Justice Society Returning To ‘Smallville’ This Season!

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ab justice Justice Society Returning To Smallville This Season!

During the DC Nation panel Q&A at last week’s Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, WA, someone asked DC Entertainment exec, comic book scribe and Absolute Justice writer Geoff Johns whether or not we would be seeing the Justice Society of American outside of the comics again. Johns responded by confirming that not only would the JSA be returning to Smallville, but that it would be happening this season!

“They do appear again at the end of season on ‘Smallville.’ The hope is for every DC character to appear outside the comic books. Correctly.”

Follow the ratings smash that was “Absolute Justice,” it shouldn’t be too surprising that the powers-that-be would be interested in the bringing back the Golden Age superheroes – however, I don’t think anyone was expecting it to be this soon.

With Checkmate being introduced in “Absolute Justice” and Clark still working on his own League of Justice, one can see how the JLA might fit in. In fact, Hawkman himself, Michael Shanks, even hinted at his return back in November, before “Absolute Justice” even aired.

“Clark and his friends are figuring out what their destinies will be, so there is a ripe opportunity for the Justice Society who had been there done that to offer some tough love teaching. The way things land at the end of it all, there’s an open door for Carter Hall to be revisited and possibly be part of further mentoring Clark down the road.”

While I don’t think anyone would complain about seeing the JLA return to Smallville, I’m more interested in what they’re going to do with the character of Dr. Fate. In “Absolute Justice,” Brent Stait’s portrayal of the insane Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate literally stole the show – but alas, he was killed by the unimpressive super villain, Icicle.

If they’re not able to find a loop-hole to bring back Brent Strait, they better cast someone that will be equally as spectacular…

SM912b 9587b Justice Society Returning To Smallville This Season!

What do you think of the JSA returning to Smallville? What other DC characters would you like to see? Any chance Hawkman will help get Clark off the ground? Who would you like to see take over for Brent Stait as Dr. Fate?

No date has been set for the JSA’s return, but catch Smallville when it returns Friday, April 2 @8PM on The CW

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  1. For Dr. Fate… hmmm… somebody not as 'short and round' this time?

  2. Hey, all I know is Clark better clamp down and learn to fly. It was like 5 seasons ago he floated above his bed, and collapsed, breaking it. Now ZOD has the ability? C'mon guys.. !!!

  3. Hey, I could play the role !!!! LOL

  4. Actually it was more like 8 seasons ago, that episode was the second episode of season 1 ” Metmorphosis”. He also flew during ” Rosetta” in seas 2 but this happens off screen. And of course there is the season 4 opener ” Crusade” when he truly takes flight as Kal-El.

  5. Also on the Smallville front, episode 18 ” Upgrade” features the return of Metallo, and Clark on Red K. This has an adverse effect on Clark's behaviour as per usual, but this time has far reaching consequences involving Metallo, Zod and the Fortress.

  6. I'm glad the JSA are returning for the season because they were the highlight of the 9th season. I hope they mentor Clark in the world of superheroism. I think we may see them, Clark, Green Arrow, and maybe Speedy against Zod, Kandorian Army, and Checkmate.

  7. I think as far as Dr. Fate goes there have been so many incarnations of Dr. Fate it shouldnt be too much of a problem to bring him back. If memory serves correctly I think I even remember there being a femal Dr. Fate…

  8. Wasn't there a bit of a hint during the dialogue between Fate and Chloe that she might be the future Dr. Fate?

  9. Didn't Dr. Fate say something to Chloe about their place in this whole super hero buisiness? Now wouldn't it be an interesting turn of events if she was the next Fate?

    Not that it would happen… Who knows if they'll even bring Dr. Fate back with the rest of them?

  10. ya now that you mention it there was a discussion but i dont remember the dteails. anyway I dont think theyll go through the trouble of killng him off just to remake him. i think if they do bring him back itll just be for the sake of him being usable later not really a part of the smallville story.

  11. The discussion was about how knowing everything will make you crazy; referring to how Chloe was acting and what happened the human version of Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson, when he put on the helmet and actually received all that knowledge.

