‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Collateral’ Spoilers Discussion

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While fans wait with bated breath for news that Michael Rosenbaum will reprise his role as Lex Luthor, Allison Mack returns in tonight’s Smallville. Alaina Huffman, who plays the Smallville version of Black Canary, also makes an appearance.

Unfortunately, the return of Clark’s pseudo-best friend doesn’t come without complications. From the start, Chloe’s intentions are unclear and Black Canary is suspicious that she may have turned traitor, since the events in the premiere, and is working on the side of The Suicide Squad.

Whether that suspicion persists is another thing, but with Smallville back on the air, fans will most certainly tune in to find out – I’m sure the fact that Clark is so close to fulfilling his destiny of becoming Superman also plays into the series’ highly-anticipated viewing.

“Collateral” Episode description

Clark (Tom Welling), Oliver (Justin Hartley), Lois (Erica Durance) and Dinah (guest star Alaina Huffman) are released by the VRA after being captured at Hawkman’s funeral but each of them have flashbacks of Chloe (Allison Mack) holding them against their will. When Chloe returns, Dinah warns the others that Chloe may now be a traitor. Oliver dismisses her concerns but Clark is unsure if he can trust Chloe after she disappeared without an explanation. Cassidy Freeman also stars. Morgan Beggs directed the episode written by Jordan Hawley.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. this felt like a watching inception and i love it. and Clark flew! even know it was in a fake world. i love this one.

    • Agreed lol

    • Inception? Try The Matrix

      • or Avatar
        they said it

      • I agree, Anthony. There may have been a slight Inception feel (largely because it’s more fresh on most people’s minds), but I saw much more of a connection to The Matrix.
        It was about knowing that the world they were in was computer-generated, a la the Matrix. Blue pill or red pill? :)

      • actually, BOTH.

  2. The episode was fantastic!
    Deadshot and Rick Flag were amazing, glad there on the good side now!
    Chole is finally back
    jus a great way to comeback after almost two months!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! This episode was freakin’ great. Welcome back Allison Mack!

    Oh and CLARK FLEW with Lois!!!! Flew, not floated, not jumped, not fell with style, FLEW!!! What a great show! It’s episodes like this that are the reason this is my favorite show!

  4. Wow really I need to stop missing episodes-_- lol

  5. I was kind of bumed, yes clark flew but then I realized it was in a fake universe, it was like giveing a gift and taking it away

  6. Matrix rip off… At least he flew, although it wasnt real… he flew… are we ever gonna see darkseid? or is clark gonna fight the army for the rest of the season? im kinda getting sick of watching and holding my breath…

    • Why would you even leave a comment like that??? The episode was freaking epic!

      • I got to agree about the Matrix rip-off. It wasn’t even subtle from Clark being Neo. From Chloe’s fight with Black Canary, to the whole Avatar being hacked by an agent, Chloe’s multiple split ala Agent Smith to the ending Neo/Clark can fly… it was abysmally plot for plot point with the Matrix….

        But I still LOVED IT!!

        Can’t wait for the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle episode.

  7. Annnnd, when Chloe pulled out those guns, I was like “Ahhhhhh marry me!!!” It was pretty sexy…

    I have a fetish for girls handling weapons

    • me too lol she looked BA with that close up shot :)

  8. more i think about it its kinda of both

  9. Total, complete Matrix rip off and a stupid Tea Party slam. Plus the usual cornball dialog “Chloe in the sky with diamonds.”

    Can’t wait til this is over so I can stop watching it. I only watch it because it’s supposedly Superman.


    • I agree with you on the Tea Party slam. Why do it, its going to alienate half your audience, and they do it every week.

  10. The ironic thing is that I actually like most of the actors on the show (most, not all), but they’re made to utter the most incredibly awful dialog. It’s embarrassing, really.

    Oh well – I guess this has to do until Zack Snyder’s Superman movie…


    • Right on the nose. I hope the writers aren’t phoning it in because they’re all lame ducks now. Usually I can accept Smallville’s popular movie plot rip offs, but this Matrix/Dollhouse mash-up was a little too much for me. Here’s hoping to better things from the final episodes!

