Smallville: Season 10 Will Be Its Last

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Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville Smallville: Season 10 Will Be Its Last

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After a truly amazing ninth season finale, Smallville fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of the promised 2013 future in which Clark Kent has thrown The Blur costume away and finally become Superman.

Unfortunately, that day will never come as The CW is set announce on Thursday, during their upfront, that Smallville season 10 will also be the series’ last.

Tom Welling, proving that not only is he faster than a speeding bullet, but also The CW’s public relations, revealed the news of Smallville’s final season to Hollywood Life while attending a party celebrating the release of legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub’s new book. Welling said:

“Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season”

While the news is a huge blow to Smallville fans that have invested nine years in the series, keep in mind that there’s still one more season left. With the foreshadowing provided in the season 9 finale, there’s a good chance that the season 10 will not only be its last, but also its best.

We all know that by the end of Smallville, Clark has to not only fly, but also become Superman. Hopefully, with all the “training” required for him to reach those goals, The CW will at least give us a couple episodes with Clark as the legendary Man of Steel, instead of waiting until the final moments of the series finale to have him don his infamous red and blues (but don’t bet on it).

Unfortunately, no matter how much flying Clark does, there will still be one big piece of the Superman puzzle missing: Lex. A couple of months ago, actor Michael Rosenbaum stated that he will not be returning to Smallville. Although, with Smallville coming to an end, maybe his former cast members can coax him into returning – even if it is only for one episode.

…a man can dream, right?

What do you think of Smallville finally ending? What are you expecting out of the final season? Will Clark become Superman? Is there any way Michael Rosenbaum will return to the series?

The tenth and final season of Smallville returns this fall on The CW.

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Source: Hollywood Life (via: Entertainment Weekly)

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  1. Actually, long time fans are kinda excited about this. This is GREAT news. The show getting a final season tag is better than the alternative.

    • Smallville should come to an end yes and a new begining should come for Clark Kent as Superman. The ratings would be there and smallville fans can have a little less depressed feelings seeing Smallville come to an end.

  2. 10 seasons isnt a bad run at all
    11 would have been pushing it .

  3. i just hope that they do hav a couple of episodes with him in the suit, and if they can convince Michael .W. him to return for a few episodes to create a proper ending to the series or a new begining maybe in the form of a tele movie?

    • It’d be beautiful.

    • you only see he in the suit for a few seconds, real bummer

  4. Personally i think its a good move to from the start have it confirmed to be the end. So they have the end date in sight and get the storyline set to end the show good. Cant wait for tomorrow’s upfronts to see what details we get for season ten. Also ten yr run and 200+ episodes is a good thing.

  5. I like the idea that we now know that this upcoming season will the last. This coupled with the fact that the 9th season was good should lead to an increase in ratings next year. I just hope they move the show to a Mon thru THU time slot; they should get the rating to rise at that point to the 3-4 millions easy.

    I HIGHLY DOUBT that we will have more than a glimpse in the last episode of Clark in the suit. He might fly a couple of episodes before but that is doubtful to me as well. If he does fly and wear the suit for the majority of the season, no matter how bad the writing of the episodes is ratings will soar and I myself will definately watch. Keeping taht in mind these are a few things we need next season:

    1-LEX must come back in some form. If you cant get Michael Rosenbaum, get someone else. At this point ROsenbaum will overshadow every actor because he will always be Lex Luthor on the show, but if you cant sign him move on. The character of Lex needs to be involved in the last season of the show. (Hey it worked for Iron Man just go for it)
    2-Resolve the whole Clark and Lana thing. It was the heat of the show and what viewers were inetersted in for 8 seasons (granted the whole Lana has super powers things kind of ruined and was the DUMBEST IDEA EVER) Give us some resolution.
    3- Clarify the whole Jimmy Olsen thing do not leave it to people’s assumptions.
    4-Need Clark’s mom back for at least an episode.
    5-Need Jor-EL to talk to Clark in the fortress again.
    6-Please kill of Chloe already, and preferably sooner than later. the season needs some chaos and she has just become a drag on the show.
    7-Being that it is the last season make many references to the prior seasons to tie thinsg in.
    8-Need a great and classic villain, aside from Lex. I would keep Zod. Or maybe the sun God. We need someone taht can fly and has power that is teh equivalent of Clarks.

