Smallville: General Zod Cast And Other Interesting Bits

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After a ton of speculation and “factual” rumors floating around, the time to guess is over.

Callum Blue (Dead Like Me) has been cast for the role of the ever evilly focused General Zod in Smallville.

With General Zod now cast, we can rest easy.  Right?  Maybe.

Callum has had roles in a few shows that you might have seen.  He’s been in Grey’s Anatomy, HBO’s The Tudors, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and the direct to DVD movie release of Dead Like Me.

But aside from this, there are more items to chat about in regards to possible cast news after the break.

Other Casting Thoughts

In case you wonder about some other castings, despite the lack of media static, rumors are buzzing about that Michael Rosenbaum could make a return by mid-season next year.

Though Michael has said that he may return for an episode or two for a final season, I myself am not holding my breath on this one yet because I’ve seen no concrete news from the network, Rosenbaum or well, anyone!  But it would be nice.

If you can gauge anything by Screen Rant’s own readers, the fans WANT Rosenbaum back.  No matter what capacity of scalp follicle status he’s in.  (If you’re a regular Screen Rant reader, you know what that means.)

So for now, we can add Callum into with the likes of Brian Austin Green who will be playing Metallo.

Speaking of Green / Metallo, there’s news as to how Metallo aka John Corben, will be introduced into the show, and here’s where you might want to avert your eyes if you consider this kind of stuff as

SPOILER NEWS:  Clicking here will skip the spoiler section.


John Corben will fill in for a missing Clark Kent at the front of the season.  So Clark is missing again.  I have to wonder if they thought it worked once, so try it again?  I really hope not.  It’s one thing to follow a popular formula and quite another to just plagiarize your own success.

Also of note is that at press time, Sam Witwer is not returning in any capacity to Smallville.  (Rumors were about that he might have been coming back in some other capacity.)




Spin-Off Noise

v laura vandervoort as lisa 01 crop Smallville: General Zod Cast And Other Interesting Bits

There’s some noise about spin-offs and what not.  Some of that noise is from some folk getting a little too anxious and running with partial statements.  The noise is that there will be a spin-off of Kara / Supergirl.

First…  I would not mind watching Laura Vandervoort in the role of Kara but we are going to just have to settle for her playing a hot looking alien in ABC’s V.

As far as touching on the premise of a Kara spin-off, she did say at one point in an interview with Ed Gross at Comic Book Movie (Lucky bastard) that:

“They had that in mind when I got the role. I was supposed to be a guest star for a few, then it turned into the whole season and there was talk of a spin-off. But it kind of fizzled out. They kind of went a different route with the network’s shows, going more with the Gossip Girls type of show than the sci-fi.”

The Excitement Builds

Things are starting to look interesting for the 9th season of Smallville.  With Callum Blue and Brian Austin Green climbing on board, I can only hope they bring it to the screen and make it exciting.  We all know we want to see Rosenbaum somehow return…  even if it did look like he blew up in an earlier episode, but in TV, anything is fixable.

I can’t wait to see what else happens and who else they bring on board.

Any suggestions for cast or characters they should bring in?  Let us know.

Sources:  Airlock Alpha, Buddy TV, Comic Book Movie (Voice From Krypton)

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  1. Well, they certainly are increasing the acting talent on the show. Let’s hope the writers give them more words and less smoldering to looks to convey.

  2. Docktorwu: No kidding!

  3. I was kinda wanting Sam Witwer to be Zod. Oh well.

    But if they do this, they must give him the mustache/goatee combo

  4. As bad and horrible Smallville has been, this is actually interesting. A difefrent actor playing Zod is a good idea…I did not like them having teh same guy that played doomsday. Salvation for this show lies with Michael Rosenbaum, he needs to make a return and we need to end the show with him IN it. It looks like there will be a lot going on this season and hopefully the whole love triangle thinsg can be put to a rest, althought the clark with Lois/Lana thing still needs to be resolved.
    They have clearly strayed away from the movies and comics interpretation of the hero and I woudl personally like to see a little twist at the end of season 9 (series finale hopefully) where Clark picks Lana instead of the promiscuous LOis…would be a nice twist to the ever so jaded franchise…besides Clark does not end up with Lois techinally till they are older so for the show this might work.
    On another note, if for some reason Zod does not remember who he is and is just another alien/human on earth trying to discover his inner beast and past (much like Doomsday) the show should just end and cancel season 9…
    and dont just have Zod in the first, middle, and last episodes, cmon take some risks

