Smallville Hits Season Low Ratings

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smallville logo Smallville Hits Season Low Ratings

Despite last fall’s ratings surge and a successful television movie event, Smallville is now struggling to retain the viewers it once had since returning from its month-long absence three weeks ago. Even storylines involving DC comic familiars such as the Silver Banshee and Checkmate failed to garner an audience.

Ratings finally reached an all-time season low with last week’s return of Metallo (Brian Austin Green).

Before February’s break, the average rating this season for an episode of Smallville was a respectable 2.5 million viewers. While not that high (when compared to last season), the series was still exceeding expectations – given its move to the Friday night death slot.

But, following this season’s second extended break and the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season, fans seem to have stopped watching. The April 2 return was down 400,000 viewers, with 2.13 million people tuning in. Each subsequent episode saw the ratings slip downward with the return of Pam Grier and Checkmate garnering a measly 1.9 million viewers and last week’s Metallo revisit bottoming out at 1.84 million viewers.

Considering Smallville has some of the most vocal and enthusiastic fans in the television industry, one has to wonder what is behind this consistent decline in ratings. Have fans become less enthusiastic since their favorite superhero drama has already received another season order, feeling as though they no longer need to actively support the Red-Blue-Blur & friends. Maybe, everyone has just had enough of the small-town superhero living in the big city?

Perhaps it’s just as simple as fans forgetting to tune in.

smallville metallo Smallville Hits Season Low RatingsDid Metallo stab Clark? Since nobody watched, we’ll never know.

I, unfortunately, fall into the group of fans who just forget watch. Sure, the missed episodes of Smallville are on my DVR, but as I notice the number growing each week, it’s an increasingly discouraging affair – as I haven’t the time, nor interest, to sit down for three hours in order to catch up.

And, since I’m not caught up, there’s no point in watching the new episodes.

Although, with the promise of the Justice Society returning, I do have some incentive to rectify the problem, but maybe I’m still in the minority.

What do you think of Smallville’s ratings decline? Have you been tuning in? If not, what’s the reason? Do you think the tenth season will be its last?

Help turn things around and watch Smallville, Friday @8PM, on The CW.

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  1. I hope it's not Lana and would be shocked, but not because I don't like her – I'm one of the few who did. Maybe it's Martha Kent.

  2. I think we can all see where you are coming from. I love the show but hate the fact that Zod can fly when Clark can't. But I keep reminding myself that I know where this is all going and that eventually CK (maybe as Superman) will put Zod in his place. Just as he put Doomsday in his place (for now). I have mixed emotions about a season 10. Because I know that if the show was ending within the next 3 weeks, we would soon see him fly and wear the suit. And maybe even go past first base with Lois!

  3. Wow, Tasouli, I agree with everything you said. The show passed its peak a long time ago, but it's still one of my favorite shows, even with its flaws. I'm sick of hearing about how Clark abandoned Chloe – he wasn't gone for long and she eventually understood. Lately, their friendship seems to be getting back to where it once was. Some idiots say Clark abuses women. Really? That happens when he's “under the influence” of something and not himself. Who doesn't want to choke Tess. Has everyone forgotten how the sweet Clark acted in seasons 2 and 3 when he was on Red K? Some people are going to gripe until the show becomes another “Superman” do-over. I hope the showrunners stick to their guns and don't let that happen. And one more thing: the show is still about SMALLVILLE, not Metropolis. Clark IS Smallville, according to Lois.

  4. I can tell you exactly why I haven't watched Smallville in the last couple of weeks. It's because there's a baseball game on the CW network every time I try to tune in! We have Cable (Thanks a lot Time Warner *thumbs up*), and there's a baseball game on tonight too as I type this. I live in NYC. I'm sure a significant chunk of Smallville fans live in this metropolitan area alone (10 million ppl live here). I'm now trying to find the last week's episode online, not to mention the episode for tonight.
    Also, one has to consider the spring season. The Metallo episode aired during a warm front for the country? People prob went out that night. As the novelty of the warm weather wears off, fans will tune in again- especially to catch the lead up to the season finale.

  5. When the airing of the show becomes sporadic, it’s frustrating. My friend and I are “Smallville” buddies, discussing the episodes via e-mail, but she has forgotten to tune in a lot this since 2010 started because there were no episodes for a while, and she forgot when they started again. Throwing in non-Smallville shows during the Smallville time slot is a real turn-off, too. Consistency in the schedule is important.

