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Even though Clark Kent has finally become Smallville’s mild-mannered reporter, that doesn’t mean there isn’t excitement still left for the soon to be Man of Steel.

With the help of Zatanna’s magic-infused bottle of champagne, Lois, Clark, Oliver and Chloe are sent on the ride of a lifetime… if only they could remember it. Obviously inspired by the hit comedy The Hangover, tonight’s episode of Samllville, entitled ‘Fortune,’ finds our favorite characters trying to remember what happened during the “wild and crazy” bachelor & bachelorette party of Lois and Clark.

Minus Carrot Top, a touching speech about wolves and a litany of inappropriate photographs, Metropolis’s finest appear to have gotten themselves in a world of trouble. When DC Comics’ famed supervillain, Fortune, believes that Oliver and Lois stole money from him, these two will be in need of some real luck to get out trouble – too bad that Fortune can control that type of thing.

Of course, the only thing worse than a couple of would-be crime fighters blacking out is an actual superhero blacking out. With Clark also feeling the effects of Zatanna’s thoughtful gift, Chloe must help him track down those lost memories. Unfortunately, those memories include stealing an armored truck.


‘Fortune’ episode description:

After Zatanna sends a magically spiked bottle of champagne to Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) for their bachelor/bachelorette parties, the gang blacks out after the toast, only to wake up the next morning and realize they can’t remember anything about the night before. While trying to retrace their steps, Lois realizes she lost her engagement ring and drags Oliver (Justin Hartley) back to the Fortune Casino where she thinks she lost it. The two run into Fortune (guest star James Kidnie), the eccentric casino owner, who accuses them of stealing money from him. Meanwhile, Clark tells Chloe (Allison Mack) he has a memory of stealing an armored truck the night before. Christopher Petry directed the episode written by Anne Coffell Saunders.


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. My god it’s a dead on rip off of the hangover

    • It was funnier than the Hangover. Haha

  2. Half an hour into this new episode and I am already annoyed… Not a good start.

  3. Lighten up…they did. It has been a while since they have done a funny episode, and with the seriousness of this last season they need a little laughter. With the comparison to “The Hangover”, sure it is there, but if they made a funny episode that wasn’t influenced by that movie then this article would be about how it should have been (or funny like another movie).

  4. I really didn’t find it that good

  5. The ending is gold and Tess is hot
    The music at the end is so good

  6. I don’t know what you people were watching. “Hangover rip off” who cares!?!?!? The episode was hilarious. Clark super speeding into the wall, Emil singing Elvis with Tess, Oliver dressed as a show girl… I loved it.

    So I’m sorry for all the people who couldn’t watch it and enjoy it. :P

    • lol did you freak out and yell “YES!!!” like i did at the batman and wonder woman mentions? xD

      • Guilty.

      • Which Batman and Wonder Woman references?? I obviously missed them. :)

        • Haha when chloe is saying her farewell to Clark, she states she is going to go try and inspire more heroes like Clark, one is a billionaire with lots of gadgets (batman) and the other is woman with something or other (wonder woman)

    • lol yh man i loved the episode so funnny the monkey was awesome and emil and Tess makin out at the end loved how Tess and Emil reacted lol that was hilarious. gonna miss Allison Mack being on the show tho she was such a big part of smallville

  7. Last thing Connor Kent evil. ? Base on the promo

  8. Was it Just me or did Chloe mentioned she meet Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince….cause she said she wanted to be like clark…and find other heroes like him..that’s when she said a billionare playboy with high tech weapons and gadgets and a wonderous woman who can loop him with lasso.

    • I thought the billionaire she was talking about was Oliver but :O you’re right! BATMAN!!!!

      • lol @foopher: i took it the same way since i gave up on The CW hinting on either Batman or Wonder Woman so I was pretty shocked at this. So at first I thought she was talking about Oliver but wen she hinted on Wonder Woman I figured she might have also been talking about Batman. I hope they don’t bring in that girl that they just cast to be Wonder Woman in the pilot. Thank God the show is near it’s end and doesn’t have time to include a brand new character as a cameo. 0.o

        • Actually she was already on Smallville. She played “Kara” in the season 3 finale.

          But I’m glad they at least hinted at the two of them (Batman and Wonder Woman) since they won’t show them

          • You’re right I completely forgot about that. *huge sigh of relief!!* Thank God she won’t be in it. But I’m glad they were finally mentioned. That was a good thing to do. Finally the writers did something right.

            • Here here!

