Smallville: ‘Dominion’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville dominion Smallville: Dominion Spoilers Discussion

General Zod and the Phantom Zone have returned to Smallville!

Even though Clark is close to fulfilling his destiny of becoming Superman, there is still some trash that needs to be taken care of… some Phantom Zone trash.

When General Slade is found on a street corner in Metropolis, everyone knows that something is amiss. After banishing the nefarious Slade to the Phantom Zone, Clark realizes that there is only way he could return: If someone triggered the Phantom Zone’s escape portal.

With Clark traveling to the Phantom Zone (and reluctantly bringing Oliver along), our superhero duo is surprised to find that the Phantom Zone has found a new leader: General Zod. With Zod chomping at the bit to seal the fate of his Kryptonian brethren, it’s going to be an all-out brawl in order for everyone to make it out alive.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

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Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. Smallvilleicus: Blood and Sand

    Awesome. Callum Blue makes an awesome Zod!

    • Kal-El the Barbarian…That was a fun (scary-fun, not humerous-fun) episode. The slo-mo blood droplet was a bit…odd.

    • Dude the League is coming back and they had their own JLA table…..I just saw Star Girl in the Prophecy preview. Callum Blue did kick ass as Zod…Kara is heading to the future since she put on the legion ring.

      • I have a serious crush on Laura Vandervoort. Haha. I’m so glad she’s back.

        • Me, too.

          I don’t tend to like the whole blond-haired, blue-eyed look, but there’s just something about Laura Vandervoort that is hubba hubba hubba! 😀

          Especially when she’s in the Supergirl outfit.

      • Actually if you paused it it wasnt the League. The table said Marionette Ventures and the people around the table looked like Captain Cold, Black Manta, Vordigan and some others I dont know. Toyman was also on a screen in the middle

        • One of them was Solomon Grundy

        • I didn’t see that part my dvr cut it off. Maybe it’s the Legion of Doom?

          • They’re what Ed said

            • One guy was Metallo i believe, and the one in red was Roulette i believe so we will see and hopefully they all have a strong part in it!

            • I don’t want to give my age away but if you go way back to the Super Friends days when their nemesis would all get together they went by the of the Legion Of Doom.

              • Yes I loved the superfriends, and they brought in almost half of the members now. Just need Lex in the center xD

                • I can’t wait for the smack down. I just wished there would be another season so they develop the story line more.

              • Haha. I know of the Legion of Doom (“meanwhile, at the legion of doom”), but these guys are MV

                • With the Darth Vader helmet floating in the middle of a swamp.

                  • Haha. Exactly!

  2. Anyway, I always thought that the portal thing in the season 9 finale was somehow linked to Apokalips. But I like how they made the phantom Zod from season 6 inside the Zod from season 9. I also LOVED the wink to Superman II with Zod and the other 2 in the glass thingy.

    • So why are we getting the MV if no league then…just Star Girl,Green Arrow, Supergirl and Clark. I saw Granny Goodness on the screen… maybe we will get a surprise JL cameos I don’t care I just want small cameos.

      • I was just saying it wasnt the League around the table. When I saw Captain Cold and Black Manta looking people I almost had a heart attack lol

      • Well Toyman’s gonna be in the episode so I’m sure there’s a reason. The promo really isn’t show any sort of plot so who knows what’s gonna happen…

        • Ive actually heard from another site that Toyman was returning before the shows end and I didnt believe it. He was pretty cool in his other episodes

          • The actor who plays him did a really good job of making him that crazy/evil without copying Heath Ledger’s Joker like most try to.

            • Man I would kill for another season off Smallville now that they are going to introduce more villains. Man I want a JLA spin off…WW better live up to its expectations I want Smallville to have a successor.

              • I was against a spin-off at first, but now that the reality of Smallville being over has hit me, I kinda really want one…

              • Amen to that!! I think that they were hopping for another season by brining in the Legion of Doom, or they may try to use them as a part of spin off.
                The one thing for me that they still haven’t answered yet is, what does the bracelet that the skinwalker gave for Clark for his one true love do? Maybe immortality, Supergirl powers for Lois so she can have children with him without her dying?

                • Yikes! That was clear back in season 2. I’ll have to rewatch that episode

                  • It was a great story that really stood out for me.

              • Random hero u r so right they really should make a spin off

  3. that was epic…. :)

  4. Tonights Smallville was really awesome. Its great to see Zod and the Phantom Zone one more time. Callum Blue does a great job as Zod. Thanks Smallville for a awesome 10 years!

  5. I enjoyed tonight’s Smallville OK. I guess it’s been like four whole episodes since they ripped off a movie – they were due. Tonight it was “300.” 8)

    Seems they’ve got a LOT to do in the remaining couple of episodes… interested to see how they wrap all this up.


    • Well of course it was a nod to 300. Hafta get us used to that overused Zack Snyder slo-mo for Man of Steel lol. You are right though, they have a hefty load of plots to wrap up nicely in just about 3 hours of screentime left. Hope they do it justice.

    • That’s more 300 than you think. I saw that Justin Hartley said they were low on money for props and they used some from you guessed it …. 300 which was also a WB production.

      Finally, two firsts…
      1. Tom Welling and Zach Snyder collaborating – well indirectly … With the prop connection.
      2. Clark Kent donning a cape 😉

      • I just watched the episode again and I saw the Spartan shields laying around “Zod’s Thunderdome”

      • I noticed that most of the setting was black and white, but the cape was red.

    • Other than the slo-mo, I thought it was more like “Gladiator” 😉

  6. Man, I keep looking at the preview over and over again trying to figure out who the players around the desk are. I can easily see mantis, vordigan and captain cold, but who is the chick in the red outfit?

