Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

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michael lex smallville Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

Despite the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season and the revelation that Lex Luthor is still alive, Michael Rosenbaum has officially announced that he will not be returning to the series next fall as everyone’s favorite cue-ball-headed foe.

The announcement, made via Rosenbaum’s Twitter account, came after he had originally posted a cryptic tweet, which had the Internet a-buzz that there would be an imminent announcement of his return to Smallville.

Lots of good news coming soon. I have to shut up until I’m allowed to say something. Patience young jedi’s.

In all honesty, Michael Rosenbaum is known for two things: Smallville and Poolhall Junkies. While I doubt they’re gearing up for a sequel to that latter 2002 drama, one would instantly think that the “lots of good news” and having to “shut up” would mean that he’s going to be returning to Smallville – or that he’s been cast as Captain America.

Nope. Two hours later, Rosenbaum returned to deliver the bad news.

Sorry. It’s not Smallville related.I’ve already stated that I’m not returning.I’d never lead you guys on like that.I appreciate your support

I’ve always felt that Rosenbaum leaving the show was a huge detriment to the series. Not matter how good the past two seasons have been, Rosenbaum was always one of the best actors on the show and with his absence, we have had to go through every Lex Luthor wannabe out there.

smallville lex Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

What has me curious is: why won’t he come back? Is there some kind of bad blood between him and the series? He did say that he would be open to coming back for a couple of episodes. Maybe it’s the fact that he would have had to shave his head?

Is there a chance that they could recast Lex, given that he’s been in terrible explosion and would probably look different now anyways? What do you think Rosenbaum’s big announcement is going to be?

Catch the return of Smallville April 2nd @8pm on The CW

Source: KryptonSite (via: MTV), Rosenbaum’s Twitter account

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  1. Please Smallville, don't recast! If he won't come back, just let it go. The thought of another actor trying to play Lex makes me throw up in my mouth. Write around it.

  2. Recasting would not be a good idea. I wish Michael would come back even if it was just for a couple of episodes. They should do it before the series does come to an end so that storyline can be finished too.

  3. I was always curious as to why he wanted to leave as well, just figured he didn't want to be typecast. He absolutely nailed the role (almost better than Gene Hackman in the original movies) and the dynamic of Lex and Clark being friends in the beginning was a big part in drawing me to the series. I would love to see him make a reappearance so this news is a bit of a downer.

  4. Of course he will be back, but of course it won't be for this season. I read a couple years ago that Michael Rosenbaum had some conflicts with some people behind the scenes. I think they were the original creators of the show, but I forgot. So due to their dispute he has refused to return to the show, even though there are new, better people running the show, I guess he has a grudge.
    But I am 100% sure that he will make his return for the end of season 10, either to completely close the show, or to leave it wide open to work as a sort of prequel to the new Superman movie that is soon to be released. Without an origin story, something will have to act as the origin of who really is Kal-El.
    But he was great on the show, sad to see that he has such a problem returning to reprise the best role he ever played in his career. smh

  5. Honestly I'm happy he's gearing up for something new. Smallville has a nasty habit of killing off or outright dropping the best actors in the series. The guy's a good actor and seems like a pretty cool guy in interviews. I hope whatever he's got in the pipeline works out for him

  6. This is a major downer :( I really wanted Michael to reprise his role of Lex and now I feel sick knowing he won't be returning. Please don't recast Lex because that will ruin smallville in every way possible because no one actor can portray Lex the way Michael has. If he won't come back then I guess there won't be a lex luthor anymore. The writers of smallville though need to stop letting us on like in the absolute justice episode and we learned that Lex is still (probably) alive. This is just unfair because when I heard that I was so excited, jumping up and down and now I am so upset. Writers don't get us all excited for a michael rosenbaum return and then have all hope denied, just don't. If Michael won't come back then I say no more Lex luthor and smallville writers need to stop letting us loyal fans on.

  7. If they recast Lex I'll cry :(

  8. Actually, Anthony?

    He wouldn't have to shave…at one point, he said that his returning was contingent upon using a skinhead wig or some other prosthetic.

