‘Smallville’ Casts Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

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smallville blue beetle booster gold Smallville Casts Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Geoff Johns’ highly anticipated episode of Smallville featuring two iconic DC legends has finally cast its superheroes. Jaren Brandt Bartlett and Eric Martsolf will play Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, respectively.

Martsolf is best known as the recovering drug addict millionaire Brady Black on CBS’s long-running daytime soap opera Days of our Lives, while Bartlett – a relative newcomer – may be best known as the lunch money-stealing bully Alejandro on Nickelodeon’s monster hunting series The Troop.

The episode, entitled “Booster”, is set to air in April and will show the origins of Jaime Reyes, the third incarnation of Blue Beetle. Also appearing in the episode will be the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, played by Sebastian Spence (Battlestar Galactica). Kord Industries will also play a part in the episode.

Even though the death of Ted Kord must happen for Jaime Reyes to take over as Blue Beetle, it is still unclear whether Maxwell Lord (Gil Bellows) will return to Smallvile to not only take over Checkmate, but to also seal the unfortunate fate of the second Blue Beetle.

In addition to Reyes and Kord, Michael Jon Carter (Booster Gold) will appear from the 25th century and will very much be the self aggrandizing version of the character that everyone loves. Of course, no appearance of Booster Gold will be complete without his faithful A.I. sidekick Skeets. Fortunately, Johns has confirmed that Skeets will make an appearance. Whether Skeets’ collection of headlines from five centuries into the future will play a part is another story, but we can always hope.

Keeping with DC’s “Infinite Crisis” character structure, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be teaming up to take on this episode’s nemesis, or perhaps this season’s nemesis, Darkseid. Accompanying the Jamie Reyes’ Blue Beetle origin story and Booster Gold’s introduction, this episode will include Clark learning how to further separate his superhero identity from his real identity – specifically, becoming Daily Planet’s mild-mannered reporter.

blue beetle booster gold Smallville Casts Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

In the past, Johns has written some of the best episodes of Smallville. From the looks of it, this is going to be another one. Although, with so many character elements and stories contained within single episode, I’m wondering how Johns is going to make sure that everything feels balanced and not rushed.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


Smallville airs Friday @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Sweet!

    The episode before this is entitled “Kent” strange title?

  2. Awesome!!!!! Sounds like it’ll be fun. I used to collect “Booster Gold” when it first came out.

  3. I didnt think the death of Ted Kord had anything to do with the Scarab that turned Reyes into the Beetle?

    Maybe I didnt read it well enough but dont want to dig them out…..

    • You’re right that the scarab never played a part in Ted Kord becoming the Blue Beetle, but since it is Ted Kord in this episode and not Dan Garrett…and since you can’t have two Blue Beetles, something has to happen.

      Plus, Jaime wouldn’t have been able to become Blue Beetle unless Ted Kord died. Remember, Kord “gave” the scarab to Shazam as he was dying and then after Shazam died, the scarab landed in the lot where Jaime found it.

      Nerd talk over. ;-)

      • All I can remember is Boosters house blowing up….. Was the scarab there or have something to do with it?

        • Not sure if you’re talking about Booster getting caught in an explosion Kord’s house.

          When Kord died, he left the scarab at the Rock of Eternity. When Shazam was killed by Spectre, the Rock of Eternity exploded and the scarab went with it and Jaime ended up finding it. Booster tried to get it back, but the scarab had already merged with Jaime.

  4. This should be a great episode , I must say that i dislike the Reyes version of Blue Beetle, but i am extremely happy that Ted Kord and Booster Gold is going to be in it. This should make for a fun episode, and im lovin thats Skeets is going to be in it.

  5. im not really up on smallville but im reading 52 and booster gold features i like his character and skeets of course.

    im a fan of geoff jones’ comics (the ones ive read) rebirth, no fear and 52 are great

  6. It feels like it’s been so long since Smallville’s been on. Only 2 more days!!!

  7. Now I wish they’d bring Laura Vandervoort back for at least one more episode. I feel like “Supergirl” didn’t give her a good enough send off. And she’s not too hard to look at either ;) Man she’s sexy!

    • id never heard of he but i just googled her dear god she is hot can she act ?

      • Actually she can, which is awesome! She also plays Lisa on V…

    • she will be back for one more episode, i read an interview on her I thought that said she will be back for 1 more episode before the end.

      • That’s awesome. I’m not doubting you, but are you sure it wasn’t an earlier interview where the episode she was talking about was “Supergirl”?

