Comic-Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

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tom welling superman Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

This past Sunday at Comic-Con most everyone saw that as a time to rest – the big movie panels/interviews were over and Comic-Con 2010 was coming to a close. Of course, as a die-hard fan of The CW, I knew that Sunday was game day as the network pulled out their big gun – Smallville.

With my HD camcorder and digital camera in tow, I set off for the Smallville press room only to find out that no video recording or photography was allowed. Crap!

Of course, the banning of video and photography equipment was only the beginning. With everyone wanting to know what’s going to be happening in the show’s final season, Warner Bros. (the studio that produces Smallville) was pulling no punches and made it clear to everyone that if you were not on the list, you were not getting in.

Thankfully, I was on the list and for the next hour, I talked with almost everyone from Smallville in attendance (sans Tom Welling – bummer) about what we can expect from Smallville season 10, or as the fans know it, the final season.

You can check out the highlights below.


Brian Peterson (executive producer):

brian peterson smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • The Superman suit that will be used in Smallville is the EXACT SAME suit used in Superman Returns – but slightly altered. (Brian Peterson recalled his excitement about finally receiving the Superman Returns suit from Warner Bros.)
  • Lex Luthor will return to Smallville WITH or WITHOUT Michael Rosenbaum. The studio, networks and producers have opened their doors to get him to return, but there is no word, as of yet. They wanted Rosenbaum as Lex for the premiere, but couldn’t make it happen.
  • Clark will fly! When I asked him about whether we’d get the “Superman moment” (where Clark rips open his shirt, don’s the suit and fly’s off), he fumbled for an answer and then finally said, “We have our own take on what we want to happen.” – yeah, I don’t know what that means either.
  • Alice Mack’s final stint as Chloe Sullivan will be spaced throughout the entire season. They want to use her as much as possible.  (Hopefully, that means she won’t be killed off.)

John Schneider (Johnathan Kent):

  • Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) will return for the season premiere.
  • Clark and Jonathan will be working together on the Kent’s farm. Jonathan will warn Clark that something dark is coming (Darkseid) and then proclaim that “One day, you will become the greatest hero that the world will ever know. (Schneider also inadvertently showed his drivers license to the entire audience in Ballroom 20 and is curious to see how many people will be camped out on his lawn.)

Erica Durance (Lois Lane):

erica durance smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • While Lois Lane knows that Clark is the red-blue-blur, Clark still believes that his identity remains a secret to her.
  • When I asked Durance if (like usual) there will be some kind of villain-of-the-week that shows up and wipes Lois’s memory – and the knowledge of who Clark truly is – she responded by saying, “I hope not!”

Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer):

  • Granny Goodness was the elderly woman outside of Tess Mercer’s hospital room in the ninth season finale. Tess has some connection to her, but Freeman hasn’t been told what that connection is yet.

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow):

justin hartly smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • Regarding a Green Arrow spin-off: “I don’t know, I guess anything is possible. I think it would work – we’ll see. I haven’t been approached, though. So, we’ll see what happens.”
  • Hartley will direct an episode this season (last year, he wrote the episode “Sacrifice”).
  • As far as he knows, Black Canary will NOT be coming back for the final season.
  • Hartley would like to see Oliver Queen be “at peace” and “comfortable in his own skin” when Smallville comes to an end. He also noted that he hopes that doesn’t come until the end of the season – and not in the middle – because nobody wants to see someone that’s “vanilla.”
  • Hartley hopes to steal the Green Arrow costume after Smallville is over since he hasn’t been able to gain any weight while playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Unfortunately, since I was in the middle of interviews with the cast of Supernatural at the time, I was unable able to see the video shown during the panel.

While I was upset at first that I wasn’t able to see the Superman suit, once I found out that it was the suit from Superman Returns, I figured I could just rewatch that – or not (that movie was pretty terrible).

As we get closer to the September 24th premiere of Smallville season 10, there’s no doubt that more information will be released. When that happens, you can be sure that Screen Rant will be on top of it.

You can catch the tenth season premiere of Smallville, September 24 @8pm on The CW.

Header image source: thanks to Billy Roach.

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  1. I’m gonna cry for Smallville man! :-(

  2. Cannot wait. I’ve seen the footage, seeing Clark fly is just amazing, never thought I’d actually see it happen, but damn he can fly!!!!

    The suit looks to be brighter in colour to me.

    And you quite clearly see Clark talking to Lex on the trailer, it’s not Michael Rosenbaum that I can tell though. Lex was cloning himself, that’s what all the people in tanks are with Tess.

