Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: ‘Homecoming’ Review

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smallville homecoming Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Well tonight was the 200th episode of Smallville (can you believe it?). Here’s the official description of tonight’s episode:

In an attempt to cheer up Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe (Allison Mack), while Losi is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 (James Marsters) uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver’s (Justin Hartley’s) current pain and Clark’s future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth’s favorite red and blue superhero.


Upon first glance, this celebratory episode of Smallville is very much three separate entities.  An unimpressive clip-show of seasons past, a spectacular glimpse at the franchise’s future and a proverbial “get out of jail free” card that allows producers to bypass some tricky plot-points that have been previously established this season. Fortunately, while this 200th episode of Smallville is far from perfect, there are enough wonderful, jaw-dropping moments that any shortcomings (and there are many) this episode had are well worth the price of admission.

SM1004b 0107b.jpg c829cc32 t3 Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Take, for example, the first thirty minutes of this episode. For a season of Smallville that’s been so impressive in its storytelling and ability to progress the plot, while continuing to fully supplement the supporting characters’ storylines, it’s hard to believe that the producers were completely behind the use of a high-school reunion to convey this episode’s story-arc. While it’s wonderful to take a look back at the fictional Smallville High, I would have rather had more cameos of past characters than the resulting 30-minute clip show that we received.

No doubt, a very disjointed effort at using past clips to illicit a sense of nostalgia. This ends up feeling like nothing more than something that was completely tacked on to the episode at the very last minute – after the producers realized that they were dealing with the 200th episode. In a sense, the sequences with Brianiac 5 were initially so poorly realized that it felt as if the producers had lifted this entire episode from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The notion of showing Clark his past, present and future is completely understandable with this season’s particular storylines, but those sequences completely fell flat as I was less focused on what lessons Clark may learn from this ordeal than anxiously awaiting Jacob Marley to show up and lay out the rules to our proverbial Scrooge (Clark).

Fortunately, this extremely extended life lesson with Brainiac 5 was cut short (somewhat) as Clark lunged to save Lois from Smallville High’s insect empowered meteor freak, Greg Arkin. As Clark incorrectly moved to save Lois from what he thought would be Arkin’s retaliation from, well, squashing him all those years back, our favorite flight-less Kryptonian was transported into his future – and this is when the episode begins to redeem itself.

Just as you think that the same stale reminiscence is going to continue, your eyes are drawn to a nearby edition of The Daily Planet. With the title of “Superman Saves the Day,” one doesn’t need Dorothy or Toto to let us know that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Well, we are still in Kansas, but it’s in the future. Everything that occurred following that newspaper reveal was nothing short of wonderful. Not only was it able to touch upon specific elements that fans have been waiting to see from the beginning, but they executed it so perfectly that one couldn’t help but contemplate whether Tom Welling as Clark Kent for the Superman movie is less of a fanboy movement and more of a realistic possibility.

From the beginning of Smallville, I have wondered how these characters (Lois and Clark) would be when they actually became the same characters we’re used to seeing in films, television and print. While it’s true that Durance and Welling are technically those characters, they have yet to take on the specific personalities and classic looks that one connects these two with – until now, that is. Even though “wow” is an extremely weak exclamation of wonder, I can’t think of something more fitting the situation.

In those moments, Erica Durance was Lois Lane – the Lois Lane we know and love. Even though her character had only slightly tweaked her everyday outfit, the personality, cadence and line delivery were completely different. As if that were not enough, the real Clark Kent shows up and he was absolutely textbook perfect. The hair, the clothes, the voice, the attitude, the glasses were all perfect. Welling really showed a different side of himself tonight – something that not only has me excited about what’s to come as the season continues, but even somewhat has me wishing that the series would continue with those versions of the Lois and Clark characters.