    What I think will happen:
    -Michael Reosenbaum WILL come back. Even if it just for an episode or even for a few episodes (I prefer the latter) he will come back. I think if he does not do there will be too many people upset with him. He probably does have a small fan base and I would say they are all from Smallville and if he bails on the show at its end I dont see anyone forgiving him. I think he shoudl just accept the fact that he has been typecasted. Deal with it and make some extra money.
    -We will have a a lot of action and a great villain of Clarks equal power.
    -Clark will fly and we will hear the whole is that a bird or a plane thing.
    -He WILL NOT be refered to as Superman.
    -Someone needs to die, and it has to be Chloe, Dr. Fate even hinted at it.
    -He will wear the suit in the final episode and take down the villain with suit on or he will give some words of wisdom and then reveal the suit and fly off.
    -prior villain will appear (i.e. doomsday, Bizarro, metallo)

  6. I always like it better when a show knows the end is coming instead of finding out after or just before the last few episodes have been filmed. It allows everything to flow together instead of a mad rush to wrap up loose ends with terrible re-writes, etc.

    As for my predictions on the events of this final season:

    – No Lex coming back. You can’t really cast someone else if Rosenbaum won’t come back, just feels cheap since you know it’s the last season. They may make some reference in the final episodes that he’s still around only to have it fit into canon better, but doubt we see him on screen.
    – I think Chloe dies this season, again to have it fit the established canon. She was getting a little whiney, especially with the Davis Bloom stuff last season and I was more than ready to have her go, but I think she actually fit into the Watchtower role pretty well this past season.
    – I don’t think we get to see the Superman suit until the last episode. It’s just too easy for writers and producers to claim that as the perfect ending to the series to lead into the Superman everyone knows.
    – This is more of a hope, but I’d like to see more involvement of the Justice League in episodes this final season. Give us an epic villian (like Doomsday was supposed to be), someone like Darkseid, that requires more teamwork than Clark and Oliver. Not necessarily 5 or 6 of them in huge fights every episode, but have some of them just appear on visual comms like the did in the last episode setting up how epic this villian is and how they’re all over the world while still having, say John Jones pop in to help with the episode.
    – Don’t have episodes just to have some obscure villian make an appearance (like the Silver Banshee episode that did nothing to move the story arc along).

  7. Smallville Finale well as much as I would like the series to continue every season has its end. I only hope that in the final season Clark becomes superman. I also believe that Lex in the finale would be a great hit. If the cast can con Michael Rosenbaum to finish the season out many fans will be satisfied that the finale at least ended with the famous Lex vs Superman theme.

  8. Ive watched every season of smallville and ive been waiting for him to put on the red blue and starting flying and becoming the worlds greatest superhero. Hopefully like you said they wont wait till the last moments of the series for him to be superman. Lex might come back.

  9. I also hope that we won’t only get to see a glimpse of Tom Welling becoming Superman in the last few moments of the show, that would really let all the fans down and make us wonder why we stuck with the show for so long if thats all they were going to give us of Superman. But unfortunately I do believe that this might be the case no matter how stupid it may seem. Hopefully throughout the final episode will show him as Superman and not in the last five minutes of it.

    I think Michael Rosenbaum will actually come back, they will somehow get him to do it at least for a cameo in the last episode just to end it nicely. I don’t know how, but thats my gut feeling. They can’t end the show without at least a tiny cameo of Lex Luthor.

  10. personally i haven’t seen smallville since season 6 started airing but i find it very intriging! this si what should happen despite who owns what, 1. they need to finally et Clark flying and wear the suit or wear something that kinda resembles the outfit. 2. Lana Lang needs to come back for a t least a few episodes to help clark defeat some big villains the season and see what ahppenes when she finds out about clark and Lois. 3. doesn’t hurt to have Lex come back to the show. we all know he is not dead. 4. they need to bring Batman and Wonder Woman on the show and quit stalling, even if they just bring up there names or something that would be adequate. 5. they need to bring in a super bad villain like Darkseid, granny goodness or someone. hate that they kill off villains like Livewire, or Neutron (villains that Clark doesn’t meet until heis Superman). 6. Mxzypltk should come back for an episode! 7. Perry White is an editor and Martha Kent is back in town. 8. chloes dies or something! 9. jimmy olsen is brought to life becasue by the time clark becomes Superman he is working aat the Daily Planet and he meets Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. 10. Sarah Douglas played the evil Ursa in Superman and Superman 2. Wouldn’t it be nice to have her come in on the show; i mean everyone ele has except her and Robert Vaughan!
    anyway these are my ideas!

  11. My expectations

    1. Clark flies consciously, did i spell that right?
    2. Clark wears the suit for one battle with a villain.
    3. Lex returns for at least 5 minutes, in Michael Rosenbaum form.
    4. The season lasts a good 24-5 episodes.
    5. We get to see a glimpse of the Justice League (True Justice League, that means you batman)

    may have set the bar to high, but this would make the final season of such a great show that much better.

  12. i own all available seasons and have watched it since show one. I am a huge fan and have enjoyed every year. I am glad we get one more season! I am hopeful we get several shows that he is superman but it is smallville not superman. No matter what… it is an awesome show, I will enjoy the last season!

