Smallville ‘Legion’ Mid-Season Return = Weak

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smallville legion Smallville Legion Mid Season Return = WeakBummer.

After a promising first half of Smallville‘s 8th season, including a pretty good cliffhanger that teased us with a Doomsday showdown, the January premiere was a huge letdown.

It wasn’t just that we STILL haven’t gotten the Doomsday/Clark Kent battle (maybe next week?), it was that the episode seemed to have dropped in quality back to the soap opera lameness of season 7.

The episode (Legion) opens and the first person we see is Lana walking through the wreckage from the previous episode – and my immediate thought was “Ugh, Lana is STILL on the damned show.”¬†From there we cut to Clark getting almost literally slaughtered by a masked guy with an axe who looks like they borrowed the “Frankenstein” mask from the recent Death Race movie. It turns out he’s a villain from the 31st century, and the Legion of Superheroes shows up just in time to save Clark and send the baddie back to the future.

Let’s cut to the chase – they were awful.

Now I get it – maybe in the comic books this is how “Lightning Lad” (Calum Worthy) acts, but to have someone as a member of something called the “Legion of Superheroes” who acts like a 12 year old twit was frankly, beyond annoying and just plain stupid. You’d think that 1,000 years in the future teenagers with such responsibility would be more mature. icon cool Smallville Legion Mid Season Return = Weak

I suppose the leader of the group (Rokk, played by Ryan Kennedy) was vaguely passable, but Imra (played by Alexz Johnson), the young lady in the group seemed like she got the job because she was related to a producer or some exec. Her acting was fairly awful in this episode. I see on IMDB that she’s actually won some awards for her performances so I suppose I’ll lay the blame at the foot of director Glen Winter and writer Geoff Johns.

And while Allison Mack is not exactly a performing tour de force, she was also terrible in this episode as a Brainiac-possessed Chloe. Maybe she just doesn’t know how to do “utterly evil.” It was almost a moustache-twirling performance.

Tom Welling was, well, Tom Welling.

The best things about the episode ironically came from Garth aka Lightning Lad – the writers gave him all the snarky lines about Clark not yet being able to fly, asking him where his cape was and those sorts of insider jokes aimed right at the fans.

Either this episode was a one-time down note in this season’s decent quality so far – or we’re in trouble.

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  1. In regards to Lois being barely mentioned, some of the characters are slated to not be referenced every so often. Like Green Arrow. He flits through an episode and then we don’t see him for a while.

  2. Its true, what Gunsmith said. A lot of shows and production studios, or TV channels or whatever grouping they are called, tend to reuse the same actors that they are familiar with and have connections with. The WB (now CW) is notorious for that. It can get confusing subconsciously but I still kind of like it too. (“Where did I see that person before?” can be fun.)

    Regardless if Alexz Johnson got the job through “Supergirl- Kara”, I’m glad she did. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her in this role. As for Kara, they made her look amazing in most of the shots. I wish she would come back too. It is probably hard to keep a continuous storyline that brings back characters which had their moment and may not fit in again. I suppose they could have booted off Lana by now, but im glad they didn’t, even though her character isn’t now as “magic” as before. It seems a bit strange to me that Lex Luthor isn’t there anymore. I was also getting used to Lionel. For some reason when thinking of actors I’d like to return, my mind always goes to the Duke’s of Hazzard guy who so amazingly fit the part for Johnathon Kent. I look forward to the rest of this season!

  3. Ya, the acting was pretty poor all-around in this episode :(

  4. One thing I don’t understand is the trailer for this episode showed Lana and Tess duking it out…did I miss that?

  5. OMG! Vic, yet another reason I love your posts. You and I are 100% on the same page. When you said the first thing wrong with the episode was Lana being back, I nearly wet myself. Ask anyone present, I’ve been saying “kill Lana off” during every episode since season 3. They had the perfect opportunity, but apparently someone can’t get enough of Kristen(the producer in the trailer, after shooting). Hopefully she can be killed by Doomsday, and prompt Clark to turn into the real Superman, since she supposedly has a “great destiny” too. The girl who made Superman. That’s legendary. And for God’s sake, lets get a throwdown with Doomsday and Clark!

