer, but this whole Smallville universe seems bogus to me. Lex, Clark, Lois and the other main characters all living in the same town and based on petty intrigue and dialogue. I don’t see how you can buy into this. To me, it seems like “Days of our lives” wrapped in tights. Am I missing something here? Please fill me in on the what’s what.

    • Uh No.

      Maybe you have heard of, or read Superman:Birthright? In that story Lex and Clark were friends who both lived in Smallville as teenagers.
      And the same is true of Geoff Johns recent Superman Secret Origin.

      Lois came to Smallville during season 4, her cousin was friend of Clark’s. So that is reasonable. The majority of the show is set in Metropolis anyway, where Clark and Lois work at the Daily Planet together.

    • Smallville is it’s own universe. It’s not based on the comics. It is Superman reinvented, and reinvented very well.

      • It’s amazing how few people seem to understand that very simple fact, they automatically assume that Smallville has to do everything exactly the same as the comics, I think of Smallville as a different but incredibly faithful adaptation of the original source material.

        • Thank you! Why would you want to make something exactly based on the comics? Those stories have already been told

    • Well, obviously you don’t watch the show… Lex died three years ago… and the show isn’t based in Smallville anymore, but the city of Metropolis… Clark doesn’t wear tights nor do any of the principal characters or the villains for that matter… no tights, no flights… criticism is fine, but first you should know what you’re talking about… watch the show and then get back to us…

  26. I just watched the Smallville January trailer of upcoming
    episodes “Collateral” & “Beacon” looks like “Deathshot” will be
    back again.

    • Well, they have to wrap up the suicide squad plotline and I’d assume they’d have do that before they wrap up Darkseid and Lex… so it would appear to be next in line… alot like how checkmate was dealt with last year… so I’d expect to see Deathshot and plastique and the foreign teleporter guy and Rick Flagg in the next two or three episodes… after all they only have 11 remaining and one of those has to go to Booster Gold and Blue Beetle… they’re running out of time…

  27. Yes they are running out of time, just going way too fast this season, that 2 hour final movie is a must for sure! i can really see alot more stories happening thereafter, hopefully it will be countinued
    in “Metropolis” TV show! I would really enjoy watching the next chapter
    of the superman mythology! hope it comes true.

    • I disagree on the time. They have done 11 episodes and have set up what they need to do with the final 11. The writers had the entire season on paper before they started filming. They have it all figured out. Hopefully it will be amazing!

      …and yes, a 2 hour finale would be fantastic. Just tell Supernatural to move out of the way!

    • Have the studios really discussed about a 2-hour series finale movie?!? That would be epic and the way to go!
      I agree with you on the “Metropolis” spin off after Smallville concludes. I heard about that rumor a couple of years ago. I really hope they do it. That would be cool. I’m definitely excited for the rest of the season now after watching this episode!!

      • If so it MUST be about Darkseid…think about it, Justice League v.s. Darkseid and his minions like Desaad, Granny Godness, Godfrey, Kaliback, and Steppenwolf!
        bring in like Orion!
        it would be a very awesome war at the end, as lng as you have amazing or at least decent CGI

      • There has been discussion on the producers part about making the finale 2 hours, but it all comes down to story and budget.

        Personally, I’d rather they finish the Darkseid stuff in episode 21, Clark finally puts on the suit and defeats his greatest oppenent, then in episode 22, leap forward in time to one of the flashforwards (2013 or 2017), have the final episode set then and have Clark as Superman, bring Lex back as President…Now that’s what I call a series finale.

    • I’d love to watch Metropolis… don’t get me wrong…. but… (and I would welcome input here)… alot of the excitement about this season is that it is coming to an end… Clark WILL become Superman… and the the CLOIS situation will be consumated… the problem with a continutation is… what do you do with the encore…

      • For me, I’m not sure I want to see Metropolis the show, isnt that basically what we have been watching since season 5? I’d rather they went out on a massive high note and let the show be, let a 10 season legacy be enough without trying to drag it out.

  28. Did anyone else realize the extra pair of legs in fishnet stockings to the right center of the screen after everyone past out during the funeral? I’m assuming it’s Hawkgirl and that Hawkman will be with her, reborn – I presume.

    • I think that would be Zantanna

      • Bingo… its the magician… one of the nine heroes on their most wanted list…

    • Yeah, it was a stand in for Zatanna. Hawkgirl/woman/whatever has been dead quite some time.

  29. It will be nice to see her again!