    Also, that kind of looks like a version of Lurch/Solomon Grundy at the table, but I am not sure.
    Lastly, who do think is the guy at the far left of the table?

    If it was Marvel, I would think Hammerhead.

      • Really? That’s awesome! I was hoping they’d bring Metallo back!

  7. Tonight’s episode was better than the Booster episode. It wasn’t great but it was okay. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode now that I know they are including all these new villains. They should’ve introduced them earlier in the season to establish their characters but whatever I guess. Can’t expect to much from the Smallville writers. -_-

    This season’s follow up to the finale has been extremely weak so far, last season’s follow up was a lot more interesting and that’s pretty sad. One last episode to the finale. The day we have all been waiting so long for is finally approaching. We will finally see Superman!!

    Oh, and what’s up with Tom Welling’s less than Super body. He has lost so much muscle over the seasons. You would think he would at least tone up to look more like Superman before he gets in the suit, smh. Very disappointing.

    • Yeah. I was surprised that Justin Hartley looked way more muscular than Tom. Why is it that the Men of Steel always end up looking like they are made out of pudding?

      • At Comic-Con, Justin Hartley said that he works out 6 days a week for a couple hours.

      • lol. Yeah. Then entire time I was just like, Justin Hartley’s arms make Tom Welling look terrible. It was just painful to watch. He could’ve at least hit the gym harder to get the right look… jeeeeezzz

    • I disagree about Tom Welling. He’s still bulky. He’s just not as cut as Justin Hartley. But then again that’s how I always thought Superman should look. Bulky.

      • He used to be bulky. Now he just looks like a guy who just stopped going to the gym, or at least isn’t going as much as he used to. He always had a big chest and broad shoulders. That is what gives the illusion that he is bulky, but seeing him with no sleeves just showed just how bulky he’s not. His arms have almost no definition and he has like no biceps.

        At least he did lose some weight. I remember a few seasons ago, particularly the episode of Aquaman’s first appearance. The scene was with him on the beach with no shirt on and for the first time ever I wanted him to put it back on. He completely lost his abs and developed a gut. He never really got his old physique back, unfortunately. It used to be nice to look at him. Now I just think of what he used to be. =[

        • Maybe, but I didn’t really notice

  8. What’s up with the blue bird?

    • review your Smallville…..

      • I know that it was given to Lois by her mom, but why do I have the feeling that its going to lead to something bigger? Was there an “Old Blue” in the Superman comics?

  9. ep was awesome i think next episode hints at lex coming back in the finale

  10. Wow… This episode of Smallville was really good. Love the chanting background music at the end.

    • Was that supposed to be Darkseid? Or do all angel statues cry blood when you leave church?

      • I think it was darkseid and I’m surprised you haven’t commented on the open thread about fringe yet foopher lol

        • Well Fringe was cool. Haha

          • yeah lol i heard someone dies next week……i will miss any one of the main cast that dies but since it’s the future they’ll be back next season right? :/

            • I hope so! Haha

              But back to Smallville. I can’t wait to see how this series wraps up!

              • lol me too

      • I think it was darkseid and I’m surprised you haven’t commented on the open thread about fringe yet foopher

  11. Anybody else love how Clark and Oliver were just “cool” with the whole situation of Oliver freaking stabbing Clark through the chest with a sword!?!?!? Haha

    I guess it had to be done

    • Is anyboy else disappointed with the complete series box set….I expected more features and Superman in the boxset. So we got the (1961) unaired superboy pilot,cast interviews over the 10 year run, behind the scenes pictures and behind the camera for certain episodes I’m guessing from early seasons. What not commentary on the producers or cast favorite episodes, their audition videos, gag reels from season 4 threw 10,a collectors edition maybe a daily planet keychain, a scrapbook detailing the past decade, all sv promos,a script book for the pilot or finale like nolan did for Inception

      • Well I think each season comes with the features that came with their own box set

      • Well I think each season comes with the features that came with their own box set…

      • ummm, WHAT complete series box set? The series is finished yet…


          • Cool…Thanks for the heads-up :)

  12. The episode was decent, it was missing something to it and it just had to much of that bright light in the phantom zone and using light sheets to cover it up. The promo was what was more interesting. Everyone at the table im hoping they will have a nice part in it and maybe fight a little or something with a little action, id be a bit disappointed that they would bring all those characters and not use them, but i guess its good to have some closure on Metallo cause we didnt see him at all this season,i know for a fact Toyman will have it. So I am gonna be real psyched for it.

  13. I love Chole too, but alway think she knows everything.

  14. still did not write it right,Chole does’nt know everything.

  15. I just thought of something. Didn’t Oliver reveal himself to the world and now everyone knows he is Green Arrow? Are they just ignoring that now??

    • Well now that the VRA isn’t an issue his being Green Arrow isn’t either

    • Plus he hasn’t been g.a. in a while

      • Yeah, I guess he hasn’t had as many scenes to show fans around him.

          • Really? Is it legit?!? I wanna see it! Do you have a link? =]

            • False alarm :'( I thought it was legit it is a photoshop off Christ Reeve back with Wellings head turning around they evengot the lightnening right so it would match with being notice if you looked at without paying attention at first. Guess we have to wait till next next week then. Anyway Smallville Wiki was the website that had the fake picture >:(

              • lol. Oh well. It’s only a couple of weeks away until we officially see him in the suit anyway.

  16. Hmmm…

    Does anyone else find it odd that our biggest Smallville supporter, DSB, has not commented here? I know he got upset on a couple of the “Man of Steel” movie-related threads, but I didn’t think that would translate to THIS thread. In fact, he even commented on the “Superman Renounces…” thread.

    I was just curious why not here these last few days…?

    • I have been wondering the same thing!

      DSB where are you?!?