    • yea the suit did look brighter but the cape was the cape CK got from whats her face when she was in it a cpl seasons ago and i know what you mean i thought id never see CK fly as himself.
      the scene ur talking about where CK is talking to Lex is that under the big tree? and i think Rosenbaum is returning but their keeping it a secret so its a massive surprise for alls us fans during the season maybe not at the beginning of the season but midway well i hope so anyway ;).
      i knew Lex would have clones of himself seeing as he had thousands of Lana clones.


      • It is entirely possible they are keeping it a secret,

        • if they are then its all gd but if he isnt returning then i dont want Lex in the final season but obviously Lex is in the season with or without Rosenbaum

  3. are you guys gonna be posting Supernatural coverage, or di i miss it somehow?

    • I’ve got interviews with the entire cast of Supernatural(minus Jim Beaver) that should go up tonight or tomorrow morning. Processing the video right now.

      • SWEEEET :)

  4. The suit that they’re using is the suit from Superman Returns! Woo!!! I’m excited.

  5. I’m curious to see how Johnathan and Lionel are coming back.

    • Jonathan is coming back in CK’s near death experience during the premier i think is the most likely way for that but as for lionel im not sure maybe theres a clone of him loooool

      • I get thats how Johnathan comes back in ‘Lazurus’ but he will be back for at least 3 episodes.

  6. I am so [um[ed for this now!!!

    what are the odds that Brandon Routh’s suit would fit Tom Welling…. hmmm??

    • i think the suit will fit coz i dont think that suit was designed for routh coz routh needed padding coz it didnt fit him, the sleeves may be a bit to small doh coz TW’s arms are bloody huge as hell compared to Routh’s

  7. So pretty much everything above confirms that this season will ROCK!!!

  8. The 10th season should be the best one and that there should be no more stalling. It’s going to be the flipside of the 9th season in terms of Clark and Lois. We have Clark working with someone else while Lois is away and she’s the one keeping secrets.

    I’d hope that Smallville would create its own version of the Superman suit such as using the Warrior Angel cape, the blue bodysuit from Dr. Fate, and the symbol shield from Superman Returns.

  9. Who is the primary villain of this season? anyone know?

    • Darkseid

      • Darkseid* lol

  10. I think what has made SMALLVILLE so sucessful over its 10 season run is that it found what worked and it stuckk with it, refusing to try and re-invent itself every seaon and not get caught into the trap of trying to out do the prior season. The cast rotated and locations changed but the basic formula remained teh same.

    I was suprised how well the show did after Michael’s exit since his Lex Luthor was a very strong potrayal of teh character. I would dare say he has been the best LEX LUTHOR of the Big Screen and the small screen.

    Had Welling left that woudl have been the nail but he stuck thru all 10 seasons, something most actors woudl not do these days. As soon as a show gets its 5th season run many will bail to try and take advanatge of being at a popularity high. This sticking it out and being faithful to the show and in turn to the fans is why Welling deserves at a minimum to get a shot at the role of Supes in Nolans reboot.

  11. In an interview with Tom Welling they said that they were trying to get Michael Rosenbaum back. He said that “there’s still some things we need to iron out” (not actual quote, but close).

    This season will be EPIC! Duuuh duh duh duh duuuuuuh SUP-ER-MAN!!!

  12. I am really pysched (and sad) about the 10th season of Smallville. It’s going to be AWESOME to finally see Clark don the suit and fly (can you imagine how many DVD’s WB is going to sell of Season 10?), but also really sad to know that this is the final season of a show I have been watching for a decade. I really hope that they’re able to get Michael Rosembaum back because he really emobodied Lex Luthor. Just doesn’t seem right to bring back Lex without Michael.

  13. so is that a sign that when Superman comes back on the big screen, that Welling might be Supes instead??


    • its really doubtful that he will be in Nolans superman movie. petition another director for a Smallville film lol, the nolans dont wanna make a soap-opera comic book movie

  14. Oh this Allison Mack news just made my day, she’s around for the entire season. Thanks!

    • yeah but only 5 or 6 episodes

      • theyy really need to kill her pain in the ass character off already. she isnt central to the show at all

        • Hey! Shut up…

      • She’s not signed up for a set amount of episodes. They would like to use her as much as possible. So, it could be 5,10,15… who knows.

