Smallville: ‘Kent’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 kent Smallville: ‘Kent’ Spoilers Discussion

The wait is over, and Smallville has finally returned for its final run. After tonight, there’s only four episodes left before the two-hour Smallville series finale.

Tonight’s episode of Smallville, entitled “Kent”, will pit Clark Kent against Jonathan Kent – well, an alternate version of the deceased patriarch. Sucked back into the alternate world of Clark Luther, Clark Kent will see what happened to his proverbial father if the Kent’s Kryptonian adoption never occurred.

Single, penniless and surviving on the streets, this version of Jonathan Kent is far from the Kansas sage that Clark once turned to for advice. If the previous preview video is any indication of what might come from this otherworldly pseudo-reunion, Clark is not only going to have to save himself from the alternate world, but battle Jonathan Kent in order to do so.

What initially was going to be the final episode for John Schneider is now but a mere stepping-stone, as it was recently revealed that Schneider’s episode commitment for Smallville has been extended and he will be returning for one final episode this season – the Smallville series finale.

‘Kent’ episode description:

CLARK RETURNS TO THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE AND RUNS INTO JONATHAN – Clark (Tom Welling) is shocked to find a mirror box in the barn. Clark Luthor surprises him and sends Clark Kent back to the alternate reality where Clark runs into a very angry Jonathan Kent (John Schneider). Meanwhile, back in our reality, Clark Luthor visits Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and tells if she doesn’t side with him he’ll kill her. Lois (Erica Durance) asks Emil (guest star Allesandro Juliani) to help her bring Clark back. Jeannot Szwarc directed with story by Genevieve Sparling and teleplay by Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Oh Smallville how I’ve missed you!!!

  2. Oh Smallville how I cannot wait to see the story CONCLUDED!

  3. I’m loving the finale promos!!! And with the John Williams Superman theme, brilliant!

    • yea that finale promo they showed was awesome cant wait to see how they end the show, hopefully they dont end it with a quick glimpse of CK in the suit and flying off

      • They probably will though. Which I find the thought of disappointing, but also ok at the same time. I mean, Smallville is the story of Clark BEFORE he was Superman, it only makes sense to show a glimpse of him in the suit.

        But if they end it like that then I want a spin-off!!!

        • well theres only one way were gonna find out and thats buy watching the rest of the season. and i understand your point how its about CK before he turns into Superman but they need to have him in the suit for the finale at least just so he can face Darkseid and Lex as Superman.
          and a spinoff would be very cool, they could bring back Doomsday seeing as he’s only buried underground and have the whole the death of superman story arch for the 1st or second season of it, but i dont think Tom Welling wants to spend another 10yrs playing the same character and i dont blame him

          • Oh I agree! I want him in the suit “super” bad!!! But I wouldn’t be angry if he wasn’t in it that long…

            • i think id be angry i’ll end up throwing the remote at my tv and shout profanities at it as well looool

              • Haha. Well… Yeah I might too

  4. Tonights episode was pretty good. I am getting real excited for the finale! Next weeks episode looks hilarious! You have to go the funny route when you include Booster Gold! My only hope is that they include a little more Darkseid story arc in it somehow.

  5. This episode was great! Any thought that I had that they wouldn’t end the show epicly is GONE!!!

  6. I agree with foopher, I’m LOVING the promos for the finale and I LOVE the John Williams Superman Theme, I hope they play it in the final episode :)

  7. This is not the way to run 6 episodes that will conclude a 10 year series. It is not as if it wasn’t known before this season began that it would be the last.

  8. We the public want “Metropolis”! If you want the people to watch, give them what they want! It’s because of this show that I am a comic lover all over again. I loved comics as a kid, and now I’m getting to relive that part of my childhood all over again. I know I’m not alone when I say I would love to see “Metropolis”!

    • im with you on that one id love them to make a few season of metropolis and see how CK handles being in the lime light as Superman and actually see him in the suit for more then a cpl seconds which i think is going to happen at the end of this season or we wont even get to see him in the suit

    • I think more people would watch that than “Man of Steel”…

  9. Seems like a perfect way to end the series to me.
    Six consecutive episodes .
    That is six weeks for the fans.
    Works for me.

  10. Great episode agree with everybody about the promos they were awesome. Anybody agrees Tess was really hot tonight with that purple dress she stole Lois thunder tonight….I am glad CK is selling the farm and moving on.

    • Yeah not gonna lie, Tess was quite something tonight :)

    • ha! tess hotter? naahhh, just because tess was showing a lot of boob doesn’t make her hotter. 😉 Lois is much prettier I think.

      • Being hot doesn’t always have to do with being pretty

        • ha i know that! i just think Lois is hotter :)

  11. I loved the promos. More immediately, I loved seeing Clark and Jonathon together again. Tonight’s episode was great, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing Booster Gold…It seems as if the show has captured his self-aggrandizing beautifully, not to mention the gist of his costume. I can’t wait to see Skeets.

