‘Smallville’ Finale Ratings Are Up, Up And Away

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smallville season 10 final promo art Smallville Finale Ratings Are Up, Up And Away

Last night the finale of Smallville‘s ten-season run scored a major upswing in the ratings. The episode secured almost three million viewers, with an even better boost in the demographic score.

Smallville‘s total viewership was 2.97 million, up an impressive 49% from the last episode and matching the season premiere. The surge was the most the series has seen since October, when the 200th episode Homecoming drew in crowds of 3.2 million to see the return of Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack.

But even more impressive was Smallville‘s jump in the prime 18-49 demographic. The show’s target viewers jumped 63% for a 1.3 rating in the prime demo, some of the best numbers all season.

It’s no surprise that Smallville garnered a big turnout for its farewell show, with ten seasons of backstory and eager Superman fans waiting for the final reveal. Judging by Screen Rant‘s review and the comments therein, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

Despite the positive buzz, the show’s ratings have been on the slide for the last few years. The 10th season will average out to less than 2.5 million viewers per episode. That’s slightly better than last year (2.4 million) but a far cry from earlier seasons where Smallville scored in the 4 million range.

smallville series finale1 Smallville Finale Ratings Are Up, Up And Away

On the lower end of the TV spectrum, CBS continues to dominate Friday nights. CSI: NY ended the night with 10.2 million total viewers, with a small dip in demographic ratings to 1.5 – the lowest this year. CSI:NY is a bubble show, and has yet to be renewed. CBS’ new cop drama Blue Bloods gained 13% for 11.4 million viewers and a 1.7 rating.

Flashpoint, another CBS cop show, scored 7.5 million viewers with a 1.3 rating, up significantly in its demographic score. At NBC, football drama Friday Night Lights dropped to 2.8 million total viewers with a paltry .7 rating. Fox aired a new episode of Kitchen Nightmares for a 1.5 rating, then aired a repeat over Fringe‘s regular slot.

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Source: TV Line

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  1. Glad to see it went out on a high. Thanks for 10 great years.

    • Dr Beckett, get back in the accelerator!

      • Ziggy says there’s a 99.9% chance that won’t be happening.

  2. For all the shows faults, the finale was fantastic!
    It was utterly captivating, hit the spot on an emotional level and had a lot more Supes action than I anticipated.

    There were a couple of things that were kind of dumb when you ponder over them. And although the lack of a clear shot of Tom in the suit was kind of frustrating, the overall WIN was enough to put a massive smile on my face and a tear in my eye! =]

    Gonna miss this show dearly!

    • Yea I agree with you they didn’t made a clear shot of Tom in full suit but w/e. It was the best ever episode imho.

  3. It was good til the very end – yes i too noticed that we didn’t get a
    clear close up shot of Tom Welling posing & standing tall in the suit as superman! that would of been real cool to see.

  4. Just a few long seconds of him standing in the suit up close as he got ready to take off to the skies to save the world would of been that much more awesome!

  5. I’ve forced myself to watch this show for the past 2 or 3 seasons. I used to love it, then somethink just changed.

    The storylines got weaker, and the love interest scenes were just totally unbelievable, I mean, it got to the point were it was like 2 young teenagers just falling in love, the chararcters were supposed to be in their twenties.

    Just glad it’s over, maybe now Mr Welling can concentrat on his acting and not being executive producer.

  6. The Man of Steel takes action flying from the top skyscrapers of Metropolis

  7. ITS LEX FILPPING LUTHOR…..”nuff said”.

  8. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about not seeing Tom in the suit, we saw much more Superman in action that I expected and plus it’s not about Superman but a show about Clark Kent becoming Superman.

    However I never liked the story arc where Lex was cloned, as it means it’s not the real Lex. I would have preferred him to have disappeared and come back however if you forgive that then the scene with Lex was awesome and I loved the fact that he wasn’t the main bad guy at the end but just there to give a teaser of what is still to come and almost the reason why Clark embraced his destiny. Very nice in an ironic kind of way.

    I also like the ease at which Superman destroyed Darkseid and Apokilips as it illustrated that once Clark embraced and became Superman he was sooooo much more powerful than before and almost the god like being that he was always meant to be and had been slowly becoming since the start. A bit like Neo at the end of the first Matrix, actually come to think of it, a bit too like it :-).

    Does it really matter if we saw Tom in the suit, we saw plenty of Superman in action and that unless you have guy tendencies and have a bit of sweet spot for Tom is much more important.

    Oh the reading of the comic book was pathetic though, as a show it would have been much better simply without that.

    • It is the real Lex, he just has the best pieces from other clones put onto him, notice all the scarring for arms and legs. That is the Lex that has been in hiding/recovery.

