Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: ‘Homecoming’ Review

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smallville homecoming Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Well tonight was the 200th episode of Smallville (can you believe it?). Here’s the official description of tonight’s episode:

In an attempt to cheer up Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe (Allison Mack), while Losi is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 (James Marsters) uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver’s (Justin Hartley’s) current pain and Clark’s future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth’s favorite red and blue superhero.


Upon first glance, this celebratory episode of Smallville is very much three separate entities.  An unimpressive clip-show of seasons past, a spectacular glimpse at the franchise’s future and a proverbial “get out of jail free” card that allows producers to bypass some tricky plot-points that have been previously established this season. Fortunately, while this 200th episode of Smallville is far from perfect, there are enough wonderful, jaw-dropping moments that any shortcomings (and there are many) this episode had are well worth the price of admission.

SM1004b 0107b.jpg c829cc32 t3 Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Take, for example, the first thirty minutes of this episode. For a season of Smallville that’s been so impressive in its storytelling and ability to progress the plot, while continuing to fully supplement the supporting characters’ storylines, it’s hard to believe that the producers were completely behind the use of a high-school reunion to convey this episode’s story-arc. While it’s wonderful to take a look back at the fictional Smallville High, I would have rather had more cameos of past characters than the resulting 30-minute clip show that we received.

No doubt, a very disjointed effort at using past clips to illicit a sense of nostalgia. This ends up feeling like nothing more than something that was completely tacked on to the episode at the very last minute – after the producers realized that they were dealing with the 200th episode. In a sense, the sequences with Brianiac 5 were initially so poorly realized that it felt as if the producers had lifted this entire episode from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The notion of showing Clark his past, present and future is completely understandable with this season’s particular storylines, but those sequences completely fell flat as I was less focused on what lessons Clark may learn from this ordeal than anxiously awaiting Jacob Marley to show up and lay out the rules to our proverbial Scrooge (Clark).

Fortunately, this extremely extended life lesson with Brainiac 5 was cut short (somewhat) as Clark lunged to save Lois from Smallville High’s insect empowered meteor freak, Greg Arkin. As Clark incorrectly moved to save Lois from what he thought would be Arkin’s retaliation from, well, squashing him all those years back, our favorite flight-less Kryptonian was transported into his future – and this is when the episode begins to redeem itself.

Just as you think that the same stale reminiscence is going to continue, your eyes are drawn to a nearby edition of The Daily Planet. With the title of “Superman Saves the Day,” one doesn’t need Dorothy or Toto to let us know that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Well, we are still in Kansas, but it’s in the future. Everything that occurred following that newspaper reveal was nothing short of wonderful. Not only was it able to touch upon specific elements that fans have been waiting to see from the beginning, but they executed it so perfectly that one couldn’t help but contemplate whether Tom Welling as Clark Kent for the Superman movie is less of a fanboy movement and more of a realistic possibility.

From the beginning of Smallville, I have wondered how these characters (Lois and Clark) would be when they actually became the same characters we’re used to seeing in films, television and print. While it’s true that Durance and Welling are technically those characters, they have yet to take on the specific personalities and classic looks that one connects these two with – until now, that is. Even though “wow” is an extremely weak exclamation of wonder, I can’t think of something more fitting the situation.

In those moments, Erica Durance was Lois Lane – the Lois Lane we know and love. Even though her character had only slightly tweaked her everyday outfit, the personality, cadence and line delivery were completely different. As if that were not enough, the real Clark Kent shows up and he was absolutely textbook perfect. The hair, the clothes, the voice, the attitude, the glasses were all perfect. Welling really showed a different side of himself tonight – something that not only has me excited about what’s to come as the season continues, but even somewhat has me wishing that the series would continue with those versions of the Lois and Clark characters.

SM1004a 0052b.jpg 0291598c t3 Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Of course, as most good things must come to an end, so does this glimpse of Clark’s life in the future. And, as any good after-school movie has taught us, it takes but a mere 42 minutes to learn even the hardest of life’s lessons. With that, Clark has “seen the light” and Darkseid has seemingly lost whatever advantage he once had over Clark and being able to see the doubt in his heart. While it’s not exactly the best of conclusion to that specific story element, at least it moved things along. Unfortunately, perhaps the producers were a little heavy-handed with their “aw-shucks” moments in this episode. While I’ll happily take any explanation to further Clark’s transformation into Superman, I’m not exactly thrilled by “bug-boy” Arkin using his moment with Lois to deliver a corny monologue in our heroe’s favor.

