‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Abandoned’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 abandoned 06 Smallville Season 10 Abandoned Spoilers Discussion

For Smallville fans who have been wondering when this action-packed final season will being to slow down, the answer appears to be… not anytime soon.

While last week’s episode had Lois’s absentee family members, General Lane and Lucy Lane returning, there’s no doubt that fans of the series will be waiting with bated breath to see the Darkseid Elite finally coming together.

In the season 9 finale of Smallville, we caught a glimpse of Granny Goodness outside of Tess Mercer’s hospital room, but this iconic character has since been laying low in the series mythos. Fortunately, Granny Goodness makes her triumphant return in “Abandoned.”

Additionally, it appears that the Smallville producers dipped their hand into the DC archives once again, but this time they’re bringing out one of the Female Furies, Mad Harriet (played by Lindsay Hartley – wife of Justin “Green Arrow” Hartley).

Also making her Smallville premiere, albeit through video, is Teri Hatcher as Lois’ mom. If there’s only one worry to be had with this episode, it would be this. As fans now know, something that Lois’ mom tells her results in Lois running to Jor-El. Considering Jor-El doesn’t exactly treat his own son that well, there’s no doubt that Lois is probably going to regret her journey to the fortress.

With Granny Goodness, Glorious Godfrey and Desaad coming together, let’s hope that Darkseid’s plan begins to take shape soon.


Lois (Erica Durance) finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane (Hatcher), before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark (Tom Welling) that takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara. Meanwhile, Tess has a nightmare involving herself as a child and a music box. Upon awakening, she finds the music box in Luthor mansion and sets out to find out who planted it there. Clark accompanies her to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness (guest star Christine Willes) who may not have the young girls’ best intentions in mind. One of the young women living there, Harriet (guest star Hartley), finds Clark snooping around and decides to take matters into her own very sharp hands.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. omfg this episode rocked tess is lex luthors sister =0 damn so did not see this comin

    • Contessa named after Lex’s grandmother. Took them long enogh to get there though. Lex, Julian, Contessa and I believe there is one more child.

      • Omg wait who’s Contessa??? I thought it was Lutessa?

      • The red hair was a big tip off to that too.

  2. I really loved the part with Desaad, Grany-goodness, and Godfrey.
    It was very useful for the main plot of the season. Hope to see it progress before or after the winter break. I was also really happy to see Tari Hatcher on the show! can’t wait for next weeks episode, except for the Deathstroke part, they got a horrible person playing him. just saying.

    • In case anyone is becoming a little confused, there are three nemesis groups and storylines being played out in this season.

      ~ Darkseid’s minions include Granny Goodness, Gordon Godfrey, and Desaad. We have only seen a small five second clip of Darkseid thus far.

      ~ Suicide Squad consists of Rick Flag, Deadshot, Plastique, and Emil LaSalle. They are an extension to Checkmate.

      ~ The Luthers

      After looking forward at the episodes to come, this season has the potential to end in a major mess.

      • Hey thanks! I guess I haven’t put that altogether for myself yet. Too distracted by all the Clois machinations going on. That’s alot of baddies, I hope they find a way to do all the story lines justice.

        • After the standalone episodes, I became a little confused myself. Not too confused, but enough to say, “Hey, wait! Who is on first?”. Lol…

          Next two episodes (“Patriot” & “Luthor”) will fairly be standalone episodes, but the episode before sweeps (“Icarus”) will be a cliffhanger.

          Since there is a lot of Clark and Lois love stories, I expect the mid-season cliffhanger (“Icarus”) to cause some separation anxiety. Hopefully we will actually see a full version of Darkseid.