      • Agree with you, Yeti. I have watched every episode multiple times and this was the first one I considered not watching. All I could focus on was how much was ripped off from The Matrix. Huge fan of the show, but basically tossing SV characters into the movie made it a almost unbearable to watch.

    • I wanted to point out, in my opinion, the best parts of this show have been the scenes between Lois and Clark. And it’s been that way for years, just much better this year than previous. Yes, the dialogue for most characters is cheesy, even the whole Chloe with guns thing, it just makes you roll your eyes. But, every time they focus on Lois and Clark, just talking, Lois showing her love and support, it takes it to another level. I think part of it is the writing for those characters, but mostly it’s the actors, especially Erica Durance. She’s amazing. An actor is convincing when they appear to really “feel” what they are saying and doing. And I really feel that she’s so in love with Clark every time that they are together. So, I’m looking forward to wrapping this up, seeing him in the suit, etc. But, this season has been leaps and bounds (pun intended) over past seasons and I’ve really enjoyed it! Gonna love to see what Lionel has planned! HA!!

      • I do think that Erica Durance is the best on-screen Lois out of all the women who’ve played the character – and honestly I think Tom Welling makes a great Clark and would be a great Superman as well.

        I feel sorry for Allison Mack – the writers give her lines to say that sound like they come out of a cornball Disney Channel pre-teen targeted comedy series.


        • yeah the 3 of them are all great characters.
          the episode was OK,yeah , he did fly, but the point now is to really be able to fly, not just for a moment and then forget how you do it….
          feel like you victor, waiting for this show to be over, since they keep on insisting with borring plots and borring characters, instead of focusing on Clark….

        • I love Chloe and completely agree – craptastic dialogue must go. Some cheese is good but too much cheese makes anybody nauseous.

  11. I liked it.
    That’s all I can say.

  12. I like the show even if it is sometimes a little corny. I will be sad to see it go. It is nice to have a show like this that my teen boys like to sit and watch with me.

  13. Well it’s almost over. Good show. Yeah , the dialogue is pretty goofy but it’s always been that way. Just like the acting. And the structure of the show is pretty redundant as well.
    Since Vic mentioned it , it’s pretty obvious the writers aren’t right wing storm troopers. More than anything, I like to watch the show to see how they make comment on the fringe Tea Party people. That’s fine with me since all they seem to do is spew vitriol and hatred about our President. They ask for it. What should they expect?
    I’m surprised a lot of you guys all of a sudden see Matrix parallels. Look back to Season 8. Just the fact that Clark sometimes wears all black AND that long black coat. Neo without the glasses.

    • The Matrix comments are in regards to the fact that most of the episode tonight took place in a computer generated world. The Neo comparisons were made back when the Blur went all dark and emo and thankfully they’ve moved on from that. Outside of those two instances though there’s really no Matrix connection.

      And not that I support the Tea Party or anything, but from about 2003-2008, there was plenty of “vitriol and hatred about our President” that seems conveniently forgotten now that the ones spreading it all around then have their preferred person as the President. All I’m saying is you’re never going to get everyone to like the same person and ALL sides have their good and bad representatives, it’s just the extreme ones that get the attention.

  14. * Sun glasses …. Shades…. And if you think about it. Neo CAN fly! lol

    • When did any of them wear sun glases? lol

  15. I didn’t feel like they ripped off anything. I mean, other than Chloe, their appearances weren’t altered (clothing; trench coat and shades as was mentioned). All that was really even close to the Matrix was the computer generated world. Did we forget about Johnny Quest??? Just cause they use the same idea, I personally, wouldn’t consider it a “rip off”.

    But that’s just me… :)

    • Well Chloe was MORPHEUS, clearly…..

