Smallville Season 10 Episode 5: ‘Isis’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 isis photos 11 Smallville Season 10 Episode 5: ‘Isis’ Spoilers Discussion

In tonight’s episode of Smallville, Lois becomes Clark’s newest antagonist as the ancient necklace she found while in Egypt transforms her into Isis, complete with superpowers and the thirst for a sacrificial lamb, or this case, sacrificial Kryptonian. Luckily, Oliver (now with his own breakfast cereal) is ready to suit up as Green Arrow and provide a friendly hand, or arrow, to help Clark out of his Egyptian predicament.

Of course, the big news is that Clark finally reveals to Lois that he is the Blur. Something that probably would have been better if she didn’t already know. For those who were wondering why Clark didn’t reveal this to Lois last week, it was because while he wanted to tell Lois his secret, he also wanted to let her know that he loved her and enjoy that moment, rather than blurting out “I’m the Blur” and making it complicated. At least, that’s what Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson said. Cute, right?

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

Lois (Erica Durance) decides to tell Clark (Tom Welling) she knows he’s The Blur, but she accidentally activates an ancient artifact that transforms her into the Goddess Isis, complete with superpowers of her own.  Oliver (Justin Hartley) and Clark reluctantly decide to ask Tess (Cassidy Freeman) for help with Lois.  Meanwhile, after Cat Grant (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) witnesses Lois as Isis using her superpowers, she decides Lois is the Blur and sets out to prove it.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. Show was freaking awesome except for Cat Grant who is annoying. I love the ending of the show. It was quite a surprise but happy ending.

    • I agree dude,it was really awesome.I am especially pumped about next week!!!! The Scarecrow!!!! Holy Christmas!!! However,I am tired of these pointless political references in each episode.Its not done right and its really tasteless to be honest.I can see why more and more why Vic gets annoyed.That Liberals line really p-ed me off.Im more of a libeterian myself,but its still pointless to take these jabs EVERY episode..Jeez

      However,SCARECROW!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      • @ King Prophet

        Scarecrow? Scarecrow from Batman’s rogues gallery? Is everybody surprised to know Green Arrow is far leftist Democrat? He’s mentioned he’s a old lefty on JLU and critized Bruce Wayne as a greedy person on Batman: Brave & Bold animated series. I wasn’t surprised by the kind of speech Oliver gave.

    • “I will never understand liberals”

      Yeah, folks, still think I’m imagining things regarding the political CRAP this season?


      • Why all the propaganda this season? I see it and its really starting to bother me. But i love the show..

      • and would it be any better were it aimed in the opposite direction? Probably, because then it would reflect your views.

        • Mike E.

          Would it bother you if it were reversed?


          • I have to say, as someone outside the American political system (Canada), what I’m seeing on the show pretty closely reflects how republicans regard anything different (ie gay marriage, superheros… )

          • I don’t want it aimed in at liberals or conservatives. I’m watching a show about Superman, not CSPAN.

        • I dont want it reversed. I would just prefer it to just stop altogether.

          • benji,

            Agreed. I wouldn’t be sitting her cheering if the writers snuck in political messages from the other side – I’d be scratching my head asking why they’re doing this for the first time ever on a show with such a long history.


            • Exactly. I don’t want political messages in the shows i watch… especially a show sci-fi like Smallville. If i wanted messages like that, then i would watch the news or something. I like to keep the entertainment and politics in my life separate. Unfortunately, that is beginning to become more and more of a challenge every day.

              • *sci-fi show*

      • I heard it myself. Straight from Cat Grant’s mouth.

        (1) The Evil Radio Conservative = Talk Radio
        (2) The Superhero (Green Lantern) Liberal = Democrat Party
        (3) The Crazy Conservative Reporter Cat Grant = FOX News

        You are correct my man. It is all political crap stereotyping. If it does not go away soon, I will no longer be watching “Smallville”.

        • I almost forgot. Oliver using the ‘coming out’ statement.

          • I definitely will not stop watching,but I wish after 10 years of watching this awesome show it wasn’t included.I dont mind political dialogue,but these are constant jabs.

        • Next week, “Vigilante Registrations Act” = “The Patriot Act”??

          • Like what happened in Watchmen?