  9. “Judging by Screen Rant‘s review and the comments therein, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.”
    Uhm… nope. I’ve seen plenty bad comments, including mine. I’ll copy paste it here:
    What a crap way to go out. I mean, all it took was a simple double-fisted punch to dispose of Supe’s greatest villain? And Green Arrow took out 3 demi-gods with his arrows? And don’t get me started on that “push the planet” solution at the end that took a minute. GARBAGE.

    • i agree

    • No… The finale was amazing

    • Evengan,

      While I didn’t think it was “the best thing ever” and I’m not going over 400+ comments to add up pros and cons, I can tell you the overwhelming respoinse HAS been positive, and the poll at the end of the review certainly reflects that.


      • I don’t want to be a downer, but if it had been “overwhelmingly positive” it would have at least more than half “Fantastics”, not 22% of okays and goods. That’s positive, just positive.

  10. i will miss snallville..
    i didnt like the ending

  11. Thank you for everything Smallville. Its been a fun ride for 10 years. We watched the young man from Krypton grow up in Kansas into the hero we all know and love. The Finale was bitter sweet. When it was over, it was like losing a loved one, but on the other hand we saw Superman. There have been complaints that not enough was done by the directors. I know as a fan of the show I am more than satisfied. The show was about Clark Kent becoming the hero. Somewhere along that line people got so hyped on seeing the suit and flight that they missed the ending. It was the ending of this young mans life and the start of the New Clark Kent/ Superman.
    All that being said. I loved the Finale. Yes, there could have been some other things done differently, but I got what I wanted.
    Thank you to all that worked on Smallville. You brought the kid in me out again.

  12. ****While there aren’t any MAJOR spoilers in this review, please don’t read this if you haven’t seen the episode*****

    SMALLVILLE is my show. I feel like I have grown up with it. To be fair, I kind of did. I was 21 years pld when Smallville started and I am 31 as I write this. Smallville when it is good is excellent. And when it’s bad, Its.. well you know…I took a break from my studying to write this review.I had to watch it twice because I wanted to make sure I was being fair as I write this. Here is my review:

    The Finale was enjoyable but it was lacking in a lot of areas. Darksied was supposed to be the epic villain this season, but he just wasn’t and what you saw of him was not menacing enough to care about him or his Apokolips, I felt that the Lex Luthor storyline was not as thought out as it should have been. I think it was out of character for Lex to be ‘inspiring’ Clark Kent to embrace his Kryptonian side. I also have mixed feelings about the closure of the Tess Mercer character. There were too many moments in this finale that focused too much on the wedding of Lois and Clark, that there wasn’t enough time to devote to the Darksied storyline. I felt in general that the ‘little moments’ the producers kept hinting at weren’t nearly as nuanced nor as rich as they should have been. Character moments felt rushed, and just swept under the rug for convenience.

    The MAJOR issue with the Finale also was the fact that for as much as were ‘treated’ to Clark being in the suit, we really never got that pay-off. We got to see a CGI Clark flew, but not Tom Welling, (which was one of the major disappointments of Superman Returns, among others. I felt that by not properly building up the villain of the story, when Clark finally does put on the suit, it didn’t matter either way.

    The dialogue felt at times again as I mentioned earlier felt a little weird to me as well, especially when you get to the part where the John Williams Superman Theme is played.

    Overall, it was an ‘enjoyable’ finale, but there were so many missed opportunities and misused characters that I didn’t get that ‘chill’ when it was over.

    Can’t wait to see if Zack Snyder can do better

    • I agree with you on some of your points. The Lex storyline was a last minute write in. Thats why that seems forced.
      I didnt mind the way Tess went out. Her story was complete, and she went down with Clark’s secret.
      The Darksied thing was rough. There was no way to complete that storyline in 2 hours. Everyone was complaining that there wasnt a fight. I think they tried to focus more on the light vs. the darkness side of it all.
      The suit thing I kind of agree with. Maybe one scene with the suit like right before leaving the Fortress of Solitude. Other than that I think they did a good job with the budget they probably had with the CGI. The scene with the plane was good, and was a ode to the movies.
      A lot of people didnt like the comic book thing. I thought it was a nice way to take you into the story and out of it.
      Anyway thats my 2 cents. I think the fact remains that it was a pretty good ending to the series. Im sure this will be debated for a while on the internet.

    • I can agree i didnt like that about superman returns either. I understand its a tv show and they have bugets, and they have always been back seated to Superman Movies.

  13. I left the show in the middle of the 8th year.
    i saw a little bit of season 9, and I watched last years finale once I heard this was going to be the final year.
    I had my quibble with the stories this year at times,
    But not last night.
    I thought it was a good balance of character moments and action.
    I for one was satisfied .