  9. PLEASE come back dude……..I say it everytime a Superman Reboot movie is mentioned…. That Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor since Gene Hackman (in Superman 1 & 2)……Kevin Spacey was ok. But Rosenbaum brought a quality to Lex that made him both likable and hated at the same time. Being a huge Superman fan, and appreciating where SmallVille went with the story, I can honestly say recasting Lex would DOOM the show……

  10. Hey I cry……I started re-watching all of the old season when Calrk and Lex were still friends…..Man he's good….

  11. Rosenbaum as Luthor on Smallville, is what Jordan was to the Chicago Bulls…….

  12. So what the hell is next season going to be about? Still Zod? What now? The sun god or something, I dont like this news one bit. I too think Rosenbaum nailed the role perfectly but at this point if he is unwiiling to ocme back I say recast him. we cannot have another season without Lex, especially when he was such a big part of the first 7. They have to figure something out because this whole Lex is still alive thing is getting annoying. I have a feeling that Rosenbaum is coming back and that they are just keeping this REALLY REALLY Tightly sealed because this news would BE HUGE in the Smallville world and would most definately guarantee another spike in ratings for its last season.

  13. hes probley bin told of for hinting of comig back. i bet my left leg that he will be back lol

  14. I'm Smallville's biggest fan, and Michael Rosenbaum was the best Lex Luthor of all time, but I have to be honest; I'm not entirely against recasting the role.

    Superman needs Lex Luthor.

    If they want to bring back the character in a large way then recast, however, if it is just for the season 10 finale ( where Smallville should end ) then pay Rosenbaum whatever he wants to get him back.

    I too remembering him saying he was open to coming back, he said he would wear a bald cap but wouldnt shave his head again. His attitude to returning seems odd, his seven years on Smallville will keep him in hot dinners for the rest of his life. Is it possible this is all just misdirection?

    Smallville has turned into a different show since Lex left, and most would agree a better show. Season 9 has been perfect ( Persuasion aside), season 8 was damn good drama until it bungled the finale. With Lex gone it is as if the writers and producers knew they needed to up their game to keep the viewers hooked. It worked. But I wonder, what might have happened if this new quality had been installed earlier down the line, would we still have Lex on the show?

  15. Agree with you there, Ive been rewatching too, almost finished season 3, unfortunately that means i have to watch season 4. And boy oh boy do i hate season 4!

  16. I love Smallville fans. So dedicated. I was thinking the same thing. He was the best actor on the show while he around

  17. I feel if they bring Lex back its ok but I think letting him go is not all that bad either. The announcement that he is still alive I think was very weak. Lex was getting a little over played as always being the bad guy in the show. Im glad to see they are going away from Lex and getting in to other characters of the Superman Lore. They had the right idea with season 8 and bringing in a character like DoomsDay but did a very very poor job of executing that idea. I think they should just let go and bring an even better villian like Dark Seid. Now that would keep the show going and give us the chance to see hopefully more Jusitice League type episodes instead of just Clark and the Green Arrow all the time.

  18. mr rosenbaum's choice is respected.sometimes you have to move on to things that are better suited for you.If i could recast the role,I would cast clancy brown as alexei luthor(lex's comic name originally),as the last luthor to inherit luthorcorp after it is believeed lex and lucas are dead.I would explain that he renamed the company after his nephew,obtaining olivers share after the death of tess(lional's other child, lena luthor who changed her name earlier because of lional's influence).how i would bring him in would be is that he would be a target of emil hamilton sr(my pick john glover)because he was set by lional, uncle lex and morgan edge(rutger hauer hiring someone else and informing on being a decoy.emil would try to kill uncle lex, but have a change of heart.He would change his mind but not before getting notice from superman(i hate the blur name,would have prefered a name like the red or blue streak).

  19. Glad I'm not the only one. :-)

  20. I think the longer he stays away from Smallville, the less likely he is to return, even for a couple episodes.

  21. I think the longer he stays away from Smallville, the less likely he is to return, even for a couple episodes.

  22. I know I'll be tuning in. Love Michael Rosenbaum.

  23. I know I'll be tuning in. Love Michael Rosenbaum.

  24. I don't think anyone is saying the he owes them anything. Business is business, but that doesn't mean you can't hope.

  25. micheal chose not to come back,you have to move on.I think is afan favorite!!.it could expand on the luthor family murder plotand why emil sr would want to kill uncle lex,(who's brother happens to pass as twins).

  26. It only sucks because for some reason I was under the assumption that Lex was coming back for sure. Him coming back would be a perfect way to close out the show. I understand why he wouldn't want to come back, but what else has he got on his plate right now? He just doesn't want to be remembered as a bald villain for the rest of his acting career. Isn't there some petition we could pass around that would force him to do it? Or at least a “A Million Strong for Rosenbaum's Return” group on facebook?

  27. he knows that the show has sucked ass for a long time. and no amount of good this past season would bring him back. this season has been ok, but a little too late.

  28. read my own response,it did not come out right.emil sr would seek revenge being reluctantly involve in a murder plot

  29. i quite liked season 4, it's probably the worst but it's still good =]