Smallville Hits Season Low Ratings

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smallville logo Smallville Hits Season Low Ratings

Despite last fall’s ratings surge and a successful television movie event, Smallville is now struggling to retain the viewers it once had since returning from its month-long absence three weeks ago. Even storylines involving DC comic familiars such as the Silver Banshee and Checkmate failed to garner an audience.

Ratings finally reached an all-time season low with last week’s return of Metallo (Brian Austin Green).

Before February’s break, the average rating this season for an episode of Smallville was a respectable 2.5 million viewers. While not that high (when compared to last season), the series was still exceeding expectations – given its move to the Friday night death slot.

But, following this season’s second extended break and the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season, fans seem to have stopped watching. The April 2 return was down 400,000 viewers, with 2.13 million people tuning in. Each subsequent episode saw the ratings slip downward with the return of Pam Grier and Checkmate garnering a measly 1.9 million viewers and last week’s Metallo revisit bottoming out at 1.84 million viewers.

Considering Smallville has some of the most vocal and enthusiastic fans in the television industry, one has to wonder what is behind this consistent decline in ratings. Have fans become less enthusiastic since their favorite superhero drama has already received another season order, feeling as though they no longer need to actively support the Red-Blue-Blur & friends. Maybe, everyone has just had enough of the small-town superhero living in the big city?

Perhaps it’s just as simple as fans forgetting to tune in.

smallville metallo Smallville Hits Season Low RatingsDid Metallo stab Clark? Since nobody watched, we’ll never know.

I, unfortunately, fall into the group of fans who just forget watch. Sure, the missed episodes of Smallville are on my DVR, but as I notice the number growing each week, it’s an increasingly discouraging affair – as I haven’t the time, nor interest, to sit down for three hours in order to catch up.

And, since I’m not caught up, there’s no point in watching the new episodes.

Although, with the promise of the Justice Society returning, I do have some incentive to rectify the problem, but maybe I’m still in the minority.

What do you think of Smallville’s ratings decline? Have you been tuning in? If not, what’s the reason? Do you think the tenth season will be its last?

Help turn things around and watch Smallville, Friday @8PM, on The CW.

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  1. Loved the caption ;)

  2. It's gonna sound sorta silly, but after Absolute Justice brought me back to the show (3 years between viewings..), I'm watching consistently. And yup- Metallo stabbed the $#17 out of Clark. xD

  3. I think there's a few factors in the decline (all just my opinion, don't have numbers or facts to back it up).

    I think part of it is the breaks they take between episodes, it's on for three weeks, off for two, on for another three and then off again, it's hard to keep interest, as you point out with your DVR collection of episodes growing, when there's no rhythm to showings.

    Another factor, I wasn't that impressed with the Silver Banshee episode so I can't say I blame others for being slow to come back, especially after how great the Absolute Justice movie was. Last weeks wasn't too bad with the softening of the friction between Clark and Zod, but it's certainly been slower since the movie event.

    Another part I think hurting the ratings is we're now getting back into spring and summer movie releases, the weather is getting nicer so I think a lot of people are heading out on Friday nights again so you're going to have smaller numbers to pull from. I'm sure if you looked at the numbers, a lot of Friday night shows are lower the last few weeks.

  4. The reason for the decline in the ratings is the pre-emptions in NY and Chicago, plus the movie releases on Friday. Also, the network didn't show the trailer for the next two episodes Charade and Sacrifice at the end of Upgrade.

  5. I agree. I live in NY and I came home friday night to watch Smallville and found out that it got moved to Saturday because of the Mets game. I am a 26 year old male (fall into to the main target audience of the show as far as age group and I will tell you that there is NO WAY that I will stay at home on a Sat night to watch tv…everyone prob shares the same concensus as me

  6. Smallville has been pre-empted the last 3 weeks. Once in Chicago and this past Friday in New York and I can't remember where in the first week. That has a lot to do with the reason why the numbers dropped. DVR shows a huge surge and downloads are still up. Fans aren't forgetting to watch, they just don't have any other choice but to find alternate means to watch.

  7. the reason is all these stupid breaks they keep having during mid season and crap.

  8. I think the number one reason is that they've turned Clark Kent into one the things Seigel and Schuster originally created Superman to oppose… a domestic abuser.