  14. isn’t there a superman copyright or something that didn’t allow Smallville to show Tom in the suit.

  15. Cant believe i actually watched a show for 10 years! Ive been a fan since the first episode. Ill really miss it.

    • Im with you Ken. Its like having a family member die. Its bitter sweet though. Knowing it is over is rough, but the way he went out will be something I will remember for a long time.

  16. What was the deal with Jimmy Olse? Doomsday killed him! WTH? What meaneth this?

    • lois mentioned that he was jimmy’s bro?

    • She told him that his brother had some big shoes for him to fill.

    • That was Henry James Olsen that died.. His younger brother is James “Jimmy” Bartholomew Olsen

  17. throughout the whole season 10 they make Darkseid out to be the ‘toughest challenge’ clark would hv to face. so tough that it only took him a double fisted punch to defeat. lol.

  18. Very disappointing Smallville finale. Way too much talk, not enough payoff for our patience.

    All this buildup, and he defeats Darkseid with one punch? He just talks Green Arrow into losing his supposedly permanent Omega symbol? Green Arrow kills the three prophets with arrows?

    And no clear shot of Welling in the super suit. We’ve been waiting TEN YEARS to see HIM in the suit, not a tiny CGI cartoon representing him. That’s the biggest bummer of all.

    • I think they did what they could with the budget they had. A true movie with Darksied would have taken the intire 2 hours. They had a lot to cram into that time period. The commercials took up about 30 minutes of the actual time too.

  19. I started watching three years ago(from 1st season to now), me and my family watched the finale tonight, and me and my little brother probably watched the last 30 min 5 times, its was a fitting and welcomed end to the smallville mythos, it is just really sad now that something that has been a huge part of my life for the last three years is now over(i can only imagine what it feels like for those who have watched since the beginning) Towards the end of every season me and my father watched, i always would say, “He’s gonna fly, i know it”. I was sadly dissapointed every time. My dad said they will not do it till the very end of the show. well he was right, and i couldn’t have asked for a better finale for the show. Cheers to SMALLVILLE! and thanks for such a great ride.

    • Im sure you feel like those of us that have watched it from the beginning. Im just happy that they gave the fans what we wanted to see at the end.

  20. Brilliant ending to a brilliant show.

    • I totally agree JR. I will miss Smallville.

  21. Been a fan for several years now and very sad to see it end.
    I liked the finale and the with the Superman theme and Clark showing the suit was great.

    I would have liked a lot more battle scenes with Darkseid in his actual form, not as the kind of “undead Lionel”.
    But that would have had to start a few episodes back. Looking back the Doomsday fight, it was to be expected.
    Anyway, it’s been a great series and I wouldnt have missed it.

  22. well, what can you say , it all starts with had me right up to the fortress flight !! Awesome, then it just spiralled out of control,
    the whol plane thingy just ripped me !!! so CGI it was so dissapointing, although up till then BRILLANT !!!the whole Darksied thing was just smoke and mirrors and budget or not they should have gone into it further or left it alone !! , Fantastic flight finally, waited 10 years for that !!
    Should have been more suit work ?! Great to see Lex back and Martha also Jonathan making an appearance very swauve ! the wole planet thing was far fetched but built the story, should have been more build up to the planet story !!
    Nuff said

    • Were they supposed to get a real plane and teach Tom Welling to fly?

      • Is Dead. ROTFLMAO

  23. Yes this show had its ups and downs…again this show was about Clark becoming Superman….not about Superman if it was about Superman it would have ended 9 seasons ago. I for one was satisfy with finale it pretty mich wrapped up eveybody’s storylines. Again Darkseid got defeated easily because this was Darkseid 1.0 the real battle with Darseid, Doomsday and other villains would have to be fought when he is Superman offscreenville and In our minds (cough fanfiction). I am greatful for following this show…..I rarely stick to a show from begining to end or go back and watch the dvd boxsets.

  24. At least they had Darkseid on smallville, more than i can say of
    all these superman movies that only seem to play it safe & use the same
    villians all the time, they should realize that we want to see Doomsday,
    Darkseid, Bizarro or even a Cyborg Superman would be cool to see in action on the big screen! I don’t know why we have to wait a lifetime
    it seems for this to happen, thank you Smallville for 10 great seasons
    on TV!

