Smallville: Season 10 Will Be Its Last

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Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville Smallville: Season 10 Will Be Its Last

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After a truly amazing ninth season finale, Smallville fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of the promised 2013 future in which Clark Kent has thrown The Blur costume away and finally become Superman.

Unfortunately, that day will never come as The CW is set announce on Thursday, during their upfront, that Smallville season 10 will also be the series’ last.

Tom Welling, proving that not only is he faster than a speeding bullet, but also The CW’s public relations, revealed the news of Smallville’s final season to Hollywood Life while attending a party celebrating the release of legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub’s new book. Welling said:

“Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season”

While the news is a huge blow to Smallville fans that have invested nine years in the series, keep in mind that there’s still one more season left. With the foreshadowing provided in the season 9 finale, there’s a good chance that the season 10 will not only be its last, but also its best.

We all know that by the end of Smallville, Clark has to not only fly, but also become Superman. Hopefully, with all the “training” required for him to reach those goals, The CW will at least give us a couple episodes with Clark as the legendary Man of Steel, instead of waiting until the final moments of the series finale to have him don his infamous red and blues (but don’t bet on it).

Unfortunately, no matter how much flying Clark does, there will still be one big piece of the Superman puzzle missing: Lex. A couple of months ago, actor Michael Rosenbaum stated that he will not be returning to Smallville. Although, with Smallville coming to an end, maybe his former cast members can coax him into returning – even if it is only for one episode.

…a man can dream, right?

What do you think of Smallville finally ending? What are you expecting out of the final season? Will Clark become Superman? Is there any way Michael Rosenbaum will return to the series?

The tenth and final season of Smallville returns this fall on The CW.

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Source: Hollywood Life (via: Entertainment Weekly)

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  1. I’m disappointed that this is the last year, but ten years for a sci-fi/fantasy drama is epic in the history of television. Closest that I can think of is Buffy, and that series only went for seven seasons. Very few televisions series ever last this long (M.A.S.H., Cheers, Seinfeld), and many fizzle out a season or two before they finally disappear.

    They played this well, keeping the red & blue until the very end. It’s kept us watching with anticipation, and kept the show fresh because they couldn’t just make him Superman. They had to find ways to develop the story that leads up to him donning the suit and taking his place in history. So it’s going out on what looks to be a very high note with quality right to the finish. As much as I hate to see it go, I’m ready to see it end. I’d rather have it go now, and go out at it’s highest point, then stick around just to please die-hard fans and eek a few more $$ out of advertisers.

    Now, a continuing series called “Metropolis”, I may be able to get behind, but “Superman” is a well travelled pathway. Part of what kept Smallville fresh is that they really explored and developed Clark Kent, which was something that had never really been done before…at least not on screen (big or small) That he was also super-powered and the Blur, was just a part of his being “Clark Kent”. It flips the whole secret identity concept around. In Smallville, Clark Kent comes first whereas, in most other treatments, Superman comes first. Reminding Clark that after everything that’s happened to him he’s is still “Clark Kent” has been a theme of the show since the first season.

    If they did do a “Metropolis”-type series, I would hope that they would continue that line of character development. But it would be very easy to just flip the focus to Superman. While that would be cool and exciting (and I would watch it), I doubt it would have the draw of Smallville over the long run. We’ve all seen that story already.

  2. spero tanto che gli autori e Clark cambino idea e che possano continuare con le loro bellissime storie che a me piacciono tanto .saluti Silvio

  3. I wish it didnt end. But it was a nice long run. I hate when they cancel due to supposidley rating though, my life is so busy I buy the seasons after they are on DVD or now I purchase the episodes threw Itunes when I have time to watch, is that considered as ratings??

  4. Oooh its true but hard to believe but let them give us another one more season please

  5. Black Zero will ever be a villain for Smallville if 10th season ending this series ?
    Others beside Darkseid can be: Atlas, Atomic Skull, Composite Superman, Conduit, Eradicator, Gog,Hank Henshaw, Imperiex, Lobo,Mongul, Prankster, Superboy-Prime, Kryptonite-Man from central rogues and final villain-Lex Luthor who is been resurrected from dead by Darkseid/or other and don’t remember a thing about what happen.
    Lex Luthor face Clark and start to remember things, only in final to become president of the US and start his nuclear apocalypse against Superman and JL, so in my opinion there should be at least one season, or two ’till finale.

