Smallville Season 10: ‘Harvest’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville season 10 promo art Smallville Season 10: Harvest Spoilers Discussion

Tonight, Smallville gets spooky, well, kind of… except not really. While many of us will be figuring out what costume to wear, Lois and Clark are reveling in their open and honest relationship and, in turn, having their first real fight. After the Vigilante Registration Act hits too close to home, Clark attempts to steer the ever focused Lois Lane on to another story.

Unfortunately, Lois Lane isn’t the type of person that can be controlled. No matter how much super-strength Clark has, he’s just not that strong. After car troubles leaves Lois and Clark stranded, the couple are forced to deal with a deadly cult. The only problem is that Clark doesn’t have his powers.

Could this be the first Smallville of the season that slows down what has been an amazing season?


Clark (Tom Welling) is concerned about Lois’ (Erica Durance) safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) searches for a cure for Alexander (guest star Connor Stanhope), who is rapidly aging.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. Good episode but one question. How did Clark get his powers back cause I missed a minute or two

    • Everyone who was infected with blue kryptonite had to keep a distance from him in order for him to regain his powers,and that’s pretty much what happened.

      Good episode too.

      • ohhh so thats how didint get that part lol

      • Thanks for that… I didn’t get that either, but now it makes sense.

        And as far as the whole religon and politics thing, there’s a reason that they tell you not to bring up those topics at cocktail parties, because they’re argumentative topics with no clear answers. Whether you believe or not, and whether you’re conservative or liberal those issues bring up deep passions and whether you’re passionate on one side or the other, you understand the arguments of the opposition and there are no clear answers. So for a TV show, which is looking for a mass audience to dabble in that seems counterintuitive at best. Also, Superman has always been about clear issues, right and wrong, black and white. Everyone agrees crime is wrong and that acts of nature that kill people are senseless, which is why the producers would be better served sticking to that. Otherwise, they are going to irk some people (thus the discussion here) and for little reason. These are really side topics just used to move the plot forward. As a device, they could use anything, and if they chose other plot devices, they probably wouldn’t generate such angst.

  2. So… Religious fanatic group carrying torches and wearing masks attack the chosen one (symbol of hope)?

    No comment.

  3. I appreciate the writers clarifying between regular faith and misguided faith, instead of just whitewashing over it all.
    Also, Smallville rocks my socks off.

    • I agree. I also liked how Lex is coming back into the picture. Now they need Lucas Grabeel to play him a little older and then have Michael Rosenbaum step in and get that stuff to make him age normal. There’s the new Lex.

      Did anybody else love the music in this episode?

  4. did anyone else feel like they were trying pass off christians as crazy? well anyway good ep

    • Actually, it was very clear that the show was NOT saying anything bad about religion at all. As Lois tried to make the assembled community understand, their blind faith was NOT religious faith. She wanted them to understand and admit the truth: They KNEW they were not following God; they were just appeasing the twisted pain and hate of one man.

        • Ben,

          Um, last week there was a jab.

          This week – whatever. Guess if I want to watch Clark fly and all that I’ll just have to deal with it.

          Waiting for the episodes where they criticize married mother/father & child families or maybe just ridicule traditional marriage. 8)

          (I really hope that stays a joke…)


          • what was the jab last week?

            • Cat Grant: “I’ll never understand liberal.”

              Subtle, no?


              Only bringing it up because someone asked, I don’t want to reignite anything.


              • ah ok lol i didnt hear that line

                • It was in the warehouse when Lois was sacrificing Clark. I thought it was kind of funny, but it wasn’t necessary.

          • You caught the whole ‘chosen one’ meets ‘tea-party’ aspect as well?


  5. Vic…

    I was just wondering if you’re talking about the Registration Act or if you’re thinking they were taking a stab at religion?

    If the former, I understand that you’re restating your displeasure, but if it’s the latter, I actually thought they were saying that religion is, in fact, good. The “faith” these people showed was cultish, not religious, and that’s why Lois gave her spiel.

