Smallville: Martha Kent & Perry White Return

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small martha perry Smallville: Martha Kent & Perry White Return

For the fans of Smallville that believe Clark just can’t get the parental guidance he needs from a crystal containing all the knowledge of Jor-El or that the Daily Planet could use a better editor-in-chief, you’re in luck as real life couple Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean are set to return to Smallville as their respective characters, Martha Kent and Perry White.

It’s been over two years since O’Toole portrayed Martha Kent and while no specific date has been announced, it can only be assumed that it will be during May sweeps toward the end of the season. No information is being released about what the storyline of her return will be about, but one insider has stated that her appearance will be accompanied by an “unexpected surprise.”

Unexpected surprise or not, that doesn’t mean she can’t put some time aside to do some sewing. You know, because the whole black look doesn’t do Clark justice. I’m thinking something more blue, red, tight and underwear-like.

Not to be forgotten, Michael McKean is also dusting off his Smallville wardrobe as Perry White is finally returning from his single episode, six year absence. When we first saw Perry in season three, he was nothing more than a dirt bag tabloid reporter. Now, it seems that he’s climbed the ladder a bit; Not all the way to the top, but close.

“We finally get to see the legendary introduction between Perry White and the intrepid Lois Lane,” says executive producer Brian Peterson.

His appearance, much like O’Toole’s, is not set it stone, but it’s safe to assume that the married couple will probably share the same episode.

What say you, Smallville fans? Are you excited to see Martha Kent again? Any Perry White fans out there? How much more Smallville news can we write in one day?

Catch the Winter premiere of Smallville, January 29 @8PM on The CW.

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  1. Yay. This is great great news! I'm 'super' excited!!!

  2. I have to admit that while I am not a Smallville addict, I do have all eight seasons (so far) on DVD, which is in general where I have watched all of the episodes. For some reason, I rarely watch it when it is on, nor do I seldom DVR it. I like to watch it in marathon viewings and that is why I have the DVD's. That being said, having Martha and Perry on does tweak my interest enough that I will most likely be sure to record that episode. I'm curious to see if there is going to be a season 10.

  3. As long as Perry gives Lois a back-handed compliment about being a good writer but a poor speller, then I'm happy.

  4. I have been waiting for this for many years. It's good to see them come back( once it's in stone).

  5. I LOVE they are bringing back McKean back as Perry White! He will always be “Mr. Green” from “Clue” for me, but this role is great as well. I hope he gets to hang around for several episodes now.

    Wadsworth: “Just like the Mounties! We always get our man…”
    Mr. Green: “Mrs. Peacock was a MAN?!”

  6. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought they forgot about Perry, what with all the retcons left right and centre…

  7. Wow they are really going all out this season. The only bigger thing that could poossibly happen is to bring back Lex

  8. I disagree. Superman's costume is his defining characteristic, like Spiderman's or Captain America's costume. I agree they can have the black and gray until the final episode of the series, and then have him accept his destiny and donn the iconic suit before flying to someone's rescue. It may be the end to the show but a new beginning for Superman.

  9. Right on

    (people are still saying that right? lol)

  10. I don't think we are living in that type of old school “Superman” world anymore. After a few years had passed, since “Superman: Returns”, Brian Singer also made a similar observation. “Superman: Returns” is a great iconic look at the character; however, the world of comic books has started to age the characters. Superman's original red and blue suit was for a more upbeat and optimistic society and pop-culture. During the last eight to nine years, pop-culture and world events have embraced the anti-hero aspect of old school characters. Anything that reminds people of 20th century philosophies is being rebelled against.

    If you remember the evolution of a stereotypical television hero, between the 1950s and 1990s, the hero stopped wearing white in exchange for black. Our 21st century hero is psychologically conflicted (Batman,Spiderman II, The Crow, X-Men I-III), and they live in a world where pessimistic philosophies out-way up-beat and epic heroic stories.