SM1004a 0052b.jpg 0291598c t3 Smallville Season 10 Episode 4: Homecoming Review

Of course, as most good things must come to an end, so does this glimpse of Clark’s life in the future. And, as any good after-school movie has taught us, it takes but a mere 42 minutes to learn even the hardest of life’s lessons. With that, Clark has “seen the light” and Darkseid has seemingly lost whatever advantage he once had over Clark and being able to see the doubt in his heart. While it’s not exactly the best of conclusion to that specific story element, at least it moved things along. Unfortunately, perhaps the producers were a little heavy-handed with their “aw-shucks” moments in this episode. While I’ll happily take any explanation to further Clark’s transformation into Superman, I’m not exactly thrilled by “bug-boy” Arkin using his moment with Lois to deliver a corny monologue in our heroe’s favor.

Thankfully, I was still smiling from what I had previously seen, so it doesn’t really matter.


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If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. Olivers speech was the highlight for me. It seemed like nothing really happened or was accomplished… hopefully thats just me?

    • clark flew while dancing with lois and you say nothing really happened?

      • I unfortunately missed the last 5 minutes… so my bad. Probably shouldnt comment until i see full episode ha

  2. smallville cracked me up tonight!! lois being bragging that she only attended smallville for 23 days and being forgotten lol chloe’s text, and loved oliver’s answer at the end during the interview cuz its true lol and last but not least….HE FLEW!!!! :D lol

    copy and pasted from open discussion lol it sure was an epic episode! :)

    tom wellings rocked those glasses xD

  3. Fantastic episode. Nostalgic, funny in parts, heartwarming in others, and not to mention the entire scenes set in the future were amazing. Also big props for the nods to the Superman movies (saving Lois by helicopter a la Superman the Movie, and flying embrace a la Superman Returns). The scene where Clark says goodbye to his father was just emotional enough to bring the episode even more well rounded, and solidify Homecoming as one of the best the series has ever produced. :)

    • i know :) i miss the wall of weird such good memories lol :)

      • well i have a full review on my site, but this was just an absolute glory. to see Clark in the elevator with Future Clark was hilarious. but that did convince me, if this Zack Snyder’s Superman movie will “focus on the early years of Superman”, that Tom Welling would be perfecttttt for the role. He played a fantastic C.K. that was…well as Clark said “nerdier and uptight” haha.

        • lol he went from nerdy to cool to nerdy xD

          • haha exactly! i felt Lois knowing his secret was sort of breaking canon, but the fact she knew it, and he and her were actually on a straight forward level for once was refreshing.

            • Thank you. I agree with your last part 100%. I get so tired of all the dropping hints that she knows but he doesn’t know she knows.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned. That mysterious text from chloe, we assume, seems to indicate she is still watching. Something big still has to happen to erase her from history for everyone except Clark. I’m thinking it has to do with Brainac, so I thought tonight it would happen. So far, it’s a great season.

  5. From a Superman stand point, the episode was incredible!!! This is exactly what the final season should be!

  6. I thought the episode was great, but i wish there were more people at the reunion, I was hoping to see the bug guy talk to Clark at the least. but ohh well. Braniac 5 was great in it and the future thing was kinda cool. Other then that good episode

    one question who was that lady that wanted to kill Clark?

  7. You know… I was REALLY enjoying this episode. The nostalgia, Brainiac 5, loved seeing future Clark and Oliver Queen “man up” to that reporter.

    But with 4 minutes to go, yet ANOTHER political jab. That’s three for three now – if you try to tell me the writers aren’t trying to get cute with the political crap this final season then you’re either not paying attention or you just agree with what they’re saying so it doesn’t bother you.

    I did like that it looks like we’re finally done with “morose Clark” and the flying at the end was great.


    • Very true, Vic. But I think it’s just really the writers way of trying to show the public fighting off superheroes just like other comic book mediums, such as The Daily Bugle in Spider-Man, and the police in The Dark Knight.

      I do think that the whole politics thing is something you really haven’t seen in any Superman medium, and ultimately while it comes off strong such as a jab at politics, it can also be seen as the same struggle Clark has had. Clark has had to struggle with adjusting into this public figure who wants to be a symbol of hope, while the public is struggling with the fact they actually need to be saved and these superheroes are the only way it can happen.

      Personally, it doesn’t bother me, mostly because I know how the story ends up, as does most of the audience. Superman becomes fans to all of Metropolis, and is a beacon of hope. It’s just a matter of them accepting him in to that role by different means.

