Smallville: ‘Booster’ Spoilers Discussion

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smallville booster spoilers discussion Smallville: Booster Spoilers Discussion

Comic book mastermind Geoff Johns is once again bringing some of DC Comics’ legendary superheroes to Smallville.

Tonight’s episode, entitled “Booster,” will mark the first-ever appearance of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Metropolis.

While Booster Gold will be an established superhero from the future, this episode will serve as a proverbial origin story of Jamie Reyes transforming into Blue Beetle – after being fused to the infamous scarab. Unfortunately, Jamie Reyes’ transformation into the superhero Blue Beetle isn’t going to come without problems.

With the scarab not fully adjusted to its new host, Reyes has a hard time controlling the Blue Beetle suit, and begins to tear apart the city. Fortunately, Booster Gold has arrived to save the day – or so his infomercial says. As the preview showed, Booster Gold is making sure that everyone knows who the real man of steel is. With infomercial in hand, and some quick-timed “rescues,” Clark will soon realize just what being a superhero means.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

Smallville series finale teaser:


Smallville airs Fridays @8pm, on The CW

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  1. This episode is pretty good. Already getting close to having “The Blur” become Superman.

    I hate the way Cat Grant is portrayed in the show. Her voice is so annoying!

    • yeah i know i cant stand cat grant!!

  2. In the opening scene when Clark took his glasses off, I was like “Ahhhhhh! Put them back on right now!” But then Lois made him put them on and I was like “Ok good!”

  3. Oh Smallville. You and your “less than good” CGI. Haha. Nah, I really didn’t mind it ’cause I’m used to it.

    I wish they would’ve started Clark in the glasses back in ‘Lazarus’ but whatever.

  4. Okay this episode was pretty good. But can someone tell me what was the point to Clark breaking open his shirt just to reveal a regular white t-shirt underneath?? What was he trying to show Lois?

    • Exactly! He was revealing that he is just “plain” old Clark with the glasses on. At least that’s how I took it…

      • Oh you’re right. I didn’t look at it like that. Still, it was a kind of a “wtf” moment. Loved the episode though. Geoff Johns should have just wrote the entire series.

        • I agree on that last sentence. At least he should’ve written more than he did.

        • I think it was also a bit of a teaser…He rips open his shirt and…nothing. It’s just Clark. We all know, however, that the NEXT time he does that, Superman will be off to the rescue!

          • Exactly, Archaeon. That’s why Lois says that she can work with that. She already can envision the big S beneath his button-down shirt.

  5. I honestly have no earthly idea how this series will end to satisfy both me and the millions of other Smallville/Superman fans!

    Tonights episode was good! The scarab (for me) portrayed the types of villains Superman fought in the old comics and shows. I really liked it, but I was slightly confused as to why Clark wasn’t worried when Booster called him Clark and the Blur. Then I figured it out and it made sense. I can’t wait for next weeks episode!

    • Me neither… And I LOVE it!!!

      Next week’s episode looks great too. “Kneel before Zod!!!”

  6. From next weeks promo Tom really looks slim down like he really hit the gym to fit in the suit….glad he devoted himself into pleasing his fans trying to look his best as Superman. Booster was an awesome episode…I like the bumbling Clark I agree he should have dubbed the glasses back in Lazarus.

  7. I thought this was a fun episode and did a great job of establishing Clark’s REAL power: inspiration. They NAILED Booster, even with Skeets just being a voice in Booster’s suit. Also, I was happy they covered Booster’s realization of the nature of true heroism (in the comics, he takes a MUCH longer time, of course).

  8. I thought that this was a very good episode. There were very strong moments and at least a couple good teaser moments, such as when he entered the telephone booth to change…

    I liked the exchanges between Booster Gold and Superman. I hope the remaining episodes are at least on the quality level of this episode.

  9. What a great episode, not only did Geoff Johns deliver with the dialogue they had THE epitome of Booster Gold in the form of the actor who portrayed him. Big props to the guy for bringing B.G to life straight out of the comics. The only problem I had with this episode was the choice of Jaime Reyes who was as bad as the kid who portrayed Icicle was back in ‘Absolute Justice’. The cgi for Jaime’s transformation was disappointing as well considering they were doing tests all the way back almost 2 years.
    That aside Clark has shown in two straight episodes that the greatest powers the Man of Steel possesses is the will to see the good in people and inspire. Can’t wait for the remaining episodes towards the end!

  10. I enjoyed the episode on it’s own, thought it was well done and the Booster Gold character was actually enjoyable. I was worried they were going to focus too much on his ego and arrogance, it was a nicely balanced performance there.

