‘Smallville’ Season 10 ‘Patriot’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville patriot Smallville Season 10 Patriot Spoilers Discussion

Last week on Smallville, Clark finally received General Lane’s approval. Although, I doubt the General knew exactly what would result from him signing off on the long-awaited relationship between Lois and the soon-to-be man of steel. Fortunately, that special surprise won’t be happening for a couple episodes.

With the Lane-related family matters put to rest, Clark can now focus on the next superhero threat, the Vigilante Registration Act. With the government now wanting all superheroes to register themselves, Green Arrow puts himself up as the proverbial genuine pig for this political experiment.

Unfortunately, an experiment turns out to be exactly what it is. With the introduction of the DC character Colonel Slade, Oliver Queen is going to need help in order to get himself out of this predicament.

With Aquaman returning to Smallville, Clark teams up with the illusive water-based hero to rescue their team member for the clutches of a government experimentation. Although, with Aquaman returning with wife in tow, Lois begins to reflect on what her position may be in Clark’s life.


In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver (Justin Hartley) decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade (guest star Michael Hogan, “Battlestar Galactica”). Aquaman (guest star Alan Ritchson) and his new wife Mera (guest star Elena Satine) team up with Clark to free Oliver. Lois is frustrated when Clark continues to push aside her offers to help the team and sets out to prove she can play with the big boys.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. preety good episode
    happy at least Deathstroke got an eyepatch at the end.
    I still think they should have got someone more athletic.
    Aquaman was preety good in this one hope to see him again in the season.

    • That abomination of a character is NOT Deathstroke. What a joke and a disgrace.

      • But he will be Deathstroke the next time we see him.

      • I said I was happy at least he got an eyepatch at the end
        didn’t say I liked him in Smallville.
        I was disapointed with him.

        • I hope when he returns, they give him that mask. That thing is BA looking

  2. I know that someone is gonna complain about some political underlining here soon… But before anyone else can I would like to say, looking for underlines that are not there, will lead you to kill John Lennon… Catcher in the Rye? Anyone get that referance?

    Anyways, I liked this episode, and I would like it alot more if the “bad guy” was the government, but since darkseid is the main bad guy, and we only seen him in a mist form once… along time ago, and time is runing out for us to know this character, this episode was a BIG waste of time…

    And Aqua Man was good in this episode, I always thought that he had a hook for a hand though… Can anyone explain that to me? I thought that he was homosexual but hes married?… Wow… Now im thinking that Aqua man is kinda cool… That being said, thanks smallville for making aquaman not just alaughable hero, but a real hero…

    • Wow!!! Now I definitely know I’m getting old, you really only know Aquaman with a hook? Gay??? What the freak…When did that happen? Quess I’ve been outta the loop for a while. Aquaman originally was married, and, get this, there was an Aqualad also. And, No, he only got that hook when they , as the young call it, rebooted the Character in the 1990′s. That’s why I despise any kind of retooling of a classic character, from the Comicbook Aquaman, to the movie Micheal Myers. I call it, the Bastardization of the Classics, there should be a law against! And, the main reason why I stopped reading comics in the 1990′s after reading them for fourty years.

  3. Awesome episode! I loved how they made Aquaman such a badass, and it made sense since he found out who he was.

    “I am Man…and Steel”- That was such a great line and scene, Clark realized what was going on and the general was being controlled so he just showed no fear at all and took that explosion like it was nothing.

    Welling rules! Not only was he great in the episode, but he directed it!

  4. Aquaman’s wife was a ridiculous character. Instead of Mera they should have just called her “Cleavage Girl.” And that scene with Lois by the pool… what the hell was that? “Let me demonstrate my superiority to you by showing you my perfect, awesome, naked body”?

    Every week there’s SOMETHING that gets a laugh out of me with this show, gotta say.


    • Yeah She was pretty hot just saying
      that scene was useless to me.
      At least it wasn’t played by Erica Durance getting possesed like every season.
      but hey she wasn’t a huge bother to me then Deathstroke haveing a beer belly. :P

      • yh agreed she was smokin lol

    • The show is targeted at over-sexed teenagers, so it’s really no surprise to see that.

      • I’m not an oversexed teenager. Been watching this show for 10 years, as have most of the viewers I’d imagine.

        • I never said everyone who watches the CW is an oversexed teenager, but that’s the age-range in which the network targets. Don’t believe me? then go watch Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, or Hellcats, and then you’ll see.

          • If you’ve watched the entire series from the beginning, you’d notice that the show abandoned the “over-sexed teenagers” demo about three or four years ago. They FINALLY realized that the people who watched “Dawson’s Creek” and “7th Heaven” were NOT watching “Smallville,” and that “Smallville” was the ONLY show on the network we watched. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of TnA since then, but go to a local comic book store and check most Supergirl or Emma Frost statues or busts (pun intended), and you’ll see that same stuff.

    • Yeah because DC comics characters never have overly large breasts or wear skimpy outfits do they???

