Smallville: Clark Will Propose To Lois Within The Next 3 Episodes

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smallville lois clark proposal Smallville: Clark Will Propose To Lois Within The Next 3 Episodes

With Smallville coming to an end, the producers are pulling out all the stops and fast-tracking the long awaited relationship of Lois and Clark. As Executive Producer Brian Peterson reveals, fans can expect the iconic couple to take the next step in their relationship and solidify their future together with Clark proposing to Lois “within the next three episodes.”

Executive Producer Kelly Souders adds:

“The ring will come out of the pocket. It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do. Obviously we work really closely with DC Comics and they have been fantastic this year about letting us kind of push things because it’s the end and it’s now or never. We always wanted to get the Lois and Clark relationship to that next level in the Smallville story.”

Of course, with a proposal coming so soon within the final season of Smallville, it begs the question whether an engagement is the furthest that this relationship will progress in the series, or if we’ll eventually see Lois walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Lois Lane (as if Lois would ever change her name). Unfortunately, while Peterson was happy to reveal the impending proposal, he’s being tight-lipped about a possible wedding day.

“We can’t really talk about a wedding, but that relationship is definitely progressing.”

Considering that “we can’t really talk about a wedding” is a pretty good indicator of their plans, one can only speculate what the marriage of Lois & Clark would entail. In the franchises mythos, Lois and Clark have been married both in a typical human ceremony, but also in a Kryptonian wedding ceremony at the Fortress of Solitude.  Since Jor-El hasn’t exactly been the biggest proponent of Clark’s extracurricular actives, perhaps a traditional wedding would be the best for everyone. Not to mention safer.

lois and clark smallville Smallville: Clark Will Propose To Lois Within The Next 3 Episodes

With the Darkseid storyline beginning to take shape and the Darkseid Elite just now forming, one has to wonder how Lois and Clark’s engagement will play into the villain’s storyline. Will the visitor from Apokolips use Clark’s feelings for Lois against him or go the typical route and just take her hostage?

Whatever happens, it will most certainly propel Clark into finally becoming the greatest hero the world has ever seen… with the wardrobe to match.


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  1. this next episode should be good, but the last two really were horrible. you would have thought that every episode from the start to the very end would have been really on spot and intense. the show supernatural can do it, why not smallville?

    • Did you miss the first couple Supernaturals this season?

      • Supernatural hasn’t been the same since Season 3 – and Season 5 (the start at least) was horrendous. Season 6 has no specific plot!

        However saying that, I’d love a Season 7! :)

  2. A traditional wedding would be safer???

    I’m not sure Jimmy and Chloe would agree!

    • I would take a chance with Doomsday over Jor-El any day.

      • I wonder. Was it Jor-El that showed Clark and Lois the recorded message in the Fortress?

        • DSM,

          Who else would it be?


          • Lol… Superdog!

      • Smallville’s Doomsday anyway :P

  3. Also, I’m not ready for Smallville to end! Ten Years it’s been on. It’s like a friend you tolerate even though they annoy the hell out of you half the time.

    • Like Ricky lol. I’m glad that I’m watching this season, its been pretty good so far.

      • HA!

        I agree with Doc (I keep calling you that, DrSamBeckett, I hope you don’t mind. It’s just easier to type :) ), I don’t know what I’ll start watching after Smallville’s over. It’s been my #1 show for ten years…

  4. Have to say that this season and last season have been great. granted there have been some silly episodes in between, but overall the storyline progression and the integrity of the writing have increased drastically.

  5. No disrespect to those that love this show (and the rest of the melodramatic dribble that the CW produces) but I am so very glad that this show is finally dying. Honestly, I have watched the show before and found it to be totally intolerable. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Well thank you for sharing. I was always taught, if ya don’t have anything nice to say, keep ya trap shut.

      • Aren’t you kind of contradicting yourself with that statement?

        As for the show, I’m actullay becoming less and less interested with it. I’ve like some the episodes, but it’s getting pretty dull now. I was greatly anticipating last week’s episode, and it was just dull (IMO). Tomorrow night’s looks to be just as dull.

        • Yes it was intentional. A joke if you will.

        • Dull? really?

          Maybe something’s wrong with me, but I thought this season has been relatively AWESOME!!!

          • Foopher.

            You and I know, as fans, how awesome this season has been. They’ve hardly put a foot wrong so far, near perfect for me.
            I’ve gotten used to people bashing the show over the years, but they obviously dont watch it like we do, we know it’s great.
            And that’s enough. :)

  6. It will be that last moment before the mid-season finale…

    • Im not so sure, while it’s a great dramatic character moment, one of Smallvilles best tricks has been it’s cliffhangers, I think it will be something bigger.
      Darkseid perhaps.

      • Well maybe, but then again how big is Clark proposing to Lois? Pretty big. :)

    • i hope not

  7. hey, can anyone tell me WHERE clark got his pleather red jacket?? or his blue suite for that matter?? they just kinda showed up didnt they?

    • Yes, his mom made the suit for him, just as in every version of Superman as for the red jacket, I imagine he got it from the same people who made Oliver’s and the rest of the JLA’s costumes.

      • I do recall a line from Oliver in season 9 episode 3; RABID, “I know an amazing tailor, could hook you up with some color” (that might not be an actual quote, but it was something along those lines)

    • I think he got it from the same place Peter PArker got his incredibly intricate Spider-Man costume in the first movie. 8)


    • See that’s a nice thing to say.

      • LOL indeed

  8. I think that is great . I can’t wait and it is so exsiding to watch each wek and new things unfold

  9. i honestly don’t see how people could ‘fall in love’ with this garbage show. think about it people up until season 7 the story saw sort of off track, it didn’t establish anything apart from the growing hatred between clark and lex (which took longer then it should have imo).
    then things got a little interesting around season 7 (story related villains etc) but went back to being boring/stupid once a couple of the main villains ran away.

    i didn’t watch alot of season 9 because of its lack of ‘action’ and story dev, imo they should have introduced clark to his powers (properly) and given him the ability to fly around season 3, then introduced the main villains from season 4 to 6 and ended by season 7 or 8 (by giving him the suit (and him being in it for a couple of episodes).

    boring show with hardly anything worth getting excited over nothing really more (maybe less though).

    • ” anything apart from the growing hatred between clark and lex (which took longer then it should have imo).”

      Seriously??? The fact that Clark and Lex went from best friends to mortal enemies is one of the cleverest things the show has ever done, it’s a fantastic deconstruction of mistrust and how a friendship can completely fall apart.
      You’re entitled to an opinion but you’re dead wrong concerning Clark and Lex.

      “i didn’t watch alot of season 9 because of its lack of ‘action’ and story dev”

      Uh. Is that a different season 9 to the one the rest of us watched? Because season 9 is arguably one of the best and most action packed seasons there has been.

      As for the suit, we all wanted Clark to where it earlier, but most of us have accepted that it won’t happen until the final episode. There were, and still are, legal issues regarding the use of the suit. Not to mention that WB stipulated to the Smallville producers that there would not ever be a Superman suit.

      • i admit the clark/lex thing was an understatement. but i stand by everything else i said. is started getting good mid season 7, season 8 was ok and midway 9 was when it started sliding down again.

        whilst i hated most the show i did like the little things like the formation of the JLA and the appearance of major villains etc.

  10. you know there’s a problem with your “superhero” show when, one day, the main highlight becomes a wedding or a love story that was dragged on for many seasons.

    • Lois is quite a handful bt clark loves her like dat. I need a season 11