Smallville: Chloe And Black Canary Return in ‘Collateral’ Episode

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black canary chloe sulivan smallville2 Smallville: Chloe And Black Canary Return in Collateral Episode

While fans wait with bated breath for news that Michale Rosenbaum will reprise his role as Lex Luthor, original Smallville cast member Allison Mack will return as Chloe on the January 28th episode, entitled “Collateral”. Alaina Huffman, who plays the Smallville version of Black Canary, will also make an appearance. The two come into conflict with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow over Chloe’s intentions.

Chloe Sullivan’s last appearance on Smallville was the season 10 premiere, where she and long-time love interest Oliver Queen (played by Justin Hartley) were dramatically ripped apart. Chloe left with the knowledge of Doctor Fate after faking her own death and hasn’t been seen since.

“Collateral”, will see them reunited – though with only a handful of episodes left, they’ll have to talk fast if fans are to see a happy ending for Smalliville‘s original girl reporter. Dinah, AKA Black Canary, has made fleeting appearances this season, but will return in earnest as the series ramps up to the finale.

Chloe’s return won’t come without it’s own complications. Her intentions are far from clear, and Black Canary fears that Chloe may have turned traitor since the events in the premiere. The central conflict will revolve around Chloe’s mysterious disappearance, and whether or not Clark and the others can trust her. It’s not clear if Chloe will resume her duties at the Watchtower (or as Watchtower, for that matter) but given the character’s on-again, off-again powers, various interests and her recent disappearance, it would seem that anything is possible. The Suicide Squad will also make an appearance.

TV Line speculates that Black Canary and Green Arrow may be headed for a more serious relationship in the last few episodes. They offer the recent marriage of Black Canary and Green Arrow in the DC comic continuity as evidence. This seems unlikely, however, given Chloe’s more established role in Smallville‘s continuity and the fact that the show’s writers never feel compelled to use the comics as anything more than a guideline. We’ve seen over 200 episodes without Clark donning the blue tights, so why start walking the continuity tightrope now?

chloe green arrow Smallville: Chloe And Black Canary Return in Collateral Episode

One thing’s for sure: those waiting to see Clark finally seize his destiny are in for a treat very soon. Comes the hour, comes the man – and there aren’t that many hours left. The recent promotional art for the last half of season 10 doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.

Smallville returns to the CW on Friday, January 28th.

Source: TV Line

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  1. the character of chloe has irritated me since day one. please be the last episode for her.

  2. And is that Rick Flagg walking away in the distance???

    • Yeah thats him. And I like chloe… sorta. She let Doomsday live and later blamed Clark for not killing him and the death of Jimmy. Newsflash, YOU WOULDN’T LET HIM!!! Even so, I kinda like her. Moreso when she was his high scjool friend. Though she is a good character, i’d prefer it if somehow Oliver were to get with Black Canary. And by the way, I don’t just like Chloe because I think Allison Mack is cute.

    • Is tonights episode new or are repeat?

      • Repeat. It’s not back on till 27th.

        • 28th Doc :)

  3. I got a pretty good feeling she does get killed this time for sure

    • Well she is in 3-4 more episodes after this one, she is definitely in Beacon because her name is mentioned in the synopsis, but I think she might die eventually.

  4. Is Johnathan coming back again? Does anyone know? I thought he signed up for at least 2 episodes?

    • Yeah, he’s supposed to be in one more episode.

  5. Personally I think Allison Mack is the most beautiful girl in the world so with her back I’ll be watching! She needs a perfect send off! She has been the force if right and wrong when Clark could never make up his mind. This season has been great so hopefully they’ll keep that going.

    • I agree she is very pretty (for a blonde) but I really hope they kill Chloe off. It’s best all round. Should have done it years ago.

      • I agree Sam, that character was the reason I stopped watching the show on a regular basis after a few seasons. She was, still is an all around annoying pain in the arse.

    • Garret, by perfect send off if you mean a beheading, i agree!

    • You need glasses.

      • Actually, Clark is the one that needs glasses. :)

  6. i hope Chloe shows up in more episodes

  7. Looking forward to another appearance by ALAINA (note proper spelling of name) Huffman on Smallville again.

  8. I’ll be the shallow one and just say Alaina Huffman looks gorgeous in the still. Glad to see a long-haired Canary. Looks aside, her work on Stargate: Universe has impressed me so it’s nice to see her receiving more recognition and screen time. I’m not a fan of Chloe so I’m hoping the show at least ends with a proper Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship.

  9. I can’t wait to see new episodes of “Smallville” good
    to see chloe back again.

  10. Can’t wait for Allison Mack’s return, the chlollie reunion and what will happen to her in the end. Also FYI, Oliver and Dinah are already divorced in the comics.

  11. Thank you for the lovely photos of Allison Mack. I don’t know what the future holds for Chloe, and for Chloe and Oliver for that matter, but I’m willing to sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope that she has a great, and happy ending.

  12. I adore Chloe and I cannot wait to see her back. She has always been my favourite character. I hope that the writers are able to wrap up her arc and her story in a cool and exciting way.

    And I don’t think she’ll die. I very much doubt that Allison Mack agreed to come back for five episodes in order to see her character killed off.

  13. I think a, “METROPOLIS SEASON 1″, would be awesome to continue his journey all the way to Lex’s presidential nomination and on….

    • No idea. Only saw that movie once, and before she was on my radar screen. Bit part?


      • LOL I’m talking about the new episode of smallville on IMDB she is credited as being part of the cast LOL sorry dude

  14. I for one would love to see another appearance by Zantanna!

    • Agreed!

  15. For years I’ve figured it would be the death of Chloe the would be the final element to thrust Clark into the full on Superman persona — may still be.

    • I’ve had the same suspicion, though I thought it might also have been the death of Lana. Who’s to say at this stage? It could very well be the return of Lex that drives home the fact that Clark can no longer deny his destiny.

    • Given that he does care about her a great deal, someone actually killing Chloe might push Clark over the edge and turn him into Dark Superman (which would be cool in its own right).

      A Superman who doesn’t so much break the rules, as forgets there are rules in the first place? One who deals out justice Punisher style? That would be cool, and a nice twist on a series that has rather portrayed Clark as a bit of a limp-wristed goodie two-shoes.

  16. Allison Mack has said that all she wants Chloe end the end is for her to be happy. And hopefully if the writers respect her and appreciate everything that Allison Mack has done for the show they’ll honor her request. And as a Chloe fan after everything she has been through hell yah she deserves a happy ending! How many times has Chloe died on the show? Plenty! I REALLY hope they don’t kill her off I highly, highly doubt it so I’m not too worried but I guess u never know with these smallville writers they could screw us over its not like they haven’t before when it comes to Chloe! As for Chlollie its been nice to see them end up together. Chloe deserves her “knight and shining leather” Its about time she has a man, man in her life who loves her, ALL of her. Ollie and Dinah sure they’re together in the comics, r they actually even together? Last I heard they divorced that was never really a healthy relationship so why not have Chloe and Oliver end up together on the show?! Dinah and Oliver have never had any development Chloe and Oliver HAVE lots! They deserve to be happy! Together

  17. im still hoping to be amazed on how chloe actually disappears. do you remember that episode where the superheroes from the future came and said that there werent any records at all on a chloe sullivan?? just hoping its something epic

  18. i miss her.. hope she make another series or movie…does she have a fan club?