      • @ Vic

        Lol my friends always joked about heroes and politics, Batman is a Republican, Green Arrow is a Democrat & Superman? ummmm, illegal alien.

  2. How much of a geek am I that this episode actually had me crying?

    • Dude i was nearly there! Ha!

      Every ep this season has been awesome and its great knowing that its going out on a high note!

  3. I was pretty much yelling at the tv the entire time. INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard when Cat went up to Lois and stabbed her with the pen, that was just great. But I’m gonna have to disagree with Joey, I’m actually liking Cat, and I hope Keri Lynn Pratt is in the show more, she just brings something new and fresh to the show, even though she is quite annoying at times. And OMFG!!…I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO FREAKING LONG FOR THAT ENDING!!! Gahh!!!!! Oh, Smallville… sure are not going down without a fight, are you? :)

  4. I totally loved the isis epoisde .Tom Welling and Erica Durance are at the top of there game.Think heaven he has finally to her the truth ,and she accepts it because she is in love with him not who he is.Smallville your on fire.So pumped for next weeks epoisde. Can’t Wait!!!!To all the actors another execellent epoisde.SMALLVILLE ROCKS!!!!

  5. Anyone else catch on to the dagger Isis was going to use on Clark was labeled as “The dagger of Teth Adam” (aka Black Adam)? I guess this post mainly goes out to Captain Marvel/Shazaam comic fans.

    • I caught it. Black Adam is going to be pissed.

    • I was wondering if they would throw that in somewhere. I was happy to see some sort of reference. I just finished 52 about a week ago. That was a pretty good series. Not a big fan of the Shazam family but it was pretty cool.

  6. Wow, that was a real good episode! loved it.

  7. Clark shouldnt have blocked the punch!!!!!

    • Ditto. I was hoping Lois would hit her.

  8. I really wish that this season was 5 season’s ago,that way we could have seen how the Lois and Clark relationship,with the secret out between them two,how it would have played out in seasons to come.

    The scene of them in the future from last week’s episode,made me really crave more of that dynamic of the Lois and Clark relationship,and how the both of them manage Clark’s secret identity.

    Tonight’s episode was enjoyable,but this whole season really just doesn’t have the urgency like last season did.

    The whole plotline with Darkseid is taking way too long to develop,as opposed to how they handled Zod last year.

    They need to pick up the pace.

  9. With all due apologies to all who loved this episode…on the heels of “Homecoming” it really let me down except for the final scene. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this show but I can’t remember the last ime I watched an episode that I noticed the discomfort of the actors (one or two occasions where they seemed to actually roll their eyes while trying to remain sincere…), while attempting to get through the shoot.
    Kat Grant is annoying as h*ll, and the thinly vieled political references are beginning to run stale. I really hope the “writers” get their act together for the remainder of the run. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    End of rant.

  10. Looks like I was right about Clark telling Lois, and no one believed me. Tut tut.

    • I believed you. I can’t say how happy I am that they didn’t make Lois “forget”

      • Most didn’t. I’m not sure if it’ll stick, obviously I hope it does.

  11. Here’s the promo for next week’s episode HARVEST…

    …pretty creepy :) Just the way I like it. Muhahahahahahaha!!!

  12. nowhere I thought I was the only buzzkiller. I thought the episode was just a stumble on the way to the end. If They had thrown in a ticked off Black Adam, besides his dagger, I would have enjoyed it. The ending saved a mediocre episode. And the ending was worth watching the rest. Erica is outstanding as Lois. Painful as Isis. Bring on Metropolis/Lois and Clark.
    So I guess Tess takes over Watchtower, Danger Will Robinson. Alexander grows up to get our favorite Luthor back and somehow Cadmus labs will stop his aging process once Michael Rosenbaum returns. Michael having Tess for a Mom is kinda weird though.

  13. Loved last nights episode. Lovin’ the entire 10th season so far.
    R U a “Superman Fan”!/artist/song_details/1855171

  14. It was a pretty good episode. I agree compared to Homecoming it wasn’t nearly as good. All I do have to say is that Oh my freaking God at that dress Erica Durance was wearing. I have seen her in some hot outfits but that one is #1 in my spankbank. :)

  15. This was a brill episode but quick question. Is the scarecrow the same one as from the Batman film??

  16. Tess is Lex’s sister.

  17. Was there a Scarecrow reference ?
    Could somebody point it out to me?
    MY biggest complaint about Smaville this season is they implied Gordon Godfrey was a racist Conservative ,” these illeagal aliens are a threat to our constitution” just BEFORE Darkseid took him over.
    maybe they feel its their last chance to say something.
    Anyway,political crap aside, decent episode.
    I liked Clarks reaction when he realized Lois already knew.