    • Archaeon,

      They said “faith” is good – and she went on to say “faith in what is right and wrong.” I agree it was a Jim Jones kind of thing.

      I still see a slant – if they wanted to hit me upside the head with the “we’re not partisan” stick, they would have made the group some other religion. You know, the one that’s never even remotely made fun of.


      • …Point taken.

      • not to add fuel to the fire but i always notice christianity is the only religion people ever argue against

        • That’s because it’s too dangerous to make fun of some of those other religions. lol

          besides… your forgetting about Scientology. That gets made fun of from time to time. lol

          • lol sorry….i didnt really mean making fun of it…nevermind lol it has nothing to do with smallville :)

        • Interesting… ‘Chosen One’ versus ‘Chosen One’.

          Did you happen to notice that Lois called Clark ‘God’?

          • Although I would guess the creators of Superman didn’t have it in mind, the Superman/Messiah thing has been around for a long time, even in the comics.


        • That’s b/c most christians try to convince others their way is the “right” way, and have shown to be a buch of hypocrits when it comes to their beliefs. Not trying to start a holy war, just offering my opinion.

          • lol your defining fake christians not real christians :)

            • There’s not much of a difference from my experience.

              • There is a difference. People have really taken Christianity and made it how it works for them. They try to make themselves seem more “holy” then someone else. Those would be the “fake” ones.

          • Little Monster,

            You have anything to say about Islam there, brother?


            • Nope. I don’t have a problem with any religion just some of the followers of Christianity are hypocites. They claim that “god love EVERYONE”, but will then claim that “God hates gays” or “god hates (insert whatever you don’t like)”. A lot of christians also say “only god has the right to judge”, but will then say “you’ll go to hell for being (insert whatever you don’t like)”. Not only that, but they’ll claim just how “great a christian” they are, but will then defy their own beliefs.

              I remember when I was in High School christians (and only christians) would attack me for being athiest, and couldn’t grasp that other people have different beliefs. I can’t help, but notice that it’s almost always christians attacking other people’s religion.

              • More proof, a christian church protested comic-con back in July b/c they’re upset that people care more about comic books than god.

                • Little Monster,

                  Woah, woah, woah – BACK up the truck. That “church” is populated by TOTAL A$$HOLES who do NOT represent Christianity. It’s the same “church” that protests at the funerals of gay soldiers.

                  They’re idiots and scumbags – and THIS is my issue with the portrayals of Christians in the media… people like yourself look at those idiots and say “See, that’s what Christians are like!”


                  • Well, most of my beef with christians doesn’t come from the media, but from personal experience like I mentioned in my comment. Hell, my own parents can’t even accept the fact that I don’t believe in god.

                    • @little monster.

                      I agree with you. Many people seem to take a dislike to me when I say I don’t believe in a god. Had many an argument.

                    • DSM,

                      I think what most people take issue with is not when people say “I don’t believe in God”, which is a statement I personally have no problem with. It’s when people say “There is no God” which is something else entirely. Subtle, but very significant.


                    • @Vic

                      I have that same problem when people tell me I “should”(although, they never give me a specific reason as to why) believe in god.

                  • Look, I’m say all christians are the same, just MOST are like that.

                    • i dont think most are that way but there are a lot

                    • LM,

                      Most AREN’T like that is the point I’m making. And you shouldn’t let your high school experience taint you – since when are teenagers bright about much anything at all?


    • Conservative religious group mobbing together with pitch forks and torches, which somehow reference the KKK attack ‘the chosen one who symbolizes hope’ (Obama).

  6. Ehh I didn’t really enjoy this episode.
    I just want them to work on the Darksied or The Suicide Squad plots.
    More I think about the episode it was actually boring, the ending was good though when Clark got sliced in the stomach and basically the rest of it.
    I hope later in the season they dont waste time on episodes like they did with this one. no offense to anyone. I am just to hyped up for the other storylines mentioned above.