    I think this video ( sums up rather well how Clark is being portrayed. As awful as that video is, it actually missed a few of his chokeholds on powerless woman and fails to mention that the primary focus of his violence is a woman who previously revealed to Clark a long history of domestic abuse that included broken arms and shattered eardrums.

    This Clark Kent is NOT Superman. He's a villain.

  9. what needs to be done is change the name,have a cast that consists of clark (in glasses)as superman,lois,perry,jimmy and ron.set it five years later with recurring roles from julian sand and helen slater as tangible holographic keepers of the fortress.also have clancy brown come in as alexie luthor an uncle and last known relative come in to take luthorcorp(later to be be renamed lexcorp),only if rosenbaum decides not to come back. there are always ways to make it line up to regular superman story.

  10. Friday night at 8 is party time among college aged viewers. That's my excuse. It's an inconvenient time slot.

  11. The closer you get to summer, the more the viewers are going to dwindle. The shows been better than ever so its just the fact that the young adults and youth go out on friday nights.

  12. ESCAPE was a flop of an episode but CHECKMATE was insanely good!!! Come on Smallville, What's your deal?

  13. I think a big part of it is the dissolution of the Clark-Chloe friendship which has been a highlight of the show for eight years. Without that trust between the former friends and their closeness, a big part of the show's remaining heart has been destroyed—perhaps irrevocably. This situation is not helped by Chloe's startling lack of screentime in the front half of the season and relegation to B plot. I think the fans really miss Chloe, the Chloe-Clark relationship, and the old school formula of focus on characters over stunt casting or gimmicks.

    Some have started a campaign to at least recognize Chloe and Allison Mack and in hopes Ms. Mack will be back for season ten:

  14. I actually keep on forgetting Smallville is on Friday nights,lol. That and im Usually asleep by then cause i gotta work the night shift and everytime i remember its on, the episode isnt all that good. So i said the heck with it and wait till the season dvd boxset comes out, then i can catch up and everything. Last time i watched Smallville was the Absolute Justice movie and really enjoyed it and cant wait for the JSA's return on the show. I think the show went down hill for sure after Michael Rosenbaum left because he's the best Lex Luthor. Unless the Tom Welling wears the tights and maybe have them rename the show to somthing like Metropolis?? Id let the show end after season 10 cause it just seems to be draggin.

  15. The first half of this season was great. The second half has mostly sucked. Clark, in particular, has been written so badly in this second half. He is supposed to be a young Superman, not a clueless thug who has to rely on 'St Chloe' to save him. What is really annoying is that the conniving little blond is going to depicted as being justified for her misdeeds, while Clark is going to have to seek redemption for his. If I have to hear Clark apologize to Chloe, (or the other devious blond, Oliver) one more time I may just boycott the show out of sheer disgust. Furthermore, the forced Chloe/Oliver and Tess/Zod 'romances' are a real turn-off. There isn't a barf bag big enough for those couples! And the once promising Clark/Lois relationship has devolved into a snoozefest in the second half. There's only so much contrived stalling a viewer can take before completely losing interest in the so-called 'iconic' love affair.

  16. During the start of the season, I was tuning in on a regular basis. As the season's storylines unfolded, everything started to become a big mess. Continuity is a train wreck this season. Even though the series jumped the shark with Doomsday's revelation, I personally think 'Absolute Justice' was really where the shark ate the jumper. Ever since that one particular two part episode, I stopped tuning in to the train wreck “Smallville” has become. I personally think “Smallville” ended in season seven, and the network is just prolonging the inevitable. I think “Smallville” has embraced comic book storytelling, and it is now heading into the old 90s Batman movie realm.

    I tried tuning in last week, but I felt it was too much of a chore. My attitude about “Smallville” has also made it over to “Stargate: Universe”. Both are boring and dull.

  17. Smallville lost 40% of its audience from S8 to S9. That accounts for a big chuck of the loss. Smallville has lost another 25% over the course of the season. People are getting tired of the same old storylines. The “heroes” (Clark, Chloe & Oliver, even Martian Manhunter) are not getting along and working together. It is hard to remember that they are the good guys. They have been using DC guest stars every week this season as a gimmick to keep viewers but it is getting old.

  18. I personally don't think many people really care about a tenth season. I think people are just tired and annoyed by season 8, season 9, and the move to Fridays. If it came back for a tenth season, I don't think it would last long enough to reach mid-season.