Thankfully, I was still smiling from what I had previously seen, so it doesn’t really matter.


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If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. Totally disagree with review… This episode was NOT a clip show in the slightest… there were like 3 “clips” that each lasted 2 or three seconds at most. Also, why is the reviewer glorifying episodes like Lazarus (which had only one redeeming scene with the Globe catch) and (ugh!) Supergirl (no offense to Ms. Vandervoot who was actually good, the episode though was terrible)… In contrast to the rest of season 10 thus far, this episode was clear, cogent and compelling (alliteration is fun!) Seriously, how on earth could you even remotely call this a clip show when the clips consisted of him remembering merely a single line a character said… you act like it was one of those old Golden Girl episodes where the girls are gathered around the kitchen table talking about the past with lame intros into each clip like, “Do you remember that time we —” or “Hey that not the only crazy thing we’ve done… remember when —”

    • I do believe I said something similar. In no way was it a clip show.

    • Kenny,

      Either you’re being cute and commenting using two different user names, or some ignorant, hateful, misinformed person used your computer to leave two now deleted comments.


      • Neither… College dorm computer lab… same IP… My roomate was also commenting.

        • Well thanks to your roommate your IP is now on auto-moderate.


  2. LOVED THIS EPISODEEEEEEE!!!!! that is all.

  3. A lot of people have been critical of Smallville over the years, and I’m willing to admit it hasn’t always been perfect, but I challenge anyone to watch that episode and not understand exactly what makes this show so brilliant.
    The flying dance part at the end was one of the best moments in the shows history, as was the future Clark scene.
    This was Smallville at it’s utter best. Laugh outloud funny, heart warming, and most importantly, a show about Superman.
    A whole generation has grown up with this show, grown up with these characters, learnt life lessons along with then, and this episode summed up everything about remembering your past but not dwelling on it to the point it affects your future.

    • Spot on DSB, well said!

      • Cheers. I just thought it needed to be said. There are certain tv shows that always have a place in your heart, and for me, Smallville is probably the most important. It means a lot to me.

    • DSM,

      I did like that final floating dance scene myself. Very nice.


      • It was a very meaningful sequence, both for their relationship and for Clark becoming Superman, but I think what made that scene so good was that it contained a magic the show has been lacking for a long time.
        I dont know if that makes sense.

        • It DOES make sense. I was a genuine, heartfelt, and completely believable part of the Smallville story. I for one am really glad that Clark made his feelings for Lois known. The setting was perfect, as was the timing. Just a great episode all around.

          • I enjoyed that scene also, but more importantly I appreciated the fact that it tied into Supergirl’s advice to Clark regarding flying: Something like…”Be completely in and focused on the moment.” Everyone was on their A game for this episode.

    • You are completely right. I have never been a big fan of this show…although admittingly I never gave it a fair chance…I have seen only a few episodes of the show…and although I enjoyed those episodes, I never was compelled to watch more. But I did have a sneaking suspicion I should…I also could not see why everyone was so all about welling being supes in a movie….by some off chance I caught this episode…and my mind has been changed. This episode was awesome and i need to see more…and the future scene…both welling and the lois lane girl were spot on! Especially lois, but they both sold me…great episode

      • hmm…i added that comment via phona and it seems to be a bit glitchy…that was in response to drsambeckett when he said “but I challenge anyone to watch that episode and not understand exactly what makes this show so brilliant.”

  4. Speaking as someone who has been overly obsessed with this series from day one, this is my all time favorite Smallville episode. Ive cried before in reckoning and the one after it, but I was bawling in this one, and before anyone pokes fun, all I can say is it just hit home with all the memories and flashbacks, it triggered something for me as if it was my Smallville high reunion or reunion of the show in a way. And the barn scene where Clark says he loves lois was incredible, It felt so real and genuine from both of them. If you go to which is where you will find the hardcore fans, they all agree that this episode gets a 10/10 and is arguably the best episode of the series.

  5. Homecoming was a nod to the past and a look forward to the future. I was wondering how the show would interpret the Superman mythology of Superman, Clark, and Lois as we all know them from the comics. It’s amazingly close.
    I see the No Flight being lifted because Lazarus saw Clark flying to catch the Daily Planet globe, debuted the new prototype suit in Shield, learning how to fly in Supergirl, and letting go of his past to embrace his destiny and future as well as floating. Clark has progressed a lot in this season moreso than any other season.

