Comic-Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

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tom welling superman Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

This past Sunday at Comic-Con most everyone saw that as a time to rest – the big movie panels/interviews were over and Comic-Con 2010 was coming to a close. Of course, as a die-hard fan of The CW, I knew that Sunday was game day as the network pulled out their big gun – Smallville.

With my HD camcorder and digital camera in tow, I set off for the Smallville press room only to find out that no video recording or photography was allowed. Crap!

Of course, the banning of video and photography equipment was only the beginning. With everyone wanting to know what’s going to be happening in the show’s final season, Warner Bros. (the studio that produces Smallville) was pulling no punches and made it clear to everyone that if you were not on the list, you were not getting in.

Thankfully, I was on the list and for the next hour, I talked with almost everyone from Smallville in attendance (sans Tom Welling – bummer) about what we can expect from Smallville season 10, or as the fans know it, the final season.

You can check out the highlights below.



Brian Peterson (executive producer):

brian peterson smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • The Superman suit that will be used in Smallville is the EXACT SAME suit used in Superman Returns – but slightly altered. (Brian Peterson recalled his excitement about finally receiving the Superman Returns suit from Warner Bros.)
  • Lex Luthor will return to Smallville WITH or WITHOUT Michael Rosenbaum. The studio, networks and producers have opened their doors to get him to return, but there is no word, as of yet. They wanted Rosenbaum as Lex for the premiere, but couldn’t make it happen.
  • Clark will fly! When I asked him about whether we’d get the “Superman moment” (where Clark rips open his shirt, don’s the suit and fly’s off), he fumbled for an answer and then finally said, “We have our own take on what we want to happen.” – yeah, I don’t know what that means either.
  • Alice Mack’s final stint as Chloe Sullivan will be spaced throughout the entire season. They want to use her as much as possible.  (Hopefully, that means she won’t be killed off.)

John Schneider (Johnathan Kent):

  • Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) will return for the season premiere.
  • Clark and Jonathan will be working together on the Kent’s farm. Jonathan will warn Clark that something dark is coming (Darkseid) and then proclaim that “One day, you will become the greatest hero that the world will ever know. (Schneider also inadvertently showed his drivers license to the entire audience in Ballroom 20 and is curious to see how many people will be camped out on his lawn.)

Erica Durance (Lois Lane):

erica durance smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • While Lois Lane knows that Clark is the red-blue-blur, Clark still believes that his identity remains a secret to her.
  • When I asked Durance if (like usual) there will be some kind of villain-of-the-week that shows up and wipes Lois’s memory – and the knowledge of who Clark truly is – she responded by saying, “I hope not!”

Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer):

  • Granny Goodness was the elderly woman outside of Tess Mercer’s hospital room in the ninth season finale. Tess has some connection to her, but Freeman hasn’t been told what that connection is yet.

Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow):

justin hartly smallville Comic Con 2010: Interviews With The Cast & Producers Of Smallville

  • Regarding a Green Arrow spin-off: “I don’t know, I guess anything is possible. I think it would work – we’ll see. I haven’t been approached, though. So, we’ll see what happens.”
  • Hartley will direct an episode this season (last year, he wrote the episode “Sacrifice”).
  • As far as he knows, Black Canary will NOT be coming back for the final season.
  • Hartley would like to see Oliver Queen be “at peace” and “comfortable in his own skin” when Smallville comes to an end. He also noted that he hopes that doesn’t come until the end of the season – and not in the middle – because nobody wants to see someone that’s “vanilla.”
  • Hartley hopes to steal the Green Arrow costume after Smallville is over since he hasn’t been able to gain any weight while playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Unfortunately, since I was in the middle of interviews with the cast of Supernatural at the time, I was unable able to see the video shown during the panel.

While I was upset at first that I wasn’t able to see the Superman suit, once I found out that it was the suit from Superman Returns, I figured I could just rewatch that – or not (that movie was pretty terrible).

As we get closer to the September 24th premiere of Smallville season 10, there’s no doubt that more information will be released. When that happens, you can be sure that Screen Rant will be on top of it.

You can catch the tenth season premiere of Smallville, September 24 @8pm on The CW.

Header image source: thanks to Billy Roach.


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  1. I always wanted to see Superman Battle Darkseid as i see Darkseid is one of his most powerful & evil villains. They would’t have to include all the New Gods in battle alongside Superman, Maybe see a glimpse of New Genises with High Father and mostly have Orion maybe a minor role. Unlike most villains of Superman’s Darkseid lives off the death & misery of others in his quest for the anti-life quation. Something Supeman would really protect the people he loves from. By how powerful Darkseid & his minions is, they could give Superman are hard times worth. Im open for other villains, but as for Doomsday, id only want to see Doomsday if they somehow covered the death & Return of Superman little better as in the comic by including Superboy, Eradicator, Steel, Cyborg Superman. Maybe maybe make it a two-part picture film. I doubt they’re include other Dc heroes for Superman’s funeral scene but i have no problem, i wouldnt want another verson of animated Superman: Doomsday live-action film. plus i would like Doomsday to look as he did in Smallville, not cgi.

    • id use Darkseid for the sequel and id use most of his minions to take on supes.
      but for me as i said b4 id like them to use doomsday and they could make this reboot and epic movie and make 3 hours long and have Supes taking on Brainiac at the start of the film coz he’d be the one to bring Doomsday to earth and have them have big battle 2geva and then after supes sorts him out hel take on doomsday near the middle of the film and obviously he’ll be defeated and killed, then the next quarter of the film will show Lex unleash his Cyborg Supes onto the scene (we’d see how this is done throughout the film to fill in the gaps after certain fights and death scene’s) and while Cyborg is on the scene we’ll see Supes regenerating in the Fortress and wearing that awesome Black and sporting the crazy long hair loooool and once he finds out that theres an imposter and doomsday is still on the rampage he goes off to fight and manages to talk Cyborg S to help him defeat Doomsday in an epic battle that lasts a good while then after they kick his ass they have a fight and supes rips the crap out of him and then the last 20mins will show supes fully regenerated and going about his normal Supes ways and banging Lois ;) then we see a glimpse of Darkseid and a to be continued which would make for an even more epic sequel ;).
      and yea Doomsday shld look like the Smallville Version coz he looked mad but id make him much taller and hencher.

  2. damn i’m so happy they do another season^^

  3. If they put him in the suit and let him fly a couple seasons ago I might have cared. It’s way too late now.

    • i actually agree with you Dom. they took a little too long in building up the suspense of it all for me to watch. its like giving a piece of candy to a kid, then suddenly taking it away.

  4. Totally Sweet!

  5. …But I hoped that they would never unleash that hidious Superman Returns suit!…

    • Despite their claims, it isnt the same suit, the clolours are way brighter.

      • i think they’ve used the design of the SR suit but added the cape CK was given ages and ages ago and made the suit a brighter blue and a bit bigger to fit TW coz he’s way hencher then Routh loooooool.
        oh and i think they’ve made the s bigger as well coz the SR s waas just way to small.

        • Sorry Sam, but it IS the same suit…

          • um sorry burger king…it is not…he is right…they went over this in comic con, the suit is the same design i.e. the took the movie suit and altered it, made it brighter and made the S bigger

  6. Still hidious… Looks plastic!


  8. I LUV IT!