Smallville Ratings Are Improving: Best In A Year

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smailville premiere Smallville Ratings Are Improving: Best In A Year

Even though Smallville has been stuck in the death slot of Friday nights, (thanks, CW), the ratings for the Tom Welling-starring fantasy series are improving.

Now admittedly Smallville is not capturing 8 million viewers like NBC’s Law & Order or 7.9 million viewers like Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights, but it is picking up.

Smallville drew in 2.76 million viewers in overnight numbers from last night.  But more importantly, the show won the demographic of adults between 18-34 & men 18-34.

It also hit a new season high and their best performance in these categories in over a year, since September of 2008.

Though the increases are roughly about 8%, something is better than nothing.  Matching their best performance from a year ago is also good.

Whether this is from a grassroots effort of word of mouth or people are just catching on to the show with it’s new, slightly darker approach… who cares,  right?  As long as it improves enough for The CW and the powers that be to consider carrying the show into a 10th season.  That’s all we, the fans care about.

With that said, keep telling folks you know.  Hit up bulletin boards you visit and mention how much you like the show.  Don’t forget to mention why, with good compelling reasons.  Try to keep the enthusiasm to great points that folks can understand, like how Smallville is an interesting re-imagining of a classic comic, or whatever else you like about the show. Just keep it up.  Never give up gang, never!

The Gory Nielsen Stats:


Total Viewers: 2.76 million.

Quick Rating Explanation Of (A/B):

  • A is an estimated percentage of the entire database of TV households or group tuned in to a program.
  • B is the percentage of households using television who are tuned in.

I hope that makes sense.  It’s a tiny delineation between the numbers, but that’s what I have to work with!!!

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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  1. Good news ! Season 10 here we come ! lol I try to convince my friends to watch at least once but they insist they don’t want 2 watch a show about a man in spandex and i’m like “what?” it’s the opposite !just cause the show is about superman doesn’t mean it sucks.

  2. I AM SMALLVILLE ALL the way!Smallville was never this better!!!

  3. 2.76 rounds off to 2.8. It’s only a matter of time before the show gets back to 3 million. The network is happy with the success on Friday nights through Smallville.

  4. It’s also catching just because this season rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree, this season has been way better than the last few. I am a bit worried about how the Wonder Twins will come out, I’m not a big DC comic reader so my only memory of them is from the Super Friends cartoon when I was a kid, we’ll see how that does. I also kind of wish they had done a bit more with Oliver’s decent in to darkness, it only lasted like three episodes, seems a bit short.

    They don’t need to worry about separating Clark from Superman yet because he’s still only the Blur, so no one’s seen his face yet to make the connection.

  6. I stop watching this after season 7, it became quite annoying. Just tell me Lana is dead (there love story was the most boring thing ever) and Clark is finally banging Lois, and I’ll be watching that again.

  7. This season has been amazing! It’s totally not like before! Its BETTER!

  8. I think that the show is bordering on just plain horrible writing. I mean, they are going so far out of their way to not call him Superman that they made up the name the blur? Its so hokey. Also, this Zod storyline is just getting annoying. I hope they’re going somewhere worthwhile with it. And they get there soon. Oliver is pulling down some cool stuff, but I’d rather have more of him as the Green Arrow, and less of them trying to make him a knock off of Bruce Wayne.

  9. Bangarang-While Lana isn’t dead, she has yet to make an appearance this season. In fact the only people from season one are clark and chloe. and season seven really sucked. season nine’s been the best one since season four, in my opinion

  10. sorry for double commenting, but while lois and clark aren’t “banging” they did just have their first kiss

  11. im so glad that lois and clark had their 1st real kiss!!! this season has been great, but season 8 was really good too! i want more clois moments and for clark to start wearing glasses now and maybe by the time he becomes superman people (lois) would had forgotton what he looked like without the glass. i really do want a season 10!!!

  12. The glasses thing just can not work in the universe they’ve established in Smallville. I don’t think that Superman would ever be a public figure whose face you can see in the Smallville universe.


  13. I really like where smallville has been going!!! And I really hope that the number of viewers increase because I really want a season 10!!!!!!!!!!!But I do want Chloe to have more screen time because we don’t get to see her too much, she is always in the watchtower, bring her out already!! And I need me some more Green arrow, and Lex to return in the 10th season:)

  14. Yes, in the universe they’ve set up, Superman could never show his face and the glasses thing would not work. That is very true. BUt i’m sure the writers could alter reality somehow to make it work. lol

    And to Bangarang, it’s a pity you’re not watching this season. It rocks. PERIOD. Lana was only in 5 episodes last season ans has not made an appearance yet. Also, at the end of episode 6, Clark grabbed Lois and planted one on her. I think you’d like this season.

  15. I’ll have to think about it, even if season 9 is great i’ll still have to go trought season 8, wich have been told content Doomsday. In my comic book world Doomsday kill superman, but I guest this don’t happen here.

  16. Please don’t bring Lana back! The show is so good without her.

  17. love the Show Glad to hear it’s getting viewers. i watched the 1st few seasons religiously then after the whole WB-2-CW transition it was just an off&on kind of show for me. but the past 3 seasons have recaptured my eye.

    question : can any one suggest the best season of Smallville ?

    and by best, im considering just buying one season as something just to watch to entertain me after work ?

    any suggestion on a favorite season & if so WHy?

  18. This season isn’t great, but it IS good. At least we’re seeing a lot more superhero action now that Clark is committed to the whole thing.


  19. Smallville has has a great start to the season and I hope we get a 10th season. People who have a problem with this season should really turn the channel to something else. Last season was great and those who complained about it usually only had two comlaints, we didn’t need Lana coming back or that the fight between Clark and Doomsday was to short. Budget restraints stopped them from really doing what they wanted to do with the fight, people really need to get over it and stop bashing a great season for to small things. I liked Lana, some didn’t, but either way she hasn’t been in this season and Clark has fully embraced what he needs to be doing to become the hero he going to be. I look at Smallville or any show really as one long story arc and somethings I will agree with and somethings I won’t, but nevertheless I see great things in every season and for those who are still not happy with the direction the shows taking because there not getting there way or think they are straying to far fromt the comics really need to find a show there happy with so we don’t have to hear them complain ever week.

  20. Scott, thank you. Someone else who understands how i feel about the doomsday thing. lol :D

    I think the only thing i didn’t like about this season so far, is that Lois wasn’t in KANDOR. :(

  21. “The whole thing with the arrival of Zod the first time ,via Lex,just doesn’t seem to make any sense now”

    I sat down and seriously thought about that one day and… it does. I mean in the beginning of Superman: The Movie, Zod (and those 2 other guys) got sent to the phantom zone just before Krypton was destroyed. The Zod that possesed Lex was that Zod. General Zod. The Zod we have on the show now is just a clone of Zod 20 years before Krypton was destroyed.

  22. Maybe its the defections from SGU that’s contributing to the bump. If CW had another grabber series behind “Smallville,” it could put the crimp on SYFY big time…