  15. very excited for season 10 to come out, but @ the same time sad coz it’s the last one. i’ve been watching the series fr the very beginning. made sure none of my classes or work schedule interfere whenever smallville’s on all these 10 yrs. erica and cassidy looked great @ the comic con in san diego. tom and justin… just wow. can’t stop drooling. 😉 i’m really going to miss the show. :(

  16. From what i read in a magazine, We won’t see Darkseid till the end of the season. Most likely we’ll see Granny Goodness though and possibly a group know as Female Furies? In the meantime during the season Darkseid as i read is the main villain of the season behind closed doors till the final episode. I hope to see Clark, or should i say (Superman) fight Darkseid in the final episode and have the season end with a bang. Im surprised nothin was mentioned about Blue Beetle & Booster Gold making appearances.

    • I actually like that. Keep’s us in suspense

  17. I sorta hope Chloe dies. Her character has become so superfluous as the show has gone on, she’s come so close to being killed so many times.

    If Lana comes back, or is even mentioned, I will be extremely annoyed. Her character was dead weight after season 3, when lois came on the scene Lana should have been written out.

    Lex has to return. He’s on the trailer.

  18. That’s some pretty crackerjack reporting there. You couldn’t audio record your interviews and transcribe them? I hope you’re not getting paid.

    • dude, theres no call in attacking the reprter here, if you dont like the story keep it to yourself and grow up.

  19. Superman Returns was awesome – get over it.

  20. @Invisigoth

    Shut your mouth!

  21. I thought Superman Returns was ok for a film. Like everybody probly, i wished it had more action it, mostly a physical threat that Superman could of faced. When i first seen pictures of Routh as Superman before it came out i thought he didnt look like Christopher Reeve till i saw him on film in the costume and i was like WOW,lol. I watch alittle of a episode of Mad Men with Jon Hamm, I can’t help think he seems more like to be fit for the role of Lex Luthor than Superman. If not cast Routh or Welling, id rather see a unknown in the role. Im still against this reboot and just because Nolan had success with his Batman films, mostly TDK that is, doesnt convince me enough because for live action films like Superman & WonderWoman, are roles not to be taken lightly. I asked people around here, few agree with me why not just ignore Superman Returns if was such a flop to WB and some fans? Id just bring back Routh and new people play Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, Perry White, etc. and have this film take place after Superman 2 instead of Superman Returns. They can even change the Superman costume. Besides, i remember reading Singer had Brainiac as the main villain aswell as Lex for a sequel to Superman Returns anyways, so WB/Nolan Brothers cans till use their idea of villains as i read were Lex&Brainiac and keep it in continuation Reeve’s first two films since we already seen Superman go up against Lex in the original, General Zod in Superman 2. Does Nolan plan to make a career outta rebooting franchises? I mean he’s done Batman, now Superman, Maybe even James Bond. Im sure Singer had good intentions to make Superman Returns good, i thought it was cause the first few days the theater was packed here. My only about the film was it seemed too much to be a remake of Donnor’s original.

  22. I found this post slightly confusing in the writer’s thoughts area. Let me sum up: he bums out that there can be no video footage will be allowed, that there is a “list” and he’s lucky to be on it.

    So he misses part of the presentation (with the SR suit) to talk to the folks from Supernatural, and then comes back? And why rewatch Superman Returns anyway–just for the suit, especially if he hated the film.

    So when an above commenter calls this report as “pedestrian” and gets his knuckles slapped, let me put it another way. If I was there, my name was on a list, I went in, I would make it a point to stay for the ENTIRE presentation- especially if I were curious how the SR outfit looked on Welling. Then the author attempts rather poorly to make the news about the suit exciting.

    Did he walk out?

    • Yeah, Darren, you’re right – he should have just skipped the entire thing and never reported on this at all here on the site. Then you and the other guy could have just found the news somewhere else.

      I had six writers (SIX!) covering Comic-Con this year and we STILL missed things. That’s how much there is going on and part of the problem is overlap and panels taking place at the same time.

      Both Supernatural and Smallville are very popular, and with people deployed elsewhere, I think Anthony did a respectable job of covering both.


      • Vic, I never suggested that he skip it. I am aware that events overlap. I am aware it is possible to miss things. I meant no disrespect. But the post did annoy me that the writer was there, yet he chose not to see the footage, then writes about it being exciting.

        I don’t know…maybe it was just two seconds worth.

  23. Returns was a beautiful story about trying to find a place in this world – which everyone can relate to, which is kinda the whole point of the character.

    I for one don’t want to see 2 and a half hours of Superman bashing the brains out of endless robots – I had enough of that with the game.

    If you want mindless action, go watch Transformers.

    • Steve,

      Sorry, disagree. I’m not a fan of a mopey, stalker Superman who’s a father of a bastard child.


        • GreenKnight,

          Of course I have nothing against the kids – not their fault.