  6. So I’ve finally watched it. I wasn’t looking forward to this episode at all..Homecoming!!!…no thanks. D’you know what tho’…it broke my heart. Yes, call me a big girl’s blouse, but when Clark said “I love you” to Lois I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It was just a beautiful moment.
    Clark saying goodbye to his Dad was similarly poignant, but seeing present and future Clark together was priceless.
    Finally, Oliver’s terrific, noble speech…”armchair bloggers…a nation of critics…well I’m out there leading”.
    Inspirational, tender, surprising, thoughtful…this episode was all these and more. A triumph.

    • Amen to that sir.

      I too am not afraid to admit to tearing up at least twice during that episode, and I too though everything Oliver said was absolutely spot on, it was a good message for people today.

      • Ill have to admit tearing up when I saw the wall of weird, when I heard the lifehouse song reminding me of the Lana days, when clark saw his dads funeral, when he said goodbye to his dad and when he said I love you to Lois. And with each repeat viewing it is more of the same. This is a very emotional episode for dedicated fans.

        • Yeah. Going back to Smallville High reminded me of the original seasons and why I starting watching/loving the show in the first place. It makes me sad knowing this is the last. But it’s not over yet!

  7. Politics…it’s everywhere…even in comics….especially in comics!

  8. This might have been the best episode of the season so far, and one of the best ever on this show… I mean I thought the episode was brilliant!

    I love how they showed future clark but only a glimps of SUPERMAN! You can’t show the future Superman yet until he’s fully evolved into Superman on the show.

    Even tho the newspaper had me at the edge of my seat, and the flying around the explosion was just brilliantly done! I like that they saved it for when the Clark we’re watching evolve turns into Superman.

    I just hope we get to see him in the suit for more then 1 episode… :)

    I hope Tom Welling bangs it out of the park as Superman so much so that Nolan/Snyder have no choice but to cast him in the new movies.

    Tom Welling 4 Sueprman!!! FTW!!

  9. She-Ra – You’ve really opened a can of worms there and I suspect your post may be deleted. I don’t think this is the forum for this kind of debate.
    I share some of your views (homo baiting), but others I do not (I find religion repugnant and I’m concerned about immigration). I don’t think people are neccessarily cut and dried Liberal or Conservative. I think, if people are honest, they will have views on either side.
    Anyway, free speech is a right that you and I have, but so is tolerance. Love your conservative, don’t hate them.

  10. Wow Vic, you must have really liked this episode. I don’t think I have ever seen so many posts from you. :)

    • GreaterTater,

      LOL, well I was up late last night and finally had some down time with nothing to do and nothing on TV, so I thought I’d get in the conversation. :)


      • Good to see you here.

  11. Okay…dumb question that I should probably know already, but how many episodes remain?

    Please don’t kick me too hard for not knowing…;)

    • nowhereman,

      I’d guess 20 or less.


    • Smallville usually has a 22 episode season, so that would leave 18 remaining, but the producers have suggested the finale might be shown as a tv movie similar to last years JLA double episode.

    • What Doc said. 18 left… :(

      unless they merge the last 2 episodes like Absolute Justice, then only 17 :D

  12. This episode was awesome. I did think it started off a little slow but once it got into the time traveling, it brought it all together. I think this episode proved that Tom Welling and Erica Durance make the perfect Lois and Clark, especially for the upcoming Nolan/Snyder movie. And if anyone remembers the season 9 finale fight with Clark and Zod (not that any true fan would ever forget it), Welling showed me that he would be a great choice for speed-up/slow-mo type action scenes that Snyder is known for. A 300 type fight scene with Welling as Superman and Durance as (in my opinion the most beautiful) Lois Lane backing him every step of the way in a Chris Nolan produced movie gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. I know its probably not the best business decision for WB but a kid can hope, right?

    • This episode was the best one ever. I like how they used the helicopter scene from the 1st Superman Movie. And it seemed that there were less commercial…YAY!I would love to see them in the new up-coming Superman movie.