    I think a lot of fans are ticked off that Superman will not fly until the season's end, and it took almost ten years to see him become Superman. I personally believe we are now entering into a void period, which promising viewers a tenth season doesn't matter. I don't think many people care.

  19. I personally don't think many people really care about a tenth season. I think people are just tired and annoyed by season 8, season 9, and the move to Fridays. If it came back for a tenth season, I don't think it would last long enough to reach mid-season.

    I think a lot of fans are ticked off that Superman will not fly until the season's end, and it took almost ten years to see him become Superman. I personally believe we are now entering into a void period, which promising viewers a tenth season doesn't matter. I don't think many people care.

  20. Watched Smallville for years from beginning until 7th season. Clark virtually is Superman at this point, and for him not to be donning his cape and tights is really insulting to the fans that have watched for so long.

    Adam Knight should have been batman.
    Lex shouldn't have been killed off.
    Krpyton suit Lana was the dumbest way to get rid of her character.

    Show needs to end. I want to see lex, jonathan kent, and batman in the series finale!

  21. I could NOT agree more. No one wants to see the show fall apart and former friends hate each other. It's not fun and Clark Kent, domestic violence poster boy, is NOT selling it.

  22. The show sucks right now. That's it.

  23. I was hoping the show would end….. come on 10 seasons …. its just a money thing now

  24. “Absolute Justice” was 50-60% advertising. When I started to get into the plot, the network jumped to a advertisement. It felt like an episode to sell toys.

  25. I stopped watching after the hope for good story lines and a respectable Superman died.

  26. The show sucks ass. That's why it's lost viewers. Clark Kent is a terrorist thug and Lois is a bimbo. Who wants to see that??

  27. I don't think Fridays can explain all of the drop in audience numbers as much as people would like it too; it seems sometimes that everything else is the problem with the show – Friday time slot, lack of advertising, lack of promos etc – but the white elephant in the room – it's simply bad writing and abandoning of what made this show successful in the first place ie A Clark Kent we can root for, who values his friends and doesn't lord his power over humans or wants to hit Chloe and Tess as he has done this season. Chloe Sullivan has been an integral part of his journey, and a successful one yet 5 min of ST an eps is easily watchable on youtube rather that wasting time with an episode featuring a Clark people have grown to hate. This video – – sums up why Clark Kent is the worst Superman I've ever seen. And that this progressed so far: – is a testament to how much Chloe matters to viewers – Vera

  28. I am 100% guilty of in the past, pointing at a Lana-centric episode and saying “Haha, nobody likes Lana” or snickering that episodes without Lois get more viewers. But I know full well that #1- the individual episode ratings have nothing to do with the plot/quality of that particular episode (it's not like viewers are psychic) and #2 just like all statistics, single numbers/episode ratings don't matter, trends do. With that knowledge, you can see definite trends on when people start to tune out. The love triangle of Lana/Clark/Lex at the end of Season 6 (episode 16) turned a LOT of people off, who did not care to see Clark chase after married, pregnant Lana and simply never came back. The anti-climactic non-fight between Clark and Doomsday at the end of Season 8 had a lot of people not bothering with Season 9. In my opinion, the season-long plotlines of Season 9 are the reason the show is bleeding viewers. Consistently this year, Clark has become unlikeable and violent, choking the life out of Tess every other week. Lois has become the star of the show, with more episodes and sometimes getting more screentime than Clark- they devoted an entire episode to her sex therapy sessions (while the comics characters of the Wonder Twins were barely seen.) Chloe has been relegated to the background, and when she is on the screen, all she does is fight with Clark and look miserable. The season villain Zod spends all his time plotting off-screen. Even the supposed iconic love story of Clark and Lois is full of contrived angst and feelings out of nowhere. Everything that was endearing or charming about the show in the past is gone, so people have stopped caring. I really hope the showrunners use Season 10 to get back to what made the show popular- likeable, relatable characters, not nonsensical plots and characterization, jammed into a comics hole they don't fit in, just because it's a “Superman” show. I did not start watching to see The Lois Lane Show, where every week someone is hired to tell her how beautiful and pretty she is. If Season 10 focused on its only tie to its glory days- the last remaining original cast members, Clark and Chloe, this viewer would tune back in.

  29. I do. How is Clark a thug? People always complain that superman never actually fights anyone.