    Superman wearing blue and red is the past; thus, the moderate success of the story behind “Superman: Returns”. Realistic storytelling has replaced old school comic-book style of optimism.

    Our superheros have become the conflicted, and have embraced wearing darker color clothing.

    Tom Whelling had also pushed to not wear the red and blue suit, for he also felt as though it wasn't something for his modern version of Superman.

  11. Also, “Smallville” has embraced Kal'El over Superman. Unlike the previous versions of the hero, Kal'El is being used more and more by fans. As a result of using the character's real name, they have successfully made the character more mortal.

  12. Examples of dark superheros of our new century:
    (1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    (2) Angel
    (3) Underworld
    (4) The Crow
    (5) Batman: Begins & The Dark Knight
    (6) Spiderman III
    (7) Supernatural
    (8) Wolverine
    (9) Star Wars: Episode III – “Revenge of the Sith”
    (10) Star Wars: Path of Destruction – “Sith Based Trilogy”
    (11) Watchmen
    (12) I Am Legend

    We are embracing the hero who is conflicted, and is driven by dark psychological forces. Only “Iron Man” and a few others are optimistic in nature, but the majority of the movies, television shows, and novels we have embraced are based upon darker storytelling. Our heros all wear dark/black colored clothes.

  13. Superman IS red & blue. He is not a dark, conflicted brooding character. Maybe as Clark he is, but when he finally accepts his destiny and becomes Superman, he IS a SUPERMAN. Superman needs to wear blue and red, it's who the character is. What's next, you want him to remove his cape too???

  14. For real. Why can't he keep the same outfit and still look 'our century'ish. I personally thought that the 'Returns” costume was really cool. Spider-man kept the same costume in the movies in this past decade. they just made it out of material that looked more present. Do the same with Superman.

  15. That was Lightning Lad with an “S”. lol. That is not Superman!

    (I mean i know it is, but it doesn't look like it)

    Superman's costume is his image. Changing that should be a sin.

  16. Hehehe…

    It came with a glow-in-the-dark cover. :)

  17. Welling, not Whelling. So Martha Kent and Perry White – great news right? I wonder what Clark's mom thinks about your idea of putting him into black and gray tights? Hell no! Altho he looks amazing in the black outfit he now wears. As for the red and blue costume, I have mixed emotions. I have a Smallville poster on my wall above my computer with Tom Welling in that very costume and he looks awesome. (Just looked at it). But on the show, I'm not sure I'm ready to see him running around in it (the tights). When he flies, he can wear anything – it will be exciting no matter. Clark is living in today's society and some may think the iconic costume (the tights) is silly. However, when I see Oliver Queen in his costume, I think he's pretty cool (and hot). IMO Black Canary's as well as the other Justice League members look good. Christopher Reeve didn't look silly in the outfit. Maybe the costume designers can come up with a modernized version (red, blue) for the Blur (when he officially becomes Superman) that will please everyone. Just not sure about the tights (tho he doesn't look bad in them). The thing I can't wrap my head around right now is how the writers will have Clark to even consider the costume. It's hard to imagine that he can be convinced. If they can do that successfully, then kudos to their creativity. And maybe Martha's!

  18. Foopher, I agree. As usual, you are right on.

  19. Thank you, Tricia 😀

  20. I agree the costume is a little dated and silly for this day and age. I mean sure it looks fine in the comics but it just doesn't mesh with Smallville. I honestly don't want to see Clark wearing his underwear on top his pants. Oliver's, and the rest of the costumes, look alright because they aren't so .. out-there? I wouldn't mind a more modern-looking superman costume if they decide to, but I am perfectly happy with what he is wearing now. And also as TrekFreak said he did have a black costume at one point so it is perfectly viable, and also that modern superheroes do wear darker clothing. Eventually, yes, he will get his “true” red and blue supersuit but that is beyond what Smallville is about, IMO.

  21. I always wished Martha Kent had never left the series!! This is awesome news!

  22. I always wished Martha Kent had never left the series!! This is awesome news!