  18. I don’t understand the political complaints. I notice the references, and I thought Cat’s this week was a bit too far, but I don’t understand the problem. There are people out there who act like Godfrey and Cat. Loads of em.

    • How it is being done is through stereotyping. If “Smallville” engaged in dialogue about social issues (similar to “Star Trek”), people would be more engaged into having a conversation. “Smallville” has chosen to stereotype politics (similar to MSNBC); thus, the writers are using “Smallville” as a means to promote liberalism.

      “Star Trek” was a tv-series in which threw out political parties by focusing on our social issues. Racism, homosexuality, immigration were confronted as a struggle found in the human condition.

      “Smallville” is not bothering with actually having a dialogue about the issues. Instead of confronting social issues through intellectual stimulation, they are turning the series into an activist billboard for liberalism. Conversation be damned.

      • It’s almost as if they using it to drive the plotlines! Gasp!

      • Yeah, that’s probably because they’re a bunch of Hollywood liberals.
        Like, if you listen to Bill o’ Reilly (Which I don’t), you’d probably get a Conservative view. There are Conservatives and Liberals in Hollywood and they make Conservative and Liberal shows. Enlightened ones would make even-handed shows, not that I can think of any offhand.
        Every show on tv is political, even the news…ESPECIALLY the news.
        They are not interested in having a conversation, because they believe they are right in their view…much the same as Conservatives think that they are right. Excuse me…faaaaart!!

    • I think they made her character that way so you find her annoying. She’s apparently an antagonist to Lois (she stabbed her in the hand with a pen)

  19. …added::

    Liberals and conservatives no longer want to talk about our issues. Instead of sitting down to create solutions, they are dividing our society in half. As a result of radical presidents (Bush & Obama), people on both side have decided to take everything to the extreme.

    Pop-culture has now embraced the extreme through stereotyping individuals into categories. Even though you and I can come to an honest compromise on homosexuality, abortion, and immigration, those in charge have shown that ‘alternative’ opinions are no longer tolerated.

    “Smallville” has shown signs that tolerance is no longer on the table. Similar to MSNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc…

    • I as much as said the same last week. As soon as Cat came out with that statement all I could do was laugh and think “Christ, wonder what Vic’ll say to that?”.
      I thought it was an excellent show. Primarily because we got to see Erica show off her massive rack and because it had me in tears again (The ending and the look on Tess’ face when ‘Lex said he loved her – brilliant acting). I’m softer’n a Weetabix turd.
      Somebody mentioned Erica is great as Lois – as Isis…not so much. I’d agree with that. Her Isis monologue reminded of Gary Oldman’s “Oceans of time” speech in “Dracula” – only he was superb. Erica was just…off. I’m being polite there.

  20. Ok. I missed it last night and just finished it on

    I was worried that this episode would seem lacking after HOMECOMING, but it was another very well done episode. The dialogue was silly, the action was cool, Lois about to lay out Cat Grant was hilarious. Great episode…

  21. Well at least we finally have the secret out of the bag between Lois and Clark. Yet another stumbling block removed that will allow things to move forward.


    • I’m not sure that’s going to stick unfortunately, Lois goes to the fortress in a few episodes time, and meets Jor-El and Lara, and she has to make a tough decision.
      I’ve got a horrible feeling she gets a memory wipe.

      • Episode “Abandoned”

        “Lois (Erica Durance) finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane (Hatcher), before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark (Tom Welling) that takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara…”
        (Under Spoilers: CWTV’s Description)

      • Dr. Sam…

        I understand why you’re worried the old “amnesia play” will be implemented, but I’m still hoping her visit is for some other reason. I say this because of one thing: The show has often moved away from the strictest retelling of the mythology to tread its own path, and what is the ONE major annoyance newbies and non-fans always fall back on when criticizing Clark and Lois’s relationship: “How can Ms. Investigative Reporter Extraordinaire POSSIBLY be fooled by Clark’s glasses and hunched shoulders, especially for so long?” The show’s answer (hopefully) is that SHE ISN’T.

