Smallville Season 10: Allison Mack Will Only Guest Star

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If the recent announcement of Smallville ending after next season wasn’t enough to bring a tear to the eye of fans, this surely will. Allison Mack, while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, revealed that while she has been a part of the show from the beginning, she will not be returning to the series for its tenth and final season.

This news will not only be a shock to fans, but also to Smallville producers. Two weeks ago, executive producer Brian Peterson said he was “very optimistic” that Mack would return as Chloe Sullivan – Smallville’s last original female cast-member.

You can read Mack’s statement below:

“It’s amazing to think that Chloe Sullivan and I have been one in the same for over a third of my life. I’m truly humbled by the love and loyalty of all the fans whose enthusiasm has carried me — along with a cast and crew which has become my second family — over the past 9 and a half years. Out of respect for the amazingly loyal fans and the place I will always have in my own heart for Chloe, I’m coming back for several episodes next season to tie up Chloe’s Smallville legacy properly.”

“It’s been a life-changing ride and I look forward to what lies ahead with the strength of a ‘superhero’ as my foundation.”

Wow! Just wow! This is a huge blow to Smallville as it enters its final season. I know that Chloe wasn’t a favorite of all fans, but I, along with many, thoroughly enjoyed her on the series as she, at times, became a driving force of the show and was one of the main reasons why I tuned it.

That being said, I’m sure some will argue that with Chloe missing from the Smallville universe, the series will be able to focus more on Clark’s transition into Superman and perhaps achieve that goal faster without the need to include Chloe’s “Watchtower’s satellites are down” -type storylines.

In my opinion, those people would be wrong…

What do you think of Allison Mack not returning to Smallville? Were you a fan of Chloe? How should they tie-up Chloe’s legacy?

The tenth and final season of Smallville returns this fall on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  2. This makes me really sad. I’m agree with those who say Chloe Sullivan was what made Smallville different, and with different I mean better. Chloe was always such an interest character. Since the chemistry of Allison with Tom to how Chloe story has been a supporter for the show. There’s a reason for her to be along with Clark the only original character from season one. Her characther was what keep me stick to the show. Her storyline with Clark, their friendship and how she was always there for him was epic. Also she was real, you could see she wasn’t perfect and all that kind of stuff, she was human at the end, her character was deep and she was fundamental for Clark to become and keep being a heroe. I really gonna miss her, specially cause I think they always took her for granted.
    In season 9 they were finally given her a bit of what she desserved and I was happy to see her with Oliver, after been in love with Clark for so much time and never been loved back by him and after suffer so much with the whole Jimmy and Davis situation.
    I was really enjoying her been the support behind Justice League and been all happy and a team with Oliver. I hope that at least they keep them together and not breaking up.

    “I was really interested in that storyline and was hoping to get to see more about their relationship in season 10 since all season 9 was about was the Lois/Clark/Blur triangle. I hope Chloe and Oliver don’t break up in season 10 and instead they decide to leave together and recruit other superheroes for their league of justice.” Totally agree with you Anne-Lise that would be the story line for the final that Allison and Chloe deserves.

    I mean her been killed no way, they have changed a lot from the comic like kill Jimmy and all. Kill her just to keep the comic storyline would be absurd. I want her alive and being a heroe cause just like Clark said she was a heroe as much as him and Justice league, so she deserves that at least.

    About Lana… a whole episode about her :/ I couldn’t stand that I was so happy when they decided let her out and I used to like her at the first couple of seasons. Though I would like her to coming back just to show Clark is over her for sure and moving on with Lois.

    And I guess that’s all.
    I guess I don’t have to say how much will I miss Chloe.

    • While admittedly not a fan of Chloe in the beginning, I gotta admit that Allison Mack actually had me by Season 5, praying that Lois Lane would not show up until the last season of Smallville; honestly, I’d have preferred a Clark/Chloe union over the Endless Fixation Upon Lana Lang…Lana was almost in danger every other week, and here comes Moony Schoolboy Crushin’ Clark to save her arse.

      It got to be a formula:
      Season Premiere: Lana in Danger, here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 2: Guest Star Of The Week in Danger, here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 3: Lana in Danger (again!), here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 4: Lex gets close to figuring Clark out, here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 5: Lana in Danger (again?), here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 6: CHLOE gets close to figuring Clark out, here comes Clark to save the day.
      Episode # 7: Lana in Danger (not again?), here comes Clark to save the day.

      • Likewise, I was not a fan of Chloe in the beginning, but she quickly became INFINITELY preferable to the trouble-magnet we know as Lethal Lana Lang.