      I do feel that after last week’s “I am Green Arrow” announcement, Ollie is becoming Tony Stark without the wit. That’s one major “copycat” storyline that concerns me.

      But, regardless of undertones, I loved this episode as a whole :)

      • Cam,

        Yeah, overall I really liked it – especially the “moving on” part. Tired of Clark being stalled in self-doubt mode.

        Kind of hoped they would have shown future Clark in the suit, but I guess that’s asking for too much. :)


        • Clark’s been in “self doubt” mode for years. No one likes emo Superman. So, it’s nice to see him actually move on.

          Even though i don’t think it’ll happen, I would love to see them resolve the Darkseid storyline by February break, and then spend the rest of the episodes focused solely on Superman, and heavily on the suit.

          And judging by previews for next week’s episode, the writers have a cop-out for Lex Luthor. Now if only Michael Rosenbaum will show up by show’s end…*sigh*

          • Cam,

            “Emo Superman” was a big part of the problem with Superman Returns. People don’t want Superman to be the modern representation of what a man has been whittled down to become in these politically correct times – they want a powerful, confident Superman.


            • There was some political stuff in Oliver’s speech, but he had a point. I’m not saying whether or not it’s right or wrong. Just from his stand point, it was a good speech.

              • Seems to me that the writer’s point is that a superhero would be a liberal. Personally I think heroes should transcend politics to truly come off as effective in their efforts.

                • I agree Greg. Superheros should live outside of politics.

                  • @ Marcus

                    Not to get into politics or anything, It did’t surprise me because Green Arrow is known to be a democrat. Its been mentioned in special features i think Season 6 i think when he debuted on Smallville in the dvd boxset. On JLU, he mentions he’s a old lefty. And on Batman: Brave & Bold he nitpicks about Bruce Wayne being a person of greed etc. What i hated was what i saw on Look, up In The Sky, The Amaing Story Of Superman dvd, where comics depicted Superman being involved with politians from JFK to Bill Clinton. I better stop there.

                    • WallyWest,

                      As has been pointed out here by others, I suppose in this case it actually DOES make sense, yeah. But coming on the heels of two previous episodes that had jabs in them it makes me think the writers have an agenda that they’re pushing.


                    • Conspiracy theories abound…lol ;)

            • i totally agree that superman needs to be confident and strong and i hope that they are heading that way with the season now because he has now let go of his self-doubt. it brandon routh was way to blah to be superman. he didnt have anywhere near the charisma as reeves in that part since his character was based off of reeves. but i think that tom welling did an amazing job with that strength and confidence in his future self and he would make a very good superman in the movie. hopefully him being with warner bros. and playing this part just becoming superman at the end the movie can sort of pick up in the early days of superman like it should.

            • the politics dont really bother me that much in the show. it is part of the story this season where the heros have to overcome the people in power who want them to unmask and work for them and the people who make them seem like some menace to become that hope for everyone.

      • Are you following ‘Brightest Day: Green Arrow ‘??? Green Arrow has revealed his identity in the comics!!

        It’s not a rip off! :)

        The ep was awesome!

    • i really didnt find the political crap necessary either Vic, at least Clark got off his feet and seemed to be in control of it.

      so, no Supernatural thread this week?

      • Anthony,

        Apparently our TV writer didn’t feel like creating one.


        • maaaaan lol booo to him then lol.

    • I agree the episode was fantastic.

    • I didnt see a polictal jab cud u point it out to me…. wait was it the jfk quote

      • Jaleel,

        After the JFK quote – putting up barbed wire fences, etc.


    • Vic–

      In this ONE case, I think it really was perfectly placed (the political commentary). Green Arrow really is this way in the comics; he is extremely political and “in your face” about it. Whether one agrees with or likes the views being espoused, this ONE time DOES reflect the character, not just what someone working on the show feels.

      Just my take on last night…I loved the episode :D

    • Vic,
      I felt the same way.

      Oliver’s speech was defiantly a political jab. Even though I enjoyed everything else, the speech and dramatic turn of the camera were completely intentional. It was done very distasteful.

      Oliver defined DC comic heros as liberal activists.