  12. You are totally right! I was blending my seasons together cause he still isn't flying! They need to get this together so he can start to take shape.. it still all seems broken up.. and what about the “Justice” episode. That one was one for the books. Great bringing all those characters together.. but it's too far apart now.. they need to get Watchtower in line – get everyone back together and get this started so he can figure his side of things.. sill lots to do, even if he becomes Superman and is no longer the red-blue blur!

  13. They need to fix “speedy's” name and get it to FLASH, soon! LOL – what a terrible option for his actual persona!

  14. Please don't make Chloe Dr. Fate! I'm all with her handling the Watchtower, and bringing the team together in a “home” sort of manner – but not Dr. Fate..

    Bring him back, give the helmet to the next guy.. pass along the torch, but no Chloe as Dr. Fate.. LOL

  15. speedy is not the flash, speedy is the green arrow's sidekick

  16. You are totally right, and I so slipped on my Green Arrow comics! Diggin' them out now for a late night read :)

  17. Oh hey – did some catch up reading, and I'm sure the SPEEDY we came to know (IE – the boy Clark helped who stole things, and blurred as fast (or faster than he could) was actually the FLASH (See his BAG/knapsack in Season 3-4 or 5. I can't really remember.

    Turns out from reading online – SPEEDY may actually be actress Mia Dearden who played in Episode “Crossfire” as Green Arrow's sidekick in training. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedy_(comics)

    Speedy was more an Archer.. I was referring to episode “run” from 04 in my last comment above on Speedy.. IE – http://www.hyperborea.org/flash/smallville.html – even wearing the character RED colors.. Although I think they could do a better job with this costume… AKA – Bart Allen. Bart returned on January 18, 2007 in “Justice,” and again in the May 14, 2009 espiode, “Doomsday.”

    Anyways – we may have crossed wires here on which Character I was referring too. Mine was actually this FLASH boy, and they need to bring him back – again.. !

  18. Hector Hall.

  19. I agree Bart Allen needs to return. By the way… the way they are playing it he is the character “Impulse”. He was refered to as such in the “Justice” episode.
    Most Def my Fav character on the show.

  20. True – that was his name.. Impulse..! Yep, they need to change that up and have Oliver Green mention something about how fast he was – hence the change in name to FLASH. !!

  21. Where is Lex???? Micheal Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor I've seen and I watch and read alot of Superman stuff…..He'd be great as a movie Luthor…..

  22. Well, I hope they have more action than the first time the JS was on. Dr. Fate was pretty good but the show just dragged on for me. And Clark barely used any of his abilities. If next season is it, they need to pour more money into Smallville and go out with a bang.

  23. I'm glad to hear that the Justice Society will be returning to smallville again, it will be
    Hawkman & Stargirl again, I hope they have Jay Garrick the original FLASH in it this time in full uniform, I'm sure we will be seeing a new Dr. Fate too!

  24. Someone equally spectacular as Dr. Fate? Seriously? A close viewing of Absolute Justice lays the foundation for the next Dr. Fate…none other than our Chloe Sullivan. Way cool.

  25. Someone equally spectacular as Dr. Fate? Seriously? A close viewing of Absolute Justice lays the foundation for the next Dr. Fate…none other than our Chloe Sullivan. Way cool.

  26. I have to admit that the last 3 or 4 episodes have been a great improvement on the beginning of the season. (and here it comes) BUT, Clarke still can't fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he needs to get rid of his outfit…. HE IS NOT FROM THE MATRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The actress playing Chloe 'I ruin Smallville' Sullivan is only contracted till the end of the season. So I very much doubt that shge will play Dr Fate (no matter what was said in that lame episode).
    You've got to remember how s**** the script writers for this show actually are

  28. I think its a great idea to have Hall mentor Clark. He needs to get off the ground. Especially since all the Kandorians are doing so in the current season. As for Dr. Fate i know this would be a long shot, but I like Odet Fehr who voiced him in all the Justice League animated stuff