  16. There is nothing new under the sun… any idea has been tried before in one form or another… was Inception a rip off of Matrix, which was a rip-off of Tron… which was a rip off of who knows what… It just gets tiring with all this who got ripped off nonsense… and I like the dialogue, I’ve said it before… its just more interesting than a pedestrian rehashing of the plot by the characters… they have to say something… at least they try to be creative… every week this show gives me at least one and more often more than one “Holy S___t” moments… I audibly say it out loud, I’m so floored by something cool they’ve done… they’re doing the transformation in increments first he tells Lois he loves her, then the secret, then the proposal, then she’s one of the league… same with the flying, an abortive attempt with Kara… levitating with Lois and the dance, now virtual flying… its more satisfying done a little at a time… I don’t care what anyone says, I love this show… all of it… and I will be sad when its over…

    • Tom,

      Please. There’s a difference between doing a similar concept and a blatant rip off.


    • I completely agree

  17. this is my “just cuz” show. i keep watching just cuz im already so damn invested.

  18. Slowmo gun fire, a knife stops in mid air, computer generated reality, white clothing instead of black! Come on, There Is No Spoon! This was a complete rip off of Matrix and the writers should just end this mess now and let Alison Mack go on to something good.

    • you say “rip off”, I say “inspiration” :)

      • You say “inspiration”, I say “uninspired writers.” 8)


        • HAHA!

        • Haha, well maybe :)

          I still love the show!

          • you guys crack me up! I love this site!!!

  19. The way I see it is that they took someting that people liked (The Matrix) and they used the “idea” of it in the episode so that fans will enjoy it. I mean how many shows can you say are CSI rip offs? Alot. I’m not saying whether or not anybody is wrong, that’s just what I think. 😉

  20. It was an obvious use of other themes but why does it have to be “bad writing” or whatnot. Don’t people watch tv for the enjoyment anymore? I liked the episode. It is good to see Chloe back and start the last half of the final season!

  21. For my part, I loved the episode and thought it had many wonderful elements. Yes, I did see very clear references to/implications of BOTH “The Matrix” and “Inception”, but in this particular episode, they worked quite well.

    • Yay! Positive comments!!! Lol

  22. Alright so I will accept all of the criticism into this blog…. what is the nature of your concern… that Smallville has taken from Inception or the Matrix… here’s a bulletin… niether of those ideas was fresh when they brought them out… they’d been one sveral times… just not successfully… so now they are and so when our tiny little show that could resembles them in any way shape or form its some sort of copycat thing…. grow up… people have been stealing from Shakespeare for 400 years… get used to the fact that new ideas are hard to come by… the good news is, the writers for this series are not just phoning it in… they have figured it out and they are making a delightful play ground for use to revel in for 11 more episodes… until Metropolis…

    • dude hahaha i could actually hear the matrix violin notes on the background before he flew!

  23. Did I see a different episode to everyone else? So far this season of Smallville has been perfect for me, no misfires at all… Until now, I thought this was a horrendous mess.
    The plot was lazy and predictable, the Matrix Chloe was embarrasing to watch, never has Clark seemed so pathetic, I was deeply disappointed.
    Total waste of Deadshot and Flagg.
    Some cool CGI and Clark (virtual) flying does not make up for the worst episode of the season so far. I knew it would happen eventually, Smallville can never manage a full run of great episodes, I love this show, but it can only ever keep up the quality for so long before it falters and gives us a real stinker like this.

    • Agreed. I thought I was losing it reading other comments! This episode was a mess.

  24. Season to date has been great, although this episode was a real miss for me. The whole Matrix/Inception thing was very silly and the episode did nothing to advance the main story arc. This whole episode was pretty much about Chloe coming back and while we did see some development towards Clark’s flying in the dream world, at the end of the episode he was still gorunded. There are too many episodes left and at this point wee need more develpopment with Darkseid and the Luthors. The whole vigilante registration act and the suicide squad arcs should come to an end.

  25. episode wasnt that good but it was kool to see deadshot workin with clhoe and oliver and chloe is back!! yay

  26. Awful episode. Supernatural came back with a belter of an episode – this was one of the worst of the series.