Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

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michael lex smallville Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum Turns Down ‘Smallville’ Finale Return]

Despite the news of Smallville being picked up for a tenth season and the revelation that Lex Luthor is still alive, Michael Rosenbaum has officially announced that he will not be returning to the series next fall as everyone’s favorite cue-ball-headed foe.

The announcement, made via Rosenbaum’s Twitter account, came after he had originally posted a cryptic tweet, which had the Internet a-buzz that there would be an imminent announcement of his return to Smallville.

Lots of good news coming soon. I have to shut up until I’m allowed to say something. Patience young jedi’s.

In all honesty, Michael Rosenbaum is known for two things: Smallville and Poolhall Junkies. While I doubt they’re gearing up for a sequel to that latter 2002 drama, one would instantly think that the “lots of good news” and having to “shut up” would mean that he’s going to be returning to Smallville – or that he’s been cast as Captain America.

Nope. Two hours later, Rosenbaum returned to deliver the bad news.

Sorry. It’s not Smallville related.I’ve already stated that I’m not returning.I’d never lead you guys on like that.I appreciate your support

I’ve always felt that Rosenbaum leaving the show was a huge detriment to the series. Not matter how good the past two seasons have been, Rosenbaum was always one of the best actors on the show and with his absence, we have had to go through every Lex Luthor wannabe out there.

smallville lex Michael Rosenbaum NOT returning to Smallville

What has me curious is: why won’t he come back? Is there some kind of bad blood between him and the series? He did say that he would be open to coming back for a couple of episodes. Maybe it’s the fact that he would have had to shave his head?

Is there a chance that they could recast Lex, given that he’s been in terrible explosion and would probably look different now anyways? What do you think Rosenbaum’s big announcement is going to be?

Catch the return of Smallville April 2nd @8pm on The CW

Source: KryptonSite (via: MTV), Rosenbaum’s Twitter account

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  1. for me personally i would love if he would return. But at this stage it is very slime it would happen for a full/part time deal. So i would still hold out some hope for maybe to get him for the series finale. IF come may we know for sure season ten is the end. Cause that would still give them many months to try and talk michael into returning. And as for the whole vs shaving thing.

    I still say either try wearing a bald cap, or just write it into the episode he has hair so he doesnt have to shave. And just say he is going with a new look as a disguise. Heck john shea never shaved his hair for lois and clark lex. And i didnt mind that one bit. But if he doesnt return oh well. I will still cross my fingers to maybe something happens within the next few months or early next year. Things could always change.

    Heck most fans probably never expected sam jones to return. After many reports he left in bad terms with the then creators of the show. But finally did a guest spot in season 7. Or james masters doing brainaic in season 5 and then returning in 7th season for a few episodes. Or coming this season with episode 21 with annette and michael mckean returning as martha and perry.

  2. Can you say Rosenbaum as Luthor in a Superman reboot? (Him or Ralph Fiennes) Knowing Hollywood they'll mess it up trying to be PC and get Ving Rhames, Samuel Jackson, or worse Will Smith……

  3. Michael fulfillled his original contract.
    As far as I am concerned,
    He doesnt owe me anything more then that .

  4. No worries. :-)

  5. Anthony,
    I was just speaking for myself .
    Hope is fine.
    After all,It springs Eternal.

  6. If they do recast…I hope they get Gene Hackman.

  7. I have always wanted Gene Hackman to appear on Smallville,
    I am sure they asked him but if they did , he turned them down long ago.

  8. gene hackman??the guy is almost 70 yrs old !!c'mon now think logically please!!
    if they cast someone else-it have to be an actor that would like to go bald as well as be around the same age and not 50 yrs older!!

  9. Personally, I've enjoyed the show more without Lex in the mix. No knock on Michael or anything. I don't want Zod back next season either, despite how outstanding Callum Blue has been in the role. In the end, I think it just comes down to overuse. What really killed SV in the more recent years (and most shows in general) was knowing that same old villain would be back season after season with a new plot that would fail, but would always get a another shot. Yeah, they tried to change it up with sub-villains like Brainiac, but it was a minor change at best.