    Also, I’m not interested in watching blood and gore (there are other shows for that), so that has turned me off. Sometimes there are gore scenes that don’t add to the story line. They detract from the show. I’ve almost stopped watching it because of this.

    The lighting is too dark. How about some sunshine and some lighter scenes?

    Oh, yeah, my friend has had a hard time following the story line this season.

  6. Smallville is about SMALLVILLE not METROPOLIS. As soon as they killed Lex-the show fell apart. The whole story was built around the premise that Lex and Clark could become friends and he would slowly ascend into darkness while we watched. This show used to be brilliant! Even the shows creators knew that once Lex was gone the show would fail. That is why they left in the first place. Then Tom Welling took over and looked what happened-the show turned into a corny version of the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Its sad to see such a BADASS show go down the tubes like that. It has been dying a slow death since the end of season 7.

  7. My wife and I have been fans for every season – we even stuck with it through the “Lana whining and crying” seasons in the hope of better things… and really… we thought we were going to hit paydirt until a few months ago. We were way psyched a few months back as it seemed the show was set to transition to a full-on Justice League vehicle with a lot of character interest and themes around fighting legendary villians and etc… The return of Metallo was nice and it peaked my interest, but… ??? for the last two episodes they’ve been right back to the same crap that was strangling the show before the Lana character got her walking papers. I have nothing against Kreuk… but her character was horrible & now they’re turning Lois into “Lana II, the return of the insecure girlfriend” ?? Oh Clark, do I trust you? Do you trust me? Do we trust us? Do others trust you and do you trust that the others trust you trusting me? Have we defined our trust? Have they defined trust and do we agree that our trusts are trusting?” (sound of audience members hurling into their popcorn) This sort of insipid intellectual tripe may really appeal to the 11-14 female demographic who spend half their time on the phone talking about how they “feel”… but the rest of us just find it annoying. It’s not good television and it sure as he** isn’t fodder for a good show about superheroes. Now they have Green Arrow and Chloe doing the “trust issue” monologues? That’s just outrageous… two of the show’s most kickarse characters whining about relationship issues? NO. Green Arrow and Chloe fight crime and then they ‘get down’ in the private jet on the way back to headquarters … Why? Simple. That’s who they are. Green Arrow runs a business EMPIRE… Chloe hasn’t been an insecure whiner since she was a Sophomore in highschool. In the interim she has built two crime fighting organizations and done a stint as the most intelligent human in the history of the species. You want to talk about trust? Then TRUST me, she’s beyond whining like a prepubescent girl. During this last episode my wife gets up about half way through and says: “This is lame – L.A.M.E. – where is my Aquaman! Where is my Superman! Where is my Green Arrow! This is crap! I don’t want to hear about an adult Superman dealing with teenage relationship issues – and I want some real villians!!! Where is Metallo?? One great episode of him follwed by two more of this ridiculous checkmate theme? A fat chick in a pants-suit who works for the government agency is NOT a villian – it’s a tax audit with a fancy logo… and I am beyond annoyed with the whining wench they brought in to replace Lex – she’s worse than Lana – and now Lois is Lana and Chloe are beginning to whine like Lana…. LAME!!! Enough with the teenybopper whining. No more using the word “trust” for at least two seasons…

    So we turned it off.

    At this point I guess I’m not really watching so much as DVRing and screening ahead to see if it’s a “relationship whining” episode or a “Superhero” episode.

  8. If it’s over, tie up the show, don’t leave it hanging.

  9. How is this show still on the air?

  10. I love this show I think it’s great I hope they keep making them for a lot longer. It’s been one of my favorites since season 1 I try to watch them all and the ones I have missed I have watched online fro websites

  11. I’m watching reruns now after reading about season ten online.I remember now why I stopped watching or buying the show.The show could have ended humbly with season six but they decided to drag it out. I stopped at season seven and haven’t really been looking foward to it. Every aspect of the show has been played out as you all have mentioned. The characters are stiff and flat. Cameos don’t help one bit.Seems like the writers play up the teen drama and partying to the point where it smothers the show’s true potential. Poor Smallville.There were times I wish I could have written scripts that were ten times better.

  12. I stopped watching smallville when Kristin Kreuk was no longer part of the cast.

  13. No Lana, no Smallville. Her character was an epic pull for me and my friends. There’s no tension without her and Lex. Tom is a pretty face but not that interesting to watch.