      • Hmmm, well, what Oliver did was completely in character with his comic counterpart. In the comics he ‘comes out’ and then becomes Mayor of Star City, his character is one crammed full of political leanings.
        And I agreed with every word of his speech.

  8. What a fantastic episode, it’s now in my top ten episodes of all time.

  9. Oh, and for the record: Although I’m very sure there’s no way it’ll happen, I’d be really happy to see Tom Welling play Superman in the upcoming movie.


    • Me too! Loved this episode and Supernatural this week was great. I love Bobby!

    • Ive been saying for a while that i think hed be perfect and that glimpse into the future made me feel even stronger that way. I think its only right, hes been that character for ten years now, give the guy the big screen!

    • I would’ve agreed that he had his shot at it, did a good job, but wasn’t right for the movie. But after watching the episode, I WANT HIM IN IT!!!

    • Really would have made sense for WB to make a movie to end this series. Would of saved a ton of time, effort and cash…. and propably would have been much better than this snyder version….big fan base already too….

    • I was impressed with the power he portrayed as the future Clark. If that wasn’t Superman I really don’t know who could play it better. Brandon Routh didn’t resonate that kinda power and I liked him too.

      • Yeah, with that glimpse of the future fans are going to be howling for the series to go on with him in full Superman mode – and the network is going to be hard-pressed to say no. What’s going to make up for Smallville ratings on The CW?


        • Green Arrow spin-off

    • im not if u casted him then people would want some of the other actors from Smallville to be in the movie. instead of Superman movie we get a Smallville movie :(

  10. I really wouldn’t disagree if someone said that this was a mediocre episode,because it was nothing more than a setup episode for what’s to come,but that being said,I really did enjoy it.

    I will say that one thing that annoyed me before that’s starting to fade away for me is the amount of people that know Clark’s secret.I actually think that the story would be better served if they stopped dancing around that Lois knows,but Clark doesn’t know that she knows.

    I really liked the future version of Clark and Lois’ relationship where she knows and is totally supportive of him,and seemingly his coach in leading two separate lives.

    But alas,this season is moving at a snail’s pace,being that it’s the last.I was expecting way more “important” happenings to be going on so far.

  11. I thought this was a great episode and I went into it having doubts. From everything I read about leading up to the episode saying this was going to be a big push forward to Clark becoming Superman and the whole nostalgia becoming a clip show possibility, I was worried this would just become a mess of an episode but the writers and producers really pulled it off. I thought they looked at enough clips of the past that were significant to the story line without overdoing it and moved him past his “emo” mode without rushing it, but still getting it done in one episode.

    I agree with the last minute political statement, that was a bit of a distraction and is getting a little overdone. Not sure what purpose it served or how Oliver being the Green Arrow has anything to do with immigration. They could have just cut from the JFK reference to the “armchair quarterbacks” part just as smoothly.

    Also, did anyone else catch the quasi-Spiderman theme being played by the marching band? Thought that was kind of odd.

  12. The political jab didn’t bother me at all. What bothered me was it being pointed out here. Get over it folks.

    As for Future Clark’s appearance? Brilliant!

    Brainiac 5? Nice.

    Lois? Sweet and right on target.


    Flashbacks? Awesome.

    Loved the episode and hats off to the writers on a good path to end the series brilliantly. Keep it up. You have my attention.

    • MBL,

      You want to piss me off when I make a point, just say “get over it.”

      You know why it doesn’t bother you? Because obviously it agrees with your point of view.

      Another commenter made a good point here stating the point could have been made just as easily by referring to “armchair quarterbacks” or some other such thing.


      • I agree with Vic.

        If you look back at the previous episode, the radio talk show host was portrayed as an evil conservative. While this episode plays out, the superhero is portrayed as a leader of good liberalism.

        Conservative = Evil Villain
        Liberal = Superhero

        Parts of “Smallville” are taking on a heavy political slant, which I don’t think is a wise move by the writers.

  13. Perfect episode. Nothing to fault it at all. Cheered me up after I’d watched it.

    So that’s 3 out 4 episodes Clark has flown.

    I love this show, will miss it so much when it finally ends.