  10. Well, considering his Tweet, is it possible he's doing something with Lucasfilm? He does say he can't talk about it, and “Patience young jedi's”

    Rosenbaum has already done a lot of voiceover work, and The Clone Wars has been frequently casting known name actors for various parts. Maybe he got a regular gig on The Clone Wars. Who knows. Honestly though, I think Smallville has already gone beyond it's needed length. The show should have ended a season ago. He probably left because he feels the same way.

  11. He's also a big Star Wars fan and he might've just been trying to be clever :)

  12. I think that's why he doesn't return. He doesn't want to be remembered as the “bald villian”

  13. if he is as good of an actor as I think he could be, he could avoid being type-cast. He is mile better as an actor than say Bill Shatner who will forever be known by sy-fy geeks “Cpt. Kirk” and inner city folks as “TJ Hooker”. (see Free Enterprise)

  14. This is a shame because MR (Michael Rosenbaum) is the best Lex Luthor ever done between all movies and TV shows done on the Superman saga.

    What is a SMALVILLE movie got the greenlight, a movie for theatircal release ant not just a TV special, does anyone think MR might reconsider a return to the LL role? I mean is he really busy with anyting else of merrit? I like MR and think he is very talented but I think he's made a big mistake by trying to detach himslef from his Smallville roots.

  15. I have actually enjoyed this show and seen it grow over the years. I was looking forward to having MR back for the last possible season – to lead us to the holyland of the show's final episode and allowing that transition into the film for the next Superman, or even the Superman “Smallville” movie.

    Without Lex Luthor – we have destroyed the DC universe and Clark Kent's/Superman's arch nemesis. Can Superman exist without Lex? Hell no. They are bitter clear enemies. I agree with the “Lex Luthor” wannabie's postings.. we have seen to many try to take Oliver Queen and Clark out. Let's get it together people. Writers, get with the program! We now need the Justice League, together… bringing Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, John and others.

  16. I could not agree with you more. This season has been very entertaining: seeing Clark in something other than his red and blue jacket was a nice change, Clark and Lois getting together, Callum Blue plays a great role as well. It's all been very entertaining. But to bring Lex back even if only for the series finale, is a MUST. And what about Doomsday? what the hell was with the finale? They buried him underground? He needs to come back and have a real fight with Clark. After all, he was the only villain to ever kill Superman.

  17. I am a huge Smallville fan out of loyalty to the Luthor years- I still watch just hoping for the return of Lex, or even better, Lionel!!! I am still hoping but this looks bad. There is so little hope for a complex storyline without LEX! I am so sorry that the good part of this drama dropped off b/c they couldn't negotiate a deal. And getting a new Lex is next to impossible- he was perfectly cast. I miss you Lex, but again, can we see Lionel? He was even better!!!!

  18. I started watching this show day 1 on the WB and no actor besides Tom Welling is as big of a part in the Superman history as Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor is the ultimate villian probably the best villian of alltime and Award Winners like Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey potrayed him and Michael Rosenbaum in my mind was better then the two of them combined. He stole the scenes. I remember 33.1 when he was walking down the prison alley and the lights were flashing it was like wow this guy is really really good he grew up on Smallville for him not to come back and too put fans through this Doomsday/Tess/Zod/Tess/Zod bullcrap is kinda stupid give us a real bad guy

  19. Lionel was really good but Lex pushed him out of the Window which made Lex more awesome he was the only character to make a move throughout the Series Clarks Development has gone alot slower for obvious reasons but Lex was the Man !

  20. That was always my theory… recast someone else as Lex and simply say that after the explosion and surgery, there was no way to make him look the same… of course, they’d have to find someone who could play the part as well as the original.

  21. Personally I think Michael should just buck up and stop thinking about him self. He’s a great actor. There’s no reason why he cant come back to Smallville for at least the series finale. I mean come on. I mean if he never had any intentions to finish the show why start especially when your the one of the Three main characters. Thats would be like Erica Durance deciding thats She is not gonna be in the series finale. Its just dumb. Not trying to sound mean or anything, but the least he could do is come back for the finale. Im mean seriously if not for himself and having the common decency to do so then for the all the loyal and devoted fans through out the shows airing. So Michael If you just so happen to read this please do all of us Smallville fans and reconsider your previous statements about not returning to Smallville and be in the series finale Please ok thanks bye. :)