  5. Glad to hear that there is buzz of Michael coming back. I hope it’s more than just rumor. If it is true then you have to wonder if they’re planing for season 9 to be the last since Michael has said he would only come back for the last couple of episodes. I really hate that they killed Lex and I think they should do whatever it takes to get Michael back at least for a few episodes before the end of the series. Now is the perfect time since his new show was not picked up. Who knows what he will have going on by the time season 10 rolls around. I think the fans would be fine with Lex being written back into the show and I don’t think anyone would mind too much if he showed up with a thick head of hair either. You could explain away the death with the fact that no body was found, just say the DNA and other evidence was planted to stage his death. As for the hair I’m sure they could come up with something. Something to do with treatment he underwent for his injuries after the fortress collapsed perhapse?

  6. Lex is not dead. He pulled a Lana (season 6 finale).

    Remember, she put the clone of herself in the car before it blew up.

    The writers will, in my opinion, most likely take that route. But then again they might surprise us with something not so predictable.

    I am very much looking forward to season 9 and hope that it is NOT the last season, and hope they do NOT put Lana and Clark together.

  7. I liked Callum in Dead Like Me…seeing him play Zod should be interesting enough. But, one thing i would like to demand of the smallville people is to have one hell of a knock down drag out fight this time around…not some fight that lasts one little bit of the show while the rest is something of a superpowered episode of Dawsons Creek.

    I think a nice swerve to bring back Lex Luthor would be for Zod be about to kill Clark and Zod is taken out with something green and rock-like (NO KRYPTO-SHIV here please) and when Zod falls the hero isnt Super-Lana or Chloe or Lois, but Lex Luthor who says No one kills him but me!! End episode or end the season that way…Makes fans happy to see Lex back even for a moment….=)

    And im sorry but im glad that Lana is gone! But, i always thought a swerve would be that Chloe took over the Lois Lane name for good….but who knows with how the season ended. Its been moved to Friday nights this fall and its added Callum Blue as Zod and Brian Austin Green as Metallo…heres hoping for a good final season!!

  8. I WANT SAMMY WITWER BACK! His ending as Davis Bloome was crap. Plus, he would be a much hotter Zod than Callum Blue. And he makes a great contribution to ratings (him taking his shirt off all the time and all). Please bring Sammy back.

  9. To me the perfect season 9 would be sam witwer and michael rosenbaum back on the show. These are 2 great actors, Lex has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. i have always wanted the show to do a take a episode on whay would of happen if lionel luther would have found the spaceship instead of the kents. just imagine lex and clark raised as brothers. would lex been a protective older brother or jealous of this new person in his life. how would have lex’s brother, julian, played in this dynamic? anyway going off track, the show needs to get back to the mythology. they killed off jimmy but tried to make it seen his little brother will be the real jimmy olson, i hope the season 8 finale was a dream or another outcome of history. remember lois went into the time portal, maybe that somehow affected the present. i was disappointed in the finale, if this is the last season bring back annette o’toole, they never mention her. I know she is a senator but you think she could pick up the phone to see how her son is doing. well i hope someone from the show is reading this. here’s hoping season 9 is the best one ever!

  10. Has there been a season premiere that hasn’t kicked serious @$$? i don’t think so

  11. as big a smallville i am i didnt like the 9th season well apart from the odd episode. just feel clark dosnt do much apart from say the odd line.

  12. uhm.. i don’t know how to tell you this. buuuuuut… the 9th season hasn’t happened yet

  13. Unfortunately, this looks like ti might truly be Chloe’s last season. atleast we don’t have to worry about lana showing up again.

  14. Chloe is one of my favorites it would be a shame to see her go. but it might finally satisfy all those people (who i do not understand) that want to see her go because “she’s not in the comics”. THIS ISN’T A COMIC BOOK IT’S A TV SHOW PEOPLE!!!!

  15. I think that a lot of you bring up a lot of good points. I really like the 8th Season Finale though. It may have been lacking a bit but I still have liked every single finale. As for season 9, it is possible to be the last. Clark has finally accepted his role as “Superman” in the world. Lois has gone to the future to find out who knows what. Davis Bloom and Jimmy Olsen are dead. Zod is back! I can see where season 9 could be beast, but also how it could fail miserably. Lex must come back at the end of this show cause it would make no sense. He needs to somehow contribute to the end as he is the enemy of Superman. I also agree that Martha Kent should be in the show at least a couple of times. Where the heck did she disappear to??? I am impatiently waiting for fall so I can see what could be the last of Smallville. Thanks for all of the good years so far. And here’s to the year of possible goodbyes. All my thanks go out to the producers and writers of this wonderful show.

