Smallville: ‘Prophecy’ Spoilers Discussion

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The best way to celebrate the last episode before the Smallville series finale is to supersize it – and supersize it they have.

With Lois and Clark’s (hopefully) happy wedding less than a week away, Lois sets out for the Fortress of Solitude to obtain a blessing from Jor-El for their upcoming nuptials. Anything involving Jor-El (voiced by Terence Stamp) is never simple, so the ominous paternal Kryptonian decides to not only give the happy couple his blessing, but to also throw in a little wedding gift as well.

In order to better show Lois (Erica Durance) what life is like for Clark (Tom Welling), Jor-El has decided to transfer Clark’s super powers to Lois for a single day. With a newly-powered Lois Lane (Erica Durance) running around, antics are sure to ensue. Unfortunately, Lois’ proverbial flights of fun must come to an end when everyone’s favorite malicious manufacturer of children’s products, the Toyman (Chris Gautheir), returns to Metropolis.

With Oliver (Justin Hartley) out searching for the Bow of Orion – an item he believes will remove the Omega symbol from his skull – and Kara Kent (Laura Vandervoort) returning in an attempt to stop Darkseid, Clark is forced to sit this one out, as The Blur’s familiar friends take center stage.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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  1. It’s always nice when (my future wife) Laura Vandervoort stops by Smallville. Man oh man! One more episode left ever!

    Loved all the character returns (even if some were cheated)

    • Laura Vandervoort is making me like blonde-haired, blue-eyed women. :) But she’s the only one. I guess she’s not Supergirl for nothing. ;)

  2. I can’t marry you. Hahaha

    • That wasn’t a very funny moment…

  3. I am work and saw bits and pieces of it. The Oliver part I want to see more of it again. It looked like he was hypnotised or something like that? Not sure what the Supergirl part was. I did catch the remark by Jor’ el that Clark would have to sacrifice something that is very dear to him. Sure sounds like Lois… Kind of a surpise ending and I will leave it at that not to spoil anything.

    On another Smallville subject! I will take this to my grave. I think a Smallville/Doctor Who crossover would have been classic. Both Clark and the Doctor are more alike than you think. Plus Rosenbaum as Lex is like Simm being the Master.

    Back to Smallville, the SuperLois was more eh, whatever. The Oliver story line was pretty good. Sadly, I do not get any vibe that CW will consider a Smallville spin off. Oliver, the superboy, Booster all seemed groomed for a spinoff run.

    Is it May 13th yet???

    • This is a spoilers discussion thread, so it’s OK to talk about anything that happened in this episode.

      I was a bit peeved when there was people in the last episode’s discussion thread talking about spoilers for the finale!!!

    • I’ve heard the are actually considering a Blue Beetle spin-off…That may actually be good if it happens because Superman is involved with Buster Gold who is the mentor to Blue Bettle

      • Buster Gold? Sounds like a young pickpocket. Watch out for that guy, he’s going to bust yer gold. :)

  4. It’s funny cuz the wedding is going to happen I seen pictures. Anyway qween is evil now that’s not good. Jor el is out of the picture

  5. Is anyone else thinking that the way things ended with Kara was bull…I really expected her story to wrap in a better way…I am hoping somehow they have a big surprise planned for next week which will help us make sense of what they did to her…And all I can say is that I hope they give him the Supersuit and someone hopefully Lois Lane calls him Superman…other wise I’ll be disappointed and the last 10 years that built up to this were for a waste in a way…

    • the reason they can’t say it is because of the movie reboot which currently has the copyrights to say superman on film…..i know it’s bogus

      • Really? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! They shouldn’t be able to say SUperman in the movie because Smallville’s been around WAY longer…

      • I agreed with you, Gerard, about how Kara made her exit. It was rather anti-climactic, and she should have had more screen time.

