Smallville Season 10: Allison Mack Will Only Guest Star

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If the recent announcement of Smallville ending after next season wasn’t enough to bring a tear to the eye of fans, this surely will. Allison Mack, while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, revealed that while she has been a part of the show from the beginning, she will not be returning to the series for its tenth and final season.

This news will not only be a shock to fans, but also to Smallville producers. Two weeks ago, executive producer Brian Peterson said he was “very optimistic” that Mack would return as Chloe Sullivan – Smallville’s last original female cast-member.

You can read Mack’s statement below:

“It’s amazing to think that Chloe Sullivan and I have been one in the same for over a third of my life. I’m truly humbled by the love and loyalty of all the fans whose enthusiasm has carried me — along with a cast and crew which has become my second family — over the past 9 and a half years. Out of respect for the amazingly loyal fans and the place I will always have in my own heart for Chloe, I’m coming back for several episodes next season to tie up Chloe’s Smallville legacy properly.”

“It’s been a life-changing ride and I look forward to what lies ahead with the strength of a ‘superhero’ as my foundation.”

Wow! Just wow! This is a huge blow to Smallville as it enters its final season. I know that Chloe wasn’t a favorite of all fans, but I, along with many, thoroughly enjoyed her on the series as she, at times, became a driving force of the show and was one of the main reasons why I tuned it.

That being said, I’m sure some will argue that with Chloe missing from the Smallville universe, the series will be able to focus more on Clark’s transition into Superman and perhaps achieve that goal faster without the need to include Chloe’s “Watchtower’s satellites are down” -type storylines.

In my opinion, those people would be wrong…

What do you think of Allison Mack not returning to Smallville? Were you a fan of Chloe? How should they tie-up Chloe’s legacy?

The tenth and final season of Smallville returns this fall on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So sad, but I can see that she has to go to be appreciated, she deserves something amazing coming her way, she’s an awesome actress that created my favorite character in smallville!!!

    She will be missed but I wish her the very best!!!


  5. I will miss her she was the main reason why i have always tuned in to the show. at leat she waited till the end and still has a few episodes left.

  6. I too enjoyed her character, but we all know that she has to be killed because of what the future heroes said and Dr. Fate. I’m sure one of the episodes will involve her being killed and a very somber funeral; I would be really surprised if they didn’t do that.

  7. Chloe needed to die years ago. Was she a good character? Yes, but its time to make the show a bit more radical. Hopefully they kill her off (which they have been leading to) by midseason so Clark can have time to lose it on screen before the show ends. This season Chloe has been a big supporter of Clark fulfilling his destiny and they could have her killed off in such a way that it will ultimately lead Clark to becoming Superman. All things aside I think that this is great for the show because her character has been overused and almost killed way too many times. Now that she is out though, and baring in mind that Michael Rosenbaum will likely not return for the entire season (probably will be back for the wrap up), the show will have to centralize more on Lois and Clark, the new villain, and his destiny. Also they will have to tie up a few loose ends (Lana, Zod). Lana also is someone that needs at least an episode devoted to her; it would have been better if tehy just killed her off just like they shoudld have killed off Chloe!! Death at this point would only add empowerment, drama, passion, and substance to the show

    • I agree with everything you said, other than the fact that they have to kill off Lana. Her situation was basically wrapped up with her kryptonite suit, or whatever they referred it as so she can never return to being near Clark. If they do bring her back, I would like for them to show that Clark is officially over her and has officially moved on with Lois. I hated (I think it was last season or the one before) when Lana came back and stopped a kiss of Lois and Clark, I believe it was when Chloe was getting married and as soon as she came back she had sex with Clark… This really irked me because he was about to kiss Lois but as soon as Lana is back he goes back running to her, but then right after she leaves he puts his attention back on Lois, which is just wrong and not something Clark Kent would do. I hate the way the writers played that and that is one loose end they have to tie up.

      As for Chloe I do believe she will have to be killed mainly because she isn’t an original character in the mythology, so to make it stick to the book they would have to kill her off. Chloe isn’t the type of character that would leave a team she assembled behind for whatever reason. So killing her off would make the best sense on the writers part. Even though I don’t want her to die, I do believe that is the only way that can work. This is also a reason why Lana can’t be killed off because she is still alive in the comics and sees Superman and knows its Clark.

    • Well remember in that one episode someone from the future said that there was no record of Chloe in the history of Superman – so I say they kill her next season.

      Complete speculation, of course. :)


  8. Good.

  9. As sad as this news is, it’s really not unexpected. As I said in my predictions for the last season yesterday, she’s got to go to end the series in-line with the established canon. I wish her the best in breaking out of this mold she’s had for the last almost 10 years and hope to see her in some other stuff.

    As far as the whole Lana storyline, last I remember she had Kryptonite all in her. Figured that was about as close to killing her off as they’d get since it would prevent her and Clark from ever being close to each other again. Not sure what else they would do with her.

  10. Ive never heard of Chloe Sullivan before smallville so I thought her character was going to die in like the first five seasons or something. I liked how she pushed Clark towards his destiny and how she brought the justice league together more than once. Im wasnt really a fan of hers but i think she will be missed. She either should get her own superpowers and leave to help the world or die trying to save clark

  11. At least she isn’t ditching and refusing to come back for some closure related episodes like Michael Rosenbaum.

  12. I don’t think they will kill her off. I wouldn’t want to see that at all, perhaps she will head out to help monitor the Kandorians or be taken forward it time to be an adviser to the Legion or something. At this point in time they have already strayed quite a bit from the Comic Books so I don’t think letting her live would be out of the question. She is one of my favorite characters they’ve done and she will be missed.

