Smallville Season 8 Plot Points

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smallville2 Smallville Season 8 Plot Points

With Clark having gone missing in the finale of Smallville last season, the new season starts up of course – with Clark missing.

How do you find a missing superhero? Well, by having a bunch of superheroes look for him! Those heroes being what’s coined as the return of the Justice League: Green Arrow, Aquaman and Black Canary. Alan Ritchson and Alaina Huffman will be reprising their respective roles of such, and we’ll also be seeing Martian Manhunter, at least in the first episode. Here’s seriously hoping they don’t make a continuing travesty of any story line with Black Canary in it because I’m still having nightmares from the last episode that showcased / introduced her. Brr.

The NEW creative team of Smallville: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, who were second stringers under Gough and Millar, are running with the familiar themes that we’ve come to know from the show’s heyday. That tells me they’re not going to over extend themselves and go outside the box they’re comfortable with.

Despite the fact they say they’re running the show as if Gough and Millars “voices are still talking to us in our heads“, it does indeed seem as if they will be veering off the original adaptation path.

This new season will be dealing with Clark Kent’s dual identity forming as he finally takes a job at the Daily Planet, at a desk across from Lois Lane and what I take as a clue that he will be flying: the creative team says that “all the Superman lore is going to come to fruition this year.”

In my mind, The CW wants to see the classic outline of Superman on the screen, and the new team is following the network’s whim rather than trying to stick to, or take their own adaptive approach to the storytelling Gough and Millar started.

I’ll say they’ve gone outside their own adaptive boxes when they brought in Doomsday and “reimagined” him as starting out human, when in the “lore” they quote, he never was. But that’s just me being picky.

If they truly try and turn to the classic lore we all know it might at least, be a bit fun to see everything we’ve learned with the new take combine or meld into the classic.

We’ll see.

Source: TV Guide
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  1. I like what I’m hearing. I do hope we see Clark stepping up to he’s destiny. Not to keen on Doomsday being a human, but I kinda saw that coming. Smallville always seems to make the outrageous looking characters from the comics human, like Brainiac and Manhunter.

  2. We can only hope Robert, but as I always say, Time will be the telling factor!

  3. For me the hook was always the relationship between Lex and Clark .
    without Lex , it doesnt feel like the same show .
    good luck to the new cast members.
    they are going to need all the luck in the world.

  4. Well making Doomsday have a human origin and is not what I would call “turn[ing] to the classic lore.”

    I’ll stick around to see what they do, though. It’s too late to stop watching the show now.


  5. WOW SEASON 8!!! finally we may get a chance to see clark fly. I think it would be great if ck was to learn to fly on the farm with the JL TEAM ROUND TO HELP! this may give him the boost to finally step up to his destiny and become more like superman. When clark takes a job at the daily planet, does he have a new look? i.e suit, glasses and a new hair cut i hope so because if ck is to make a transition it should come with a new image. I’m looking forward to seeing the Justice league team back in action i hope clark takes charge like superman in the justice league cartoon.

  6. You could say Clark flew a couple of times in Season One. He woke up hovering over his bed. As soon as he woke, he fell onto the bed. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

  7. i hope in season 8 that clark puts on the tights and the cape and takes a big step toward his destiny and i hope to see that kara comes back to put on her tights and cape. I hope taht they all get together to form the justice league to.

  8. Hmm…if Clark finally becomes Superman, I wonder how he will hide his identity? I mean, Louis and Jimmy (Olsen) and even Perry White (if Perry remembers him that is, from their “first meeting” a few seasons back) already knows what he looks like and I don’t think wearing a pair of glasses would work this time. Actually, it’s quite a wonder how it did work in the original mythos, but that’s another matter.

    But still, this will be interesting.

  9. John,

    Yeah – they’ve really written themselves into a corner with the whole Clark/Superman secret identity thing. There’s no way it could work in the Smallville universe.


  10. Hey SVSux: It looks like the rumor mill is now saying she will be in a few episodes. So hang in there… there might be some glimmer of hope!

  11. Kristin go everyone goes

  12. Who needs another “Lois and Clark”!WE WANT LANAAAAA!

  13. so now lana is out of the picture is louis going to work her way into clark life? you know they are going to end up with each other any ways so i hope they start getting closer in this up coming season.

  14. well,they tried to bring on clois on apocalypse,and the rating for that episode was a whole lot LOWER than any previous CLANA episodes.!So sux it UP!

  15. Listen Guys, Smallville rocks, yes S7 was dissapointing, but S8 seems to have everything a Smallville fan wants, No Lex = bad, but No Lana, personally I can’t wait. I’ve hated her character from 1st episode if S1, whining, slef righteous little mare, dont get me wrong KK is a hottie, but the character is draining on the series, I’m glad shes gone.

  16. Hey Robert.. I smell studio lackeys… who will do what the studio thinks they need to do.

    B_Man: I’d like to see Lois and Clark get it going, like it did in the comic. I remember in the comic when he told Lois his identity.. she laughed.


  17. lets hope they end the no flights no tights rule, it would be good if they listened to what the fans want for a change

  18. I think this new series bring a lot of promise. We have all been waiting for “The Legend” to fly and hopefully he will very shortly BUT the last scene of smallville must be with him ripping his shirt off displaying the Superman Crest underneath. What do you think

  19. No one likes Lana, I mean yeah… she’s hott, but she’s a ho and makes out with everyone. Plus they’ve dragged that failed relationship out way too long… I mean how many times has she died and come back into Clark’s life… plus whoever said they want to see Clark and Kara in tights… wow… just wow… that would ruin everything.

    Lex needs to stay in, the relationship he and Clark have basically make the show. Honestly with the talent that the cast still has, it’ll be an awesome season, I’m sure Chloe will be stepping it up to more than just a side-kick… Dang I’m going to miss Lex’s acting… it’s phenomenal.

    And to end this note, the way they’ve written the series into a corner… I believe they just want us to have faith in people like Clark does or what not and trust that characters won’t give away his identity when he finally does become Superman.

  20. Superman (Clark) will never be in a sustained relationship because he is an alien and destined to be alone. But that doesn’t mean that he could not love humans and be in love. And the love of his life, at least on Smallville has been Lana and he was hers. Somehow the writers will make them move on. And CK will have a crush and a physical attraction to Lois. Later, according to the mythology she will be attracted to Superman but not Clark. Therefore no relationship. She will continue to be mean to him. But Clark will always love Lana. (Cue “I Will Always Love You”) In my mind anyway. I am thankful that the writers finally let her know his secret and be together for a while, even if only for a short time. I will miss Clark and Lana. (snif)

  21. @Tricia

    In the comics Clark marries Lois Lane, so he’s not destined to be alone.


  22. True clark does marry lois in the comic books and over the years loads of different versions of the story have been introduces in the t.v version with dean cain lois finds out who clark is and is upsets at first and comes to understand the reason for clark hiding who he was.
    Lana is out of the picture i would like to see clark and lois become more involved with each other and i heard about the chloe thing where she might start forgetting who she is thats really upset me a lot because she’s been a rock for ck a lot of the time and personally she and ck should have been an item lana slept with ck and then broke his heart the b**ch.

    I’m really just interested in clark in smallville becoming more like superman and would someone please cut or trim tom welling’s hair a little i mean he’s fine as hell but is in need of a serious hair-cut lol!

  23. i think that lana should stay with clark, it will be boring if clark ends up with lois cause we ve seen this cast already

  24. clark will no end up with lois becuz anyone who read the commic already noe what would happen so the have to twist the story therefore i guess(hope) he will end up with either chloe or Lana!but who knows maybe there will be a new charactor…