    • This episode was a mess! It was nice to see Kara, but what was that all about? First Jorel tells her (earlier in the season) that she has to face the darkness because Clark’s not ready, and now he tells her to go? And the toy man… Lois is obviously super and it doesn’t register with him or does it? And Ollie’s quest. Oh my god! Well, I hope they got all this inconsistency out of their system. I’m praying that the finale is at least coherent.

      • Exactly what I was thinking…I am hoping they have a lot of surprises for next week, because Metallo, Dark Archer and some other in that round table, if Clark is going to fight all those guys plus Darkside next week, he is going to need a Supersuit, the ability to fly and the rest of the Justice League…

    • Just hope for what I am hoping for, they are casting or may have already casted the people for the Justice League Movie, that will come out in 2013, and the guy that will play superman in man of steel will not play superman on justice league…maybe they’ll give tom that roll…Or maybe will finally get metropolis and have superman not clark kent

  6. I actually thought that was a good episode. They sure have a lot to wrap up in the last 90 minutes (if you subtract commercial time).


    • I agree. I can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up

  7. Kara’s final appearance was a disappointment. she leaves Clark without saying goodbye because of Jor El.

    • yh i was hopin she would have more role

  8. The way Kara left reminded me of a Justice League Unlimited episode. Kara leaves with the Legion to help fight the Fatal Five, and then makes the decision to stay in the future. In the episode Clark and Kara never say their goodbyes. I enjoyed this episode, but I still can’t believe that after next week there will be no more Smallville.

  9. I like this episode way better than last week’s disaster. Kara went to the future just like her JLU counterpart and it’s a good send-off to her. The stuff with her and Oliver was great along with Granny Goodness, but Clark is disconnected from the Darkseid storyline as he had to deal with Lois getting his powers for a day. What saved Clois was having Tess, Star Girl, and the Legion of Doom in it.

  10. i don’t know how i feel. I enjoyed it, but at the same time I wish there was more to this episode that tied in with the series finale. I think it could have been a good way to have a 3 part ending since next week is “2″ hours. I did really like the Legion of Doom table scene, that felt really epic. I wonder what the fate will be for Lois and Clark, funny feeling they won’t get married next week. But yeah, I liked it but I wish there was more and I was hoping to see Oliver get rid of that dang omega mark-i like Oliver when he’s good, and i hate him when they make him bad.

  11. Loved the toyman part where it showed Manta, Mr Freeze and the other popular characters from the Hall of Doom. Looking forward to next week but dissapointed that Lois pulled the plug on the wedding this episode, who knows maybe shell change her mind.

  12. Well, from the looks of things, oliver will play a prime part in the finale. Now that he has the gold kyrptonite and is under the influence of the darkness.

    to be honest, i am getting tired of seeing clarks powers taken away, and then restored at the last moment.

    if the gold stone really does take his powers away, and they use that in the finale, i wont be to happy. Expecially now that he just got his powers back in the penultimate episode.

    on the other hand, i dont really agree with them throwing in the company of villains with toyman as the leader one week away from the last ever episode.

    Only question that remains, is how many villains will clark have to defeat to become superman. Lex, darkseide, toyman and his legion. and then his own personal demons after lois says she cant marry him. to be honest, i expected that to happen, but not in the penultimate episode.

  13. Also, not sure if its connected, but theres a great qoute in the latest supernatural episode “were dealing with a superman whose gone darkside, so that means we gotta be cautious, we gotta be smart and maybe stock up on some kryptonite”

    great way to hint if it was done purposly

  14. Now that I’ve had more time to take this Episode in, I honestly think that what I was expecting the most was to see Kara tell Clark something along the lines that the fight against Darkside was his now. That he would be able to have to take Darkside on his own, that it would not as easy as Brainiac, Doomsday or all the others his faced in the past, that he would have to use all his power. But that only when he knew he was super and realised his the greater good he would be able to suceedd. But that she knew he would be okay. And the last thing after all this time Oliver doesn’t know who Kara is…”are you Clark’s cousin” the hell…Didn’t they meet in Watchtower at the begining of the season, when she lived on the farm…Really…I was pretty dissappointed overall…They better go out kicking ass, taking name, wearing a supersuit and flying…It’s not even about Tom Welling deserving to wear the suit…It’s for all the FANS who who’s watched the show for 10 years that they should complete the tranfomaiton to Superman…