        • Believe me I hope that you’re right and I’m wrong, I tell you something that’s strange, how come all the people Clark has ever met, certainly someone like Cat won’t recognise him when he dons the cape?

          • I’ve often wondered that too…they ARE used to seeing him without the glasses.


      • Haven’t the producers already confirmed that now Lois knows they aren’t gonna change it & the scenes from the future in homecoming seem to back that up.
        I haven’t gotten round to watching last nights episode yet but I’m curious to know if Clarks reveal was really the perfect moment lois mentioned in the future

        • It’s a pretty good moment. For a second they make you think Clark is going to bottle it.
          It’s a moment that will go down as one of the best in the shows history. So far every episode this season has been full of these moments.

      • Hmmm, some of the Christopher Reeve/Superman II mindwiping ChapStick?

  22. Sorry, are people here in the same mindset as Cat and Godfrey?

    • I don’t think this would be the right place for an in-depth political discussion.

      • Why not? Everyone is constantly bringing up the political aspects in this season, and the only reason I can see why people are getting so uptight about it is that they share the same viewpoint as characters such as Cat and Godfrey…

  23. Regarding the “political jabs”:

    I’m not saying I agree or disagree with what’s been said, but even super heroes have their own political views. Is it necessary? Probably not. Does it add a new conflict? Absolutely.

    Cat Grant being the way she is isn’t much of a stretch. I mean a journalist being extremely pushy about what they believe? Say there actually were masked heroes running around. You don’t think there’d be a group that would want to shut them down?

    I think they could use less of it and eventually be done with it before the end of the season, but right now I don’t really mind it.

    • And with something like Superman, the politics of the world he inhabits and protects, surely that is doubly important.

      • I just feel like these are actual problems a super hero would face in our society…

        • As do I, I think it’s exactly what would happen if we really had superheroes in our world, it’s the way people would react. And it’s good that the show us trying to address such issues.

        • …and, when Superman addressed those issue in “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace”, the movie franchise stalled for the next twenty years.

          No, I don’t think comic-book superheros should worry about general social issues. “Smallville” season ten will either kill the franchise, or it will allow a spin-off to be developed. If the spin-off is “Green Arrow”, I will not be watching a show that tries to sell liberalism.

          Heck, I will not watch a comic book that spreads any type of political agenda.

          • Politics is a huge part of comics throughout history. I think you’re being insanely closed minded.
            And if they do a Green Arrow spin off, it will be heavily politicised, given that in the comics Oliver becomes Mayor of Star City. I think it’s important that comics as a medium tackle political issues, much as X-Men was used as an allegory for racism.

            Out of virologist what do you have against freedom of speech, freedom of speech, due process and equality? All of those are generally covered under a liberal agenda.

            • Actually, Liberals are responsible for destroying the freedom of speech.

              • Sorry, your going to have to explain that one to me.,.

                • Sure, why do we have a list of words, which the Democrats have deemed politically incorrect?

                  Why did Democrats deem it a hate crime for using certain words?

                  • Political correctness has nothing to do with being liberal, political correctness exists in the modern world, you know what I agree that there shouldn’t be a list of words you can’t say, but that’s one small issue.

                    Going back to the show, and the things that are clearly bothering you, are you saying you agree with Cat’s ideals? Or Godfrey’s behaviour towards the heroes?

                    • “Going back to the show, and the things that are clearly bothering you, are you saying you agree with Cat’s ideals? Or Godfrey’s behavior towards the heroes?” ~ DrSamBeckett

                      I am against stereotyping.

                    • Can someone give me a link to the list of words that Democrats consider politically incorrect please?

                • Liberalism is the freedom of ideas, the exchange of different opinions, the discussion of different views and expression of different cultures.

                  If you think any political party in America represents that, I think you are completely misguided.

                  I say I agree with Arizona, I get called a bigot.
                  I say I disagree with Arizona, I get called a fool.

                  Nobody every just ask me why?

                  Smallville needs to knock it off.