          We are currently eight episodes into the season, and all we have seen is a five second clip of Darkseid. Talk about a let me down. Lol…

          • Y’know… I hate to admit this, but I prefer them doing it this way… in the last two seasons with first doomsday and then Zod… I got to the point where when Davis Bloom or later Zod would poke their head into an episode for their two minutes of fame, I felt like, “either get on with it or don’t bother”… If they give three episodes to each of the three story arcs, which would be plenty of time (think absolute justice with just two) they still have three or four episodes left over to do whatever… so fine Smallville, put it off for a while, but when you get to it… GET TO IT!

            • I think the Suicide Squad storyline will end first sence they are doing a lot more with that so far in the season

              Darkseid has to end with the last two episodes that is just a must and he better look badass…

              For Luthor give Lex an episode with the original actor…if Mihael can’t do it…I would prefer to see no Lex

  3. Wow. A Luthor in Watchtower….

      • C’mon, she’s a LUTHOR. My bet is she’s dead by the end of the season-probably by Lex.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says. I love Tess Mercer. She is so beast, and I HATE that she is a Luthor. She was just becoming trusted and good, like are you kidding me? She has so much potential to be a hero just like Clark and Oliver, and I fear that now that she knows she is a Luthor, she will feel the pressure to be evil, and be slower to quiet the demons inside her because she can rationalize it by saying she is a Luthor. I REALLY HOPE THAT SHE IS NOT EVIL. When you think about it, Lex’s brother wasn’t evil and Lionel was only questionably evil at the end. So maybe,I HOPE she is still good. I have this really bad feeling that she is going to end up dead:( Clark, Oliver and Chloe need to come in and save her. TEAM TESS!

    • She is so beast? LOL first i heard that term.

      • lol i hear it all the time

  5. Wan’t Tess inpregnated by Lex a few seasons ago. JERRY SPRINGER.

    • No. She wasn’t…

      Anyway, great great episode. What an improvement over last week. Can’t wait for next week!!!

    • If true, it’s making for a family as close-knit as the Skywalkers; anyone remember from the first trilogy that Luke went into space because he was hot for the hologram-hottie and said hologram-hottie planted a sizzlin’ smacker on Luke just to prove to Han she wasn’t into scruffy nerf-herders?

  6. There are so many years of angles on this epiode that it’s rediculous. Now we bring in the Drax, the Gods of Olympus, Wonder Woman and Darkseid’s wife who was killed by Desaad. This is definitely exiting.

  7. It was excellent IMO,but a few things that I found intriguing, 1.) Tess Mercer is a Luthor.
    2.) Granny Goodness was a Telepath stationed on earth to train women from girlhood on to become the harpies of Darksied.3.)We finally get to see Lois moving in at the Kent Farm.
    Also I found that it was well written,acted,and the action was worthy of Smallville.
    I have a theory why Granny Goodness couldn’t follow through brainwashing Clark once Clark use his super breath to break the forge lid chains the green K was blocked then his powers returned and therefore his mind was shielded from her attempts.
    I liked the discovery of the birth certificate by Tess at the end,and Clark finally seeing a recording of Jor-El and Lara telling him the true purpose of being sent to earth.
    Next weeks episode looks epic in scale,and loved seeing the Executive Producer credit associated with Tom Welling that means the roller coaster is not going to stop until the end of the season,and I’m looking forward to the end.
    Anyway same Smallville Channel same Smallville time.

    • Are you a robot?

  8. “Beast” means someone who is especially good at something or bad ass in general.

    A common term.

    Also, yeah, didn’t tess sleep with lex? What kind of sick plot are they playing at here?? *GASP*


  9. Awesome episode!. Midway through, i thought Tess would turn out to be a Luthor, her real name struck me, i knew i heard that name before and looked it up in one of my DC comic books that has losts of characters named and it she was mentioned under Lex Luthor. Can’t wait for John Glover to make his appearance on the show again, see whatelse that might be revealed about Tess. Mad Harriet’s glove sure does look like it came from one of the previous Nightmare On Elm Street films. I think Freddy would be in love with her,lol. Wouldn’t Lashina be in this episode as the one who hanged Tess? Can’t wait to see next Friday’s episode, Aquaman returns with Mera. Can’t wait to see Darkseid come into the scene.