    • UziGunner,

      I’m with you – let’s move forward with the big story arc.


      • Agreed.

        • i agree leave the political crap for tuesday lol

          • Tuesday cannot come fast enough. lol..

            • lol i agree

        • They still have a bunch of episodes left. They need to make it last all season, not just get it over with. Give ‘em time… B)

  7. Whenever a show on network tv delves into politics its because someone up the foodchain (network, producers, writers), has been told to interject political division within a show/fan base, or unified group whatever. Its a way to stir up the bees. Keep them chasing shadows.
    With elections taking everyones eye off the ball right now (with big media’s support), its a great/expected way to keep everyone arguing over the things that don’t matter. Like what some character said about liberal’s on Smallville.

    Who do you think owns these tv networks? :\

  8. It did appear the radiation infested soil restored his abilties,
    But wasnt that BLUE KRYTONITE radiation?
    However it happened,it was unclear.

  9. Okay, maybe I’m nitpicking but…JEEZE! Clark cuts his hand when he returns and bleeds like crazy, but minutes later he gets clobbered upside the head by the cop and when he wakes up (surrounded and powerless, by the way…) HE DOESN’T HAVE A FREAKIN’ MARK ON HIM!!!
    I’m all for the suspension of disbelief thing, but COME ON MAN, lets at least keep the continuity in tact!
    With all apologies to those who thought it was a good episode, I respectfully disagree…Lamest episode in an otherwise good final season.
    Come on “writers”, put the thing back in gear and lets PLOW!!!

    End of rant, thanks for playing…

  10. I thought this episode was very good and the ending was really nice smallville just rocks all round

    • Amen! (pun intended)

  11. Great episode, very good indeed. The Lex stuff was creepier than the villagers, shaving his head at the end was disturbing, and the way he laid into Tess echoed Michael Rosenbaum.
    I didn’t see any attacks on religion at all, quite the opposite in fact, as Lois said about faith, religion has boss all to do with faith.

    • There was no attack on any particular religion, which I liked. It was just a group of misguided people following a very misguided man.

  12. Lois said the “good book” – she said she didn’t miss Sunday school on the base etc. If anything, Smallville has been so excessive with the Judeo-Christian symbolism. Forgiveness – atonement – dark sides – light. Obama was around in the 30′s? Obama is the “one” and the pich forkers were the tea party? Obama being a symbol of hope has nothing to do with Superman. I agree that Cat is a conservative and that she is against heroes but that speaks to all anti campaigns. Reps vs. Dems, gay vs. straight, ilegal alien vs. citizen – not just liberal vs. republican. Lois did not call Clark God. She said “A God” or Bono” How was that not just a kick-a@@ line; showing how anyone might feel if they knew the love of their life was Superman. The show was good and it moved the Lois and Clark story along – it also moved the Alexander story along.

    • lois did call clark God, it was in her speech to the villagers at the end.

      • Oopsie – I missed that.

    • I don’t think the reference was to Obama… pretty sure it was Jesus. If you notice Superman is quite often compared to him.

      • Superman could probably take Jesus in a fight though :)

        • Haha probably. I’m just saying I really never did and still don’t see Obama as a symbol of hope.

          • Yeah, some people are looking for certain aspects to hack into, and they are finding faults that don’t exist.
            I didn’t see an Obama reference either.

  13. Was it just me or it almost seemed like it made Amish people look bad?

  14. They kept talking about how The Lord blessed them with good crops every year.
    I think the meteor rocks turned the ground into a Super Solar Battery .
    Thats what gave Clark his powers back.
    And Clarks back was covered in the Super Solar Enhanced Earth which is what protected him from the Blue K in the end.

    • No. It was just when the people walked away from him he wasn’t exposed to the Blue K anymore. (They were drinking the Blue K water). Same with the fire. When the people backed up, he was healed. :D

  15. Right! That’s it!

    Enough of this political conspiracy crap!