    • Me too, Doc. :D

  14. Best Episode Yet.

  15. I think that homecoming was top three if not the best episode of all-time for Smallville…Just great all-around for me….Can’t wait for more!!!!!

  16. That was the highlight of the season so far. I loved that they used Braniac 5. The flashbacks were great and the flash forward gave me total chill bumps. I loved seeing Clark the way he should be. I absolutely can not wait to see him in that suit. Just seeing him as the future Clark just increases the fact that WB is stupid if they don’t use him as Superman. It was like night and day to see them standing side by side. You could feel the power that Superman portrays. Let’s face it people. Tom Welling is Superman. Not only can he play the part he is the part. Maybe we should start a petition on Facebook. It worked for Betty White. :)

    • Then again… it didnt help when people signed one to get edward norton back as the hulk… it might work… but i kinda have my doubts… sorry man… dont mean to rain on your parade…:(

      • All we have is hope Brandon. Hope that the WB comes to there senses. :)

  17. It was a great episode i must say. I think it’s the first episode Clark doesn’t have a confratation with someone. It made up with good memories of past seasons and what the future hold for The Man Of Steel. I loved how Clark came face to face with himself in the future in the elevator. After seeing Tom Welling in that scene, i know he’d be a great choice for the new film. What i didn’t expect was Greg Arkin, (Bug Boy) Appear at the reunion and most importantly him asking Lois to thank Clark for helping show him turn his life around. While i know Clark is in love with Lois, i felt bad for him knowing Lana & Chloe couldn’t be there. And Oliver’s speech was awesome, really takin it to the media. So far this season has been great, though i missed the premiere.

  18. i thought the episode was just great. its one of my favorites by far. even with no antagonist. it really worked to push clark into embracing his future without fear and to leave his self-doubt behind. james marsters was as always brilliant as brainiac 5. the future lois and clark was so fun. her knowing his secret and them having experienced all his pressures together made them such a strong couple. i would like to see both tom and erica in the movie as clark and lois cause they just have this chemistry on screen. and erica plays a good and strong lois. and him knowing how well they are together should work out nicely for him wanting to share his secret with her next week. and tom was strong as future clark and going out to be superman. the scene with superman tornado-ing the fire from the nuclear facility pretty good and shows clark that he is the best hero. i cant wait each week for the new episodes.

  19. my last hope is that he will start flying like next week having to fly after isis. cause she is described as soaring over because she is an ancient egyptian goddess. cause he needs to learn to fly before he becomes superman. if he learns to fly just because he becomes superman would just be dumb and a let down for those of us who have been waiting almost ten years for it. it needs to be an episode like the ones from the early years when it emerges and he needs to learn to control it. take us back to the old days one more time clark learning to use a new power then he is primed to become superman.

  20. Love, that is all

  21. Knowing Smallville’s aptitude for episode titles, wanna bet there’ll be either a “Flight” or ” Airborne” soon?….

    • DSM,

      I don’t think so. Have you noticed that they’re trying to kind of edge in his flight ability “sideways?” It’s like they’re trying to sneak it in slowly instead of making it an “event” in order to not have to eat crow about the “no flights” thing. :-P


      • From what the producers have been saying, and I’m just interpreting if course, the no flights rule isn’t in play so much anymore. We have now seen Superman himself flying in 2 separate episodes. What’s the problem with showing him flying now? The show will be long finished by the time the movie franchise is up and running.

        But you’re probably right.

        • Yeah, the “no flights” thing is definitely, finally going to evaporate. I just think they’re trying to save face a little bit by making it really difficult for him to get there and doing it in stages.


          • It’s the only thing they can do, the previous restriction caused the writers to put themselves in a corner, and now have to put what should have been spread across several seasons in just a handful of episodes.

            Clark Kent will fly!

  22. Hey gang,

    We’ve updated the article with a full review of the episode. Let us know what you think.