              • Destroying freedom of speech? Are you talking about “The Patriot Act”? Because a democrate want in offfice then…


                look at the date on the top man… obama wasnt president then and its incredably iggnorant of anyone to blame liberals for “destroying america”…

                Vic? I have to ask this… When did this site become known as politicrant? I thought I typed in screenrant?… I must be the craziest guy here…

          • Ignoring, for a moment, the political overtones (and undertones) of the show, I will just say that “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” failed in theaters because it sucked to high hell, NOT because of its political message.

            • Absolutely, the film was simply awful. If anything, the political message it attempted to convey was admirable.

              • If you people paid attention to comic-book history, you would have noted the reasons why people abandoned “Superman” and “Captain America” after World War II. People started to embrace characters in which reacted against the establishment. “Batman” was one of those first anti-establishment characters.

                • I know my comic history, Batman may be anti-establishment but that’s because he is a vigilante. And in many respects so is Superman, he fights for nothing but truth and justice. No one asked him to do that.

                  As for Captain America, there is always going to be political backlash to that title, mainly because of his name!

                  • If you did know your comic-book history, you would also know that Suerpman stands for “truth, justice, and the American way!”

                    After watching “Smallville” over the last few weeks, Superman now stands for “Truth, Justice, and the American Liberal (Socialism) Way!”

                  • If you did know about comic-book history, you would also have know that Superman’s slogan was “Truth, Justice, and the American Way!”

                    • I’m well aware of that! Not being American I choose to leave that out, believing that a modern Superman would fight for the world rather just the United States.

                    • “American Way!”

                      Not the United States.

                      Superman is a snapshot of when American culture took pride in herself.

                      When America felt it was the beacon of democracy, liberalism, and hope for the future.

  24. I enjoy watching this show yesterday and that was spectacular to see Lois being Possessed by the Egyptian Goddess called Isis How that was amazing ? I wish Captain Marvel shall meet Clark Kent as Billy Batson in Smallville next.

    • I’d love to see a Billy Batson/Captain Marvel episode but I doubt that they are going to do it since they did the “Warrior” episode in season 9 where a kid turned into an adult superhero. The stories would be too similiar.

  25. I wasnt finished with my post and it got accidentally sent.
    I was in the process of deleting my comments about the last three years Of Smallvile and instead going to ask If any of the episodes with the political references had the same writers .
    I willl leave it alone after this post.
    But I just wanted to say the reason that I am so passionate about this is its just hard to watch one of your favorite programs portray your own political views as bigoted, intolerant or ignorant.

    • Agreed.

    • Even if they are bigoted, intolerant or ignorant?

      • From your perspective only.

        • And that’s my point. On politics, there are always varying points of view, hugely different opinions. What Smallville is doing is using one political viewpoint to drive their story.

          • However, why would I want my favorite superhero to call me a crazy bigot for having an opposing view?

  26. Maybe, before things get out of hand, I’d like to say this; anything that generates political discussion is a good thing and Smallville is certainly doing that right now. We should embrace and respect any show that expresses an opinion for discussion.

    • “I’m well aware of that! Not being American I choose to leave that out, believing that a modern Superman would fight for the world rather just the United States.” ~ DrSamBeckett
      I wonder if our perspective on this issue is how liberalism and conservative is approached in different nations. Something to think about.

      • Nope. I live in the UK, the definition is largely the same.

        • DSB, im waiting for you to go on an all out Bill O’Reily tangent here soon LOL.

          • I’m just being honest, I think some people are making Olympus Mons out of a gopher mound here.

            • LOL.

        • Liberalism, in it’s most basic definition is a belief in the importance of individual liberty and equal rights. In that sense we are all (In Western democracies) Liberal.
          It is social Liberalism that irks Conservatives.
          (A.E.McLean M.A. Politics (Hons) University Of Dundee)

          I agree with Dr.Sam – Comics have always been political.
          As it stands in Smallville: Liberals 3 – Tories 1.

          • Don’t agree with this.

            Most true conservatives, are social Liberalism.
            I think you are mixing up conservatives and traditionalist.

            Both are what the media was point to on the right but they are very much different, it like comparing a hippie to a socialist.

            Conservatives do not like big government, or government intrusion.
            Traditionalist are more likely to want liberal opinions as well as government control on what they deem moral in society’s allowed and promoted behavior.