  6. lol @huntthejest. :-)


  7. I hate Lana’s character, I wrote about this before and the worst part is, is that she’s contracted for 5 episodes! :(

    @Aaron, all of my pals who watched this episode thought it was pretty poorly done – poorly scripted and executed – ESPECIALLY when it came to Chloe’s Brainiac impersonation, B-Movie or worse quality. Then there’s the legion and those actors and their dialogue…I don’t get it.

  8. oh and I should point out, that the previous episode, the cliffhanger midseason end was incredible in every which way for me.

    So your theory on how fans should blindly love every episode is not good for TV. We need high expectations to get high quality episodes.

  9. I’m glad everyone has their opinions about the show, granted that might not really speak much to the writers and directors behind the episodes. But hey, it’s important and I’m sure they love to know what the fans think, because they make the show for us, if it wasn’t FOR us, there wouldn’t be a show. Now I’ve watched SV, every single episode, much like most of you have.

    I will agree on one thing, it wasn’t the best episode, not by a long shot. BUT I for one was extremely excited to see the Legion make an appearance, within the actual Superman Universe itself, they do play a vital role, and if anyone has actually done their research on the LoS, then they will know that the writers actually pegged each of the three superheroes very well, especially Rokk, since he is very much a leader type.

    I no way expected Clark to just go along with them and welcome them with open arms, because frankly that would be a bit predictable.

    Personally I always think it’s great to see superheroes show their faces within Smallville, it gives the whole show a different view sometimes, like it’s not all about Superman, he is super, we know, but he doesn’t do it alone.

    I didn’t expect to see the final showdown this episode, or in any of the next few episodes to be honest, they need to save it for a cliffhanger episode at the end of the season.

    The acting could have been better, I will agree, but hey, they took an idea and ran with it, some people liked it, some people didn’t, I personally loved it.

    With the whole Clark going to the ‘future’ thing. I think they should just leave that alone. I think the ring is more symbolic than anything, a reminder to Clark that he isn’t alone in the world, that there are others like him that want to save it. It will be just another reason that Clark has to turn to his friends and try to start up the Justice League in this century. It’ll come around, by the time the show has ended, I would hope that we would at least see the beginning stages of the League being formed, but hey one can only wish haha.

    Until then, keep the episodes coming, they are only bound to get better.

  10. I am a HUGE Smallville fan; I’ve loved the since it premiered and I have bought every season on DVD so far. I found the episode to be entertaining, but not mind-blowing like the mid-season cliffhanger was. This was by far the weakest episode this season, but I don’t think it was a horrible episode. I thought that the LoS was a little lame (Bolt boy or whatever his name is was an annoying little turd), but I thought they did an OK job. I thought Allison Mack was her usual superb self as Brainiac (gotta disagree with you on that one Vic), but I can’t wait until Lana is gone. I really liked Lana in the early seasons, but lately she has been a thorn in my side. Too bad she really didn’t get blown up a couple years ago! LOL!!

    All in all, I found the episode enjoyable and I look forward to this week’s episode!!!

  11. I’m with Lance on this one. While this wasn’t the best of episodes, I did find it entertaining. Also, I thought the final Brainiac solution was appropriate so that the Legion’s Brainiac 5 (I think) would be born.

    I understand most of you all’s feelings toward Lana. But killing her would be inconsistent with the Superman universe. I know, it’s already inconsistent with the Superman universe, but I think Lana should just go away and do her own thing and leave Smallville and Metropolis to Clark, Chloe, Lois, John Jones, etc…

  12. Re: Aricougar: It’s interesting how you view the Lana character. I view her more from the dark undertones that have always been there — her victim mentality, her callousness towards powered people until she learned Clark’s secret (hey–she advocated someone killing them in season 3!); her murderous tendencies in seasons 6 and 7; her manipulations of Clark and lies to Chloe. So, nope, I don’t think she’s soft and sweet at all. I think that’s all the “fairy princess” mask that hides a dark and damaged soul.