    Hopefully he will get to play in movies as superman, he is the best at that role.

  13. What if they plan on changing the name after season 10, and make a show called metropolis?
    I think that would be awesome

    • I believe Welling is about done with the whole thing.


      • Yeah, Superman fans are the worst. The absolute b*tchiest, whining, meanest, and most juvenile fans anywhere. I wouldn’t blame him for being fed up with them. They hate everything about any adaptation of their favorite character and love complaining about everything. They are horrible. It is so ironic that the Dark Knight has more emotionally well adjusted fans than the Big Boy Scout.

        • Yikes… So much emotionally maladjusted anger.

          Hating on Superman fans pretty hard. But, it’s true that fans complain a lot about Superman related things stuff. I think they’ve got a right to if they call themselves true fans. People tend to nitpick at the things they’ve loved for a long time (9 seasons).

    • Hell no! Clark IS Smallville. I know it’s hard for some people to comprehend. When Lois gave him that nickname, I think she meant it in derogatory way and I did not like her for it – nor the way she treated him. Now after she has respect, admiration and affection for him, she still calls him Smallville affectionately. I am a huge Superman fan from the films, not comic books – never read one. Did Lois in the comics ever call Clark Smallville? I’ve heard that she is the first to call him Superman.

  14. Good to see it come to an end finally. Still don’t think Michael Rosenbaum will come back for an appearance. Don’t think he cares much for the show that much.

  15. Smallville has been my favorite Superman version. I know comic book geeks will react with horror to that, but like most people, I found Superman boring. Too godlike. Too perfect. Can never make mistakes. Can never be really threatened. Deadly dull stuff.

    Smallville’s version of Superman has always been more complex and interesting to me. He is fallible, but noble. He has been in mortal danger. He has loved and had his heart broken. We watch him grow and change. This is the best version of Superman to me and the only one that feels “real” rather than a boring cut out.

    • THANK YOU! I feel the same way. Yours is the best description of what Smallville was supposed to be and what it has been. And thank goodness. It’s the reason that it has lasted so long. Along with Tom’s portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman. And I don’t care if he doesn’t wear the suit, except maybe the very last scene – that would be cool.

  16. Did everyone forget about that scene at the beginning of this season where Clark was on top of the Statue Of Liberty and jumps off head first?That was obviously some sort of flashback training session for him to learn to fly.

    I think that the first scene of season 10 will have him pull out the blue kryptonite dagger and he’ll probably fly from that point on.

    I think the writers know that the fans have wanted to see him fly pretty much from day one,so I don’t think they will have us wait any longer.I think of it as a gift to the fans that have stuck around from the beginning.

    As for this being the last season,I’m glad.I’ve been waiting for this show to end for about 3 years when it was really getting not so good,but then they gave us the best season of all with season 9,which should have came about 3 season’s ago.

  17. It has been much too long since Clark’s “floating and breaking his bed” episode somewhere in Season 5 or 6. I’ve actually lost count!

    1. Lex needs to return. Bring him back and give him whatever he needs too. We have to tie this off. (I mean why wouldn’t he want to come back?) – if not – perhaps he’s so disfigured, they get someone else with a similar frame, shape and have him take over. Either way – someone needs to play his arch nemesis.
    2. Clark needs to Fly! Been too long and it’s getting old.
    3. Superman needs to make an appearance in the Red/Blue for sure. We saw a glimpse of the suit in his eyes(looking into the case) at season ending.
    4. We need to somehow get “Bruce Wayne” into the picture (perhaps for a meeting at Queen Industries”?
    5. Watchtower can stay. I’m alright with that as the “center” – balance point and “family” for the JL team.
    6. The JL needs to come together – to form an alliance
    7. Superman and Batman (young) need to get involved and meet (at the least)

    I’m sure there is more !! I’m just to tired to think now :)

  18. I’ve been a smallville fan from Season 1 and hope to see Clark don the suit and become Superman maybe halfway through the season, which means he needs to wear glasses, and yes bring back Micheal Rosenbaum at least for 2 episodes as Lex, and if the villain is fact Darksied then Clark needs to adopt his Superman persona, which of course should be named by Lois, so what if she knows that Clark is the Blur. Bottom line is for me is I want tights and flight, but if not, oh well. Here’s hoping Smallvile has a SUPER final seaon.

  19. Id say its about time, the show has run its course to me and they Really Really need it to end with a bang! Not only have Clark have have all of his powers, especially to fly finally but atleast have two episodes or even if we’re lucky where he’s wearing the Superman costume. We been told the No Tight/No Flights rule implying Clark will be in costume most likely in a cameo like appearance but the show would will mostly likely end with a bang if they show Superman in battle in costume atleast one time. Another great thing to add would be of-course Lex, doesnt hurt to cross your fingers for it. Maybe the cast & crew can take a break for a few year and return for a new Superman tv show that excists in the continunity from Smallville, say 2013?