  9. So Chloe and Oliver are now married and the entire main cast has officially hooked up with one another… Nice job writers. -___-

    I liked how they showed what happened when they were drunk, I would’ve like to see a little more. The rest of the episode was pretty bad though. Finally we finally get back to the show’s story line in next week’s episode.

  10. Ok….. It was not the greatest in the bunch. But near the end Chloe mentions Batman ” Billionaire with high tech equipment” and Wonder Woman ” A truly wondrous woman”

  11. nothing like yhe handover,seen it!.

  12. we want batman

  13. It was good to have a funny episode for a change. And Yes, Tess IS very hot. I think I saw Zatanna for a minute too, but not positive. Would love one more appearance from Bart and AC and Victor as well.

    • Agreed.

      Having the whole JLA for the finale would be cool!

  14. Nice, funny episode that would have worked just as well without the casino thugs/armored car plotline. That was the weakest part.
    And Chloe is the hottest female on the show! WOW!

  15. Was the limo driver actually Zantanna?

    • That’s what I thought, but it was weird Clark didn’t recognize her

      • Nope. Kind of looked like her, but it wasn’t her.

  16. that was good :)

    for me…..just mentioning batman and wonder woman made me yell “YES!!!” and squeal like the fanboy that i am lol xD

  17. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say something massively controversial: I think Tess is hotter than Lois.

    • whoa! too far Drsam! :) i will admit that Lois looked a little rough this episode, but i like her better than tess.

      • Lol.
        I admit, it may have been a rash statement, and Lois is hot, but I’m gonna stand by what I said.

  18. Idk…i found this episode to be too boring. i mean, is this chloe’s last episode? If so, then blah, horrible send off. i’m assuming (without doing any research) that she will be back since her and Oliver are married (strange by the way) and i would assume something has to happen to chloe cause, well Olie can’t stay with her as he hooks up with black canary.
    The last two weeks were weak episodes and a bit bipolar. But i still love smallville and i think next weeks looks pretty epic! I love having lionel back!

    • I won’t argue that it wasn’t this season’s best episode, but I didn’t think it was boring…

    • I, to, felt it was a bit boring. But I think Olie will do something drastic like divorce her, or worse yet, kill her since he has been infected by Darkseid.

    • He doesnt get with Black Canary. They asked permission and they have the right to change little things for the show version. Chloe now works in the same city Olli lives. Happyly ever after.

      • Uh, I’m sorry but in the DC universe Green Arrow and Black Canary do get together, so I don’t know what you mean by “he doesn’t” when they have even hinted that their relationship. And just because they have the rights doesn’t mean they should make changes like that. It’s still nice to see it to where the supporting heroes like green arrow could leave the show and step into their true origins/storylines. Owning the Rights doesn’t give you the right to make changes. Chloe needs a better send off (which I am sure we will get) and those two need to part ways.

  19. Well, it took 15 episodes for Smallville to put out a stinker, that’s gotta be a record.

    • Amen Dr. Sam.

      • That is true, this has been one of the strongest season, so i commend them for that. I think they just mustered up all their crap and put it into on episode! :D haha

        • I just don’t see what the point was. It didn’t move any of the stories forward. And this was the best way to say goodbye to Chloe? And is Oliver going with her, is he gone too? My friends, I think we have to face the fact that in all probability the Darkseid storyline is going to end alot like Doomsday. Badly. They have six episodes left. Next week is about Superboy, the week after is about Booster Gold. The finale is about Lex vs Clark. That leaves three. Not much time to do Darkseid justice I’m afraid. I haven’t lost all hope but last week’s episode was all about Clark Kent being the disuise, so why wasn’t he wearing the glasses this week. And so Oliver has been marked by the darkness, but he doesn’t seem to be affected a bit. I just odn’t know.

          • I did check imdb and Allison Mack is tagged on for four more episodes. Sooo, i don’t think she’s gone. Least I hope not.

            • it says rumored next to those 4 tags on imdb though……so i wouldnt be any stock in them until they air

  20. Wow… I’m usually this show’s biggest defender… but that episode was a mess… nothing made any sense… why did Chloe and Clark have wedding rings on… why would Lois bet her engagement ring even on a sure thing… why would fortune want to wear her engagement ring… and Chloe’s reason for leaving… I’m still shaking my head… I know it was all meant to be a light hearted romp but… they lost me it was so disjointed…

    • Tom, it was totally messed up, the entire episode. A total waste, an episode of nothing when time is running out.
      And yeah, is Oliver going too? Not sure about that.
      I did chuckle when Clark super sped into the side of the building. Other than that, huge disappointment, will not rewatch this again any time soon.