    I’m sure they’ll have something involving the Darkseid plot…they almost have to, don’t they?

    What has me most excited, though is the fact that the finale will be two hours! We WILL have a “Smallville” movie, after all :)

    • well they’ve done a 2hr special before with absolute justice so its nothing new but hopefully they’ll pull out all the stops and make it amazing with a awesome fight between CK and darkseid and with Lex trying his luck as well,
      considering darkseid is meant to be the main villain we havent seen much of him in total about 15secs of him on screen.
      Booster shld be a fun episode and im looking forward to seeing it and dont forget we have more guest appearances to come in the next 6 episodes which will be cool and gd to see some familiar faces again.


  12. oh and Tess did look extra hot

  13. I am so anxious to see how they’ll end the show. I love Smallville so much! Its been such a huge part of my life for ten years, wow! I loved seeing Clark and Johnathan together again, they work so well together. I gotta say, i’m SUPER sad about the farm! I love the idea of him and Lois living there!

  14. It is starting at 8:00pm in about 1 more hour on Channel CW cannot hardly wait

  15. I have to say this was a great episode. Tom Welling gave a great performance as Clark Luthor tonight. The episode was great! Loved seeing John Schneider one last time.

    The only issue I had with this was the fact that they’re selling the farm. Like really? Why?!? Martha is supposed to retire from the senate and live the remainder of her life there, with Clark and Lois to follow after her death. How can you sell something that has been in your family for generations?? It makes no sense. They could’ve decided to move to Metropolis without selling the farm. And what ever happened to Shelby a.k.a Krypto? Are they going to take her with them to Metropolis?? Or did she fly off? I hope they don’t end up selling the farm.

    • Excellent points Julissa. Shelby! :)

      Poor Martha Kent. Maybe ol’ Clark should make a quick phone call before assuming that’s what Martha wanted.

      And I agree, great episode. Well acted, well written, well directed. My favorite episode of the season thus far.

      • Maybe Martha will end up taking it instead of selling it.

  16. I was just talking to my friend yesterday hoping that Clark took the next step to leave the farm! seeing that made me so happy! I am very pleased with tonight episode! aw can’t wait to see the finale! I would like to see Martha return to the farm rather than sell it to random people :)

  17. I loved this episode, really hope we see more Darksied more &
    alot of Clark Kent in the Superman costume in the final at least the
    2nd half of the series final!

  18. Tess hotter than Lois? I’ll err.. have to sleep on that. Back to you later.

  19. ep was awesome is jonathan kent gonna be bak in the finale? just wonderin

    • I’ve heard he is… but it’s not confirmed I don’t think

      • Scheneider is going to be in the finale….you can see the Kents reunited for the wedding in the Finale promo Clark is wearing a tux…also you see the unholy trinity, the return off Lex!!!, People cheering I am definately sure for Superman.Lex said something like ” we share the same destingy but have our own paths” Clark says ” I can be their hero” takes off his glasses and is about to rip open his shirt…epicness!!!

        • The finale promo was a bunch of clips from seasons past…

          • Clark has never worn a tux and had glasses on ready to rip his shirt off…while Lois is on the background, Only times I seen Clark with glasses and Lois with him were Apocolypse, Idol and Masquerade. Echo had clark in a tux but no glasses and lois was in a cocktail dress. If you rewatch the promo and pause it u see clark kissing Lois with his glasses on. Then again it can be a clip from booster or an upcoming episode.

  20. While I actually thought this was a good episode, I kept thinking that Tess MUST have some kryptonite stashed SOMEWHERE that she could use against “bad Clark.”


    • I kinda thought the same thing. But maybe she was afraid that if she tried than he’d catch on and kill her. Or maybe I’m over thinking it… Oh well

  21. Characters in the finale Clark, Jonathan,Martha,Lois,Oliver,Chloe,Tess,Lionel and Lex. I don’t know if there going to be in prophecy or the finale but Godfrey, Granny Goodness, Desaad and off course Lord Darkseid!!! I hope to see Perry and Jimmy.

  22. Anyone else noticed how the colour palette of the ‘alternate world’ changed when Clark Luthor spoke to Jor-El? Pretty poetic. The whole episode had this nice touch to it and ALL the actors were spectacular. There was John Schneider, sagely as usual despite being down and out in the alternate universe, and there was Tess, balancing her attraction to Clark and her closeness to dying at CL’s hands.

    And of course, Tom Welling. He’s really impressed me this time around as Clark Luthor – while his previous acting under Red K was just OK for me, I thought he channeled ‘menacing’ very well here, and oddly enough I did sort of subconsciously identify them both as two different people. Awesome.

  23. I MISS CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe Clark and Lois want to get rid of the farm, I died inside a little!