  23. I thought that this episode was great imo and definitely better than the last episode

  24. Well I very much disagree with the review if I’m being truthful, one it didn’t mention how freakin awesome James Marsters was in the episode, but I didn’t see it as a clip show at all. Mainly because the clips in question could have lasted more than a few minutes.
    As for the Greg Arkin critism, I actually found it a very telling component of Clark’s personality, he always claims to see the best in people, but his very first thought upon seeing Greg was one of suspicion and distrust. It certainly ties into the whole darkness inside of him Brainiac was talking about, Clark can be incredibly judgemental.
    He is far from perfect.
    For me, the episode was near perfect. The helicopter save was great, seeing future Clark (Superman) whizz around the explosion was very similar to the way time is turned back in the first movie.
    Also, the reviewer makes the same mistake so many have made in the past. Why do the Smallville characters have to be exactly the same as they are in the movies? Smallville has long since established it’s own continuity, obviously Clark must become Superman, but everything else is up in the air.

    Final thought. The little message from Chloe? It seemed to me she was being imprisoned in exchange for Oliver, I don’t see the Suicide Squad allowing Chloe to be testing.

    • but remember chloe faked her own death

  25. I really enjoyed this episode alot myself, but i wish there was less T.V. commericials, so we could of at least seen another 5 mins of seeing superman in true action, everyone would of been really rolling off their seats for sure!

  26. I thought this was a great episode it was one that we have been waiting for when clark finaly see’s who he is and what he will be not just superman but clark kent with lois lane. i can’t wait for the rest of the season. i truely hate this is the last one but hopefuly we will see welling and durance in the next superman movie. they are by far the best ever

  27. Hope the FINAL episode of the smallville series becomes another 2-hour
    movie special!

    • yeah but this time have JSA appear in person to have one final epic battle with darkseid :) it could be how hawkman dies

      • No. The finale episode has to be about Superman, having the JSA/JLA in the last episode is wrong, it will be a Clark Kent capable of dealing with Darkseid on his own.

        • i see your point……but i just want JSA/JLA in at least one ep this season. i dont wanna go the whole season knowing hawkman will die but seeing it his story end

          • Episodes 9/10/11 are JLA/JSA episodes. Hawkman appears in 9 or 10, not sure which. Along with Aquaman and a few surprises.

            • ah…sweet i dont suppose batman would be one of the surprises? lol

              • I doubt it. More likely Flash and Stargirl, maybe Black Canary. Martian Manhunter I hope!

    • That would rock!!!

  28. I’m just spit-balling here, but perhaps the final shard of Clark’s self doubt phase was cast aside when he overcame the scariest thing that many humans have to overcome in order to realise their potential: telling someone who means the world to them that they are loved. In the grand scheme of things in Clark’s life, those three small words, and the courage it took to say them, may have been the most heroic and liberating thing he could do to break the bonds of “the darkness within”.
    The result – The “flying” dance sequence at the very end of the episode.
    Very poignant. I thought the episode was brilliant!

  29. One of the best episodes so far i think. But if anyone else noticed what was in the episode, maybe this is not the final season………im hoping we will get more smallville action after the 10th and with this episode it might have been a way of then saying yes there will be another. If you dont know which part im talking about, watch when clark is in the future daily planet and picks up the newspaper showing the superman heading and the date. All you see for the date is 201-. Now this might be nothing but my thought is that because in reality it should have said 2011 being season 10 will end in 2011, but because they left the last number out, it could be cause for another season.

    • No offense… I love the show, too… BUT get a grip on reality! First off, the date on the newspaper was clearly October 17, 2017… Here is a screen cap:

      The event of the flash forward in “Salvation” (the Season 9 finale) took place in 2013…

      ALSO, this in the final season as confirmed by everyone involved. GET OVER IT! I love it too… I guess you didn’t learn the moral of the story from this episode. To quote Brainiac 5, “Your darkness lies in your dwelling in the past and your fear of the future.” Quite grasping at straws, bud. These characters will continue after the finale regardless if we “see” it or not… Do you think they are going to kill them off in the finale like Lost or something? Jeez…

    • yeah! you’re right CyClone… now quick! Get your tin foil hat and go hide in the attic. All this promotional stuff about it being the “final season” is really a big conspiracy. Sell all your worldly possessions… the CW is actually a secret division of the CIA, and if they discover your onto them, you’ll be locked up for good.

      I agree with Kenny. Get a grip, man!