  16. Yeah great there are some new villians coming on Zod with his like third appearance on the show Doomsday, Metallo is coming on to get a piece and if you need to just for us guys bring back Zatana a few more times, but the problem that I’m having is WHY….WHY…has he yet to fly on his own without being possesed by his Kalel form 8 seasons and no flying everyone else even his own cousin flew around all of season 7 ,Lex flew around even Lana flew I love Smalleville have every season but seriously come on We want some flight!! What are they waiting for!!!

  17. “even Lana flew”

    No. She didn’t. Not once

  18. i enjoyed reading all the comments on the show, but i can’t help but feel that everyone has overlooked the fact that although it is linked to the superman movie/comic franchise, it is not the same as nor as the comics, when the show was launched it was named as a reboot of the early years of superman not as the comic or film gospel.

    as for continuity errors, well its a tv show and they can be addresed if necessary, for instance in the 1st or 2nd film Lex had no idea that Clark was superman, nor Lois, and when she did appear neither did Lana, but they seem to know in the Smallville franchise, easy a Cloned Lex with Limited Memory, Clark could have used he super mind bending kiss(superman 2) to make Lois and Lana Forget,there easy, the Zod thing maybe a little more difficult though.

    As for season 8 well initially i was disapointed, but upon reflection i enjoyed the fact that it had become darker and more adult, following Clarks’ ascent into manhood, please everyone remember that he is now dealing dealing with true evil and not school kids with minor kryptonite powers.

    season 9 i’ll love it, i say bring it on, it would be great if it could outdo stargate sg1, the darker the better the more adult the better, and then come on season 10.

  19. I’m glad they went with Callum Blue over Sam Witwer. Davis Bloome was such an annoying character. Zod looks cool though. He’s so similar to Terrence Stamp its scary…

  20. The reason for Clark not flying yet, is one…The moment he flies, he is no longer just “Clark Kent” or the “Red-Blue Blur” or just the “Blur” (as rumor has it he is called in season 9, seeing as he trades his primary colors for a black and gray color scheme). Once he flies, he is undeniably “Superman” and then, the show would have nowhere to go with only 40 minutes (cutting out commercials) per show. And two…Flying is an expensive special effect. They are in the show biz to make money…not break even. Even though it would be super-cool for Clark to swoop down from the sky and save the day…The producers just aren’t that rich.

    P.S. Nobody that I know seems to share my enthusiasm for who Clark should be with. Lots of people are for Clark and Lana…lots of people are for Clark and Chloe…lots of people are for Clark and Lois…But nobody seems to see that (apart from her being psycho…and dead…) Clark and Alicia would have been awesome together! Besides…she had a KILLER SMILE!

  21. I thought I was the only person who liked Alicia and Clark together. i thought their romance was sweet in the beginning. If Clark I believed in her things may have turned out differently. Alicia is only in 3 episodes but it seems like more. I love the episode “Unsafe” when she gets out of Bellreve (sp?.) “Unsafe” it is one of my top 10 episodes of Smallville. Everything is perfect to me: the acting, the dialogue, and the music. This was back when Smallville was still on the WB and they used music so effectively to support the storylines. They have 7 songs in this episode! On today’s Smallville your lucky if you hear one!!The best song is at the end with “Break So Easy” be Johnathan Rice playing in the background as Alicia bares her soul to Clark. I taped this episode and watched it several times. I think they choose a lame ending for Alicia, I could never understand why didn’t she teleport herself before the meteor freak put the rope around her neck in the next episode “Pariah”. I seem to remember in “Unsafe” she had a special bracelet on so she could not teleport but I think she took if off a little later. That’s the only thing that bugs me, why didn’t she teleport her self!?I wish they would have killed her in a more noble way, maybe protecting Clark. I guess this is a testament to Sarah Clark acting skills to make the character of Alicia sympathetic and scary at the same time. Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent.I know this isn’t part of the mythology but I could have seen them being a great crime fighting team. Anyway just glad someone else thought Alicia was a perfect match for Clark.