  8. *her

  9. This sounds awesome. I’m a fan of Ted Kord, so I’m glad to see he’s getting some screen time (especially given the respect shown during Absolute Justice of other DC characters). They have a great opportunity to utilize Maxwell Lord and reconnect with the comics.

    • it would be awesome if Lord does show up , and kills Ted , that would be epic and make this season worth it right there, but I guess seeing the suit would be cool too and seeing him fly also would be cool

      • I agree, Loco. It would be a great moment, even if they dedicated only 15-seconds of back story to telling the tale.

  10. More superheroes on Smallville = a good thing.


    • I couldn’t agree more :)

  11. Guys I need some clarification here. Left comics behind years ago. I know there was an original Blue Beetle with a scarab that gives him superhuman strength and flight. But he wasn’t a DC character. Then DC bought the character and turned him into a spiderman-like character ( a successor of the original) with a flying bug-mobile. Where there other BBs after that? And with the scarab again?
    Smallville’s doing well. Some of these characters-like Booster Gold-may never have seen the silver screen. Just liked the colour and artwork of his comics then.

    • Correct… Ted Kord was the second Blue Beetle. While Kord had the scarab, he didn’t have any of the powers that went with it.. so he became more of a Batman type character. After Kord died, Jaime Reyes found the scarab and this time the scarab fused itself to Jaime, so he had all the powers that the original Blue Beetle had (the original Blue Beetle was given powers after DC rewrote the backstory after buying the character).

  12. Oh and the hilarious tag team of BG and BB in JM De Matteis’ JLI

  13. Anyone else feel that this episode should have been a 2 parter like Absolute Justice? There is so much story to cram into 42 minutes.

    • That was my first thought as well. A lot going on in this story and that worries me a bit.

      • I’m not saying they cant do it, the Legion episode worked brilliantly but their origins are explained easily “They came from the future”.
        I’m sure this will be a knock out episode, but there is little doubt that it will be a cramped one also.

    • Either this episode or the finale. I really liked having Absolute Justice as a two parter. The title could be “Superman Begins” :)

      What? Too Nolan?

  14. Thanks@ Anthony Occasio for the info. Altho Dan Garett’s BB did have powers before DC. I had to look up wikipedia cos I recall the backstory reprint I read as a kid. Garett had a scarab that he mouthed a mantra over after rubbing it to become BB. I only read one- he fought an Evil Eye of the pharaohs. That was an old Charlton comic reprint.

  15. Where is LEX!! LEX LEX !!!!

    • Well, Lex is back in “Scion” and all of his hair has grown back. Funny that, maybe it means that Michael Rosenbaum can come back without shaving his head!
      Bet he will show up at the end of episode 19, just after Clark has beaten Doomsday, leaving the 2 hour finale to be all about Superman and Lex Luthor!

      • Do you mean Darksied instead of Doomsday? :)

        • Yes. Yes I did. But I did hear Doomsday might return, that would be one hell of a finale, Lex unleashes Doomsday to stop Superman!

          • That would be cool!

            Like Supergirl, I don’t think Doomsday’s last epsiode was a good enough send off :)

          • wa didn’t clark kill doomsday at the end of season 8? and how is doomsday gonna return <.<

  16. Ted Kord doesn’t have to die for Jaime to become the Blue Beetle. Ted Kord just has to lose possession of the scarab and for Jaime to find it.

  17. In this last Smallville season they keep adding characters from DC comics. It would seem that they might have in mind a new series involving the Justice League and other super powered people. I could see one where there’s more than Clark Kent at the center of everything. In fact they could really free up the field by making it about several super hero’s. I never watched the series “Hero’s” but I’m guessing that was supposed to be something along those lines. This might work better because with some of the Smallville characters they will have a built in fan base ready to go. I hope that’s what they’re heading towards….

  18. How about a surprise near the end we don’t know about and they are keeping under wraps? Bats…I think that would be a great surprise and treat for us all. They could bring him in alreadying know about Clark(being the detective he is) and is on a lead to something major(Lex). I think that would be a great way to set up the final episodes to send it off properly

    • ‘Twould be cool, but they’ve already said he would “NOT” be on Smallville

  19. Yes I remember them saying that but it is the final season. Why rule the possibility out? Fun to think about anyway

    • I’m not disagreeing that it would be awesome. Haha

  20. Ysy!! Smallville is bsck tonight!!!! Incidentally, “Days.” is on NBC. Here’s hoping Michael Rosenbaum comes back soon!!!!