    Seriously, do you people watch every horror movie with religious fanatics(theres quite a few) and suggest it’s all to do with politics? No of course you don’t.
    They weren’t having a go at religion either, in fact, considering the power Clark has, he could easily be a god, so maybe mentioning that should be a topic the show should consider.
    All this episode was trying to do was imitate decades of horror movies, and I think it worked for the most part.

    • DSM,

      Go read my article at Big Hollywood. I don’t care what you say – there’s something weird going on this season.

      That’s all I’m saying.


      • I have read it. But I think you’re mistaking plot point for political conspiracy.

  16. True enough, but still kinda dissapointing oin that some parts REALLY didn’t work, and it sorta got off track with what they’ve already established. Totally agree that the Bald kid was unsettling.

    • He actually looked like a young Michael Rosenbaum at the end. It was creepy. I loved it.

  17. I agree! There is something off about this season. I was kind of upset about polical comments made in past episodes, but I liked this episode. But I do understand that they weren’t trying to attack any one religion. Also just wanted to throw this out there- Anyone really glad that pro illegal immigration comments were subsided this week? A part of me wants to tell the writers ( The Canadian writers nontheless) Okay if you think its okay, I’m gonna come crash in your guest bedroom just because I don’t have one and to quote Ollie “I only want what you have” Ha ha.

  18. Why are people complaining about not getting to the big story? This is episode 6! Of 22! They have 16 more episodes to tell the large story the writers have created here.
    With the exception of the disjointed first episode (which was still great) this season hasn’t put a foot wrong for me. I’ve laughed and cried, seen so many cool moments already.
    I’ll defend this show to my dying breath if I had to.
    Other sites are now reporting Vic’s article by the way, came up several times on my twitter feed.

    • You tell ‘em Doc :)

      I’m really liking this season too

      • People always find ways to critisise Smallville, this season has been pretty great so far, and just because the writers are trying to do something more interesting people are just ripping into a subtext that isn’t there for any other reason to serve the story.

        • Some people just can’t be pleased… :)

  19. Just “Wow”. I thought the writers were pretty clever this week, in terms of a Halloween special. I either saw, thought or imagined references to “Night Of The Scarecrow”, “The Omen”, “Carrie” and “Children Of The Corn” (Which was confirmed by Lois). Very nice!
    Also, unlike others, I found this ep to be a clear attack on religion with support for humanism. This obviously gets up the nose of you believers out there, but it didn’t bother me at all. If anything it cheered me. I find religion in all forms to be vile and depraved.
    However, I’d have been more impressed if the writers used an Islamic facsimile rather than Amish/Christian as this would have shown tremendous courage. I am sick and tired of Islamist’s bullying and murderous tactics when we in the west have the impudence to use free speech to criticise a morally bankrupt and backward religion that has absolutely no relevance in the modern scientific age.
    I find it interesting that the alien Kal-El never references a faith in “god”, and yet his persona is used to deliver a distinctly Christian type of hero. The opening of “Superman Returns” when Jor-El says “I have sent them my only son”. I haven’t got a problem with this per se, as I understand that the character originates from a distinctly Christian culture. However I hope that the reboot does away with this pandering and promote instead a moral of humanism.
    This message was written in the belly of a whale and was dictated to me by my companions…a talking donkey and a talking snake.

    • In what way did they attack religion? If they attacked anything it was a cult. They never specified any one religion or diety. All they said was “praise the Lord”. To which “lord” they were referring to is a mystery. It was just supposed to be a creepy Halloween episode. Nothing else.

      You find religion vile and depraved? How so? It gives people something to believe in? It gives them hope? You’re right. That’s just awful… :/

      …grow up

      • Ahem…bite me. Your agreement is to be welcomed.
        You say “tomato”…..

        • alright then… :P

          • ;-)

            • I’m sorry. Just making unnecessary conflict :D

  20. I loved this episode… I thought that it was very creepy and just in time for holloween!!!

  21. will there be smallville movie with tom willing