Smallville: First Official Pics Of Dr. Fate, Hawkman & Stargirl

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smallville season 9 Smallville: First Official Pics Of Dr. Fate, Hawkman & Stargirl

With one holiday down we’re coming ever closer to the premiere of Smallville: Absolute Justice and the closer we get, the more we get to see, and today The CW has finally released some official pictures of Justice Society members Dr. Fate and Stargirl, as well as some tussling about from Green Arrow and Hawkman. Hopefully, this trend will continue so that I won’t have to spend time pulling stills from YouTube trailers.

Last week we brought you some awesome (and I do mean awesome) pictures of Dr. Fate, Sandman and a little glimpse of Green Lantern. Sure, the pictures were from a teaser trailer, but I think the general consensus was that they looked great and the excitement continued to build for this movie.

While I’m not attempting to set fans up for a fall, I do have to be completely honest and say that the pictures released today, the “official” pictures, kind of make me take pause and wonder if I’ve got things all wrong with how “awesome” I thought the costumes looked.

Let me just show you this pictures now and we can talk after, if you’re still in the mood.

fate star smallville Smallville: First Official Pics Of Dr. Fate, Hawkman & StargirlDr. Fate & Stargirl

hawk arrow Smallville: First Official Pics Of Dr. Fate, Hawkman & StargirlHawkman & Green Arrow “talking things out”

Is it just me or do you see a big difference between the photos released today and the ones released previously? Even the pictures of Hawkman that we previously showed didn’t look this… odd? I’m not saying that they look bad, I’m just saying that they look, kind of, janky.

Still, far be it for me to say something bad about Smallville as they’ve had a great run this season and I think maybe I can justify these pictures… They’re bad pictures. That’s all. Really bad pictures. If you look at Green Arrow, his costume looks horrible as well and in the series, I love his costume. I think that these pictures are too bright and too “staged” so they give off this weird vibe. I have a feeling that when it comes down it, when we see them on the screen, they’ll look amazing (well, maybe except for Stargirl).

…fingers crossed.

Am I being too harsh? Do these costumes look good in the pictures?

Maybe I’m still full of Tryptophan from all that turkey and need someone to set me straight.

Catch Smallville: Absolute Justice Feb 5 at 8PM on The CW

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  1. censor*

  2. I can’t believe that someone actually thinks that Batman and Robin is better than The Dark Knight. B&R was easily the worst Batman movie ever made. George Clooney nearly destroyed the Batman franchise. When you look up the phrase “Crappy superhero movie” Batman and Robin is right there at the top. By uttering that you think that TDK is crap, Andre, you have lost any credibility you had on this board. I personally thought Batman Begins was a better film, but I also like TDK. B&R was horrid. Just like Stargirl’s and Dr. Fate’s costume in these pics.

  3. @andy s u have no taste TDK is crap Tank Girl was Crap barbwire was crap, Batman & robin was fun. TDK was pure Boredoam ad Nauseum

  4. I prefer Batman Begins to TDK, I prefer the way it was shot, the use of actual locations, it seemed very real. Bale was a million times better in Begins. I do like TDK, but for me it was too dreary and relentlessly depressing, I did have a good feeling when I left the cinema. Wheras when I saw Star Trek, I walked out with the biggest smile on my face.

    I wonder how history will consider TDK, yes it made the most money, but is it really the best comic book adaptation of all time. I’m not so sure.

    I’d also like to add Michael Keaton was the best Batman. By a long way. I hope Burtons flicks are still given the respect they deserve, Nolans films are great, but for me his style lacks something.

    Back to Smallville. What can anyone really tell from a few promo images? We will have to wait and see people, I don’t think we will be disappointed. The people in charge are really pulling out all the stops this season, I cannot wait to see where all these story lines are headed, and I really hope this season ends with the return of Lex Luthor.

  5. so this premier thing is basically a season finale right ? not the end of smallville, just want to get this clear

  6. @andre

    do u know what makes a good movie?
    TDK had great actors, good action, good story, and camera and CGI. if a movie have all those things, dont need the CGI but if a movie has good actors, dialogue, story, camera and is fun/enjoyfull, u cant possibly say its bad. not a chance. even with only good actors and story a movie is good in a way. so saying TDK is crap, is saying u have no clue what a good movie is.