  6. Same I’ve been watching the show since the begging of season one. I’ve been addicted since, and i dont want the show to end just yet. They should add a few more twists before the show ends or atleast end it with a more obvious idea so that we would know of how things would be after the show ends: which is of course, superman saving the day.

    • yeah or at least show him with an new enemy that would be good and well worth my time but why they shuting this down they should try for longer so sad.

  7. this stinks to keep it alive for a wihle longeer at least i want

  8. The show is so good except for sometimes long and dragging episodes. Ending it too soon is so disappointing and short changes viewers’ expectations and hopes that smallville will gradually evolve into another series or with Clark as superman as we know him from the comics and movies. Don’t end up just yet!!!

  9. The idea for CW to make a new series call Metropolis is a fantastic idea. Since Smallville was (what I considered) the adventures of Clark Kent — watching him grow up and mature into the Man of Steel. Metropolis, would now focus on the adventures of Superman — to include his disguise as the daily news reporter Clark Kent — and his responsibilites of saving the world. I would hope the main characters would reprise their roles, including Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther. But, have the series reflect more on the comic books adventures — battles against famous villans, team up with other hero legends and to also interwine the Justice League.

  10. if the cw won’t take up the storyline for the justice league, perhaps another network will? food for thought…hmmmm!

  11. i love smalleville !!! all the programmes i like are all being cancelled
    this is crap!!!

  12. why does smallville HAVE to end i love it
    finished the 8th seasson and need the 9th
    watching the 3rd over again right now lol!!

  13. Im so upset, i cant wait for it to come out and it wont be here for the longest time. and what really sucks is that its the final season

  14. i love smallvile hope thay make season11 wiv him bein superman all tha time ad die for season 11 please please

  15. the cw should let Smallville set on the air its the best show. it sucks that its ending but its worst that the cw wants it off the air. KEEP SMALLVILLE ON THE AIR

  16. I was never really interested in comics or superheroes; but i caught my brother watching Smallville one night and it looked interesting. And let me tell you, it’s my favorite show of all time. It’s full of action, romance, and bonding. There are some pretty amazing actors there like Allison Mack, Cassidy freeman, and John Glover. I would hate to see the tenth season to be the final season, fans would agree with that, you’ll be letting down thousands of fans(including me). Honestly i think the tenth season won’t sum up everything, there will be big parts left out and many questions unanswered. Satisfy your fans, people that love to watch the show, give them what they want. Smallville should stay,

    • i love smallville but i agree with the producers……..better to end it now than have a 30 season soap opera in the future lol and everything has to end sometime…..the sooner people accept it the better :)

  17. well to be honest if we knew there would be a movie coming out of this…we would still be sad to see the show go, however we would still hold contentment in the fact that there would be movie…but what do we get..??? a crappy reboot thats already dead in the water, simply because its going to fail in much the same way Superman returns failed, its been well established that Tom Welling is will out doubt univerally recognised as this generations Superman…so if they think they can pull it off without him in the lead role!!!…gd luck,…because i together with many Superman and Smallville fans think its all going to be ”YET AGAIN” another waste of time and money..unless they constitute Welling and rosembaum in there own movie when the show comes to end…other than that, the franchise will wind up complete joke

  18. in my opinion the only reason i can think of cw ending the show is cause they never realised how widespread it would be loved by all and have fears of let downs with other programs that won’t stand a chance with smallville still showing how ever as a big fan of smallville and all of it’s cast i’d say the world needs a hero and tom welling is the best i’ve seen so far and i’d also have to say that i think christopher reeves would be proud to hand the ‘S’ suite over to tom if he was here today (R.I.P superman 1) these are the two greatest superman figures the world has ever seen .

    • @ K1LL3R 13

      I know what you mean. Alot of people felt the passing of the torch from Christopher Reeve to Tom Welling & WB won’t take advantage that moment for Welling to use that torch. I rather go with Welling with the reboot since he’s got into the character over the years which would make him more qualified imo than to take chance on a newcomer. I hate to say i have a feeling this reboot is gonna be a repeat of Superman Returns in someway.