  24. Well said Darren :)

  25. I thought Superman Returns had a good story and a fair cast but the lack of action and the idea that Superman had a kid were the real deal breakers. If they would have thrown in another villain that Lex Luthor puppeted around, then the movie would have been much stronger. Also the pace needs to be picked up. We dont want a slow paced movie. We also dont need a mindless movie like Tranformers. I think Nolan will make sure that the film is of great quality. After Inception I am convinced that he is one of (if not the) best and most creative directors of all time.
    As for Smallville, seen the comic con trailer and it looks like this season will be very, very good. I think bringing back Lex with or without Rosenbaum is a great idea and a must. Lex Luthor was such an integral part of the show for so many years he MUST be there for it’s conclusion.
    Also we need to have some resoltion with Lana. She needs at least an episode commitment this season.
    I’d like to hope that they kill off Chloe but I doubt that they will. The studio will likely want to keep her character around for any potential spinoffs. So I doubt that we will get an MAJOR deaths this season because most of the other characters are definately in the safe zone. maybe Lana finally dying would be a good idea. I dont think taht anyone gives a crap about Tess Merecer to be honest so if they kill her off big deal.

  26. I think it made the character more human.

    I know people don’t like this (It was the same with David Tennant’s Doctor) but Superman was taken down a notch in the film, making it different.

    Superman is not Batman – or any other comic book movie.

    It’s not a film that can be like The Dark Knight or Watchmen, or X-Men or Spiderman or Hulk etc etc.
    It’s a film of morality, outcasts, and hope.

    What does Superman have that no other hero has?

    Altruism. (In its fundamental essence)

    Batman wants to avenge his parents. Spiderman wants to show off/stand up to “bullies”. X-men want equality for their race. etc They all have egoistic reasons for fighting crime, making Superman different.

    Only Superman took his powers and used them for good – out of the goodness of his heart, if you will (and his parents ideals :)
    Only Superman abhors violence to inspire.

    Therefore Superman is a different hero – a different film. It can’t be dark and faithful at the same time.

    What you guys give as evidence for your dislike of Returns, seems like it’s heavily influenced by “modern, dark” movies.

    I’m all for a “different” Superman movie – just one that is faithful and not 2 hours of bashing up robots.

    • I agree with you Steve. I grew up seeing Christopher Reeve as Superman and he lived up to the character. I loved the first two films, Superman 2 being my favorite and enjoyed Superman 3 & 4, Yes i enjoyed Superman 4 unlike most people despite bad effects it had or the idea of Nuclear man which i thought was good idea for a physical threat. After seeing some deleted scenes i thought the film would of been better if it was longer. I enjoyed Superman Returns, not the best but watchable. With Nolan involved, id hate to see Superman be darker, be be considered as a angry god, that would be like comparing him to Darkseid. People should have high expectations for this film due to a film like TDK that involved Batman whos the opposite of Superman.

  27. I agree with Greenknight333 on that one. Superman a stalker? It wasnt like he was watchin Lois undress. In Batman Begins, Batman was peeping in Gordon’s house before he came outside, samething. As for Superman having a kid, i thought it was bad mistake to have in the movie but what could you expect after Clark & Lois’s little sleepover in the Fortress of Solitude in Superman 2? I thought problem was like everyone is Superman could of had a villain that was a physical threat while at the sametime finding his place back in the world. I prefer WB just have this film take place after Superman 2, ignoring Superman Returns and only bring back Brandon Routh in the role of Superman.

  28. If people want Superman fighting all the time, smashing stuff up, intergalactic battles, then you have completely missed the point of the character and what he represents.

    Superman shouldn’t be a smack fest, sure he can fight it out with the best of ’em but he doesn’t want to.

    I have almost zero problems with Superman Returns, it was a thoughtful film about what happens when you leave and having to accept things have changed when you come back, wrapped up in a red and blue suit of a blockbuster. He wasn’t stalking Lois, he was keeping an eye on the woman he loves, it wasn’t creepy at all.

    And people who complain about the lack of action in the film, just watch the plane shuttle disaster, one of the best action sequences of the past decade. If you want to see your costumed hero beating seven shades out of villains, go watch Batman.

    • No, nobody missed the point.

      Just the same, I’d rather see Supes battle 100 Brainiac robots or a showdown with Metallo than another Luther evil plot in real estate.

      Wouldn’t you?

      • Not necessarily.

  29. id rather see supes battle Doomsday and brainiac but still have lex in it but not in a major role

    • Lex needs to go back to the scientist role, at least in that mode he can actually act as a real threat to SUperman.