  10. So now that Clark seems to have Jor El’s approval… shouldn’t the freaking suit thaw out!!!

    • @ Raven 415

      What episode shows the suit in ice? i must of missed it. Is Clark keeping it on ice or Jor-El?

      • the end of the season premier lol and we dont but we assume jor-el

  11. All I can say about this particular episode is: NOW YER EFFING TALKIN’!!!!
    If the rest of the season can build on this, OMG…EPICNESS!

  12. @ Wally West
    Tess Mercer was made from Ms Tessmacher and Mercy Graves.

    • @ Martin

      Where you read that from?

  13. I forgot. When the show introduced Tess I looked up her name.

  14. Tess is actually Lena Luthor!.

  15. Good episode. Granny was really good. I was not too impressed with Mad Harriett and Lashina. They were underplayed and just kinda boring. They were hot… but kinda boring. Tess being a Luthor wasn’t a huge surprise. I was most happy about Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance. I think that Erica makes a great Lois Lane.

    • @ GreaterTater

      Yea Granny was and i felt the same way about Mad Harriet character wise & Lashina having no dialogue. I should of known about Tess earlier when one of my books talks about her, in a different way. It was nice to see Terri Hatcher, especially when she looked like she did on Lois & Clark. Between her & Erica Durance i wouldn’t be able to decide who’s better. Both played Lois Lane great. Margot Kidder’s i found to be annoying till this day & Dana Delany had a great voice as Lois on Superman: TAS.

  16. I really liked this episode. I love all the scenes with Clark and Lois. Love that Clark is making his way to being the Superman we all know and love. Erica and Tom are doing an awesome job in my book.

  17. @ Tom

    Show has shown alot aswell as Clark been through alot. I don’t think matters which episode Clark pops the question. Even though they’re destined to be together, it won’t be that soon. Like we all know Clark & Lana would never end up together since day one.

  18. This year they’ve stripped it all down to the essentials. There are only four main characters Clark, Lois, Oliver and Tess, so they can concentrate the drama on them and split the time four ways (more or less) and of course Darkseid is the fifth character being the baddy. In the past they had so many characters and so many plot lines, the stories moved forward at a crawl sometimes. Remember when they had Clark, lana, lana’s boyfriend, Jonathan, Martha, Pete, Lex, Lionel, Chloe… a fight for face time every week. Much better now. So any guesses on which episode Clark pops the question?

    • My guess is soon. The season finale will be the wedding and them honeymooning at the Fortress as Clark flies them there wearing the suit. 😛

  19. I have watched this show since it began & though I will Miss it so much I know it’s time to end it… I do love where it’s going for its Series Finale. I have read all the comments on here but nothing was written about the end of the show November 12th “Abandoned”-where “Granny was talking with Desaad & Godfrey…Was that Michael Rosenbaum or just a REALLY good look alike?? I have been to several sites that all say he will never return to Smallville but I don’t believe in the word “Never”!

    I too did not see the whole Tess being a Luthor?? But she is one Evil B____!!! like brother like sister….. Really thought Teri Hatcher play Lois’s mom was a Genius move!!! All in All really was shocked and happy with the show last night!! just wanted to add this…I’m a HUGE fan of Supernatural but I am so unhappy with the show this season…just wish they would have ended it last season because to me in my opinion-was the BEST ending I have EVER seen! Only mentioning this show because it comes on after Smallville……

  20. “Smallville” is becoming cheesy.

    • Marcus,

      “becoming”? 8)


      • Hehehe…

        Yeah, you have a point.


  21. How long have I been saying Tess was Lex’s sister?!? Frickin ages!

    Great episode!

    • DSM,

      Yeah, that was pretty neat. And I just finally clued in to the fact that Tess’ name is a take off on Miss Tessmacher. :)

      Oh, and I have to point out this week’s cheese line:

      “Wow, I know Clark said you give him the cold shoulder, but…” (paraphrased)



      • Did you not realise the Tessmacher thing before? In the comics Lex often has an assistant called Mercy (Graves), they got Tess’s name from an amalgamation of the different incarnations.