    • heylookIcanalsowritewithoutanypunctuationandIcaneventakeitonestepfurtherandnotmakeanyspacesisntitneat

  19. I think that micheal Rosenbaum should return. It only makes sense and why cut the series short by cutting out lex luthor!!! It is intelligent why the producers have done now let’s see what they can do!! If it’s the last make it the best and let’s see Clark become superman that would be reapply cool the fans would love it and so would I go smallville some people have spent their money because they found something that they could actually enjoy.:)

  20. I think it is crap to make us wait 10 seasons to finally show superman, to have clark fly, and to hurry and make things happen to then just cancel it. Not good. And Lex needs to come back. to many things left hanging, especally the fans.

  21. If smallville is to be cancled then they should start a new series of Superman to fallow that, that would only make scense, but you must bring back Lex. you cant have a superman series without lex they go together

  22. Truly inspiring

  23. Nooo! Smallville is the best Series I’ve watched,I was hoping for Season 11-15! NO way they gonna discontinue this series. I’m one of those fans who surely will be unhappy! Huhuhu! Superman hasn’t even shown us that he flew on a constant basis, not some web story episode! C’mmon what was CW were thinking?

  24. In what way is Superman’s costume infamous? Sure, there have been a few isolated stories in which he was bad, but he’s been well-regarded hero most of the time.

  25. In my opinion Smallville should continue untill 12th and final season, not 10. In 10th season finale, Darkseid and his minions release Hell on Earth, Tess and Lionel fought for Luthor and eventually they agree to be both CEOs, and Lex Luthor is been resurrected by a dark force. IN 11th SEASON, a new boss who is another god starting another apocalypse, Lex Luthor start to remember things on his life, Lionel and Lex make an alliance against Clark and Tess, and a new evil treathen humanity. In 12th and final season Lex run for presidency and start his nuclear apocalypse against Superman and JL, who takes place after Superman’s ascension.
    Meanwhile, real Jimmy Olsen and Perry White makes their appearences in this show.

    • The real Jimmy Olsen and Perry White could make their appearence in 11th season as a regular characters, like Lex and Lionel, and probably a new evil just like Davis Bloome and Zod.

  26. Make more seasons!!!
    Keep it

  27. i always loved superman and always will! it reminds me of my dad constantly being gone overseas fighting for our country superman brings me a peace i cant really describe its wierd but inspiring at the same time how i relate my dad to the man of steel. sounds cheezy but its true hes been in and out of my life sence i was born and all i could do was stare at his picture on my desk woundering if he was ok. smallvile has been the only tv show i keep up with i have all the seasons and loved every one of them! im depressed that its coming to its end but i will someday share it with my kids and only hope they can get that inspering feeling i do when they watch smallville with the redblue blur. thanks for everything

    • @ skater4135

      Like you, i always loved Superman just the same. Im pretty sure he was the first comic book hero i set my set eyes on with Batman coming 2nd if i remember right. To this day Superman is the one hero id see as a icon & admire always. I loved the Superman films, even 3&4 i liked because i was kid when i first watched them & it was Superman and yes i got Superman 1-4 on dvd. I liked Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman aswell as Superman:TAS & of-course Smallville. I even got the first season of Superboy. I seen episode i think of the George Reeves Superman but never saw the first person to play Superman Kirk Alyn in black & white serial film. You’re dad is a real hero & i thank him for mine and everyone else’s freedom. I kinda saw myself as Clark Kent since i grew up on the farm & went to school in a small town. Even had my own Lana Lang girl i grew up with only her name wasn’t Lana,lol. One of my friends compared me to his other friend, im more like Superman cause id stay & wait for help to help arrived when he was in little car wreck while his other friend would be more like Batman and ask him if he was ok and take off in those words. Anyways i was hoping they’d just ignore Superman Returns & make a Different Superman film that would still follow after Superman 2. Just not in Singer’s intended direction.

  28. Pliz pliz pliz don’t let season 10 b the last. We want more of Smallville. If it’s gonna b the last, at least turn it into a couple of movies… Pliz.

  29. If 10th season will not be the last, make it Gog as the second character who lead to Superman’s death, like in comics, only more different.
    And in 12th season, his ascension (2013).