  7. @sambeckett agree with you begins was better tdk was crap and wasnt a batman movie it was a 3 hour overrated Law & order episode

  8. @jwalka No its Not a Season finale far from it its just a 2hour movie Event!

  9. Ok, I never said it was crap. I just prefer Begins. As I have already said on the last Batman thread, I think Nolan is over rated, I don’t really care for his visual style. I think his films are without heart. But as a technical exercise TDK is pretty decent, it’s just not a perfect unflawed masterpiece.

    But I don’t hate it.

  10. @sambeckett”I think Nolan is over rated, I don’t really care for his visual style. I think his films are without heart. ” Iagree with u sam. that is EXACTLY why i HATE Nolan and TDK

  11. Amazon usually have the once expensive box sets at ridiculously low prices, so I’d try there,

  12. @andre

    I’ve had to delete more of your comments due to your insults. You are now set up for auto-moderation. ALL future comments by you will have to be approved before they are published.


    I deleted one of your comments for sinking to the same level as andre’s.


  13. @vic
    ye i understand that, just got so annoyed:p

  14. @Magnus

    Thanks for understanding. Andre’s response to that same comment, however, validated my reason for putting him on auto-mod.


  15. I think what makes these costumes so great is that they look just like the comic costumes. I love it. As far as TDK vs. Begins, I agree TDK was a better movie, but as far as Batman lore, Begins wins hands-down. And Bale was wayyyy much better in Begins. Batman and Robin? Fun for under 12, after that, meh. As far as which Batman is the best? Bale in Begins. Dr. Fate looks amazing. I can’t get over it. Stargirl-well, I thought her comic costume looked dumb, so not much doing there. Its a perfect translation. Hawkman-I was never really a fan until I saw the Shanks as Carter. Gosh, that’s awesome. This kinda raises the bar for the rest of the costumes on the show. That being said, time to overhaul Flash(and stop calling him Impulse) Black Canary, and make it so Green Arrow isn’t wearing sunglasses at night. I can’t get over how dumb that is. Yikes.

  16. The Legion themselves were not in 2 episodes ,
    But Bride ends with a cliffhanger which Legion resolves .
    And Legion Starts right whrere Bride left off.
    There is practically no time lag .
    It would be more accurate to say that Legion was the concluding half of a two part Mini-Arc .
    Sorry that I misspoke, but Legion was not a standalone story,
    It was dependent on the events of Bride .

  17. the characters look horrible y is the crap still around

  18. It may be a case where the costumes will look better in darker lighting or in-motion. Stargirl’s costume isn’t one that was too impressive to begin with, but Hawkman & Dr. Fate certainly have a lot to live up to. The costume from the old Flash TV series and that of Batgirl from the WB’s Birds of Prey attempt were of higher quality than these, but they were also starring roles. Maybe the fact that these are just guest starring roles had something to do with the budget or time spent on developing the costumes.

  19. Even though I don’t like the pictures, I like Smallville and I’m sure Absolute Justice will be great. Andre, we disagree on the pictures but we agree that Smallville (this season) has been very good. Instead of throwing insults, can we accentuate the positive? I think we should do that in any conversation.

  20. The costumes will be good enough to fulfill their purpose. Yes, Stargirl’s is a little “cheap” looking, but, if you were to make a supersuit, could you make a better one? I thought not. Don’t judge a hero by his costume.

  21. M-Cat, I’d try my local Wal-Mart. Or ebay.

  22. @Foopher

    I don’t know… Peter Parker managed to create a pretty snazzy suit in the first Spider-Man film, didn’t he? ;)


  23. “Yes, Stargirl’s is a little “cheap” looking,”

    LOL, her costume makes her look like an American Gladiators reject.

  24. Mannn!!! Stargirl costume looks heavy 80′s. talk about that blue goggles as a mask dame!!!!. Love smallville and looking forward for the movie style special.