      • So can anybody tell me… 1. Why Fortune wants to wear Lois engagement ring? 2. Why Lois would bet her ring, even on a sure thing, she pulls a chip out of her bra so she had money. 3. The lucky Tiger… er… Lemur is in a car at the crime scene… why? 4. If the Ollie/Chloe wedding was a “drunken prank” as she says, why did they get a license. 5. Why does Clark wake up with a wedding ring on if Ollie got married and why is he dressed in a tux. 6. Why is Ollie berating the rings to Clark when they’re for his wedding and why does Clark put one on. 7. Ollie grabs Lois during the drunk and says he needs her and they run off, what did he need her for? And why did they end up on the train tracks? 8. Last week Clark decides he needs to wear glasses as a disguise, this week in public, no glasses. 9. Ollie’s been marked by the darkness, but it doesn’t seem to effect him in any way. 10. Indiana Lois tells Ollie they can’t call Clark because she lost her ring, but the first time she sees him she blurts out that she bet it. 11. They beat up Emil to find the armored car–why? Because he did an Elvis impersonation that night, because he was on the crime scene video. Tess was on it too and singing with him and they didn’t grab her. 12. So Chloe tells Martha two weeks ago that Martha taught her how to take care of the people she loves. Now, she’s going to move away, start a new identity, and look for new superheroes basically leaving Clark on his own. Really? 13. So Ollie and Lois dress up as show girls because they’re afraid of the henchmen with the guns, but they end up duking it out with the henchmen with the guns anyway. 14. Why does Fortune continue to hit on Ollie, even after its clear that he’s not a show girl, or even a girl for that matter.

        • Most of those can be answered with “They were drunk as hell”. #14 can be answered with “Fortune is a freak” ;)

          • 1 can also be answered with “fortune is a freak”

  21. This wasn’t my favorite episode but I did like it. Loved the references to Batman and Wonder Woman at the end. Sort of confused as to whether or not Chloe and Oliver are really married. I like them as a couple. I know I’m one of the very few that do. Hated Lois’ dress and I agree Tess was hotter than Lois in this episode. Always love the chemistry between Lois and Clark in every episode. Looking forward to the next one.

  22. I could care less what people are saying about it being a rip off of Hangover, i loved that movie BTW, I thought this episoe was great it tied up something like Ollie heading back to Star City rather then protecting Metroplis. It allows Chole to exit, and I agree with Jen didnt care for the chole/oliver wedding, Mainly cause next to Lois and Clark , I’ve always liked Oliver and Dinah as a pair. I loved the nods towards Batman and Wonder Woman. Oh and I laughed may ass off with the whole Emil and Tess thing that was fricken awesome. It looks like they are clearing the decks for end run. Clear the next few episodes of all the back ground characters and focus on Clark making his way towards the Finale. Then in the two hour finale they brig everyone in for the big battle.

    • @ Loco

      I’d agree with you if that was what they’re doing. But next week is about Superboy and the next episode is about Booster Gold. Then they only have four episodes left. I hope you’re right.

      • That’s not all they’re gonna be about. I’m sure there’ll be more to them.

  23. I love Smallville but their string of hit blockbuster rip-offs has me guessing whether or not the writers have just ran out of filler ideas until the series finale?!?!

  24. the wedding is still part of clark’s story as a was nothing like the hangover.

  25. Boring, I quit watching halfway through. Enough with the filler episodes, get on with the story!

  26. Tom,

    The answers to all your questions are in the episode. I suggest rewatching while not holding your nose. It was for entertainment purposes only. I agree that Lois’ dress was awful. She should have left it in the Limo with Emils pants.

    • @ Malft,
      I respectfully disagree. The answers are not in the episode. If you have answers to any of my questions, please let me know. Saying there are answers and giving answers are two different things.

      • No, I’m pretty sure they’re there…

  27. i think it was the worst episode ever, getting rid of chloe this way felt like a lack of respect for all those years,they should have killed her or even make like she never existed would feel more appropriate but since dc comics bought the rights…..
    The only decent thing about this episode was how ck seemed sincere when saying he was gonna miss chloe, felt like tom welling really talking to allison mack.
    the episode clearly demonstrates how they re gonna ruin the end of the show!

  28. I don’t get it. I don’t see how a fan of the show could not enjoy this episode. This was meant as a fun, funny bachelor party that is a part of Clark’s life and I reflected on their relationships much like in Homecoming, these types of episodes are my favorite.

  29. Green Arrow has been infected by Darkseid, so he will be back, as well as Chloe.