        And while there may have been cheesy lines, the scene with Jor-El and Lara was great.

        • I was kinda hoping for a wink to Marlon Brando’s line from Superman: The Movie. “The son becomes the father…” and what not.

          I thought this was one of the seasons best episodes thus far

        • Nope, never noticed the Tessmacher thing. And I did like the Jor-El/Lara scene. Although it was weird not seeing Terrence Stamp play the dad role.


          • I hope they will use Stamp again to voice Jor-El, it’s a bit odd having one actor playing the physical incarnation of the character and another actor playing the voice, in the same show.

            • I had thought about that, but oh well. Terence voiced him in LAZARUS so I’m sure he’ll be back. I liked having both Jor-El and Lara return. Some very good cameos in this episode.

            • Julian Sands is cool though Sam!!

      • Hey folks, it’s Superman for heaven’s sake… the fact they can keep it grounded in any kind of reality I find astounding… so they strike a balance between toungue in cheek comedy and meaningful dialogue which has to concern itself with aliens, mutants, and sci-fi tech devices… pretty fine line to walk… that it works at all I find amazing and says alot about the writing on this thing… I mean its basically a grown up cartoon and it has millions of people riveted… me included…

        • “Hey folks, it’s Superman for heaven’s sake…” ~ Tom

          You are visiting a site called ‘ScreenRant’. Lol… You are going to here raving, criticism, and debates from all perspectives.

          I understand what you mean, but IT IS OKAY to have an alternative perspective.

          • FIX:: …You are going to have…

          • Point well taken. It is “screen rant” after all.

  22. This was a great episode and I don’t see how people can call Smallville cheesy when the the Christopher Reeve classics are well beyond Smallville cheese. Superman is supposed to be kind of cheesy. If you want grit and doom check out Batman.

  23. That’s the thing I hate about the internet. It’s nice to see fans talk about a show they enjoy, but these days it seems no matter what your a fan of people only complain about it. It sucks people have to complain on a weekly basis about a show so many people still enjoy, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. It’s 2010 and there is something they call a remote.

    • You tell them LW… I don’t actually watch much TV and almost nothing on the network… but this thing has me hooked… it evokes real true lump-in-the-throat, tear-in-the-eye emotion… and they always have you guessing… that’s real drama… the dialogue is witty and clever… I just know that until this thing ends, I know where I’ll be Friday night at 8…

      • i know what you mean i work two jobs daily and i dont get to watch much tv and the time i do its usually movies cause im a dvd kinda guy. i love movies. anyway i have been watching this show since the begining and its like the only show on tv that i dvr to watch. and its always refreshing to see something so iconic like superman being reinvented because you know what you have already seen but others interpretations can be good to. not everyone will like it and for some reason keep watchin to just complain about here every week. now someone needs get a lil more life experience.

    • “That’s the thing I hate about the internet.” ~ LW

      What I don’t like about Web 2.0 is that commentary sections cause:
      (1) Fans from all spectrums fight each other.

      (2) Some people think their opinion is ‘the only opinion’, so they bash someone with an ‘alternate’ perception.

      (3) Creators (producers & writers) of games, television series, and movies can gang up with like minded individuals (potential customers), and then they will bash someone with an alternative perception. It is not okay to have an opposing opinion. They alienate certain sections of the fanbase. (I have seen this 100s of times.)

      (4) Once a movie, television series, or game fails to make cash, the creators of such venues will blame fans for failures.

      (5) Fans are now blaming fans for a series, movie, or game’s failure. According to these purist fans, there is in no way in hell that a writer, producer, or director can make a mistake. Since it is a specific brand (Star Wars, Smallville, Star Trek, etc…), there is no such thing as a bad episode.

      It is pretty pathetic.