  15. Wait till next week when they retcon the works back 6 years. Except at the Daily Planet; where Clark will work in the basement and try to convince the irrepressible Lois Lane that they really do have something in common; it’s just that nobody remembers what it is.

  16. I enjoyed watching this episode yesterday & can’t believe next week
    will be the last episode ever for smallville, when we saw supergirl teleport at the end it didn’t seem like a final way to say goodbye to her,
    i thought we would at least see her fly away saying goodbye or something? maybe they will possibly consider a supergirl spinoff? i really like to
    see a green arrow spinoff too – that would be so cool & give us something to watch next season on TV.

  17. Yes true, but supergirl, green arrow or even a booster gold / blue beetle spinoff would work alot better cause we’ve seen them in action &
    want to still see more, , , ,

  18. I too am worried how this all ends off this one episode. Right now there are too many open angles to be solved in one last episode in which I’d assume the episode’s main priority is to reward the 10 year viewing public and provide an epic scene that even casual Superman fans will want to see.

    For a 90 minute final episode there is lot to squeeze in that probably all deserved their own episodes: Darkseid, Clark & Lois wedding (or non wedding), Lex’s return, Gold Kryptonite, explaining how nobody in Smallville will know Clark is Superman, Green Arrow being marked & turning evil and I’m sure quite a few minor things that will need to be closed out such as Martha, the fortress of solitude, Jor El, Chloe (if they are using her) and the Justice League.

    That is a lot of topics for an episode that sole purpose should be focusing on Clark transforming into Superman forever on an epic level. I’m eager to see where the priority of this episode is.

  19. Hope so too, i will be very upset if they run those 7-8 minute commercials throughtout the final next week, really can’t stand it
    when they repeat the same commercial twice in a row before we get to
    see more smallville finally.

  20. The C.W. lied to us. The surprise guest is (Lana Lang) They screw everyone on imformation and Tom Welling who gave them 10 years of his life to fire him after the final show! They delay episodes of the real story of the guy of the story Lex Luthor! We had to wait 10 years of waiting to see Clark fly ans to wear The Superman costume? Delay the show of the main theme of Clark and Superman. They have Supergirl in the final and Lana Lang who is going to save Luthor from Clark-Superman from killing him because of her green kyptonite

    • May I please know where you got your facts from ?

  21. Yea, they fire Welling of 10 years of service and screw him of playing Superman on the wide screen. What kind of respect is that? They lied about who is on the final episode Kristen, Lana Lang and other of course and if they can screw Tom Welling they can screw anybody! Wake up Warner brothers and the C.W. and smeel the coffee! You have something dislike on Tom Welling playing Superman on the wide screen. And don’t forget the spin off of Conner-Kent-Luthor-clone at Smallville high School-The Kent Farm the C.W. did’nt tell you about! They lie to you and screw Tom Welling! They will let Welling make a guest appearnce on the Conner spin off as Superman.”WOW” They broke their hearts! Thats Warner and the C.W. you really have a problem with the people with telling the truth and with Tom Welling playing Superman on the big screen!!!

  22. As I sit here watching this episode again… maybe Jor-El had to send her away, so that way they can form- Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes! :D

  23. They sure found a beautiful woman to play Kara (Supergirl). The first one was ok, but Vandervoort did a great job.

  24. will there be more next season about smallville

    • I wish there would be…But Smallville aired it’s Series Finally on May 13, 2011…It sucks because it was suck a great show…My advice to you, go out get all the seasons on dvd and watch it from the beginning…