      • Hey I’m all for that!

        • As am I! Mera was very very very hot, and her cleavage was the clear star of last nights Smallville.

          • LOL. I got socked for staring just a little too long. I guess my GF frowned at that. One thing I’m tired of…seeing Clark get hung up on Kryptonite just about every episode this season.

            • Tell you something, the effects of kryptonite don’t always work the same on Clark, this time he could use his X-ray vision despite the kryptonite. And surely the explosion would have killed him because kryptonite should have zapped his powers too… Meh. A small niggle in an otherwise great episode.

              • It was about time he used his x-ray vision
                You guys remember episode 3 when they were in Club Desaad?
                Clark and Kara were trying to find Lois and he said they should split up. Why can’t you just use your x-ray vison and you can find her?

              • DSM,

                LOL, yeah, but even in comics it looks ridiculous – in live action it looks even worse. Of course it wasn’t exactly painful to look at, but I hope you get my drift. :)

                As to the explosion, that was my thought as well. Clark should have died – although they seemed to show him as only partially weakened by indicating he still had x-ray vision.


                • I do get your point. It was totally gratuitous, but hell, she was stunningly beautiful.

                  Maybe it was watered down governmental kryptonite? :)

                  • HAHAHA good explanation Sam!!!!

      • Quick! We must hide Power Girl!

    • Lol… Since I was going to skip this episode and “Luthor”, I must have missed a pretty good episode. Lol… ‘Cleavage Girl’?!?! Hahahaha…

      • You’re going to skip Luthor??? That looks like an amazing episode!!! Lionel is one of the best characters! And as he is in 3 more episodes after that, it might be an important one to watch!

        • It all happens in an alternate reality. Since two Clarks switch worlds, I don’t want to see the aftermath. I would rather skip it.

    • That’s the CW for ya. Haha

  5. The Adventures of Aquaman and Cleveage Girl…has a ring to it. Why is it somehow Michael Hogan always ends up with an eye missing? Seems like a streak of bad occular luck. Is it just me or does anyone else think that they are really underplaying just how powerful Darksied really is by just saying “He makes us doubt ourselves.” I mean hes supposed to be supremely powerful and I really am not gettin that from what this season has been intimating.

  6. vkatnyte,
    Sorry to tell you this but the rumor is Darseid wont appear until Episode 20.

    • 20? How much longer can they think we can take it?… Like i said a few weeks back, hes gonna so up in the last episode (or very close to it) and hes not gonna be a great villian just cause they rush this… bring darkseid sooner then that and do him justice…

      • I think the last episode will have nothing to do with Darkseid at all, that storyline will be wrapped up before the finale I think. It will be about Superman and Lex.

        • I think they are just saving him up so they can make him look really good with CGI…because all the effects I saw this season are really bad compared to last season. who knows where it will all end

          • Sorry to disappoint but from what I’ve heard Darkseid will not be cgi, but I think that will be better anyway, because while the Doomsday storyline fizzled out the actual costume was really good.

            • Good. I’d hate to have the final look of Darksied as a TV budget (let alone CW) CGI character


  8. FYI to Anthony: “the proverbial genuine pig for this political experiment” works BETTER as “the proverbial guinea pig for this political experiment”, unless Harry Potter shows up and uses an Animagi spell to turn Ollie into pork product.

    • I’m guessing that you meant Anthony Ocasio, and not me :)

  9. That was pretty good, I like to see more heroes on smallville! hope
    we get a surprise appearance from impulse in the “collateral” episode
    as i heard there well be some JLA & JSA heroes in it.

    • Black Canary will be back for 2 episodes, Hawkman is back for one final episode before he…. Well. Martian Manhunter will be returning also. And yes, Impulse may be returning at some point although that’s not confirmed.

      • Hawkman AND Stargirl return in ICARSIS

        • Coolio, didn’t know Stargirl was coming back too, shame Hawkman has to die.

  10. The only problem I had with the episode was that I thought Slade was a little old…

  11. Okay, first shouldn’t Clark have died in the explosion, he was in a Kryptonite cell one minute and the next he’s slinging hay bales with AC. When that sort of episode incongruity appears it is a little dissapointing.

    And second I’m a little confused by the criticism. Last week all the gab on here was about how they weren’t advancing the story arcs, and they were wasting time dealing with Clark and Lois. This week, people are complaining because they ARE advancing the story arcs. Unbelievable.

    • Only the one side was kryptonite. It just prevented Clark from getting to Slade. If you noticed, when Clark was talking right before, he wasn’t in pain. He had backed away :)

      • Hey thanks… I actually hadn’t noticed that. Now it makes more sense.

      • Ah! That’s most likely the explanation. Still, Clark’s been further away from kryptonite before and still been affected.