    Here’s my only problem, from the beginning of the season it seemed everything was going to lead up to an epic battle between Darkseid and Superman but we haven’t heard anything about him since a brief appearance at Lex’s grave and prior to that when Supergirl came to save Clark from him in like episode 3 or 4 of this season. I thought they were on a good pace introducing the others (Granny Goodness, Godfrey, and Desaad) at the start of the season, but since then they’ve been throwing in a bunch of slow episodes. I get the point of tonights episode and the lesson Clark took from it, but I think they could’ve spread Booster over a couple episodes and worked him into the overall season story. It’s just a little disappointing given that we’ve only got two episodes then the finale left.

  11. I think they made it pretty clear from episode 1 of this season,
    The major threat isnt Darkseid,
    its LEX!
    Darkseid , isnt the Big Bad, he is the catalyst to Clarks Destiny with Lex and his Superman persona .
    My feelings about the episode were mixed .
    It was good, but one word kept coming to mind.
    I mmean a lot, happened in this episode ,
    A LOT!

  12. This was an amazing episode, I think the best this season. I loved the actor who played Booster Gold he was perfect for the role.
    I thought Blue Beetle was going to look horrible, but i was dead wrong, it was amazing!

    If Geoff Johns wrote every episode or at least most for Smallville it would be the greatest show ever! Defiantly going to miss the show when its over.

  13. It had some great Lois & Clark moments, the telephone booth shot was brilliant and the branding advice from BG was smile worthy.

    Other than that I thought it was probably the worst of Jeff’s three episodes. Yes he nailed Booster but the Blue Beetle ‘threat’ just wasn’t there.

  14. Also as much as I have LOVED Geoff”s work on the show, I think the team has done a fantastic job without him.

    A big Geoff Johns fan.
    A big Smallville fan.

  15. Great episode. Kudos to Tom Welling… Awesome job on the bumbling, not so suave Clark Kent. Excellent acting chops. For me thisnwas a very satisfying episode.

  16. The episode was great! One of the best of the series! The only thing I thought was kind of iffy was his changing in the telephone booth. While I LOVED it, I also kinda thought to myself “No one’s gonna notice him in there… (sarcasm)” Haha. But who cares? It was still great!

    • Well I think the concept of him changing in the phone booth is that he does it so quickly that no one can actually be for sure who it is and what’s going on. All they know is that Superman somehow comes out of it lol.

      • That’s what I ended up goig with too. Haha. Either way it was cool to see him do it.

  17. I did enjoy watching this episode last night on Clark Kent meeting 2 heroes from the Justice League Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

  18. foopher you got to remember he changes at super speed.

    • This is true, but with that in mind why couldn’t he have just saved the day right there? Haha

      I am one of the biggest Smallville fans there are so I didn’t have a problem with it. I was just thinking

  19. the whole darkseid potential was really squandered in the last of the season, i suppose they secured interest for the loyal fans who have been begging for these types of guest appearances and such.

    on a sidenote i enjoyed seeing tom welling do his best chris reeves impression with the bumbling clark.

    • Ooooooooh the season’s not over yet… ;)

  20. I think how its going to be, clark becomes superman right when darkseid appears to the public, then there’s. Gonna be a free for all

  21. One of the best episodes this season, i loved the “UP UP AND AWAY ” comment from Lois, i like that they explain why he isnt in the suit yet and come out to the public. I also enjoyed how all the pcs are coming together. Clark is finally becoming the hero he was Destined to be.

  22. awesome episode, its starting to get to the most intense episodes to date, i trust the “Green Arrow” will show again with the sign of “DarkSeid” comming forth and also bringing a change to Clark and also his wardrobe ! The “Zod” part I beleive will only be half the story, with the conclusion of “Lex” Returning in this episode along with “Darkseid” which will ultimately bring Clark to his TRUE persona ! “SUPERMAN”
    2 to go bring the change !!!

  23. I hate to be a party pooper but this episode Sucked, and for one reason, Booster Gold. I cringed everytime that idiot was on camera. Maybe it was actor playing him or something, and the Blue Beetle looked like a rip off of Iron Man except Blue of course. I enjoyed the scenes Between Lois and Clark with Clark trying to be clumsy. This has been the only episode this season that I’ve been REALLY disappointed in. Next week Looks Much Much Better, Heck, Callum Blue bears a resemblance to Terrance Stamp’s Zod to an extent.

    • It seems that all the things you didn’t like were what made this episode so great…