        And let’s face it…Chloe was the snooping type that Lana was in the Superboy comics; when she finally caught wise and was admitted into the SSOTWKCS (Secret Society Of Those Who Know Clark’s Secret), she could have redeemed her journalism efforts from high school by scooping Lois Lane with what is admittedly the biggest story ever…being a friend, however, was more important than being famous.

        THAT is what won me over!

  3. Ahh crap! Really gutted to learn that Chloe isn’t going to be in the show next season. I really liked her. I know that Clark is supposed to end up with Lois, but I’d be happy if they rid of her, and kept Chloe.

  4. Damn no Chloe. This makes me very sad. Chloe was my favorite character just because she was unpradictable. The rest of cast are predictable. We already know was going to happen to Clark/Superman, Lois Lane, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, etc. But Chloe Sullivan was the only character that wasnt in the comics therefore her future was unpradictable. Im gunna miss Chloe/Watchtower.

    You Will Be missed Allison Mack!!!!!!
    LEts hope they end her legacy well. And it couldnt been worse, they could have killed her of the show.

  5. I have only 2 words!!! ” BIG MISTAKE” – I took in turn that WATCHTOWER, would eventually become (still possibly) the are in which the Justice League convene, but in Space (perhaps the next upgrade?) She really was the driving force in the series. SO SORRY to see her leave and am already wondering WTF they are thinking over there in the writers chair!

  6. she was?!?!? i watched a rerun this past friday, man, reminds me why i dont watch the show anymore. Clark shoulda b****-slapped her of the planet withthe way she talked to him in that episode. not to mention, Chloe has no history/lore in the superman universe

  7. It’s going to be very upsetting to see Chloe leave because she is the only REAL character. Someone we can all realistically dream of being. She proves the point that ANYONE can be a hero, they just need to find it within themselves.
    ~The relationship with Oliver is great. I seen it coming from the beginning though. I don’t think they are going to break up. I think they are going to retire. Chloe is going to leave Watchtower to that smart kid that was working with Tess and I think Oliver is going to let his apprentice take over for him.
    ~As for Clark becoming Superman, they showed his Superman outfit in the season finally of season 9. His mom made it for him and gave it to him just in case he decided not to go with the Kandorians.
    ~I’m just curious HOW they are going to save him from falling off that building. I’m thinking it will have to do with what was attacking Oliver when he said “I love you” to Chloe.

    • i really doubt that Ollie will retire, he’s the Green Arrow, he has a heroic purpose to embrace on his own (and with the league)… as for Chloe’s story i only hope they give her a well deserved conclusion (she was the best part of Smallville). and about whatever-the-heck was attacking Ollie i think were the clones of Lex Luthor (check out the season premiere teaser they showed on comic-con in case you haven’t!)

      what makes me really happy is that for a character that was created specifically for the show, the acceptation from the audience was so huge and she was so acclaimed, that Chloe Sullivan will make her first official appearence in the DC Universe comic books coming soon!! isn’t that awesome!! i’m so proud! and i dont even read the comic books) hahaha

  8. She is a great actor, although i have to be honest. At the beginning of the series I couldnt believe they were adding people that were not even in the comic book but she was the glue to helping clark stick to the path. Wish her the best of luck and hope she begins a promising career with the resume she built with the show.

  9. Anybody else see that John Schneiter is going to be in the premiere. Not kidding. They also said that they’re trying to get a bunch of past stars.

  10. I think Chloe is the best character on the show but we all know she isn’t part of the Superman universe and we all know she has to die (or be transported to the future) at some point.

    Let’s just hope her exit is done with proper honour to her role – she has been one of the most amazing characters of my generation and equal to the hero Clark is in my eyes.

    I’d love to see her die in such a tragic/selfless way that it pushes Clark over the edge and he becomes Superman.

    • I agree. I think she will die, maybe in the final episode and that is when he (Clark) will don the Superman suit.

  11. it’s sad that allison will not be regular at the 10th season of smallville and it’s really sad because now that chloe is paired up with oliver queen, will not see much of them… i do really want to see more of them… i want to see the story of chloe and oliver will end happily ever after!!! and lastly i’m sad because clark’s best friend will not be there anymore when he needed her the most… i am going to miss chloe sullivan… allison mack… i wish she’ll be in it the whole 10th season!!!!

    • ME too, i always loved Mack as Chloe in the season, and i really believe that in the story line Chloe helped Clark through a lot, and watchtower. i think it would a mistake to let Mack get off the show, with out her, Smallville, will not be Smallville.
      WE miss you Chloe

  12. This is crap, Chloe was an integral part of the show and Clark’s place to go when he needed to. Not cool Smallville not

    • I know how everyone feels i cant believe she wont be in it for this last and final season when she has been in it since the very start. After pete and lana and clarks parents and lex and linel i was hoping that chloe would be the one original cast member to stick it out through the end with clark. so mad that she is gone now.