        • The explosion could’ve helped destroy the kryptonite too. Ok maybe not. Sometimes you have to use your imagination when dealing with smallville :)

          anyway, I hope the explosion didn’t burn up his jacket. Even if it did Clark can call Peter Parker to make him a new one…

  12. First time i heard guys complain about a womans bust on tv before. LOL you guys must not look at comics much?

    • pawn65,

      LOL, not REALLY complaining – just thought it looked silly and that the only point of it was to satisfy those raging-hormone teenage boys who watch the show. 8)


      • Giggity giggity

      • I think they were just showing solidarity with DC’s breasts always on show policy.

  13. Glad that Stargirl is coming back, hope they have
    another JSA hero appear,like Jay Garrick- they have the
    helmet already as seen in “Absolute Justice” just need to
    get someone like “John Wesley Shipp” to play The Flash again!

  14. that was an awesome episode lol

    kinda surprised there was no comment on the political jabs lol well at least we got a couple eps with no jabs

    • I think maybe that’s because this time, the political jabs in this episode were dead on the money, bringing up the subject of torture is very appropriate considering how much the issue has been in the news lately.

  15. No I have not watched Smallville…. However what is this “vigilante registration law” is it based in part on Godfrey and him speaking out against heroes?

    • The vigilante registration act is a US government led proposal for all the costumed heroes, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Blur etc to show themselves to the people and sign up to working for the government rather than on their own.
      It is obviously spurred on by Godfrey, but the General in charge is under the influence of Darkseid. When Clark X-Rays him, there is a symbol of Omega on his skull, as there probably is on Godfrey and Desaad.

      • Thanks DSM. I am aware of the comic background story and knew Godfrey was on the show. However it sounded a little like the Superhero registration act.

        I dont recall in the DC universe where they wanted them to register. I thought they wanted them to just stop.

        Either way thanks for the update. Soon as they start streaming this via netflix I will start watching it.. :D

        • I don’t remember there being anything like that in the comics, but I also can’t claim to have read them all, I think maybe the Registration Act is a semi original plotline here.

          You should enjoy this season, hasnt put a foot wrong so far in my eyes, its been amazing.

    • Ok, a couple of things here;

      In no way at all was this a “filler” episode, it advanced the arc Darkseid plot quite a bit, introduced Deathstroke, had Aquaman and Mera, development between Clark and Lois… Please explain how any of that could possibly be concieved as filler???

      As for it not advancing Clark becoming Superman, i thought the ” I’m man…And Steel” was a very Superman-esque line.

      And the popular opinion is that only the side closest to Deathstroke was kryptonite, Clark did become noticable stronger when he backed away from it, he could have easily broken throught the other side to escape. It was only there to prevent him reaching Deathstroke.

        • You don’t know how Deathstroke got out? No me either, I assume it was because he is protected by Darkseid in some way and thats how he survived, due to the whole Omega thing… With Smallville, if you’re a regular viewer you shouyld know, sometimes you just have use your information and fill in the blanks yourself.

          • DSM,

            “sometimes you just have use your information and fill in the blanks yourself.”

            Shouldn’t have to do that. Especially when it seems like the writers have created a situation that doesn’t jive with what’s come before (Clark weakened, becomes mortal).


            • The problem is Vic, that the different types of kryptonite, green and blue have a similar effect. Green is lethal but can also reduce Clarks powers, when Blue takes away his powers entirely.

              But I think the fact that only one side if the cage/barriers had kryptonite in it.

  16. It was really cool to see Deathstroke with the eye patch at the
    end of “Patriot” hope when we see him again, they will have him
    looking more true to his comicbook appearance than the plan military
    uniform we have seen so far.

    • From what I understand, he will be in a proper Deathstroke costume, or a smallville approximation at least.

      • Hooray!!!

  17. I’m not sure why everybody wants the villains on smallville to look just like the comics. First, people don’t really look like that, and second, there aren’t too many weightlifters that are all that good at acting. I’d much rather have a good actor to start and let them fix the visuals with the costuming.

    That said, the lapses in continuity do affect people’s enjoyment of show. If you’re scratching your head wondering how something happened you can’t really enjoy what comes next. This Slade/Clark escape is right on the same level as the Doomsday finale. I mean so is Doomsday dead or just buried, and if his powers don’t work a mile below the surface, how do Clark’s continue to work? Its frustrating, but considering the fact that the rest of the show is so great, you overlook it, grudgingly.

  18. I want Aquaman’s wife.

    • Yes, considerably.

  19. I’m sorry fanboys, but Tom Welling did a really bad job directing this.

    Really confusing moments (The Kryptonite-Cage escape, which felt like they left half the scene on the cutting room floor), horrific acting (Alan Ritchson as usual and even his new wife!) and truly awful dialogue.

    The script by John Chisholm was diabolical, the animosity Richson was givin off was totally forced, and Welling failed to get decent perfomances from his actors (even Durance was ‘off’ here).

    And the opening teaser totally failed.

    The result: Another Season 10 clunker.

    First episode however, that I actually noticed a bad directorial job. Perhaps he was just tired…?