    As a result, I’ve never understood why — apart from her looks and her doe-eyed damselness — that the men of the show are so gaga over her. But the Lana who returned this season? The one who admonished Green Arrow for attempted murder and who said we should all be more like Clark? That’s a character I can get behind.

  13. I liked alexz in this episode. I rarely watch smallville anymore, but I thought she did a great job. I wasn’t a fan of Chole though, she didn’t really convice me with this whole evil/possesed thing.

  14. I thought this episode was the worst of the entire series. It was a huge letdown. Some of you may have liked this episode – but we’re you let down to not see what happens to Doomsday? They dropped the ball there. And I was dying to see what happened to Lois and Clark. I care more for Lois this season than for Lana. It was a good thing Lana was not there. It added to Clark’s character and now she is back and they are having sex and they gave her super powers. I am glad they finally gave her an overdose of green meteor rock so she was forced from Clark. I have to say this past episode – Requiem – where Lana finally leaves the show again (I think & I hope!) was done very well. The Toymaker was awesome and the season finally got back on the right track. One other thing – I am underwhelmed by the Tess character and I am more than annoyed at the lame attempts that they bring psedu-Lex Luthor into scenes. It just makes my stomach cringe every time I see the back of that bald head. The Lois and Clark relationship is the best thing they have going so I hope they spend more time on that. It’s been 4 episodes now (since Legion) that they have not shown her on the show, or Jimmy for that matter.

  15. Smallville got lame, predictable, repedative, stupid, boring, extented, and most of all extreamlt f*cking gaaaay in the first season and I stoped watching it in the thierd. IT IS TIME TO RAP THE GOD DANM THING UP ALREADY! They should have had it be interesting and with one big plot that underlined superman Mythology

  16. I would really like to know what show you think is worthy of your time and attention, x-smallvillefan. Also, please don’t use profanity in this forum. It is forbidden. I think Smallville has earned its reputation for a cult following.

  17. I agree with your assessment of Legion. I’m late to the party because I wanted to see how the Lana arc panned out and it was a horrible setback for the series. It took the show back in time to an era of true suckiness. It ended with “our hero” in tears in the barn as Lana zipped off in a super suit.

    Legion had its good points, but let’s face it, they’re no Justice League in terms of recognition. And I agree that Chloe was pretty hammy as the villain. She’s usually a really good actress, but that was way over the top.

    Another problem is that often characters who come from the future have an air of superiority, or at the very least of superior knowledge. Did we have to get a fossil fuel lecture from them as they crossed the street?

    I truly believe the episode meant well, but they knew about a baseball, but not who Chloe was? And Lana being there was the beginning of the end of Clark’s progress to that point anyway. Heck, the progress the show had made to that point. Too bad, the show started with such enthusiasm and and progress towards the future.

  18. I initally enjoyed the show but sadly this has turned out to be a “hot mess”!! They attempt to pull you in with “exciting teaser previews”;that turn out to be nothing more than dear ole’ clark having the same ole’ “i’m my own worst enemy bipolar syndrome” and i cant choose to make the right decision because if i kill someone i will be just like them!! So tired of the writers draaaaagggging this thing out. Why can everyone can see the light except for Clark. How much longer will this cast of old adults continue to act out in these bad costumes?

    Despite it all i just may continue to watch…i know its like crack…

  19. I know I’m a season late but I absolutely disagree with the majority of people on this board. This was one of the best episodes of the season. I really enjoyed it and it made me want to watch the rest of the season. Of course I’m a comics fan so it was a joy to see the Legion of Superheroes.