  20. Is funny to see so many of the fans wanted so badly Lex Lurthor to come back in Smallville while evryone hated/bored with this character in the movie version such as in SR. How ironic is it?
    Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong, if Lex Lurthor ever come back for even a single episode, he should not recognize Clark Kent anymore – some form of amnesia. Only that way, they can carry on with the next level of franchise which is the S****man.

  21. Hopes/Predictions

    Clark begins flying from now on: Its time we deserve a full season of Flight.
    Jor-El unlocks his true potential and he has a epic transformation power-wise: to me he only seems Superboy powerful, we need a glimpse of carry a whole damn island on his back SUPERMAN!
    He only dons the suit for the last 3 episodes: not too much not too little.
    Lex comes back for like the last 5 episodes: lurking in the shadows for the first 3, a confrontation in his 4th appearance, and an epilogue scene on the finale.
    Chloe somehow dies or becomes one with the watchtower computer or starts a mobile watchtower base moving from continent to continent.
    Matches Malone/Bruce Wayne shows up for one episode and knows everyones secrets and knows of all their activities and generally embarrasses everyone, making everyone look incompetent as he normally does. He won’t join the team but he’s watching.
    Darkseid is the season villain in his Boss Darkside guise, which leads to him showing his godhood and coaxing Clark to become a True Superman.

    Sounds solid to me anyway, If they went this way Id be totally satisfied.

  22. The final scenes should be lex and clark going theie seperate ways with lex in a ginger wig and clark in the suit

    • end the final season with the original film storyline after clark has a massive battle with a massive villain acompanied by at least 3 justice league members

  23. Smallville has been a great show. For nine years it’s been awesome. This season it’s going to have it’s 100th episode and it will break the record for the longest running scifi series. (it will beat Stargate SG-1 by 2 episodes) in my opinion that’s pretty good.

    Every show has to end eventually and Smallville’s time has come.

    Thank you everyone involved in the show for ten great yeas of entertainment. :)

    • Technically Doctor Who is the longest running Sci Fi series. But if you only meant US shows then Smallville will beat SG1.

  24. It is time for the show to end. Smallville is about Clark Kent, not Superman. What they need to do for this last season is show him becoming Superman (which, really, they have already started). I don’t see a problem with him being shown with the suit until the final scene, maybe him running to save Lois then taking off his shirt to show the red S and blue fabric. This last season has to have the financial backing of CW though. They need to go out shooting with all cylinders. I would like Lex to come back but we may not get that. And the final scene should be him flying and the iconic music from the first movie.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. If they end up using Darkseid, like I think they’ve hinted at, then they are gonna need to step up the special effects just a tad, which costs money. Since the beginning I’ve pictured the last scene of Smallville just being a few seconds of Clark as Superman. I think that’s the way it’s going to be. They stuck to the No Tights/ No Flights rule for this long; I don’t think they’ll be breaking the rule for full episodes.

  25. finally. it should have ended two seasons ago. season eight was literally a blur to me because it totally sucked (i.e., the writing). a forgettable season in my books and i have not yet purchased the DVD set. that said, i would SOOOOO love to see scenes between michael and callum. these two guys are just superb actors and, GOSH, i think their scenes would be like watching scenes between john glover and michael. i miss that. write off lois lane (i.e., send her to the DP’s foreign desk in kenya) — erica durance can’t act to save her life. it’s sad that callum blue and allison mack are the only strong actors on the show. tom welling has improved his acting but he still falls short.

    CW, if you are reading this, please no tights on clark but really, the guy has got to get over his wimpy-ness and FLY! i mean, he doesn’t need tights to fly. how about he removes the blue kryptonite dagger during his free fall and just fly????? also, bring back martha kent for a few more episodes. she’s still his mother. and, i love greg beeman’s directing.

  26. im not surprised and michael said if he ever came back it’d be for the final episodes

    the end deserves a 2 hour special like they did in the first few seasons :) and one can hope that the end of this show sparks a justice league spin-off :)

  27. What do you fans think will happen to Tess Mercer? Will she come back?

    • PUHLEEZE. NO lazarus tess and NO lois.

  28. I love this show more than anything but I am happy its ending, it will give us all closure on what has been a bumpy 10 years. When Smallville is great it is truly amazing, but when it was bad it stunk beyond stink.

    Clark has to fly this season, if he doesnt then it’s a real kick in the face for the fans. He’ll wear the suit in the final episode but not before.

    I hope Lex returns. And there is no reason the final episode cannot be set in 2013 timeline, if they ended in that flashforward of Clark’s, I’d be happy with that.

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