            People are complicated

          • Comics should be political. They are a medium of art, just likes books or paintings can be full of political messages, Smallville isn’t trying to offend anyone. But by default, by trying to engage the viewer in an intelligent and politically charged storyline, will end up upsetting someone.

            • I really don’t think comics should be political. I read comics/shows/movies/ to be entertained, and not to have political views shoved in my face. There’s already tv channels dedicated to politics and it should stay there.

              • Politics are a huge part of our society. You should be exposed to them in those mediums, it’s where political ideals can be challenged and changed, movies/comics/tv are a way to illustrate the world we live in to people who otherwise wouldn’t be aware of the issues we all face.

                • I’m sorry, but when I watch a movie or read a comic, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about politics. Like I said, there’s a time and place for that, but not in movies or comics.

                  • I think that’s a strange attitude.

                    • Why’s that?

                    • Because you simply can’t escape it. In some way, all movies and tv shows, and certainly comics, have to a degree a certain amount of politics.
                      And when it is included, it can create a richer storyline.

                    • It doesn’t enrich anything, it just gets on my nerves. But we’re gonna have to agree to disagree because I really hate repeating myself.

                    • BTW, I fully understand there’s political tones in movies, tv shows, etc., but most of the time it’s subtle, and not shoved in you face.

                      examples: Avatar-subtle, TDK-subtle, Smallville- “I’ll never understand liberals” (not subtle).

                  • “I’m sorry, but when I watch a movie or read a comic, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about politics. Like I said, there’s a time and place for that, but not in movies or comics.” ~ Little Monster

                    Depending on what I am viewing, I absolutely agree with your perspective. I want to watch “Smallville” for fun and exciting action and romance. I didn’t sign up for the politics.

                    • I love it – it encapsulates (in an unsophistacated way) exactly what is going on in the States right now.
                      Let’s face it – there is no love lost between Conservatives and Liberals. It’s a raging battle.
                      You might find similar sentiments here in the UK, but nowhere near the hostily found in the States.
                      It’s entirely fascinating for me as an onlooker.
                      I don’t think you are really riled up about there being politics in the show (It’s a choice comment here, another one there), I think It’s more that those comments are, in the main, directed at Conservatives. Conservatives like you.
                      Grrrrrooooowwwll!!!! ROFL

                    • @Marcus

                      The funny part is that I’m actually a liberal, and even I don’t get annoyed by all the political messages in this season.

                    • LOL, I meant DO get annoyed.

  27. Does anyone else find Tess hot?

    • Yes, but unfortunately for her

      Erica burns up the screen with to much hotness for us to see.

      • That’s true, but every now and then I’ll just see Tess… And it’s like, Most definitely would!!!

        • Tess is good to look at until Lois comes back on screen.

    • Sometimes… other times she’s a little scary. She’s got nothing on Laura Vandervoort

    • Cassidy Freeman is very attractive in person.

    • Yes. :)

  28. hmm Gravatar check lol

  29. This thread has annoyed me.

    I hope the writers of Smallville realise the level of discussion they have created. In trying to make a rich, strong storyline for the final season, they have unwittingly revealed how uncomfortable some people are with the world we live in.

    I’m out. Possibly for good.

    • Now you understand.

      • Understand what?

    • That emotion you felt while posting your feedback is exactly how people feel from watching the politics being played out on “Smallville”.

      • A small minority of people who are apparently easily offended. Doesn’t seen to bother most people though, the ratings are higher than they’ve been for years.
        Maybe some people agree with what the show is saying.

        • It is not a minority of people who think conservatively. 55% to 65% of the American population feel immigration must be controlled by enforcing stronger borders. Typecasting that percentage of individuals as being crazy and bigoted is being discriminative.

          • I wonder how Superman would feel about that? He’s the ultimate immigrant.

            • It shouldn’t matter to “Superman”. His origins are based upon unbiased science-fiction.

              • Unbiased ny ass. The character is a mental creation. His thoughts and actions are the thoughts and actions of another human being (s). Their thoughts and actions are shaped by the environment (politcal,cultural and social) that that person (s) grew up in.

          • I think he meant on here, not the US in general…could be wrong s’pose.