    • I would say 8 great seasons, the last ones got a little lovie lovie, too much of those love scenes. I’m not sure if Tom Whelling was always a producer, but when I noticed he was, on the credits, that’s when the show got a little slow.some witters left probably, as some of the key actors. the bugdet got cut down too, for sure, because of ratingsd . They knew it too, that’s why they ened it, for sure!!! I’m a huge fan aand all my buddies weren’t watching anymore. I did like the last 20 minutes of the last episode, at least I got what I’ve been waiting for for 10 years,,lol. yes he flew and put the suit on!!! all together it payed out, it ended on a high note, and gave us what we wanted ,unlike freaking lost. what a waste of my time. take care

  25. great finale he wore the suit and flew :P wud of been epic if hed landed with the justice league in awe and him giving a speach about who he is etc but it makes you want more like a superman series about how he overcomes his next challenges but itll never happen :’( definately not with tom n the other cast but we can dream one thing that confuses me is lois stil knows his identity in the films n other series etc shedosent so wats going on there ? lol

  26. Just watched it for the second time with my wife. It was better the second time that the first. The ending was just fantastic. Just wish we could have seen Tom Welling in the full Superman outfit.

    The way the show ended, it almost looked like a set up for something else in the future. Is a Smallville movie out of the question?

    Wonder if there is any chance Tom Welling could be cast for the part if the Justice League moves forward?

    • I also hope that there will be a film later on with Tom Welling returning as Superman. GREAT SHOW though.

  27. Maybe we can can a fan movement going to cast Welling as Superman for the Justice League if the project makes. For 10 years he has done an outstanding job of playing the character with integrity. And alot fans may not realize it, but Welling is the largest guy to ever play the role and has the physique for it as well.

    • I’m with you, but I doubt if we’ll ever see a Smallville movie. First off, a new Superman has been cast for a movie coming out in the next few years and, secondly but just as important, the cast has been playing these character for a decade now and have stated they are ready to move on (it took a mob of fans to convince Michael Rosenbaum to appear in the finale). A Superman movie with this cast (written by a quality film writer) would be great, but we’ll have to take this for what it was, which was Clark’s journey to become Superman, and now that’s finished.

  28. ■Jimmy can’t be the comic books Jimmy Olsen for many reasons 1. his full name, 2. his age and 3. his death. His name was Henry James instead of James Bartholemew. He is as old as Clark isntead of younger and he died at the end of doomsday. His little brother is most likely the real James Bartholemew Olsen and the future superman’s pal.–NatDuv 23:11, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
    ■All this time we’ve believed that Jimmy Olsen of Smallville is the real Jimmy. That is what the writers wrote. Jimmy called himself James Bartholomew Olsen and all of a sudden he’s Henry James Olsen at the end. Which would you rather believe – the Jimmy we’ve known for these past 2 years or a lightswitch at the end of season 8?

  29. I thought the Series Finale was awesome. Clark took Flight and Finally Put on the Suit. I loved the whole Episode and the last Ten years of the Show. I have seen every episode, even When I was in the Marines and had to buy the Seasons and Catch up. I think some people were disappointed about Darkseid and Doomsday being weak storylines, But Smallville is about the growth of Clark Kent not Superman. Every true fan has known from JumpStreet the show was gonna end when he became Superman.

    @Mike Lois didn’t know Clark before he was Superman in the movies or comics. They made her apart of the Smallville storyline to boost ratings. She should have never been apart of the story. I think its funny tho, in everything Comics, TV, Movies, ETC. when Clark presents himself to Lois as Superman for the first time (AKA when he saves her the 1st time) she is always in a Plane or Chopper that is going down. Kinda funny.

    My Wife asked me recently if I were to make a movie what would it be. I think if I were to make a movie it would be a Dark Superman Movie.
    Possibly the Darkseid or Doomsday Storyline, and do it big real BIG!!
    Superman/Clark would have to be played by somebody that works out, I can’t be the only person on the planet that wants to see Superman look a little more like the Comic Book Version. Like Chris Hemsworth big, he doesn’t have to be a BodyBuilder but he should look like a Surfer either. Lois would have to be a Small time Actor, but someone that can bring a strong performance, You can’t use a big name Actor for Lois it takes away from the Character, a big name actor would come in thinking “I’m so and so, I don’t have to be a convincing Lois, cause I’m so and so.” Not to mention big actors means big pay checks, put that money towards the movie. You would have to use CGI Darkseid and Doomsday are too huge not too, finally Superman would be his true self. When landing and taking off, it would be destructive but could also be gentle. When he is flying into a fight he should come in HOT, I mean when he lands its like a small bomb went off, the same for when he is taking off to go save Lois or to chase down the villian it should look like the Space Shuttle just took off five feet away from you. Until the Movie Execs stop playing it safe, and push someone to make a movie like this we are going to see the same tried old Scripts and Plot points we have seen in every Superman Movie. Lex was good in his run, but he isn;t the Leading Bad Guy anymore he is tired lets give him a break and tag in a TRUE BADASS. Lets see Doomsday kill Superman only to be resurrected, or see Superman and Darkseid Beat the hell out of each other for 2 hours, now thats a Idea.