  13. it’s very sad that she is not part of Smallville Season 10 regular casts. I believe she’s one of the reason why most of the viewers were hooked in Smallville.. For me, Chloe Sullivan was the “COOLEST” character in Smallville. I can’t imagine the episodes without her. :(

  14. I’ve been watching for Chloe and Oliver together…and now it’s over???? It just barely started…very sad…not sure it’s worth watching unless they can do better w/Clark and Lois!

  15. Not taking anything from the other actors,but Chloe I think was the main reason I started watching Smallville. I’ll still watch the final season but I’ll miss Chloe :(. Hope they bring her back at the end & give her & Oliver the happy ending they deserve!hate to see Smallville end.

  16. i loved chloe since season one, it’s sad that she won’t be there for the whole season 10 but i would love to see lois more now. the lana story is just TOO long. even on season 8 when everyone was already expecting the lois and clark scene, lana comes along to ruin the season.

    as much as i hate to see chloe go, i’m happy that lois is taking more part in smallville. i would prolly hate the fact that this is the last season of smallville, lois’ part is just TOO SHORT

  17. I am a huge fan of Smallville, and an even bigger fan of Allison Mack. All though I am very very upset that Allison will only be guest staring in a few episodes, I think the way they have decided to send Allison off was great, and the whole idea of only having her guest star to tie up the lose ends of Chloe is a great idea.

    Does anyone actually know why the beautiful Allison Mack has decided to not come back to Smallville season 10 anyway?

  18. i was depressed when i found out….
    i really couldnt believe it!
    i mean RIGHT when Oliver and Chloe get together BAM!
    She’s gone!
    i agree…
    not cool smallville….

  19. I can not believe she is not on the show. she was just as big of the show as clark. its sad because she started with the show and will not fully end with it. one more season would not of killed her. i have been in love with her ever since the first episode.

  20. Chloe is my favorite character in Smallville and the reason i still watch it. I can’t believe she won’t be a part of the show anymore. I love Clark and Chloe’s friendship. I was a big “Chlark” fan. I was happy when She and Oliver got together but damn was that it??? ugh…i am saddened by this but i guess it’s for the best. I will miss her..

  21. Chloe wasn’t my favorite character, but being one of the last two original characters on the show (second only to Clark), it’s hard to believe she won’t be a regular. That said I guess the writers are following the story line of the show somewhat, as last season or the one before the hero’s from the future told Clark that there was no record of a Chloe Sullivan. Or something like that.

  22. well imo (in my opinion) while she was a major plus for the show and
    specially been the last season and all…. she had to be written out at some stage due to the story line of when the legion came back from the
    future to take care of brainiack they had no recollection of her. that been said … sad for the green arrow story . so now lets get into the good stuff, IMO superman is one of the best love stories/ good vs evil stories ever, so stop drawing it out, bring on the powers , bring the on the flight,bring on the tights, bring the romance , bring it on , i wanna see clark sort his head out , get the direction and self belief etc etc and take all us fans to a fantastic season final , love the show and cast …gonna miss you all

  23. Come on guys, it’s not the show’s fault!!! Allison Mack/Chloe chose to move on, as did Michael Rosenbaum/Lex – we can’t blame the show. Blame the actors!!! Email them, twitter them sign an online petition or something.

    She’ll be back, let’s hope it for at least 5 or 6 episodes.

  24. i think chloe leaving the show is a big no no! im really gng to miss her alot i though she was clarks sidekick but i guess she dsnt seem to think so. im gng to miss her a lot. but im gng to keep watching no matter wat cause i have never missed a season : )

  25. This is heartbreaking! I realize many fans weren’t thrilled with Chloe’s character but it’s impossible to say she didn’t bring something extra to the show, and I don’t care if you don’t like her that’s the truth! I really hope they bring her and oliver back together at the end, I mean, c’mon that’s what we’ve all been waiting for!

  26. I too have felt that Chloe was one of my favorite charachters on the show. My question now is How many episodes has she appeared in so far in Season 10? How many is “several”–and have we already seen her last episode >>sniff!<< Or will she put in one or two more appearances to help tie up the storyline? Like What exactly did she SEE in Dr. Fate's helmet that made her have to do this? Will she communicate with Clark and Oliver (and even Tess) again from a safe distance? I for one hope that Ms. Mack does return for at least 2 more episodes and give her character a fitting swan song!

  27. Chloe is coming back mid season probably in Collateral or Beacon. I reckon once she’s back she’ll be here to stay :o)