Smallville Mid-Season Return: Review & Discussion

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Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville Smallville Mid Season Return: Review & Discussion

For the time shifted viewer, we do have spoilers included in this review of Smallville’s mid-season return episode “Disciple.”

We open to Lois Lane (Erica Durance) and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) leaving a charity event and we see that they’re publicly an “item” now.

The episode sets up Oliver Queen’s (Justin Hartley) old instructor, Vordigan, (Steve Bacic) who they call the Dark Archer. He shows up in Oliver’s life, trying to right some wrongs and set an old promise in motion. The old promise is an oath that Oliver took while training under Vordigan that declares “No lovers, allies or disciples” in his life.  This confused me since obviously Oliver was a disciple of Vordigan.  Vordigan tries to make the oath come to be as he takes shots at Lois, Chloe and kidnaps Mia (aka Speedy).

Vordigan wants his pupil, Oliver, to kill him because he feels he’s getting old and is becoming too slow to fulfill his duties.  Wow, I thought I was hard on myself!? Meanwhile Oliver is still having a few issues – he seems haunted by the dark side he experienced in the past, plus he’s just not handling the Lois and Clark pairing that well.

Of course Zod (Callum Blue) is pandering to Clark, but Clark isn’t buying it.  Zod even plays the Lois card and visits her, making us wonder if he might spill the beans on Clark (he’s effectively creepy in the scene). This is all a roundabout test of Clark.

In the closing scenes there is a final conversation between Clark and Zod where our hero tells Zod in no uncertain terms to stay away from Lois.  This encounter was rather foretelling and when Clark whisked away like he usually does when in a hurry, Zod jumped/twitched.  It was a subtle emotional demonstration of a crack in Zod’s tough outer shell, even if it was a fleeting millisecond.

Did The Premiere Live Up To The Wait?

It’s a shame that the mid-season return wasn’t the “Absolute Justice” 2-hour event.  I say that because all I wanted to do was get through this to the next week… It was a bit distracting.

This episode touched on several emotional issues between characters, and although Chloe drifted in the cliche direction of suspecting Oliver as being the nasty Dark Archer, she didn’t sell it hard.  In other words the showrunners didn’t take the easy way out on this one.

Erica Durance as Lois Lane in Smallville Smallville Mid Season Return: Review & Discussion

The relationship with Clark and Lois isn’t too over the top… though we’re experiencing great patience on Lois’s part when Clark disappears suddenly or doesn’t show up at certain times when maybe normal folks (or previous season Lois) would (i.e. visit in hospital).

I liked seeing Steve Bacic again. He actually looked more like the Green Arrow from the comics than Justin Hartley – too bad the dialog between the two at the end of the episode was so painfully cornball. Does anyone remember Bacic from Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda?  Or did you catch him playing Dr. Sexy on Supernatural?  Now that was a funny episode!

I’m also becoming a bit disillusioned with Callum Blue’s portrayal of Zod.  I’ve seen Callum in a different series as the bad guy and he seemed exactly the same, so Zod doesn’t feel very unique anymore.  I’ve ruined it for myself!

Don’t worry, I’ll get past it.

How did everyone like the premiere episode?  Are we all looking forward to next weeks 2-hour movie, “Absolute Justice?”  I am.

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  1. I had the same feelings as you did, wanting to rush to next week already. But stepping back and looking at the episode on it's own, it was a little weak for a mid-season premier. Not bad if it was a regular episode as it moved the story along and provided some character development but I think most look for more in a premier, even if it is just a mid-season premier.

    About the vows they kept referring to, I think that's just a brief part of it. If I remember correctly the full part of the vows says no lovers, allies, or disciples outside of the order, could be wrong but as you pointed out, that would be a pretty glaring plot hole.

    So only six more days until the big event, I can't wait.

  2. I was laughing at the conversation between Vordigan and Queen in the woods. It felt like it was out of some cheesy B-movie or a soap opera. Poor Chloe has been relegated to a second class citizen on the show – she used to be so integral to the series.

    One scene that annoyed the heck out of me was when she was attacked by Vordigan… Clark showed up literally seconds after Vordigan left, and didn't go after him. He should have been able to catch him easily right there.

    It's weird seeing Lois and Clark together… I think separating the first kiss and their now dating by a multi-week hiatus was a bad idea because now it seems sudden.

    I don't know… again, I just stick with this because I'm a sucker for superhero stuff and after so many years I feel committed.