  13. Four word “OUT OF THIS WORLD” show God I just love smallville, after waiting for a long 8 years for smallville to come so awesome for season 9. I just love it so much. Now I am all depressed and sad and no more waiting for smallville on Friday. Please someone, someone out there tell me when the season 10 going to start. I just cannot wait anymore. Also anyone, who was the women in hospital outside tests room, maybe checkmate women or some other government operative or maybe LEX LUTHOR sidekick.

  14. they NEED to kill her off, to me, she is a thorn in Clarks side. i wont shed any tears about this at all

  15. What’s Oliver goina do?? He was really feeling it for her. He bought her the satalite for Watchtower as a “gift” and wanted to be with her to “help with Watchtower”. In the end tho, he screamed out his affections as he was getting attached by something “not Candorian”! What was it? Also what did Clark’s mom leave for him in the box to use in case he stayed? A superman costume? And then there was the old knitting woman outside Tess’ room. Could it be Lex? O how I wish I could see him one more time!

  16. NNNOOOOOO!!!! that can’t be. 1st smallville’s 10th and last season now this? i just can’t comprehend this @ all. i’m very sad by this. @ least she’ll be back for a few episodes, but still… :,(

  17. I think it’s a ploy to get more money and like so many actors/actresses before her she better pray it don’t back fire.

  18. I doubt that they kill her off. If I am not too crazy, they brought her into the Comic book continuity. Just a few years ago. And the Leigion thought Clark would be flying by the time they met him. So there records might not be complete. She could just go under ground.

  19. Never liked her character anyway…. But did like some of the Brainiac angle, but that quickly went south…. Green Arrow should not be tied down anyway….. I agree with whoever said that this should have been done a long time ago….. I was probably the only one smiling when they had her dead in the Zod future… thinking “bout time”

  20. I love smallville but Clarks reluctance to be superman is really getting annoying.I was even hoping that this season he would just learn to fly, but no he ended up being the same as he was last season.
    I like the character of Chloe, but I do think it’s time she leaves. Who knows, her death may be the thing that pushes Clark into becoming superman.

    What are the chances that if the tenth season is the end of smallville, that the following season will be the introduction of “metropolis” or “the Justice league”?. Where we actual get to see superman.

  21. I’m so sad. Chloe Sullivan was what made Smallville different. Without her it’s just a Lois and Clark show. I already watched that in the 90′s.

    And what about Oliver?? He was in love with her. She was in love with him. He even bought her a satellite as a gift. Seriously, who does that? He must have been crazily in love. I was really interested in that storyline and was hoping to get to see more about their relationship in season 10 since all season 9 was about was the Lois/Clark/Blur triangle. I hope Chloe and Oliver don’t break up in season 10 and instead they decide to leave together and recruit other superheroes for their league of justice. Anyway I’m really saddened by the news… It’s really hard to accept.

  22. I love Chloe and the Chloe/Oliver relationship they’ve given us this past season. (Yup. I’m a long-time Chlollie shipper) IMO, Chlollie is the best thing to happen to both of their characters. Allison and Justin are amazing together. As long as they give Chloe a happy ending on SV, keep her relationship with Oliver intact (they can leave his “mythology” for later years in End-Of-Showville for all I care, as it’s not Green Arrow’s show)I’ll be happy.

  23. Without Allison I will not be watching anymore! She is the best actress of the show and I never get my Chlark Pay OFF. I should have never started to watch this show. I regret it now because it only made me suffer.

  24. Chloe was always the heart and soul of Smallville and with out her on the show I have no reason to watch. I wish the producers and writers didn’t feel like they had to conform to the “Mythos” because I truly believe that on Smallville Chloe has always been Clarks destiny.

    Allison is definitely a class act and will be missed. I’m excited to see where her career takes her next and I will be along for the ride cheering her on.

  25. AFAIC, this is a reason not to tune in to s10. Chloe and Allison Mack have been a far too important part of Smallville and Clark’s life for me to consider the show without her in it. Personally, I’ve seen better versions of LnC in the Cain/Hatcher series and the Reeves movies and I thought Smallville was going to do something new and interesting instead of rehashing something that has already been done. Nostalgia and a repeat of a story I’ve seen far too many times before = reason not to tune in for s10. I like to be entertained, not bored by the same thing over and over and over again.

  26. Good Riddance to bad laundry


  28. What made Smallville exciting was the wonderful Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent relationship!!
    The magical chemistry between Chloe and Clark has been the icing on the cake.It has made every annoying moment through out the yrs on the show tolerable!
    I am not worried about Am leaving.It isn’t like the show can go on without
    Hence,Tom Quit..Proof positive that TOm Welling, knew all too well that, he would not have been able to go forward with S11 without her.
    AM is in S10-11!!
    So is Tom and the rest of the cast..
    So who is leaving?
    It seems everyone is
    No mack..No Tom..No Smallville!!
    I just read Am and Tom have 218 epi for S10-11..
    Non Regular really?
    ED ahs only 142 or 143 epis for
    Well CW sure does know how to create a panic don’t they?
    GO Chole..Our non mythos fav has survived and championed the man of steel since day one..
    So yea..No mack+Tom=NO Smallville

  29. I’m so sad and I’ll miss Chloe a lot. I can’t imagine Smallville without her! But I wish Allison the best!