  13. I thought it was a very good episode .
    I didnt have a problem with the flashbacks.
    Especially Jonathans death.
    I like that Clark moved on from that.
    I also liked the scene in the present with Oliver.
    It made the interview scene at the end even stronger .
    I also like the nod to the heliocopter sequence from the original Superman movie
    and Chloes “cameo”(well, sort of.)
    All in all ,very nicely done.

  14. Wow… The review makes it sound like a bad episode. The episode was great (if not one of Smallville’s best)!!!

    I don’t agree that it was a 30 minute clip show. There were about 4 (maybe) clips from the past that lasted about 10 seconds each.

    • 100% agree with your comment!!

    • Completely agree with you. It made me miss seasons 1-5! It’s nuts to think about the evolution of the show when you see an episode like this. Loved it.

    • I totally agree… the quality of this review is questionable.

      It gives the episode a hard time for trying to evoke a sense of nostalgia. But that’s the thing… the episode DID envoke a sense of nostalgia, and it did so VERY successfully.

  15. This episode was my favorite so far of this 10th and final season. I loved seeing Braniac again played by James Marsters, he’s badass. My favorite scene was in the future when Clark has the elevator run in with himself, the older, more mature Clark Kent who is actually Superman. I agree with an older post where someone mentioned the Snyder/Nolan Superman movie and as I huge fanboy I’d love to see Welling cast as the man of steel over Routh but who knows, they’ll probably end up casting a new unknown. I still hope Michael Rosenbaum comes back to the show for the last half of Season 10 and if not the the last half at least for the finale. I’d love to see Clark in the suit, Lex giving him a glare, then Clark flying off to end the series…it would be sick.

  16. All in all an enjoyable episode. The reviewer somehow missed the most subtle and at the same time most profound lesson for Clark. Clark has mentioned on more than one occasion his fear of making the wrong choices. Even with Doomsday, when everyone is telling Clark he must kill him, Clark wants to preserve life. A tough choice. That’s the reason he felt guiilty over his father’s death. Should he have turned left rather than right? Should he have killed one to save many? Here he sees (and we see) that his choices have to be made and they can equally be seen as bad or good. Brainiac and ‘Bug Boy’ are grateful for what Clark has done for him even when the guidance counselor is not. (Two out of three)? Clark as Clark has made an impression (and a positive one at that) to people in his High School. One that he was not even aware of. They have been overplaying the ‘darkness’ thing but in a way it’s understandable. Jor-El’s tough love approach to Clark getting the suit makes sense. Regardless of Clark’s decisions, they must be made with full confidence for the world to accept him as a champion. He must project himself not as a Vigilante as the new subplot characterizes him, but as a true hero whose motives are pure.

  17. You’re right Vic. It agrees with my point of view. Congrats on figuring that out.

    • MBL, you truly are a charming person.

      • Yes…one that muMBLes about a whole lotta nuthin’. ;)


          • Just stuMBLed upon it and decided to annoy you. HA!

            • Figures….

  18. Some nice cameos, nice to see the wonder twins, but lame they didn’t do anything. Agree entirely with the review. Bored at first then it picked up. Oliver’s trouble would be so much better if it wasn’t so Tony Stark-ish….. Once the season is over I would like to see these characters in a movie…. with a real budget. Keep up the good work! Bring back the original Lex!

    • Sorry dude but they weren’t the wonder twins, they certainly weren’t the same ones from last season.

      • Yeah they weren’t the wonder twins. Just a guy and a girl

  19. ok ,I forgot to mention, how annoying it is when they start the show going “Last time on Sallville” then they show clips that never happened. First I eat then I molt, when did that happen? Every week there is something that never happened and it confuses me, then it happens like 3 to 4 weeks later…… anybody care to explain, maybe it’s way over my head.

    • The “molting” was season 1 bud…

      He was the villian from the second episode EVER

    • The “First I eat, then I molt” clip was from Season 2 episode 2… which was the last time we saw Greg Larkin (the guy that came up to Lois to thank Clark for “setting him straight” back in high school)… Everything in the “Previously on…” opening segment happened on the show… They may not have happened in the episode that aired immediately before the current one, but all the clips happened… when they do an episode that has a storyline related to episode from an earlier season they will play clips of that episode as well… I am not sure why you are confused about that?

      • Season 1.

      • @ Kenny

        Actually (Bug Boy) first appeared in the 2nd episode of Season one.