  3. It was just a average B episode, no more and no less. The Clois moments were entertaining, and Dark Archer was a somewhat cool villian, even if he didn't get the best scenes any. I thought it was good that Speedy is sticking around and Oliver is going to continue training her (I liked the subtle hint of her costume at the end with her wearing red and yellow). And the Zod moments were effective and creepy. But I will not be able to understand for the life of me why they decided to kick the rest of the season off with this episode instead of AJ, it felt like nothing in this episode sets up next week's TV movie. Oh well, bring on ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!

  4. Vic,you pretty much hit the nail on the head of everything I was thinking about this episode,but I will say that it just wasn't the dialog in the woods that was cheesy,it's always been cheesy for pretty much everyone.

    Still was a pretty decent episode.I've finally come around on the whole Zod angle of the story.I just wish that they would've done this storyline 3 years ago,because who knows how much better off this show would've been at this point.

  5. I had about the same feelings about it. I just want to know one thing… WHERE ARE CLARK'S GLASSES!?! Did they do that just to satisfy the fans and that's it????

  6. “bring on ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!”


  7. I was wondering the exact same thing. But im just glad smallville is back on the air, and to quote others “bring on absolute justice!!!”

  8. amazing

  9. Well, originally Warrior was supposed to air after Disciple, and then the two hour movie. That could be why there was nothing to set it up in Disciple.

  10. Remember Smallville's Winter season premier was delayed a week due to the earthquake in Haiti. The original episode that was supposed to kick off this part of the season is “Warrior” which hasn't been seen yet. Weather that would have been an improvement over this weeks episode only time will tell when the episode finally airs.
    I agree it was pretty much a “B” episode. Nothing great but not totally crap either. Over the years Smallville has been inconstant at best, for me many episodes are totally forgettable and there are often story lines that just drop off the face of the earth. Like what ever happened to being Zod's friend because fighting with him just led to the rotten future time line where Zod builds the red sun machine and becomes ruler of the earth. Well Clark didn't seem like Zod's buddy in this episode. And it sure looks like their relationship is not on the way to being each others BFF.

    I have to say though this season has so far been a huge improvement over last year. My favorite stuff in Smallville is the main story arch, Clark growing up to be Superman and there has been a lot to add to that story line this season. Yep I really want to see the glasses on Clark. Mostly this season Clark is acting like it's OK to use his power and he has confidence in himself, instead of an insecure wiener.
    Anyway I'm with the rest of you, bring on “Absolute Justice”.

  11. I don't think Clark meant that he is going to be a real friend to the monster Zod. It's probably a “keep your enemies closer” kind of thing. Besides, Zod killed Jor EL and is now creeping around Lois and threadening to tell Lois Clark's secret. He wants to stay close enough to keep an eye on him. Maybe if he puts those glasses on, he'll have better luck with that. Clark, an insecure weiner? Really?

  12. I really liked this episode, mainly because Oliver has been my favourtie character for quite a while now. This episode wasnt perfect, there wasnt quite enough of The Dark Archer, and the plot was a tad contrived but overall and considering some of the dreg tales Smallville coughed up in its earlier seasons.

  13. Actually I disagree about the whole Lois and Clark dating part, I like the way their relationship has developed. Are we suppossed to expect nothing would progress during the mid season break? That would be unlikely.
    Yeah it is a bit sudden, but sometimes love is like that. After eight years of Clark and Lana boring audiences to death with their on/off relationship, its nice to see CLark happy for a change.
    God I wish they had killed Lana off! But even I must admit the final kryptonite laced kiss between the pair last season was a nice ending.

  14. warrior was supoosed to come before disiciple

  15. This show is just silly and has been for Looooong time. I dont get how u guys can accept this…

  16. boring, smallville has turned into a soap opera, where is all the action? gee an hour show for 5 min of action, go back to season 1 and you will see how bad this show has become, I promise I could write a lot better ideas than the clowns there, and 9 years and Clark is still a wussy, the man of steal acts like a grown baby, get the suit out and fly superwussy

  17. I'd like to see your 9 seasons in writing. I'm sure every detail of every episode would be just so amazing.

  18. why does clark act like he doesnt know who Zod is wheb he does know about him and has even fought Zods future self???

  19. Type your reply…

  20. Actually it would be fly boy, I can't help you love this stupid show that once was a great show, I bet I could write one, just one episode that would actually have some action in it so thanks for the vote, your such a hero, your my hero.

  21. IT'S the brillance of the writer's who have made Smallville a soap opera

  22. why does clark act like he doesnt know who Zod is wheb he does know about him and has even fought Zods future self???

  23. Type your reply…

  24. Actually it would be fly boy, I can't help you love this stupid show that once was a great show, I bet I could write one, just one episode that would actually have some action in it so thanks for the vote, your such a hero, your my hero.

  25. IT'S the brillance of the writer's who have made Smallville a soap opera