      • Marcus wrote on #(2) Some people think their opinion is ‘the only opinion’, so they bash someone with an ‘alternate’ perception.

        I Couldn’t agree more!!! I can’t get over how these sites go from Rants/discussions about a tv program to the users bashing one another for posting their opinion or going as far as name calling for mispelled words? Even the smartest, fastest most pc literate person CAN make mistakes from time to time?? after all no one is perfect I just would like to post my Opinion without being attacked. So far this site has been a decent group of users… but anything can change in a matter of minutes…..

        • I do work pretty hard to keep Screen Rant from being like other sites when it comes to the discussions and keeping things from degenerating. I don’t catch everything, but I think we’re pretty civilized here.


          • I have to agree, @Vic. I love the site, the different opinions. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

          • I think that we all have to agree… that we are a part of greatnesss… five, ten years from now people will be debating the same things we are debating here… but there is one thing that will not be debatable… that these characters, these lives, touched us all… they can’t possibly be all things to all people, but they were certainly something meaningful to alot of people… what is it about this story that resonates with people from generation to generation… does Lois know doesn’t she… there is a greater arc to the story… it tells us about ourselves… and the great message that it sends is that if you believe in something strongly enough and if you do the hard things… that anything is possible… any love can be requited….

            • Wow. That was very nice. I mean that.

  24. No one else has mentioned the uber cool JLA logo on all of Watchtower’s screens…. Awesome.

    • lol didnt notice

  25. I’m surprised no one mentioned… CLARK’S GONNA PROPOSE!!!!!!!

    • I mentioned that two episodes ago. Lol…

    • Yeah I did, a couple hours ago… so he’s going to pop the question… its funny… they’ve been playing cat and mouse for two years, now that she knows his secret they’re proceeding at break neck speed to the altar… who would have guessed?

      • Sorry. Missed it. I’m only human 😉

  26. Tess looked hot when she got out of bed at the begining. Yum :)

    • haha

  27. Yup,there’s always gonna be room for people disagree with each other but some people just go too far thinkin they know more than the other person. Especially when it comes to comic book based films, i mean, come on characters from every comic evolved over the years, go through different costume designs etc etc. Like Batman used to be known kill people without hesitation but now he’s known to be against it unless theres no choice. Captain America’s costume has changed in Ultimate Avengers etc. I been told i have low standards for movies which i doubt, Im one of those people who just try to enjoy the film throughout in the theater or at home and pass judgement or my thoughts on the film afterwards. Anyone would say & think they can make a better movie that the director can if they didn’t like the film they just watched but it’s more complicted than that just because you’re a director or producer doesn’t mean you have all creative control as its the studios money and they wanna be in the loop etc. Anyways, i like this website & hope people be respectful to others opinions.

    • Yeah, I always have to chuckle when the people who want more super action weigh in… people just don’t realize that the special effects of having say Clark punch Zod and send him into the stratosphere are really expensive… so no TV show has a budget that allows them to pop one of those in every five minutes… we watch movies with multi-million dollar budgets and we get a little spoiled by how great it all looks and so we expect the same level of quality for a TV show… they have to pick their shots with all that… and the word cheesy has popped up in the discussion more than a couple times this weekend, but I have to say that when it comes to special effects, this show doesn’t scrimp… they sell you on the super powers thing every time… how do they do the super speed thing by the way?

  28. okay so who is Tess’s mom on her birth certificate? Is that Lex’s mom too? and PS:didnt Tess and Lex do it? I mean I am not 100% sure they mentioned it, but it sure seemed like it. She was all in love with him and heart broken. Also I think Green Arrow (who is the worst character on the show-long time disliker) mentioned that she was in his bed. I would have to go through countless episodes to back that up. any one have an opinion on this?

    • I don’t recall them “doing it”, but it’s been a while since I watched season 8. I know Lana did. And even if they did, I doubt Lex knew. Lionel kept a lot of secrets.