    • @dannyboy

      Maybe you haven’t seen every episode, because I have, several times, and not once have they showed a clip in the “previously on Smallville” that hadn’t previously been in the show earlier on.
      To be honest, I don’t think you were paying very close attention.

  20. Okay, it started pretty lame and I was getting ready for another show letdown. But Brainiac 5′s Christmas Carol approach just worked for a show that needs some closure, hate that word, to bring us to a conclusion and a black blur into a redcaped superhero. There were so many points that just nailed the leaving Smallville, hey it ends this year, that it would be hard to point to one and say, “That’s It!”. So I will cheat and point out two.
    Erica as the 2017 Lois. Again the word “Wow” is just not enough. That was Lois. Protecting, Pushing, Loving. All in that short clip. Heck I fell in love with her again.
    The final sequence where Tom looks in Erica’s eyes and says I love you and the thrill in her eyes made this old jaded guy about tear up. It was a definite Ol Yeller moment. Then the levitation.
    Am I the only one that saw the levitation as the end of the old Clark. Jor-El said he was held to Earth by his feelings for humans. He freed himself of those chains by letting go of his feelings of responsibility for his Father’s death. Now he can become the hero Jonathon always felt his son would become.
    For me, this could have been the last episode. I am completely over my “just get over it Kal-El”. He is over it and he is now Superman.
    I do not know where it goes from here but I sure hope there is a movie on this flight. Cue the John Williams score.


    Enjoy… (That’s right. KRYPTONITE ROPES!!!)

  22. if i wrote this show i know how to cover all the bases for comic fans,while staying true to smallvilians.the darkness could be be an out of body device created by one of darkseids scientists created that allows the host (even darkseid )to leave their body.darkseid to me does’nt always want to sit back; sometimes he wants to be in and just control the action.ideal darkseid is kane (micheal dangerfields voice).orion wold be the guy that plaed the killer on the movie cobra;the next is high father could be the guy was drunken santa(also the fog)light ray played by the blond friend on hellcats(cool energy)kalibak the guy clark pushed saving ryan,because on the flash gordan show he played a kalibak-like character. granny goodness is cast and furies.only others is mister miricle and barda.but are not trully needed.there are two portinals christina loken and will friedle.

    • no offense but i didnt understand most of that comment

  23. one more thing,watch caprica and stargate universe and tell me they cant make apocalypse,while including the combat set decorated as darkseids lair.

  24. i just explained what could happen on a tv budget and put my two cent casting choices in.

  25. guys…we had it wrong according to wikipedia the 200th ep is this thursday lol

  26. I had anticipated “Homecoming” so much that I could not wait to watch it so I had to suffer thru the commercials. The episode did not disappoint – it was AWESOME. I immediately watched it again to make sure I didn’t dream it. The reunion at Smallville High was the perfect setting for Clark’s “this is your life,” and for Brainiac to be the one to show Clark what he needed to see, was so cool. I loved the clips too (wish Pete, Lana and especially Chloe had been there in person – glad they were there in spirit). And what reunion would be complete without at least one meteor freak? The Wall of Weird and the 2 kids there thinking they might get to see the one and only Chloe Sullivan was a wonderful way to pay homage to her and Allison. I think the text message “C.S.” sent could possibly, hopefully mean that wherever she is, she’s ok. Apparently, Clark, Lois and Oliver think the same thing since none of them are freaking out. Then there were Clark and future Clark and Lois. Chills. Finally, for Clark to let go of the doubts, fears and regrets that have been weighing him down is truly a monumental Superman style leap. He’s free to “go forward” and become the Superhero he is meant to be.

    In the best scene in the history of Smallville, in one of my favorite places – the barn – Clark Kent and Lois Lane say they love each other. And float (fly). I thought my heart was gonna burst. Cuz, in a previous post, said that for him, this could actually be the last episode – I agree and could die happy now. However, I am looking forward to the rest of the season. It’s bittersweet for me because I miss Chloe and I know it’s getting closer to being over each week even if I know it’s time to end it. I will miss my favorite show when it’s over. Thank goodness I have all the DVD’s.

  27. What will make this season complete?
    1) More flight – like the one where Kal El took off, chased down Lex’s plane and ripped off that door. I’d like to see Clark and Kara play chase and hide and seek. Kidding.
    2) Michael Rosenbaum

  28. The best episode! All the balance between action, drama and fun

  29. When “Smallville” finishes who would like to see “Metropolis” start?